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Bonus: Working with the Team

Before this next section, I want to talk about some that happens a lot, and I want to bring my stylist and make it bars here for a second and have a frank conversation. I think every photographer should here. So this is the creative team and very often, uh, this conflict when you have all these creatives and this great team could be this team plus, uh, an art director or creative director and people have their own version or vision for a shot. It can be conflict when there's one person pushing for one thing and they have the blinders on, I can't see anything but their own vision. This team is creative and I've been saying it all weekend long team together, each achieves mawr, my vision starts one way and then they have refined the vision when you get to a certain level, there are photographers who only want their way or even starting off, but the team I feel always helps refine the vision. I wanted both your takes on that because you both are working professionals in the field. Uh, wel...

l, first of all, I have to say they like working with you has been such a positive experience that the more positive it is, the more I feel like I can go out on a limb a little more creatively and you know, I feel like I do my best work when I'm relaxed and happy and things are positive and I feel like it's safe to go out and do something maybe you know, some photographers that aren't negative that are a little more on the negative side or are you know, I just feel like you've been complimenting everybody on their work and just, you know, it's it's been really great, so we can I think we do a lot better work when it's that open and positive and what am I feels appreciated for their talent, everybody is a much better job, yeah, it takes it everybody you can take it up a level and it goes a little I had a couple of things toe add to that as well just because I think when you get to a certain level of your career, you are being hired as somebody who has a vision and that whether it be an advertising campaign or an editorial, don't dismiss your own point of view, whether you're a photographer or a makeup person or a stylist or an assistant I mean, of course there's one of the things that they won't ever teach you and they can teach you is the pecking order on a set and so my assistant would never go to the art director to say, why is the hair like that it does not happen because that person would never work ever ever give so it's ah were all there to make the most beautiful image and that I think when you when you're working with a collaborative art director a collaborative photographer that your image is khun sing because I'm focusing on fit and fabric and everything else and then she is focusing on hair and eyeliner and skin and then you know the photographer is focusing on everything so that I think the less micromanaging when you get to a certain level the easier it is and the the you know that your images will sing because everybody is on point and that it's sort of understood that you're there for a reason there there you're there for um yeah let's make magic and also that you're you have a point of view so you know like thirty eyes are better than one eye because we're all sort of like seeing you know, what's working in what's now not together each that she used now you can't say it enough together each achieves more all of us working together to make magic and that's in everything not just here that's in everything thank you god thank you guys and look at this direction that they've gone in because they feel inspired to create this and this if they didn't feel good if I'm screaming at my team will they feel inspired to create and give me their best. I wouldn't. I want to encourage my team to do the best and that's in everything. In every business. People need to feel appreciated. I want my team to feel good. That's, the model's hair, the makeup, my assistance, everybody around, my interns, everyone. I want them to feel good and enjoy this process, because I love the process. It's, a beautiful thing.

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Join Matthew Jordan Smith as he delves into three days dedicated to fashion and beauty photography. Matthew starts off with an in-depth discussion on the differences in fashion and beauty as he teaches us how to prepare for a series of live photoshoots with a focus on capturing beautiful photography and telling a story with your images.