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Pricing Practicum: Jen-Na

So tell me what kind of on your mind in terms of pricing and I know you're it sounds like you're really in transition so let's let's solidify that transition at least in terms of pricing for you a bit? Well, I feel like I've been in transition for a long time I'm wondering if I'm just trying to make excuses or or am I I'm I'm starting to be really o c d I'm you know, like I'm literally like obsessing over everything and I just feel like it's just coming from me just not wanting to do this leg work that I don't know anything about it and it's scary and I just feel like, um I just wanted to say that like, my I came from so this whole thing this may be an artist or whatever like all came because, like, I grew up in saudi arabia and all the woman wore black and all the men wore white and there was no coke and I didn't feel comfortable and I was always like, I was the one that's going to go to hell because I wasn't like everybody else, so when I came to the states, you know, I came here in ...

two thousand one I went to new york and it was like right before september eleventh happened like and I didn't speak any english and like and I learned this since two thousand one pretty much like english I didn't speak until like a year afterwards so I'm severely dyslexic I'm really scared of reading I'm really scared of writing I know I'm really good at it it just freaks me out like email like when I email I literally give give the email to like three or four people before I even send it somewhere and like I learned that I always have to wait till people like respond to me and I don't like being that person was like how do you spell this how do you spell that? So every time I get to that point I'm just like, well I'm just going to make some more art you know I'm really into it but it's just now I just have a lot of stuff at my house I mean I mean and I keep I keep taking away like my stuff and then all I'm left with is my art but it's still a lot and everybody's like oh, you're harder on like all this is my art right? Like I don't even have any more other stuff yeah so let me stop you right there and say first of all, everything well aside from coming from saudi arabia which is an incredible story everything you've just described is tall, totally normal and I bet there are hundreds of people watching who can identify with pretty much all of those statements there are lots of people that, you know, have their business emails looked at by a couple different people first there's lots of people who don't feel cramped, terrible writing in any language, there are lots of people who, you know, turn to making mohr art instead of learning the parts of about business and how how to actually sell it and get rid of it after you make it. There are lots of people out there, you're in good company, and I would highly suggest that you are engaging with a community that can reinforce that for you. So, whether that's locally here in the bay area, you know, there's, lots of different places, you could go there's coworking spaces there are, you know, the bizarre, bizarre, you know, there's so many different shows you can use to tap into a community of people who are experiencing the same things that you're experiencing or different things than you're experiencing. The other thing that I really want to pull out for you as well, is that, you know, business doesn't have to be this thing that you feel like, well, I don't know how to do it, and therefore, it's scary business should be a learning experience. Every company that's ever been founded is founded on the prince on a partially on a principle of learning we have tto learn what products are going to sell we have to learn what messaging is going teo cell we have tto learn who our customers are how they're using our products how we can reach them better how we can reach more of them every single business is learning constantly when we stop learning we're dead right on so you know you really can take it away we'll take it very easy on yourself in terms of not knowing this business stuff I'm sure these guys feel the same way every step of their businesses has been about learning and growing and evolving and making changes and you know, covering up mistakes and you know, moving back and moving forward and moving back moving for it until you find something that works so that all being said tell me about the scars represent a line that you're kind of moving forward with um it's what can I just talk about my goal and that certain in the next like ten twenty years or whatever okay, I don't want to be an artist okay? I know this sounds really weird but I want to make art and I want to make it and I want to share it with people but I want what I'm doing right now to help me help better teo just I want I want a loving community I want like I want to make something like burning man, but not burning, man, I don't want a vacation, I want that mentality toe happen all the time around me, I want to create the community. The reason I even do r is because I want to communicate better, and I knew that I didn't know how to do it with language very well and that's why I decided to do it with our and that's, why I have so many different art genres, because I'm always trying to explain the same thing, I'm still talk like, I'm you know, with my scarf, so I'm saying, like, this represents my arms wide open being there for you whenever you need me, you know? So let me throw something out at you, and I think that's, because I'm sure there are people in the audience as well can identify with, you know, wanting to create different kinds of communities and certainly wanting to be of service and kind of that wide eyed idealism that is, oh, awesome, and something that really should be nurtured on dh, cultivated and not kind of I don't want to squash it out of you for sure, here's the thing capitalism has created the most amazing advances and prosperity and peace, a peace and advances in people's livelihood, then anything else on the face of the planet the history of the world I love giving book recommendations there's a great book recommendation for this and that's conscious capitalism by john mackey who's the founder of whole foods and that book the whole first chapter is all about that you know capitalism has brought us labor standards it's brought us the minimum wage it's brought us it's brought you know, work environments that we love not because you know capitalist fat cats are you know, doing their thing but because of the very nature of capitalism there's x exchange and there has to be ethical, voluntary exchange and involuntary exchange people make demands I want this instead of that you need to give me this for that andi you know, labor does the same thing on dso capitalism having a business is one of the most amazing ways you can make an impact in the world I'm not against capital I know you are but I'm just saying that you know, I think it really pays both in terms of your own of the way you live your life and in terms of the way you serve your community to to get that business peace underway to really kind of sink into that and now is the time that you want to be doing that I hear you but you don't necessarily want to be an artist having a business for the rest of your life I get that for sure now is the way this is anna was talking about, you know, creating her business is away to create that mentoring program in a way of moving towards that vision. I think that you could do basically the same thing if you keep in mind that vision that you have and you worked for really making that something that's tangible, something that, you know, I'm gonna have thiss listen, this it's going to look like this this this and this, you're going to be able then to create the business for yourself and price your products appropriately had you create the marketing that you need to create that's starting to make that vision a reality even tomorrow or monday or next month or next year on you'll start to see that reality really start to spring, and it really does I believe start with pricing, it starts with understanding the value of art, the meaning of the art to you and the meaning of the art in the value of the art to your customers. So it's all that stuff that we've put together today and I know there's there could be so much resistance to all of that, you know, both personally and societally, but this is an opportunity for you to actually make your dream happen through this business? Yeah, I'm not I'm I want to help the really rich person just money that wanna have no see so there's so much like there's so much disconnect between like rich people and middle class people and then middle class people and poor people like I want to bridge that gap I want teo create this communication that like everybody can get certain not just, you know, like people that are like me you know? Yeah, yeah, well, you know, I think really building that business is a great way to start on dh yeah, so I'm excited to see where you where you take your business? Yeah, I just wantto give you some feedback from the internet that a lot of people are really loving your story and just saying as always, greg said that you should share your story as part of your customer values that really makes your concept of wrapping love around you so much more real and people are just saying that even just hearing her story makes them want to buy from you so definitely e I urge everybody there's my email I just right there I'm not saying by saying contact me, I would love to talk I would love to share information and receive constructive criticism or whatever I would love to do that but thank you so hard I think let's move on from other pricing questions yeah, thank you so much

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If you have serious crafting skills and are ready to transform your work from a pastime to a thriving business, this three-day immersion into sales and marketing in the age of Etsy® is for you.

Taught by business strategist Tara Gentile, this course will help you think like a service-based business to maximize positive customer relationships and sales. Using and applying basic pricing strategies and psychology, you’ll learn how to set prices that reflect the value of what you do while still remaining realistic for your customers. You’ll learn how to write marketing materials and create an online presence that piques the interest of clients.

You’ll also learn how to effortlessly guide customers through each step of the purchasing process, from the first spark of initial interest to the final transaction. Tara will show you how to apply your skills in online venues like Etsy®, real-world settings like craft fairs, and beyond.

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