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Sales Pitch: Bird of Virtue

When I loved your face during the email marketing that there were all sorts of emotion so I want to find out what one for well first of all remind us who you are and what you do and then to I'd love to find out what you're doing in terms of email marketing right now we're making another face uh well I am that I'm linda oliver I'm the owner of britta virtua jewelry design company out of san francisco for men and women um and I sometimes email people sometimes people great so are you set up on an email marketing service provider? I do have a male chip champ account but I got frustrated with it and so tell me why you got frustrated well I started entering this is like I had my list from a show and I started entering people's names in and then I don't know there were terms in there that we're not really assimilating with my brain satya and I didn't know where to start so all right great yeah andi I could see from your website that you don't have an opt in on your website yeah okay so I mea...

n, first of all that would be my number one suggestion is to get that often warm on your website a lot with the slide show that we talked about yesterday on the home page because the opt inform essentially takes out all the guesswork adding people to your list because they're adding yeah right on also you know male champ eh webber all of these different services or what's called double often which means they don't just get added to your list a soon as they stick their email address and they actually have to go to their inbox and click that confirmation link you know when you have to do that yeah yeah that's gotta double opt in and basically the reason those companies uh make you do that or make your potential customers do that is because it's safest for them they help ensure their own deliver ability through that double opt in process but again it takes all the work off your plate you just know that all the people on your list I really want to be that which is what important because that's what helps build confidence in your ability to actually go out email people if you have any kind of hesitation about whether the people on your list want to be there or not which is exactly what happens when you start adding people from a craft show list now that that's a bad thing but that is what happens or when you've gone through maybe your google contacts and added people who didn't necessarily opt in you start to have that fear and resistance that oh my gosh there's people on my list who don't actually want to hear from me not really keeps you from sending out those e mails it instead you could tell yourself over and over again these people asked to be on my list these people volunteered to get e mails from me and they're missing those emails if they're not getting them that's huge that is just a really big shift in your mindset about this particular marketing and sales tool on dh that really helps you get the most out of it yeah, I mean for me and probably a lot of artists are shy in a sensitive, you know, and I would rather watch things than be the focal point like I I so I think for email marketing is challenging, you know, it's just it's it's hard to get out of that mindset? Yes, you're not going to sell it if you don't out there, yes, based on the segment one from earlier today and the conversations that we've had what's kind of your next steps in terms of working email marketing into your business? Well, I was actually really excited about that um I forget the term of it now, but the the automatic the auto responded, yeah, I never thought about that before I mean really like when I've thought about email before I just thought holy crap, how am I going to be able teo think of something new to talk to people about every week I didn't fight on and but yeah, I mean, it makes sense though I guess the only question that I have with that is so so you have like four to five weeks of these auto responders but then you already have existing people on your list so are you sending those existing people you have to come up with other content for those people to then right? Yes, ideally so what I mentioned earlier about there kind of being that life span of email subscribers tends to be three months, maybe four, maybe five times six you know, if by creating kind of a lengthy otto responders siri's you do have to get yourself off the hook of creating that constant email reminder for for customers who have been on your list a long time because you do train them to be opening your e mails you know, on a weekly or biweekly basis over with the most active part of their life span, eh? So it does get you off the hook a little bit for creating new content and then a question that megan asked me at the break wass you know what about the people who are getting both email auto responders and the email marketing that you're creating new on a weekly or biweekly basis? Aren't they getting mohr email? Yeah, well, there is something that you could do about that as well on the flip side which is even actually segment out new subscribers from just kind of general email campaigns, you know, so if people are going through an auto responders siri's and you don't want to interrupt that when you send out a new email, you could just choose to click choose to send to a segment that say added to your list in the lap of any time after the last month or any time after the last two months and that way your onley sending out to subscribers who've gone through the auto responders siri's who've had that sort of a initial initiation into your brand philosophy and have gotten those messages that you want them to get you know, I think if you're going to send out an email about a sale or an event or a new collection definitely send that to everybody who cares where they're in the otter responders serious at that point, you know? But if you are at all afraid about doubling up in that initial one month, two months, three month period, you can actually segment new subscribers out so that you can talk to two different groups at the same time, okay, yeah, that makes sense. Yeah, any other questions about email marketing or yours specifically your next steps? Do you have some ideas of what you're going to be crafting email, crafting auto responders around? Well, I feel like the voice should be coming from me but so I don't know I think my next step is that I'm going to hire someone to help me not with the email stuff but perhaps with maybe making things or something just because I don't know how I like all of this seems it's ah like I look at it and I'm overwhelmed you know yeah, but it seems doable as well especially with the auto responders stuff um we won thing that we didn't really talk about was instagram or pinterest or anything like that and I was just curious um I guess for products pinterest and instagram are really good with that but um I just wasn't sure how much of it really is that important because I mean I have a facebook page um but I don't know where I'm going with this really but I guess sometimes I'm just like well ugo yeah so I always encourage people to first prayer or prioritized email marketing on second to prioritize social media that seems to be making the biggest impact for you so go where your customers are yes definitely your customers are on instagram and pinterest for sure your customers are also probably on facebook and much less so on twitter if I were you I would not worry about twitter now I don't have one I just don't worry about it and don't beat yourself up about it facebook you can start teo autonomy based on your pinterest and instagram accounts, too, so if you're pushing instagram or pushing face, pushing, pinterest through the facebook, that takes a lot of the work of creating extra content off of ma off of your plate as well. So there are ways that you can integrate the different, different marketing platforms so that the ones that are top priority, so for you, that might be pinterest if that's your top priority, go there, spend the most time there, create the most connections and and content there, and then have that pushed through the other platforms and maybe spend a little less time creating a facebook specific content or instagram specific content. I also think that you could use instagram toe actually kind of crowd source content that you could be using elsewhere. So you got the braille necklaces, you've got this great brand and bird of virtue and kind of thinking about virtues. So what if you created a instagram hashtag around bird a virtue or virtues in general and asked people to take pictures on post instagrams that represent their favorite part? You, whether it's, curiosity or any of the other virtues from your line, and then by using that hashtag, thereby giving you permission to use their images and, you know you want to spell that all out and make sure that all makes, you know sense for people but you know, using those images as part of an email marketing campaign are using it as part of a facebook campaigns you are not always the one having to come up with that content but also so that you're creating a community around the very purpose of your business. I think that would also be a great way to kind of move those brown necklaces into the signature piece spot in your in your line to some excess totally yeah, I think you know seems to me that you've spent so much time on this design are these designs so much time on oh my gosh, yeah just like the technical side of your work but you've done it in such a purpose driven, passion driven way that you should absolutely be using community to sort of crowdsource content for yourself. I think that would be a really good movement on your part. Yeah, cool. All right, thank you. Thank you. Any questions? Comments from the from online for lana? Well, we do have ah number of comments of people again loving you're would your jewelry and yeah, I mean, people are very excited to be watching and really feeling to know you guys we did have a question about clarifying about tamara h says can we review the opt out email subscriptions set up when tied to something like etc yeah, I mean, that depends on the specific integration that you've got going on so you know, whether you're integration is at sea the male champ or paypal to malcolm but I'm using male chimp asses too as an example but different services integrate differently and so essentially what generally happens is that there will be a little check box that is checked that says I want to receive e mails from bird of virtue and then if people uncheck that then they're not added to your list through that integration, but if they leave it checked, then they are added to your list through your integration so it it's that simple and all of those companies the integrations take care of it for you so there's really nothing that you need to dio other than actually set up the integration it self and all you need to do to figure that out is just look at the help documents at male chimp at a weber at constant contact and those companies will lead you through that process normally it's simple as you know, checking something here and then normally like adding in an a p I I ke and they'll they'll tell you what that all is it's not difficult you don't need to know anything technical all you have to do is follow super simple step by step instructions so yeah creating that customer past customer list can be oh, big, awesome, yeah, repeat customers. I mean, I'm sure you get repeat customers. They're so much easier to sell teo so much cheaper, of course, to sell teo so much happier on dh, you know, that makes a huge difference, and you'll find that people aren't just repeat buying, of course, for themselves, but they're repeat buying for gifts on dh. They want to take your work and give it to a cz many people as possible. So why don't make that is easy for them as possible? Yeah, cool, great, great question. Thank you.

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