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Bonus: creativeLIVE Magazine Concept

Creative live concept so this is what we are going to shoot tomorrow and the next day saturday sunday my concept for this is the shooter cover so the hand make it will get this sketch those who have enrolled you have these sketches and download as well my griffin has only made my sketches for me she is much better than me and thiss is me going through the process so I make my own sketch and I give to her until the feeling that I want that's in the sketch also to the hair and makeup so they had this to go through and figure out the idea before the shoot before the shoot so the first day is all about beauty all tomorrow's about beauty and we'll go through lighting in concepts and how it affects the skin we talked about texture and how you get less texture so I don't want the texture with beauty I want it clean and soft and beautiful so it's all about how light effects skin then the next day the fashion day will go the opposite way using a harder light and showing texture and we'll have f...

un because this is our fashion this is our fashion and what were we doing so now the stylist for the fashion has he sketches and pull closed based on the idea the idea comes first and then they make it stronger so the stars came in yesterday he showed me things he had pulled already and he got excited seeing the sketches when you involve your team together each achieves more when you involve your team you'll get better pictures all the time I'd better pictures all the time so these are just a guide these air a guide and as I shoot I always have my guide right beside me I have it set up so we can all see it and you'll see that next two days how we have always had my visuals and sometimes I'm not a sketch sometimes there's like a swipe at a magazine that had them up on a board close by so everybody in the room can see and make sure that we're on point about getting my concept getting the concept gain the concept gain the concept and notice even as I do the sketches I'm thinking about the law of opposites the energy looking away and directly at me three quarter full body I'm always thinking about the range of opposites the concept and how put it all together even in the first stages the thought the concept write it down it doesn't matter you can sketch or not drawing not sketch it down do stick figures that's what I did in the past and uh have it down so people look and hold so you communicate three freeways sight sound touch you tell him your idea show them like that the idea and then I love then them hold the sketch sight sound touch once they touch it they become part of it and your team is much stronger sight sound touch use always communicate your idea and then stronger much stronger in the advertising world they do anyway in our director or craig director will give you us idea a sketch or concept for the ad we're doing that already in advertising so I learned that through advertise but now I do everything I do my personal work, my ideas my editorial I think that from advertising and break into every aspect of shooting when possible it helps you get better images, stronger images it gives you this clear definition of your idea it goes out of your mind inside intangible that you can touch and hold and show I'm going to the idea and say hey guys, I want you this shot the girls jumping around and she has bright colors on like okay but I see a different picture in their mind once I say that and show it then it becomes crystal clear what the idea is that the concept is for doing a movie they're doing a storyboard for the entire movie for the entire crew is consistent and knows the vision as photographers we the storyboard is, well it's a lot more fun doing this as well it gives you a clear vision. You get a clear point of view on what you want to do if you go outside that soy fine, but least you had this as a guide to get you going. And tomorrow, when we do beauty, we'll go outside of this as well. And I'll throw a big surprise on my makeup artist, so I won't tell you guys what that is yet. So, it's, twin tomorrow for the big surprise, because I got a great one. I wanted to surprise the hair and makeup and tell them my other idea. Once we shoot this.

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Join Matthew Jordan Smith as he delves into three days dedicated to fashion and beauty photography. Matthew starts off with an in-depth discussion on the differences in fashion and beauty as he teaches us how to prepare for a series of live photoshoots with a focus on capturing beautiful photography and telling a story with your images.