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Value(s) Driven Marketing

We're going, teo move from the pricing side of things, actually, into the marketing side of things. We're going to talk about values driven, marketing, here's the good news about values driven marketing. This is the stuff you guys are actually doing already, and what I'm going to teach you today is how to draw attention to what you're already doing, paid and pay attention really, tio, how your values and the value that your products are creating khun really be a driving factor in the marketing that you're putting out there, you know, you guys aren't plastering billboards, billboards with advertisements, you're not running tv commercials are all the traditional kinds of marketing that way saw businesses do in the past, instead, we're creating relationships were creating personal connections, were creating communities, and we're doing it through really social means. We're doing it on facebook, on twitter, on instagram, on pinterest were all out there in the same places that are customers...

are, and we're using our values and the value that our products create in our customers lives to really teach them tell them about what it is that we have for sale. So what does marketing have to do with price? Why did I put this marketing segment on the pricing day? Well, here's the thing price has a lot to do with the story that your customers associate with your business with your products we're going to get into that a little bit more in just a bit but price also has to do a lot with positioning and you're going to find out what positioning has to do with marketing so price is a major indicator it's a major way that we understand stand products and if you don't understand a product you won't be paying attention to the marketing you won't understand you know you won't be attracted to a particular come me and so price really has a lot to do with marketing so let me tell you again a little bit more about why that is and that takes into account what the definition of marketing actually is because here's what I hear a lot from people they they use marketing when they really mean promotion I hear those words used as synonyms all the time promotion is not the same thing as marketing promotion is just one very small piece of the marketing puzzle in fact, it's one quarter of the marketing puzzle I suppose that's not so small but but still promotion you can't get promotion right if you don't get the other three parts of the marketing puzzle right first so let's go through what those first three pieces are the things that we have to get right before we could even get into the promotional piece all right? And this, of course, is in your workbook what you get for free when you enroll in the course s o not is on page twenty five if you're following along with us at home. All right, so this is your opportunity to get all four pieces of the marketing puzzle, something he won't see many places. The first piece of the marketing puzzle is purpose. Why are you in business? Why do you do what you d'oh? Why do you love the materials that you create with what did those materials mean to you? What does your product mean to you? Last segment I asked, what does your product mean to your customers? Purpose is all about what your product means to you, what it allows yourself to see in yourself, what it symbolizes to you, what it allows you to accomplish, and of course, that includes also the way you're serving your customers. So why you're serving the customers serving your customers the way you are, why you've chosen the craft that you've chosen, why you've chosen to design the way you design, why you've chosen this, a form of self expression, what's the purpose behind what you do, the second piece of the marketing pie is people, and we spent all of day one talking about people, but I can't stop talking about people, really, I find people are really what makes businesses work, no people, no business, you've got to know who those specific people are the people in your business should like look like that virtual focus group that we talked about in the first two segment of day one you should know these people inside and out you should know why they're interested in your products. You should know what they're trying to accomplish. You should know how they're using your products. You should know what these people want for themselves, what their big life goals are and then you should know the little things too. You should know the details that turn them on. You should know the details that get their attention. You should know you know what little piece on your packaging makes their heart really sing? You should know what kind of outfits they're wearing your jewelry with or what kind of rooms they're putting your house wares in. You need to know every detail of those right customers those most valued customers you've got to know the people side of the puzzle before you khun craft marketing or promotional materials that allow you to reach them. You can have a great marketing message, and if it's geared to the wrong set of people, you won't make any money you won't have any sales, so you must must must know the right people the next element is position remember back to the coffee shop example from the previous segment, that coffee shop that I was talking about st fourteen is positioned in a certain way in the coffee drinking market. If you think of the coffee drinking market as, oh, I don't know, about ninety percent of the population of the united states that's, huge general market, the mass market st fourteen because of all those influencing factors that we talked about, the quality of their materials, the decor of their shop, the price that they put on their product, the way each product is crafted. And most perhaps most importantly, the way they talk about their products the way they have conversations with their most valued customers all leads to them being positioned in a certain part of the coffee drinking market. Just as gas station coffee is positioned in a certain part of their market, fastfood coffee is positioned in a certain part of that that coffee drinking market and on dh kind of coffee chains are positioned in a certain part of a coffee drinking market. Each of those different groups holds a different position in the coffee drinking market as a whole or as we talked about yesterday markets or conversations there's a coffee drinking conversation and each of those businesses is positioned differently, they're using their voice differently in that conversation. All right, positioning is super important just like we talked about all those influencing factors all the soft things that figure into your price tag on your products position speaks directly to that all right? And then the final thing it's promotion this is the stuff that everybody has the questions about this is the stuff that everyone wants to know how can I get more people reading my block? How can I get more likes on my facebook page? How can I get more twitter followers? How can I get more people to retweet what I tweet out promotion is only one piece of the puzzle it's how you get the word out it's how you tell people about what you're doing it's all the different ways that you have to do that in your business and there are tons of ways to do that but the thing is if you're if you're if you find that you're putting a ton of energy into promotion and it's not getting you anywhere if you are tweeting all the time and you're facebooking all the time and you're sending e mails and your advertising places, odds are the other three parts of the marketing puzzle aren't something's not right something's getting in the way of the promotional messages either reinforcing your purpose hitting the right people were doing something weird with your position when any of these four things are off, it creates some conf fusion it makes people uncomfortable and people who are uncomfortable and confused don't buy let me say that again people who are uncomfortable and confused don't buy so you have to get this right this right this right before you can get this right? Because promotion that doesn't make sense makes people confused and uncomfortable and then they don't buy so let's do a quick reality check because they think that we like to think we've got the stuff figured out, we like to think that we know who our people are, we know why we're in business, we know how we want to be positioned in the market, and still our promotion doesn't really work or our promotion brings the wrong people for the wrong reasons, so we need to get tough on ourselves, and this is one place where I'm going to ask you to think pretty hard and I am going to ask you to get a little tough on yourself and maybe you do have this stuff the the answers to these reality check questions figured out, but we're going to make sure I'm gonna stick it to you. So the first question is how is your business currently perceived by others? How is your business currently perceived by others? Think about your friends and family first how does how do your friends and family perceive your best ness? How does your community perceive your business and how do your customers perceive your business? The customers that you have right now what do people think of when they think of your business? What kind of adjectives did they associate with your business? What comes to mind when people think of your business? Do they think of it as your hobby? Did they think of it as something cheap? Inexpensive? Are they intimidated on maybe by your business by the idea of buying or purchasing your work there's no right or wrong answers to this question it's simply that we want to figure out what is the current perception of your business? We want to know how were you positioned how two people receive your purpose? Who are these people will get to that question in a minute. How two people perceive your business, megan as always I'm gonna go to you first how people perceive your business um on the outside fans and friends see it as completely thriving because that's how I like to show it. Okay. Um family members know more than it's going. Okay, um and some family members have no idea what I do, so hopefully they think it's going really well yeah, yeah how do you how do your customers react in terms of your product? What did they you know, in the last segment we talked about brands that you'd like to see your work beside or associated with what kind of brands do you think your customers would associate with your work? Definitely not the highest and ones that I wanted to be, I'd say, thinking more in terms of, ah, midscale boutique instead of a higher end. Awesome sasha has your business perceived by others? Um, I think some people see me as a writer, and then some people see me as a coach and then there's this quirky thing and this quirkyalone thing, and I'm not really sure how clear it is that's a kind of a current question that I have about how coherent is this for people, because, in fact, I could be kind of confused about what I'm doing talk like, what are they thinking? Very common. Is there a particular p of the four piece of marketing that you think may be contributing to this confusion a little bit more than others? Um, I mean, I think it's probably purpose most of all, even though I mean, the people part is I think I attract really good people. I mean, I've been stunned by how cool people are have been getting involved, are they the people who can pay that kind of price? I really need to be creating a thriving business, I don't know, I would say they're just sort of people who are not that different than us, you know, maybe that's just what I need to charge more. I don't know. So the people I think are pretty good, although there is a confusion that I run into with quirkyalone, is that some people here quirkyalone and they think, oh, good, I'm a loner or I never wanted to in a relationship, kevin, this is for me and that's not what it is at all. So I do. I have a constant kind of battle within myself of, like, people really know what I'm about. Are they projecting what they want me to be for them? Interesting? Yeah, purpose was immediately what I thought of us potentially what, that disconnect it. People don't know exactly what you do and why you do it purpose is generally the culprit, and it can it can result in people constantly kind of asking you. Well, what is it exactly that you do or, you know, I see that you're doing this, but I'd really like you to do that, and you weigh realized that well, no, really, I am doing that. Why don't they see that I find a two bit especially for service providers, you get a lot of e mails. From people saying I don't exactly know what it is that you do but I really like you and I think we should work together on and that can really come when purpose when the purpose piece of the puzzle isn't completely clear on dh then you mentioned to the people peace and that made me think of something that's really common and that is perhaps oh you know going on for you guys as well and you guys online and that's that I think the people that you've been attracting yes are awesome and I have a feeling who those people are actually you're early adopters these air people that get kind of magnetically attracted even a month even amidst the concern fusion that purpose because they see something in you that there they love they see something in you that maybe they see in themselves or that they haven't seen before and so they get that natural attraction and they are just excited to be there wherever you want to take them and so they might be exactly the right people and then the question becomes how do you turn the early adopters into a majority of people? How do you turn that into scale and making sure that those four pieces of the marketing pie are right on? It is one key way you do that you have to be solid in your purpose solid in your permission position solid and your promotion and then the people go from just being that little seed of the early adopters into a much bigger group and I think we see that with makers all the time you'll hit that stride you'll make that realization that my product isn't this this this and this it's this and then suddenly big stuff happens it goes from just people who were attracted to the idea of all these different things into the idea of what you're putting out and your aesthetic and your point of view and suddenly now there's a mass following and that's what it is that's what it really takes to make a business kind of spin on its own to be generating revenue on its own all the time that's great I'm curious from the net how do people see their business is just being perceived by others? We have cassandra sandro who says feedback I get from people on my mailing list is that my business is perceived as arriving energetic, busy, successful some people perceive my work as expensive high end quality nice those great perceptions fantastic absolutely and we have a l interpretations who is our ghost writer who says perceived as pricey and often asked is ghostwriting really necessary? I can do it myself of course they never do that's staying right where they are right? So that's me seems like a problem with probably both purpose and positioning ghost writing is big business we know this there are lots of people having books, ghost threatened, blog's, ghostwritten newsletters, ghostwritten, just lots and lots and lots of big business, and so it sounds like probably the positioning piece of the puzzle is a little off, and so you're not hitting the people who already know they need this who are already looking for ghost writers, and instead you're trying to convert a market that that doesn't see what the point of this is, so that could be a problem with position that then is affecting your people as well. So that's great, and here she writes back and says, I am perceived as perfect by those who can afford me. They're literally excited that about khun b written for them. Yeah, awesome! Great! So let's move on to the second reality check question who are the customers you're currently attracting? Who are the customers are currently attracting on day one, we talked about the virtual focus group, and these are the people we'd like to xerox a thousand types we just wish our entire mailing lists all of our social media following was full of people like our virtual focus group, but we also know eyes well is all of you, I know that we don't always attract those people and try as we might, there are other people who aren't coming in the the goal is to get to the point where all of your customers are ideal where all of your customers are right on target where all of your customers are ex excited to be doing business with you andi excited that you're available excited to pay you and that you're excited to be working with um but that's not always the case and so I'm just gonna ask you to do a quick reality check now yes or no are the customers that you're currently attracting the people that you want to be attracting and if not, why not what's going on there what kind of customers are you attracting? My answer is no okay and I mean I have a very large smattering of customers you know, it's like I have people that are in their twenties up tio you know, probably sixties I would love to attract men that, um dress really well because I think they'd really like my tie clips and cufflinks and stuff, but a lot of times the guys they get dragged to craft shows are not interested in craps because they're going with their girlfriends and they had to go or something like that, you know? So I think maybe that's just a matter of maybe I don't have all that at craft fairs maybe I have to created separate website for it are I'm not really quite sure but yeah to target that audience more yeah into position the need to position your products in the that high end men's wear market so you know, maybe it's not about a new website maybe it's getting your products actually in high end men's wear stores right? Yeah uh great uh who are the customers you're currently attracting? Are they the custom kinds of customers that match that for ritual focus group from day one I would say yes and no sometimes I hit it perfectly and I'm just like yes she's got like four or five things without a blink of an eye she's just handing stuff over to me package credit card perfect and then sometimes um and I'm speaking specifically for these events that I do think that was my main sales channel and that's where I have the most interaction firsthand sometimes they're like oh, how much for this? Well, what if you know and there's more of a conversation I can sense more resistance and so that's kind of where I really pay attention to like okay, what are their blocks? What is it? Is there something that I'm not communicating about the value or about like the positioning number three really like spoke to me because I was like, well, it is my job to position myself in front of these people that will just be like, oh sweetie, I want three to five of these, you know, so um so yes sometimes but no more often yeah and so you're also wholesaling correct? Yes, yes. So are you attracting the kind of boutique the kind of wholesalers their retailers that you would like to be attracting lately am because I've been paying more attention and I actually this past year my goal is to pick up one new boutique a month and I'm ahead of that schedule and that being said I've noticed like the ones that I have um started working with are completely ideal and that has caused me to fire like teo, but I'm like think rohner like always pays excellent dave lee and it's like I have to do too much work that's not worth my time tio maintain this relationship that really kind of worth it, you know, and it's it's about like word I want to invest my time and my resources and put my name and into this partnership so wow, I didn't even have to pay you for that segway that's great. Exactly what I wanted to talk about next was this idea that when we get really clear on our people and our position and our purpose and then really clear on our promotion how people are finding out about us that we do more of the work we want to be doing in this case you working with retailers that really match your purpose position people in promotion and we can get rid of the customers that drain us in your case that was retailers for service providers, it might be problem clients for makers, it could be those people who always want to change one little detail before you send it out on, we'll get some more of that in just a little bit, but yeah, there's this huge transition that happens when you get the four pieces of marketing right where you're actually able to start turning down work service providers definitely have this happen mohr than makers, but, you know, there are segments of maker businesses as well, where I hear, you know, this sells really well, but you know, I'm not making a big enough profit on it, but can I get rid of it? How can I get rid of other can't get rid of it when you focus in on making sure people prop purpose, promotion and position are right, you can make it so that you can drop those lines that aren't functioning right for you drop those products that aren't making the profit that you want and really focus in on the products that are generating the right income for your business, bringing in the right people and allowing you to send out the right message about your business cool, yeah, actually there's, you know, there is sort of polar opposite conversations going on. We have christine stump, who says they have foremost value most valued customers who are strong, medically oriented there between fifteen sixteen both new and experienced yogis, and two that are medically based new tioga, same age rain, very beginner shes or they're super happy with their envy sees, but then on the flip side, brenda s says, no, the customers are usually friends and family at this point, and they want discounts, and they do not really think that what I'm doing is unusual or unique because they see it all the time. Well, now I don't know, I don't know if they did that. I would like to imagine that hat happens, yeah, but just to show you that, you know, there's all levels of happiness or dissatisfaction with the customers that air that air that they're attracting. Yeah, because why exactly that we need a reality check? Because I know I knew there was going to be a whole variety of answers to these two particular questions, and I think it's important to just take the temperature of where you're at right now so you can start prioritizing the changes that you want to make, so thanks for sharing those all right, we're going toe, we're going to change attacked a little bit and we're going to start talking about actually this driving part of the values driven marketing because here's, the thing our customers, justus we talked about yesterday and the customer perspective process, they're moving from one point to another there start they're entering this conversation that our business is a part of, and they're moving along to a vision that they have for themselves results that they want things that they want accomplish, desires fulfilled, frustrations eased, problem solved. They see that vision, they see that goal is out in the future, and they are trying to drive toward it. Our product becomes a tool for getting them closer and closer to that, and so we need to understand who our customers are really becoming. And so this is a quote from michael strange's book who do you want your customers to become, which is a great quick read on dh, he says customers change always they're not stupid, they're skeptical. They want to make sure they're going in the right direction. Are your products positioned to tell you customers that they're going to help get them going where they want to go? Are your products obviously the tools that your customers need to help them reach that vision to help them reach their goal? Whatever that goal might be, it might be something very small, but are your are your products? The products your customers need to help them reach that goal is that the position that you've created for them before you start thinking about it in your in your own business I want you to think about this in your own life your life as a customer because in addition to being all producers right we're all customers so I think that's how we should start products and companies shape who we become and how we see ourselves we know this products and companies are kind of ways that we relate to each other there ways that we relate to ourselves we live in a consumer society we live in a capitalist society brands and companies shape who we are they do it through their marketing they do it through the products themselves they do it through the values their company a company espouses products and companies shape who we are becoming so here's a question what companies or what products have shaped the person you've become over the last five years what products or companies have shaped the person you've become over the last five years here's a gimme for a lot of people apple apple has helped us see ourselves as designers they've helped us see ourselves as creative people as outside of the box thinkers apple is often a gimme for people what products or services have shaped the person you've become over the last five years um hopefully the supplies but ellen okay as both like a tv personality as an author at just her whole just her whole entity her whole message that she sends is kindness, integrity, a sense of humor but it's all grounded and really, really serious values that she projects in a very like sense of away with a sense of humor yeah, not something that I really resonate with like in my life and in my business for sure it was just you know, I think that's why a lot of my a lot of mine my promotion is driven in purpose it is like I just I constantly talk about like these are the values of my company and we value this this and this and and I think that's what I kind of get stuck in in that thing to kind of branch out yeah, but that's great. So you and your products are all about humor your products are all about kind of expressing yourself in a really fun way on dh so I imagine that probably that's not just part of your product development life but that's part of your personal life and the way you show up in relationships with friends and family as well and I'm sure if we have your friends and family here and we ask them you know, it's anna really into ellen what is ellen done for anna? They way she talked about things that actually exactly shut up about right so that's fantastic uh sasha what's a company or a product that's shaped who you've become over the last five years. Well, I just want to say I think that's awesome about ellen I because alan is like the epitome of corky and the sense that she just plays and dances on like and she's so like just positive and she like with every new level that she achieves she always gives back then tenfold so yeah it's just amazing that she's succeeded so much but okay my eye I made up the list but I was just thinking of two books that influenced me a lot five years ago I kind of changed my life the four hour work week any pray love I just sort of did a combination of those two things night of my life tonight. Very nice. Yeah. Four hour work week tim farriss as a brand I think has changed the way a lot of people see things you know viewing learning of viewing, you know, creating freedom in your life has certainly shaped away a lot of people's decisions over the last five years that's that's fantastic and eat pray love for sure a swell so har so um three I'm going to say three of um um burning man okay, yeah that's great strip clubs okay, and ted talks fantastic yeah, ted talks is certainly a brad that has influenced a lot of people over the last five years on burning man is a great example as well, I don't think strip clubs is because like I just went from like school and to be in a bartender at a strip club and it's like everybody is a completely different so like I feel like I mean what? Yeah way where else yeah, that different and I was just trying to make the connections it's kind of intense I sure about from the internet. What kind of browns or companies have shaped the way they've become? Well, we have casey sharp who says rio grande, a american craft and metal smiths yeah, we have decreed ten thousand villages fair trade products great example, yeah, we also have pixel frau who says apple adobe copy blogger linda anthropology hard to bring that up I mean that's much cheap via started to bring that one up again but with a wink. Yeah, great let's think of the flip side of this question what companies are influencing the person you're becoming over the next five years in other words, what cos what products are you aspiring to use over the next five years and why are they companies that you want to be using mohr? Maybe these are companies that or products that you can't necessarily for right now maybe they're things that you're saving up for that you know that maybe you've used in the past but you want them to be a regular part of your life. What are those products for me? It's I want as much lulu lemon in my life as possible I want to wear stylish, comfortable clothes all the time I don't even go to yoga but I really like wearing leggings and so I want to have a whole closet full of hundred dollar one that's that's one company that I'm aspiring to I'd also like to get back into a yoga practice too and of course you know that's a company that is constantly pulling me through their fantastic weekly newsletter toward that lifestyle again on so that's a company that I'm a aspiring to be more like or to help them shape who I'm becoming over the neck five years lenny a what kind of brands or companies or products do you aspire to be maura like or to use over the next five years? I think I would use the jonathan adler example again the great wass it's yeah, I mean it's great style and it's really simple and and I feel like my designs are really simple baseball and so yeah yeah I could totally see you hanging out with jonathan adler styled room for sure yeah meghan, what brands are you aspiring to be using? Tesla's tesla nice one yeah I mean, I think they become like apple and that they really are getting to know their customer in the lifestyle that they want um and they're shaking up the car world just in the way that they're getting rid of the middle man and I think that's quite inspiring yeah for sure love that aside I'm not know what I would like to be using space x in the next five years way from the internet what kind of brands people are aspiring teo used to become new people in the next five years. Yeah, we have a lot coming through. People like to talk about the aspirations maybe not the math we have do cotti from cathy j and tamara h also agrees on tesla's for sure actually there's a number of test listen, I know in a number of dukat ease yeah somebody's doing it right there. Christine thompson the neck five years says yoga anatomy lesson flee came in off ari I land cruiser for getting out of the way to retreat destination on dh riverbend hot springs on the rio grande I will join you know me too well wolf in into suitcase together that's fantastic c company's products brands they are all tools for helping us to become the people that we I want to become whether it's been in the past or whether we're looking into the future so then the next question really becomes do you believe your products khun do the same thing for your customers do you believe your products could do the same thing for your customers? Do you believe your brand your product your company could be something that people aspire to do you believe your product can be something that helps people become who they want to become? Do you believe your products can help people become who they really want to become? I hope that you do I hope that you d'oh so let's talk let's start breaking this down into the value and the value yeah I just want to give a comment because some people are saying yes I do yes I d'oh but amber cain has an interesting comment saying yes I do but I need to do a much better job at telling the story yes and that's what we're doing yeah, exactly and it is all about story I mean, if you know, we heard from linda and we heard from megan we heard from I loved the aria and land cruiser example as well each of those companies comes with stories for the people you know? Well, you know tesla, you know jonathan adler you know, ari, I you know the stories behind those customer behind those companies which leads you to no stories about those customers as well when you get really good at telling that story that's when your brand really becomes something that helps people become who they want to become so fantastic comment thank you amber all right let's break this down this is values driven marketing valu and values driving your marketing in terms of purpose people position and promotion so what is value what's value value is the change the feeling the use that a customer is actually buying when they purchase a product value is the change the feeling or use that a customer is actually buying when they purchase a product remember that a product itself isn't valuable a diamond is valuable because we've assigned a value to it we've assigned a feeling what's the what's the phrase a diamond is forever the forever and everything that goes with it is what makes that stone valuable in and of itself it's just another rock right? Is your product just another rock or is it that feeling a change or the use that your customers are using it for a product isn't valuable until it is used until it's loved until it creates a change for your customers. So when you're thinking about your marketing your purpose, your people, your position, your promotion are you underlining the change the feeling or use that your customers actually buying when they purchase a product on the flip side of that we have values and this would be a great opportunity for the online audience to shout out what their personal values are I want to hear about some of those what drives you and shapes the way you interact with your world that's values we talked about this just a hair yesterday I mentioned that some of my personal values are for learning and wisdom andi and flexibility that was another that was the other value that I came up with yesterday I have a high value for flexibility not physically but mentally on dh with my time and my schedule so values or what shapes you on drives you and yeah and motivates you in the way you interact with the world so let's get a couple answers here I really want to hear what you're personal values are and then let's shoot it over to the net so sasha what are some of your core values I just wrote this curiosity learning empowerment reflection fun casual authenticity fantastic you're such a good coach you know your values I did that sex is hot ah humor quality integrity community and generosity fantastic sahar understanding great pretty much communication I think individuality to I think we picked that up yesterday right yeah lana um I would say curious as well and compassion and finding finding who you are I don't know I don't know what the word is for that that gotcha I love it minor kind of its economy but um storytelling and honesty I love that storytelling and honesty we have a lot coming through terror way have the whirling jean who says creativity drives me it is my goal my goal with my entire life to creative authenticity and to be immersed in being a creative I want my life to be are not imitate are you very that's a lot of authenticity with eye on liberator value's clarity and simplicity from jesse l k c sharp authenticity presence in the world connecting with the moment beauty ion liberate integrity responsibility to people and the earth and uh brian can't carry in empathy truth goodness thank you excellent thank you all right so we're going to dive further in a week I'm sorry I'm sorry let's define values driven marketing first hello values driven marketing is leveraging a true understanding of value and the values that you share with your customers to position and promote your products so if you're looking for the four p's in here they're all here the true understanding of value the values you share with your customers that's your purpose your customers of course are your people and that's how you're going to position and promote your products values driven marketing is leveraging a true understanding of value and the values you share with your customers to position and promote your products so now we're gonna break this down we're going to tackle values first and then we're going to tackle value. And I'm going to give you kind of a quick question framework to ask yourself to make sure your marketing decisions are always on track with both the value your product is creating for your customers and the values that you and your customers share. Because if I didn't say that earlier that's kind of the whole point of values, you're trying to attract people who share your values because that's, what naturally happens if you look at your friend, circle your, you'll see that while there might be some variations there, most of your friends share some core values with you, and we tend to, like, attracts, like, right. And so when we lead with our values in our business, we're goingto attract mohr of the right people who share those values with us. And so you're gonna have easier conversations. You're going to communicate more effectively. People are going to get more excited. You're just gonna love working together much, much, much more.

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If you have serious crafting skills and are ready to transform your work from a pastime to a thriving business, this three-day immersion into sales and marketing in the age of Etsy® is for you.

Taught by business strategist Tara Gentile, this course will help you think like a service-based business to maximize positive customer relationships and sales. Using and applying basic pricing strategies and psychology, you’ll learn how to set prices that reflect the value of what you do while still remaining realistic for your customers. You’ll learn how to write marketing materials and create an online presence that piques the interest of clients.

You’ll also learn how to effortlessly guide customers through each step of the purchasing process, from the first spark of initial interest to the final transaction. Tara will show you how to apply your skills in online venues like Etsy®, real-world settings like craft fairs, and beyond.

This course will give you the concrete, pragmatic tools to connect with customers, make sales, and share the unique things you make with the world.