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The Art of Selling What You Make


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Today's Goals

Here's our goals for today first goal is for you to know what all your distribution channels are and what all your sales and marketing channels are in this day and age. You have so many places to be selling and marketing your work and you have so many ways to distribute your work to the wider world and so I'm gonna run down off a whole list of them I'm going to tell you, you know, what's what's great about this what's not so great about this what's the goal of this with the goal of that how do people use thes things differently? We're gonna break that all downs you know all of your options we're also going to concentrate on reaching as many new customers as possible. Specifically this morning we're going to talk about email marketing on this is if if money is my life big psychological fun geek out saying email marketing is my tactical geek out thing I love email marketing and I think everyone could be doing it better myself included. So eh? So we're going to talk a lot about email mark...

eting this morning and then I'm going teo guide you through setting up a sales campaign and email marketing campaign through a number of different questions in prompts so that you have absolutely no excuses for setting up both automated and then on the fly marketing campaigns through email

Class Description

If you have serious crafting skills and are ready to transform your work from a pastime to a thriving business, this three-day immersion into sales and marketing in the age of Etsy® is for you.

Taught by business strategist Tara Gentile, this course will help you think like a service-based business to maximize positive customer relationships and sales. Using and applying basic pricing strategies and psychology, you’ll learn how to set prices that reflect the value of what you do while still remaining realistic for your customers. You’ll learn how to write marketing materials and create an online presence that piques the interest of clients.

You’ll also learn how to effortlessly guide customers through each step of the purchasing process, from the first spark of initial interest to the final transaction. Tara will show you how to apply your skills in online venues like Etsy®, real-world settings like craft fairs, and beyond.

This course will give you the concrete, pragmatic tools to connect with customers, make sales, and share the unique things you make with the world.