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Pricing Practicum: Sasha Cagen

It's gonna flash next. How's it going, sasha good. Good. Uh, you wanted to talk specifically about a mentoring program that you're developing? Correct? Yeah, if it's not well, yeah. That's. What I want to talk about specifically, but I would love to just quickly throw out there the product spread. Yeah, because kind of inspired by all the energy here, I have new ideas percolating. So that's, what I want to focus on, but I sort of just want to throw the whole thing out there very quickly. So, um, okay, as you identified that the book's korcula, nor to do esther accessible products that already exist. So then I have these online classes that are about celebrating the corky and you, and then also discovering and creating a quirky together relationship where you're truly yourself with someone dating and a new idea that I had percolating during this workshop was a monthly book group kind of inspired by the monthly thing that that people could read a book together and talk about it because i...

t would fill a need for inspiration, stimulation community yeah, and then finally thread there's thie idea of doing this one on one coaching program, so basically it's the application of my book quirkyalone and really getting personal with someone working one on one to help them embrace the quirky alone and over a period of three months so I'm literally developing this now I have a page on the website I call it project enjoy because I really see it is learning how to enjoy your life, whether you're single or in a relationship and that it's really fundamentally about your relationship with yourself and that the the skills and the love that you cultivate on your own will serve you, whether you're dating or with someone or on your own and that's the fundamental life long relation in gym so I have a call set up with people over the next two weeks to talk to him about this and I'm creating the actual offering now and the price so it's like very live awesome yeah, so you're kind of you're like in conversation with, uh with both your nbc's and sort of with yourself as this product develops as you are discovering what people specifically need from you the value that they're really looking to get out of this although I think you are tuned in pretty well on that at this point on dh then also kind of how you're formatting and this that's still up in the air a little bit too yeah, I mean, my idea is to create a workbook that people can use through this process of working one on one that would then be available that they could purchase and work with me or not, they could do it on their own or work with me higher price point basically great. So just to kind of talk about the whole product spread to begin with, you know, sasha is an author, and authors don't make a lot of money being authors anymore unless they are, you know, best selling authors, and even then best selling authors still make most of their money on the back and not on the front end of there books on dh, so you have to build a business model that that feeds you and feeds the creation of new work that feeds the explorer your exploration of new ideas, and you have definitely started down that path. So she mentioned the books are really in oven entryway point into this business model, and the book itself becomes, ah, marketing tool. So even though people are paying you for it is still a marketing tool that allows you to explore higher levels of working with groups or individuals. S o I think your product spread sounds really great, and I think your goal for what you're doing with the one on one program also sounds really good on dh, so at which I am hearing as I'm working, going work one on one with some people to start developing this product to bringing in revenue based on that one on one work in that experimentation so that I could turn that into a product generates mohr revenue at scale over time without so much interference from you, right? Yeah, and continue working one on one with people because it just seems like from the cut my classes are great, but at the moment until I have a mailing list that is ten thousand twenty thousand, it doesn't seem like it's going to be enough money, so the value of working one on one seems to be more interesting or important, right? Well, and one on one work is just the best way to experiment with how you can create a class of people I really, really want and really, really going to get a lot of value for no matter how big your mailing list is. Although I'm totally and supportive, you grind your mailing list to ten or twenty thousand per score. Um all right, so do you want to talk about specifically the price around this program? Sure, yeah. So basically I'm thinking two thousand dollars and it's three months and we work one on one and there's a set amount of sessions as well as prompts that people get that are really based on the book and also the tools that I no work to cultivate this type of relationship with yourself and expand in all these areas in your life and and I mean it is this you know, jump it's not that different from what I charge one on one coaching now but it's just a bigger number so it does have that emotional feeling that we're talking about earlier the day of like, you know yeah, so let's talk about the positioning piece of this and I know you don't want me to ask you this question, but I'm going to ask you this question anyhow, which is what our other people charging for similar programs the fact is I don't really know and the person that kind of gave me this idea of doing this said that it's is three to six thousand dollars is like normal but it's more like about attracting a partner health or wealth so it's sort of like testing out this idea would someone pay that amount of money two thousand three thousand to cultivate a better relationship with ourselves with themselves? Well, you've created a community where that is the goal right where that is the foundation foundational principle behind why people are there to begin with yeah is to cultivate a better relationship with themselves and so well I totally agree with that idea of self help you know finding a mate start generating wealth or making your health better as being three really super clear and really super popular value statements you created a community you've created an understanding of your brand where that actually isn't of value necessarily to your clients or to your community what's a value to your community is cultivating a better relationship to themselves, and I think that but they probably already inherently understand, and this is probably also more of the story that you need to tell, which is that cultivating a better understanding of yourself leads to better health, leads to finding a mate and leads to more wealth, right? And you can interpret those things probably differently. You could think about mental health as opposed to physical health, although I think it could go both ways. And, you know, you could think about general abundance as opposed to, you know, actual monetary wealth, but I think that could go both ways as well. On dso you can't actually tie this program into those three goals, but o r and you created a place where the the core value the reason people are attracted to your brand is about the very core value statement that you just articulated a having creating a better connection to themselves. So I both agree with your friends, and I agree with you that this is something people are willing to pay for. Absolutely, I think two thousand dollars is fair price point, especially for a first time through the program, it might be something that grows to four thousand dollars. Certainly, it might be something that grows to include a retreat goes, you know, the price goes up from there, or maybe it turns into a retreat or a v I p d a I mean there's all sorts of ways you could deliver that value and then change the price tag based on the way you're you're delivering it. But I think your price tag zones right on, I think you are in line with other coaches offering similar programs on dh I think, you know, thinking about similar programs in this way, it's less about, you know, who else is helping people be quirkyalone on more? Who else is offering that kind of one on one coaching in a process oriented environment in a three month period of time? And so that's, the homework that I would give it to you is to actually go out and find, you know, not just other programs that are about connecting more, creating a more authentic connection to yourself, but to go out and find just coaching programs in that period of time with this type of format, better process oriented on dh are kind of like signature, a process oriented because, really what you're creating is a signature process and that signature process, you'll both be able to sell one on one. Long term as long as you like and you'll be able to sell that signature process in a leveraged income opportunity as well like a course a class a workshop for a retreat. So yes, so you've got a lot of value going on there and you also want to make sure that the value of the one on one program allows for the price and started the one on one program allows for you to create a price in between that is you're leveraged price or you could think of the leveraged price becoming the one on one price and the one on one price going up from there you can do it both ways what do you mean the leverage prices like a class past the lake and the two thousand dollars could become of course, surprise on the one on one price goes from there okay, any questions about that? I don't know, I think that makes sense you haven't? Yeah, I haven't thoroughly looked for similar programs yet, so that's true and, you know, that's your homework and also looking at those business models too, and I have to say you're in a tough spot because a lot of times the people who are doing this att the higher end are kind of hiding these programs a little bit more in a back end of their business so there's going and they're selling their book way up front or perhaps they're selling a community membership upfront and those things aren't how they're making their money and all a lot of businesses make that mistake, they see a super accessible product and they don't see anything else and they assume a business is making money based on that product that product isn't it maybe generating revenue? But what it's really doing is marketing it exists to market and to promote it does not exist for profit and profit is coming on the back end through a business model that people are being introduced to much more slowly, you might have to do a lot of sleuthing, but I think that's sleuthing beware you mean the tough spot for research and yes, really yeah, I mean, I totally understand that that I mean, the way I've set this up is that people can set up a phone call with me and then we'll talk about it and it will be a great way for me to learn where people are at and for me to share this with, um and but it's not like this is published on my website, so similarly, nobody could find out exactly what's going on on my side either, right? Yeah and that's very common, so you might just have to do some digging yeah, perhaps even phone calls or emails as well, because I think you know, people want to help people want to share it's, not that's, not the issue. So I think if you just get in touch with the right people, they'll tell you what I'll tell you, what's, what for? You okay, can I show you trying to catch my way? Just had a great comment for sasha, that was from cameo, sami says. I want to take sasha's class she described exactly what I need self love and embracing my quirks, so people definitely hearing you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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