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Sales Pitch: Sasha Cagen

My name is sasha keagan and I'm a writer and a coach and I help people with a quirky perspective on life and being single and relationships awesome. So what have you been doing with email marketing thus far? Maybe what's a success that you've had on what do you looking toward the future with email marketing yeah, okay, so it's been constant experimentation going from total resistance? Teo just trying so many different things in so many different ways to see what feels comfortable and efficient. One big thing that has been successful on the quirkyalone website is putting the quiz as the main thing and that space and requiring people to sign up for the list in order to take it. So that has really so double sign ups, I think tell us say that again because I think this is really important. So you've got a website specifically for quirkyalone markkula dot net? Yeah, and you have a quiz that is essentially ru quirkyalone, right? What? Uh, what for matter, what platform are you using to deliv...

er that quiz? It's just in java script on those. Okay, so it's, something that was created many years ago. Gotcha. All right, well, there are platforms that can allow you to do this for d I wires, so one of those is wu fu dot com w u f o ow dot com and that integrates with all your major email marketing service providers, so if you've got a new idea or, you know, sort of this persona like sasha does of quirkyalone or you've got your virtues or you've got the fun and quirky that anna has, and maybe you have a quiz idea like you do, you can use a form like that to integrate straight into male champion and add people get people on your list that way because the value there is finding out simply whether they're quirky wound or not, right? Yeah, people love a number oh, yeah, like they love to get their number, and then they ask about the number and anyway, it's a very effective to have a number, yeah, just wants five, yeah, yeah, so then the thing I'm trying to figure out is what is that thing on this website? Because I'm moving toward quirky in general and that quirkyalone is an important part of my brand, but I'm also doing quirky together and quirky, sensual and just quirky, right that they're people who may not add identifies korcula, but there's another part of that message that resonates, so I have really been struggling with the one thing like, if I was to have an incentive, what is that one thing? Because it feels very important, like this is the one thing I'm about or something like I've been really kind of stuck on that and and then also thinking like, well, this one thing should appeal to that ideal customer so here's one way to reframe that for you it doesn't have to be here's the one thing for all time it could be here's the one thing for right now, okay, so we've been talking about my perspective math at terra gentilly dot com slash map that's my one thing for right now it's an inn incentive that matches all of my marketing goals right now to get people excited about the customer perspective process teo get the right people on my list we're going to be interested in my mastermind program to get people thinking about their business in a different way from the customer's perspective on dso that's my one thing right now, it certainly has not always been my one thing I used to have an email incentive that really kind of backed up the u economy idea as well. S o I might if I really would think about what direction where am I going next? And it sounds like you're headed actually back to the quirky alone idea right on so you might do a quirkyalone manifesto or quirkyalone checklist or maybe just a quirky checklist you know how many of these things do you check off so not unlike your your your quiz at quirkyalone dot net, but something simple that people can print off also shopping list are something great. And so, like the idea of a shopping list, can you go out and get these things, or can you go out and do these things? You know you had done the get quirky photo safari for a while, and I think that could make a really good emails incentive as well. Here your instructions. Join me for a free, get quirky photo safari that way you're again you're building community. You're getting people sharing photos on pinterest on facebook, on instagram, and tagging them with your name, your brand name on building awareness about the whole idea in general that's a good yeah, and the other ideas what's been bubbling up is a list of books and movies to inspire you, because that seems really important yeah really want that, so that could be a great shopping list? A cz well, if you just made a list of the movies, the books and maybe the music that you that it defines your quirky, you could have that checklist for people to go out and find those things on their own, and you could also maybe take submissions of quirky movies, new court maids, yeah, never end exactly it could. Never end a great resource for people and that's something yesterday we talked about creating things that are irresistibly share a bowl that is irresistibly share a bowl because people are going to be talking without that all the time how I mean I am all the time asking facebook for book recommendation and so can you imagine, you know, key members of your community responding to those constant requests with hey, you should check out this list you might never need a book recommendation the grand rite and then there could be a page on the site like added as a comment or something exactly where they can exact tribute yeah, I think that might be your new email incentive you know, I just need todo exactly yeah, all right, so I think we are about out of time so I'm going to say thank you to you on a move onto some questions for them from the net thank you for all of you. All right, they're coming in online. All right? Well, we have a number of great questions and if it's ok to go through some that kind of do review back for this too this whole day went okay, awesome. So nikita is here streaming from sydney, australia she says it's worth waking up at three a m to watch awesome but inspiring useful I'm a mum a mom of two kids including a seventh month old and have only have a couple of hours during the day to do my art and craft work and planning to start my own accessories business do you suggest email marketing at this point in time or should I just start a facebook page to start with and then slowly add new marketing strategy? George strategies so if we're somebody who's new out there, what kind of is the order that you might recommend? Yeah, so if you really haven't started the business at all, you're still just in the planning stages. Facebook is a really great place to start because it's completely free and you can make it look like a pro page in absolutely no time but I would say that email marketing is the first thing that you should incorporate as you're building out a website and I would highly recommend for everyone those online marketplace shops aren't enough they may be used to be enough, but they're not enough anymore and so everyone needs at least a home page and about paige it doesn't you don't necessarily need a full shopping cart that could be expensive as well it's time consuming but you do need basically a home page and about paige on as part of that I would highly suggest that you include an email opt in form and that type of incentive for you an incentive strategy might simply be be the first to know when our line launches, because and show some images around that with, you know that are teasers for the types of products that you're putting out so on dh, then you can use your facebook page, the drive traffic to your website, get people on that list. So, yeah, I like the idea of starting with a facebook page, but email marketing has to be the next thing for sure, because it is absolutely what you're going to get the most attraction out of far, far more than any other social media awesome all right question that came in earlier from guar lingo, what is a at the beginning of the day, we're talking about trade shows. Yeah, what is a trade show retail in and equivalent for someone who is in a service based business? Mike sasha yeah, rachel retail equipment. So, um, most service based businesses don't have general market places that you go to, so my brain is kind of tying this into sort of the metaphor of a conference or a convention where you're going and meeting with people of perhaps different kinds of service providers, but all within your industry. Eso, for instance, you know, for blogging for female bloggers, there's. Annual block, her convention conference and that's a place where there are lots of different service providers and there's lots of different networking going on people are handing out business cards, they're exchanging each other's business cards they're saying, hey, have you met my friends? So and so she does exactly what you need. I cannot overemphasize how important those kind of events are for service providers justus I can't overemphasize how important it is for makers, artists and designers to get out in both retail shows and trade shows, so if you are a service provider and you haven't had this kind of really life experiences at conferences or conventions, I would look up a few both in your industry and then maybe thinking just outside your industry as well, you know, because you're not going to find copyrighting business going to a copy writing convention, but you might find copy writing this copyrighting business, going to say, a social media convention or a blogging convention or a lifestyle business convention, and there are a multitude of those, so I think that would be what I would suggest is an equivalent experience to the trade show our retail show I love it, yeah, or perhaps it's a new business opportunity for somebody out there to figure out what that is absolutely blindly I love it, okay, just a couple of quick questions again decreed going back to the opt out opt in you remind us is it better is opt out better than opt in for email sign ups yeah when my optimism definitely better in terms of uh you know yeah, you know actually and I can't really think of a time when optimus out is applicable other than in, you know, in a shopping cart setting like that you know, I think it depends on what the particular values of your company is if you're really particular about people's individual choice, you might choose to have an opt in integration on your shopping cart. I think with a lot of these integrations though, you don't really have a choice and the vast majority of them are often out but on your web presence always that's going to be opt in most of the time it's going to be double often so people really have to say yes, I want this email, but generally customers are people who want to receive e mails from you. I see the choice teo opt out of receiving e mails from companies all the time and it's really only the companies that I am making a one time purchase from that I ever opt out of for instance, I just bought a wig for halloween and I opted out of getting emails from the wig store line that wasn't interesting to me but but most of the time like luli levin, tom zappos I want to get their emails because I'm going to be a regular customer so I think most of the time opt out is best for the shopping cart experience as well what I would love to do then is talk about what we are going teo do after lunch break but first before that would love to get any kind of final wrap up final thoughts recap of what we've done over the past three days what do you think yeah I would love to offer that so day one we talked about the customer perspective process and we really talked about understanding your customer our understanding who your customer is from their point of view from what's important to them from the experience they're looking to get from your business on dh why is that important what's important about that is that in a passion driven business like most of us having a purpose driven business like we have it's so easy to get stuck in your experts perspective and never really understand the um amazing value that your customers are getting from your products and so when we get into our customer's perspective we understand that value we learn what messages are going to spread really easily we learn what's important to them we learned how they need to be communicated to sew that we can give them more value so that we can serve them through the products that we create and we have all sorts of applications for that we applied it to content strategy. We applied it to strategic partnerships, we applied it to just your business model in general and yesterday cash a lot. Yesterday we talked all about money, and we busted through so many of the myths that keep small and micro business owners back from really realizing their full potential, and I loved it the end of the day where we got to even address those myths even further. We also talked about some of those, you know, the pricing strategies and the things that go beyond dollars and cents. And if there's any take away that I could give a about pricing it yes, run the numbers yes know the formula yes, bigger this stuff all out, but never forget to take into account all of those soft factors that influence price as well understand how you want to be positioned in the market price for the market that you want to be and not in the market that you're actually in. And then today, of course, we talked about one of my favorite subjects, which is email marketing. You know, the great thing about email marketing is that while it is a very specific tactical kind of thing, everything that we've talked about in terms of email marketing is applicable to see sales in general so when we go out to the craft show booze after we come back from lunch I hope you keep in mind some of those questions that I prompted you with the come up with auto responders siri's and follow up emails because those kind of questions are also great prompts for conversations you could have with customers at the booth or in the studio are at the store any time you're having conversations with customers come back to those kind of promise they'll help you form you know really valuable conversation with your customers that make them feel really good about buying from you because you know everything that we've talked about the last three days is all about finding more customers having better conversations with those customers as they're coming in making a bigger impact on their lives and make more money doing at which means you've got to be selling we've got to be getting more sales more transactions that we conserve more people so that's that's the recap wow way truly have done so much in this one course from sort of this psychology to the nuts and bolts yeah and looking at ourselves looking at our customers christine stump said earlier I just redid my newsletter landing page thank you so much terra and creative live for so much actionable info love that and morgana says finally of course with the day today nuts and bolts thank you

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