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1 Year Olds: Cake Smash - Alexsy

Lesson 34 from: Baby Plans: Photographing the Early Years

Julia Kelleher

1 Year Olds: Cake Smash - Alexsy

Lesson 34 from: Baby Plans: Photographing the Early Years

Julia Kelleher

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34. 1 Year Olds: Cake Smash - Alexsy


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1 Year Olds: Cake Smash - Alexsy

These little seamless paper rolls he's fifty four inch wide ones are awesome for for a baby and it's great because they're cheap number one you can I think they're like twenty nine dollars a roll which is just awesome and they uh come in so many different colors it's like not even funny if you could get he's going means this one my favorite colors in the whole world the spa blue this is actually called baby blue interestingly enough the one that we did the high and nick nick owen I think was uh sky blue sari and so there's tons of different colors that savage carries and they're cheap you could do a cake smash on like an rip the paper up and throw it away and it's easy efficient and it makes editing these sessions super easy because you're going to go ahead and probably re white balance is I know that I think about it makes it super easy to add it because you can extend and stretcher your backgrounds to accommodate uh look you want in the crop factor and the and the composition of your...

image so let me go ahead and just change out lenses really quick I'm gonna go ahead rebound white balance because I'm worried that my colors will off although yeah it looks warm in here anyway that monitors slightly warm tio is it warm okay good to know my exposure is good here right here we go and I'm gonna go ahead and white balance thank you my dear she doing alright good on just one second double check my color here much better color okay you can go ahead and take that way she's like what you're going to miss long okay so where's that beautiful cake I'm gonna take a couple pictures of this so that um she is it molly molly's cakes that her name again molly yeah so she can have a cute shot over cake here oh so pretty with the ruffles she getting excited about it all she looking at it lauren no I love this coat okay so we're going to go ahead and set her down a little bit far away from it so and fix the dress oh she's gonna go quick you feeling are you ready? Are you ready what do you think, huh what do you think about that she's not gonna go quick cool give me some time here. What do you think what do you think e a look good stuff oh my god you're am I love it so yeah how can you eat it can you see it? You look good can you eat it should yeah it's too pretty to eat who me e it's like what are you doing lauren what do you think? What do you think? Can you eat it just like I don't really know what to do with it sometimes it takes them a little while and warm up and I sometimes to think that this environment in a little bit overwhelming for them when he died that flower let's go ahead and move the cake to her side what do you think you're weak hey what is this some kids like pick up the entire cake but be careful that they don't want to talk on it oh here we go okay broken her mouth good sometimes I get nervous with little like embellishments on the cake so be weary of that they'll take off like little beads and things that are on the cake and I'm fine with that oh I worry about them choking on stuff you just don't know what's gonna easily break up in their mouth and what's not so be aware of um little embellishments and things like that on the cake she's grabbing another one that's ok she can look at it and make sure she doesn't have many teeth his mom did she have a lot of teeth nineteenth like oh yeah to that up I think it's dissolving in her mouth so it's good this cake maker is experienced with this kind of thing so I don't think she would give me a cake that had stuff on it that wasn't really easily what do you think? Yeah thio more giving three more to get our hands dirty what do you think uh get that cake what do you think cohen julia wants some too uh oh so delicious so delicious yeah that kid did you already have lunch already did you spoil your dessert, huh sometimes you just have to wait for stuff to happen and let him do it at their own pace good e I could give you more can you do more more yeah can you do more eight more it's just like so mellow I love it one little finger at a time huh yeah let's try to take with our hands and just really like even a guy like get a lift up to take oh yeah that was that what you think she's a dainty girl she doesn't want to get messy and take smash sessions I tend to shoot a lot like almost overshoot um because it's such a stage process yeah e going teo teo tell me creamy what do you think you get more beautiful cake cake liners so talented why do you think let's see if we can't make it easier get off of here huh? I thought you were gonna be attacking it but that's okay you ready? Can you push it? Uh good. Okay, probably pretty good sometimes they like knock it all over and get it everywhere and um sometimes I'll even play let's go ahead make it changed a little bit yeah that's gonna sleep with her, let her play with it on her it's good you like it yeah she likes it it's great that you're getting all dirty but from you e oh my god she's curious you show you a couple of days so you can kind of see right for what we're doing here it's got personality I love the finger in the mouth and the teeth it's so indicative of the age teo so even if they don't attack the cake full on you could still get really cute images uh okay too much sugar what do you think was going take the kick stand out of the way and see if we can't make you look like it did more damage huh she turned over and I will stage it honestly even if they don't totally like go after it and dig into it you grab that flower thank you peanut had a big cake, huh? Is it all over your feet you are just delicious. Yes war when you think about sometimes I laugh so hard when I do this that I like camera shake it thinks are so be careful of that good reasons maybe do a try what I think we're just about ready you you you hee hee hee yeah we're doing great. Yeah funny oh my god you're so cute you're making my day a little girl you are benefits of having long hair okay okay I think we got a ton let me, um show you some of these little cute girl having fun with her cake, trying to see if you have any questions about some of these images and what I was doing or anything like that. Any questions? We good? Let's? Let the folks up here let me know waiver handed, if you d'oh. Okay, first of all, people really enjoyed. I'm probably more entertaining than the babies watching you. You know, that noises and things. Ideo uh, so people were asking as you're shooting along, and it was fun to see other people were answering their questions. Good. Good. One wass about just reiterating that this is all about the stages, not ages. Yes. Yeah. In terms of this is what you do when they can walk, right? Yeah. When? Well, nah, honestly, when they can walk, I don't really necessary like them walking because they can get away from you a lot faster. But it's about being able to pull themselves up and stand. And, of course, with the case, smash its just that milestone of being the first birthday and celebrating that, and not only for baby, but for mom. You know, it's mom's, right of passes to you made it through the first year, and this is representative that in a fun by loving way now some parents don't like their kids have sugar, so just keep that in mind so so I don't I have parents who, when they do the one year session, they don't want to do it kicks match because they're like, yeah, my kid doesn't eat sugar, we're kind of keeping away from that as much as possible until we have have to. So just a note of reference so there's conversation around the cake it self a cz well, yes, people asking about you talked about this in the beginning but about greed do get ingredient list from the cake maker parents ever want to bring in a cake themselves ingredients are you? You know, with allergies are totally think oh, yes. You want to ask that that's why I in the past have usually had parents bring me the cape. Okay, so I tell them to bring in a little mini six inch, eight inch cake or a large cupcake, you know, like soon as you get those oversized cupcakes, those work really well, um, and let the client determine what the child have. I've had parents bringing gluten free stuff and sugar free or like vegetable cakes, and he could make cakes that have all organic natural ingredients, and some parents like to do that, so I definitely want to ask the sex the questions and like I said earlier be very wary of the dick or on the cake you don't want anything on that kick that that child could get their mouth and choke that would be you hear that so most cake people who do this and have done in the past I know that, but if you're working with somebody new or working with a parent who has no idea because parents go out, get a cake and not realize that there's something on there that their child could choke on so it's up to you too look at the cake and make sure that it doesn't have any kind of embellishment on there like those you know it's like they put those little round candy balls on the cakes those air the kiss of death you do not want those on your cake because a child could easily choke on that okay safety first thank you thank you always important what about the themes? Do you talk themes with the parents colors those types of things for cake smashes not always, but you can I mean it's totally up to you and your style and brand if a client for me when a client brings in a cake, I'll typically look at the cake and the colors and tones in the cake and kind of pull out my seaman's papers to work with that and the clothing and sometimes you know, cake smashes are all about being over the top. I mean, it's, the whole neutral, organic, soft, earthy, color tone thing kind of goes out the window with the cake smash because it's supposed to be fun and happy and bright and colorful, and so I try to ada's. Much color is possible on dh. Make it that way, so usually match to what the client brings. Sometimes they'll bring in these huge, like pink to jews and that's, just fun. If you want to go for that, do it if you don't, you don't have to, but oftentimes, like little boys, I will have them. You're shirtless, with just a diaper on sometimes or parra jeans or something and that's, just adorable, to see him get the frostings all over them. So fantastic.

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I just finished to watch this course. And I confess: I've been struggled all the time during the viewing to say already: I LOVE IT! So, I LOVE this course! Julia is so nice teacher, and photographer, and person. And she is so incredible organizator of whole child's photography business. She is amazing, so meticulous, so persuasive trough all and each one of the important points of this business. And she is just great in the part of studio´s shooting examples with the babies. This is one of the best and most valuable courses I found in Creative Live, thanks!

Dawn Potter

I've been so fortunate to be able to be a part of the Live audience experience with Julia. She is an amazing person, photographer and teacher. She does a fantastic job of explaining in detail, the steps she has taken that have helped her success as well as the steps that have set her back. We are so lucky to be able to learn from her experiences and to have someone who is willing to put herself out there to teach us and help us to grow as photographers. For anyone considering adding a Baby Plan to their portrait offerings, this class is a MUST have. Julia, you are #awesomesauce !! xoxo - Dawn Potter

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