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Baby Plans: Photographing the Early Years

Lesson 24 of 41

File Management

Julia Kelleher

Baby Plans: Photographing the Early Years

Julia Kelleher

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24. File Management


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File Management

What happens after you shoot? You got those cards? Yeah, right. What happens? Camera computer backup, right? Y'all doing that? Are you downloading of cards right away right after the session. Good. I used to be very guilty of not doing that and it bit me in the bottom one time. Okay, so right after the session bam upstairs. Go to the computer backup now, but yeah, how doe I organize my backup that's the thing. Okay, you got to keep things organized to remember this clients could be with you for a year. So you gotta make sure everything is organized in one place. You can find it. All right. Okay, so this is how I do it helps you guys could see this, so we have the technology disc station. Okay, this is a raid backup system that I use that's, a five drive system with four terabytes and each drive, okay? And I go through to two drives in about four or five months is how long it takes us to get through one drive. So it's, very rapid fire. Turn around so I have for my baby planners for regu...

lar sessions. I have by months okay for baby planners, I have a folder called baby planners, and then we have their name, the last name, okay, so the lightfoot ramos family I have their newborn session in their their four month session there's seven month session and there one year session ok and the one two threes in front just tow so aiken it'll read it in alphabetical order okay, so under the four month session I have their pro select album on the top I've got their raw cold images I don't keep anything I haven't called so if I if I call it stays if it if it's a craft image and I don't like it the rods get thrown away okay so it never gets seen again and then the psd files which are the finished proofs are also there okay so well let's back out the second we just looked at the four months area well, now we're going to go under orders so I have orders for four months, seven months in one year and then their year end product it's kind of stuffed in there as well okay, so if you go to that four month it'll have the album's it'll have the eight images that go inside so the light foot eight by eight canvas box that's that remember the little boy with a little but showing in the cowboy hat that's that box okay and it's eight prints that go inside for each session would be under each one of those folders okay, so I'm very organized about what images are in the products and that's the back up so this is the this would be a final backup okay, this would be everything's ready to go the sessions done we're all finished but what about what clients who are in progress? What about clients who are still in the workflow? How does that work? Well, this is kind of a big picture of what happens. Client images there I shoot in raw so the raw files the rods air immediately backed up to the ray drive that's my backup system so I don't lose my ross well, then they're filed by last name under my roth hold I'm gonna show you guys all this I did tons screenshots of bridge to show you how this works okay, but it's kind of a general overview first then once they're proofed there moved by last name to the proof folder then once they're session is done and everything's good and they're out the door with their product they get moved to the archive folder. Okay, let me show you how this works. So inside the client images folder. Ok, so if you look up top it says julie kill her documents client images ok, I have four folders rock proofed archive the last one says models these air for my free sessions for models for workshops and mentoring and things that I do so they're kind of out of the client flow they're different kind of session okay, so let's go into the rod holder okay, that's where we're gonna go we're going first rob holder inside that raw folder way have the last name so are better newborn building one year belinda and brooklyn raw painting so this is a personal project I'm working on a chef should be in a personal thing competition image olson one year platinum maternity uh stockton newborn trousers in one year okay, so those are my current clients actually just did this last week. This is my current client's kind of in the workflow right now. Ok? The yellow stands for the raw zehr backed up on the raid drive so I label things in bridge to tell me okay, these are backed up I have not backed up building one year old someone you're I shot those right or the platter maternity the plat maternity I shot like right before I got here right before I came here so those need to be backed up still bad. Julia okay, so the next one I want to show you is we're gonna actually go inside. We're gonna go back out to client images, okay, so those are just raw images in there and some of them a couple of them are there cold down, okay that's all that's in there they need to be proofed so let's go back out to client images in case now we're going to go into the proof section so belinda has touched the images and so have I. So she downloads from the dest ation from the back up the raid proves everything and upload those to the disc station. I then download them here into the proofed folder so these are all my sessions that are in the profit are been proofed. Okay, so these are people that are that have been images are done and ready to show the claim. Okay, so I also have a color coding system for this. Come on, move along here. Blue means like these two on the bottom where it says blewett says they're waiting for their in person sales appointment images are proved ready to show the client okay, the purple means I have products to order for that claim. I gotta send stuff to the lab. Okay, the red means ready for pickup. The client can pick it up from us. The product has done, they can pick it up and then green means it's bath final backup is complete. The products have been put in there all is well and done and the image the folder can now go into the archive folder. Okay, the archive holder is just a holding pattern for stuff that has got to go back to the station okay I can actually kind of delete archive people but I tend to keep him in there for a little while until I know there's not gonna be a problem with the order and we've sent final thank you cards etcetera, etcetera. Okay, so that's basically how the structure of organization goes for images for us in our in our studio you need to do it works for you but what I what I everybody system will be different and that's totally fine but when I'm trying to show you is that having assistant like this of repeatable processes over and over again is going to make things consistent reliable and if something happens and there's something wrong you'll be able to see what happened and where it happened does that make sense? You know you have a question how long do you keep your files on hand for that client? I keep everything that they order on file for one year anything that they don't order our policies say that we get rid of it you know every three months or so when we need space in our hard drives that generally is true but sometimes not all keep stuff for portfolio reasons or for competition images that I think I might want to use especially if they find a model release I tend to keep things a little bit longer because I know I can use those images in my marketing and stuff like that so I'll pull a few for portfolio. I also upload several to sara back to the station so she can access it and post stuff to social media. Does that make sense? Okay, so in review systems keep you saying guys they really will as much as they are a pain in the booty to set up, they really will keep you organized and flowing in less stressed they create a consistent experience and product for the client. The systems that I really want you to focus on for a year long experience of baby plan are the shooting systems, the client systems in the file management, okay, marking systems, sale systems, all that stuff can kind of I just don't have the time to cover it all. I wish I could, but they're important too. But when it comes to tracking and maintain your baby, come playing clients thes, they're going to be critical. Okay, so your business will become basically a well oiled machine when you create good systems and have an organization pattern to your studio. All right, next, we're gonna talk about policies and customer service, which is huge. And then, of course, we're going to be discussing tomorrow, designing your collateral for a dynamite brand that matches everything and makes your baby plans stand out.

Class Description

A baby’s first year is a whirlwind of changes – making it the perfect time for photographers to partner with families to document all of those meaningful milestones. In Baby Plans: Photographing the Early Years, Julia Kelleher will teach you how to design a baby plan that highlights a new child’s growth and brings clients back into the studio.

Julia is a portrait photographer who specializes in newborn and family photography and in Baby Plans: Photographing the Early Years, she’ll share her hard-won insights on building a baby photography business. 

You’ll learn how to:

  • Develop a baby plan marketing strategy tailored to new parents
  • Encourage repeat visits throughout the first stages of growth
  • Shoot, light, and design images for each stage of growth
  • Price packages so parents keep coming back
  • Manage your time while maintaining relationships

Julia will share specific pricing, marketing, and selling tactics that will ensure your baby business is profitable and your parents are thrilled with their purchase. You’ll get tips on structuring your sessions so you aren’t throwing money away and learn about baby-specific products parents love to buy.

Learn how you can fill your appointment calendar with clients you know and love and who are willing to pay for your services in Baby Plans: Photographing the Early Years with Julia Kelleher.


Natalia Malinko

I just finished to watch this course. And I confess: I've been struggled all the time during the viewing to say already: I LOVE IT! So, I LOVE this course! Julia is so nice teacher, and photographer, and person. And she is so incredible organizator of whole child's photography business. She is amazing, so meticulous, so persuasive trough all and each one of the important points of this business. And she is just great in the part of studio´s shooting examples with the babies. This is one of the best and most valuable courses I found in Creative Live, thanks!

Dawn Potter

I've been so fortunate to be able to be a part of the Live audience experience with Julia. She is an amazing person, photographer and teacher. She does a fantastic job of explaining in detail, the steps she has taken that have helped her success as well as the steps that have set her back. We are so lucky to be able to learn from her experiences and to have someone who is willing to put herself out there to teach us and help us to grow as photographers. For anyone considering adding a Baby Plan to their portrait offerings, this class is a MUST have. Julia, you are #awesomesauce !! xoxo - Dawn Potter