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Craft Show: Studio MME

I'm meghan eckman and iran studio me studio m m e dot com dot com it's my initials they got me in trouble in kindergarten because when you sign with your first and last initial and those spelled me big kidder garnish actually gets quite mad and wonders whose work it is so I used my work to help people rekindle their wonder and get in touch with the childhood magic that that that everyone has awesome so your prints are not necessarily what we expect to see all the time can you tell us a little bit about how you go about creating the prince and why that process is important to you? Yes so in terms of medium there definitely not what you expect nowadays it's all computerized the's are using very old school pen in ink the pens or even getting harder and harder to find because architects nolan reuse them fascinating but each of the pieces of I get a lot of people that say it reminds him of edward gorey and I grew up when I wasn't supposed to be reading that my dad would reed ever garba how ...

children were dying to me but the narrative is so important to me and so actually on the back of each one you get the story with it so that when you take it home or you give it to someone they get to become a storyteller in their own right and I think it really helps people connect with it it's not what peace means to me is what it they get to create their own story around it fantastic I just want to point out something that you just did that I think it's super porton which is that you picked up your work and it actually showed us the front and the back and I'm sure that you do that with customers in your booth as well uh megan almond said I mean that was the thing with her jewellery is a soon as it's in someone's hand yeah it's much harder for them who to put it out back yes and that is for sure truth you don't only in your booth then you don't only just pick it up and show people for themselves yeah put it in the ass yeah it's fantastic well and because that's the challenge also is because it's on the I have things on the back so I have to constantly make the set up such on don't really have a whole wall of the prince with big signs like police turnover I've got stories on them you know please read me um but yeah I think being able to handle the work especially in terms of me wanting to cultivate collectors you need to become comfortable with art definitely all right real quick tell me about a customer story with this because I am betting that whether it's a card or a pin or a print, you've got people who are reacting to this art and probably very visceral way yes, I have a lot of it's funny s oh this one's based on I'm a gene satellites, which was a reading rainbow book and I still have one and it's always librarians and mom's of a certain age who know instantly what this is based on and then they buy it and then they go on line to figure out where they can find the reading rainbow book as well. Um, I've had people decorate their cabins on the east coast I've to see pictures one girl is blond one the girl is darker hair and I had someone buy one of each because it was their daughters and so they put them in their rooms so that's home is good great and I also love what you're displaying here in terms of a range of price points. I'm betting when you have more space you have probably an even bigger range of price points as well, but you've got everything for individual holiday cards to the prince so these or two for five you get a prince for thirty you got no card packs for fifth team with the price point on these air fifteen so this is a wide range of of of products of jax is this is accessible at any a level both for gifts and for people write these sell most and that is there in canvas oh that's another one as soon as people touch it, it's got yeah, but it's a great upset because you know, when they buy the print there's maybe they don't want to buy two prints, but they could get the bookmark also, I have people if they can't afford which you're going here, I know you're here to spend money can afford wonder they have too much art in the rolls. This is great because everyone needs bookmarks, everyone's reading still customers correct and these are much more durable than paper ones. And then on the back, I've used vinyl that you can iron on so that there's always a way back to my site. So it is both a product and a marketing tool, correct? Yeah, a double duty. All right, well, I think we've got a shopper who's been eyeing up your boots. We'll let you engage with her and then we'll stop back and talk to you in a debrief. I love the front of the girl with the boat. Could you tell me more about this story? Sure, and you read the story and I haven't read it yet, and I just I've been eye balling it, so when I moved here, the sea became a big part of my artwork because it's such a magical a place a feeling and you always hear about the bad storms and the that the sailors would use teo say that the sea was a woman and they would try to get her to calm down and I always wondered you know, if he really was a woman which would she care on? So this is the savior of ships and she was the one who goes along and picks up all of the ships that have unfortunately beached themselves on the shore like the sea was a woman and the boat was a woman too wasn't it? Yes it sounds like they need more women well it was always bad luck they said but I did learn recently pirates actually had rule books there was a code of piracy you have davala we'll make sense just won't want the papers to get out of hand no thank you and then I was also looking at the pajama squid in pajamas are yes but it was a damn good so these air all their laser cut wooden approaches and I love you language and stories and these are wearable puns so you have the right whale was unfortunately named because it was the right whales to kill but now he's mr right whale so he's the perfect date on any event and then the pajama squid in pajamas so it's continuing the striped black and white pajamas good, super cute. I think you guys got thank you. Thanks so much. So I want to point out something that I noticed right away, which was that you are a fountain of information you've got so much. Well, I'll se gi creon the most positive manner. Yes. Yeah, I know that coming for me, you know, that that's a positive get on your customers, the people who are going to be attracted to this work. These are people who also our awesome, amazing geeks to write. And so I want to give you a b not tip, because I think you probably already know this, but I want to just point out that you should never, ever be afraid to lead with esoteric, quirky information, because that is going to immediately endear you and your brand and your works. The customers that come up to your boobs, I would want to hear about those things I want to hear about the story about the ship. I want to hear about the puns. I want to hear everything like, just talk to me, baby, talk to me. Tell me everything you can because, you know, you could feel that this work is layered with meaning and story and just all that little information, so everything, even like the piracy handbook, a rule but that's fascinating and that's really it it's really just going to create an instant connection? Instant report you and your customers, and so, you know, when you know some nothing that specific about your customers like they're reading or they're a fan of reading rainbow, they love books, they love information, whatever it is for your business. That's something toe lead with on that really shows that you're thinking from your customer's perspective as well. So you really love that, kenna? Yes, please. Alright, so people do have some questions for you. Make it one is people don't see any of your embroidery on the table. Is that or assign about the monthly club? Is that something that you normally do have? So I have the cards that gets you too, the site, so I used to sell kits I used to sell embroidery kits, and it took up the whole half of the booth. I did the math, you and megan encouraged me to do the math and the wholesale price I couldn't I couldn't make it. It was the cross was too much in the time to produce it, so I've made the shift to try and focus more on the art, but keeping the embroidery cards there because so many people get to talking and they have already seen thee at other shows with the embroidery and want to know where it's gone okay, okay I might suggest the end maybe you do this your boots normally but I would have a finished project or to do this play the card sweat because people are gonna want they're going to see that and immediately want to know oh my gosh I want to do that to in fact you know I love you image on this card because it's half finished and that actually might be instead of a finished product a couple half finished products that show this is a project and not a product yes, I might be really effective and that happy's takeaways or even you know have your have your ipad have your laptop up there that people could sign up for your list to get information on the club right from there that's wonderful. Thank you. No problem. Ok, million people online are digging the canvas booth a comment is mtp lisa and dc designs what a great idea especially if you are buying a print as a gift you can pick up a bookmark for yourself do you find a lot of people? I think you said a lot of people by that but it is it a lot of ad on so yeah yeah the funny thing too is what it actually is it goes right through my printer it was a big thing in the nineties. Everyone wanted their wedding photos printed on canvas to make it look like someone had painted them. And I remember that these things that she did, and I went out and found the paper again. But it is, I mean, it's, such a great gift. People give it to the kids to promote leading, which I have encourage. So you just that's. Great, because people were asking excuse me about how you printed them. Yeah, it's, right through the printer. Awesome. Yeah, thank you for what you I've watched your brand for. I don't know how many years now, and I'm excited to see it in the next generation as well.

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