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Let's take some more questions now alright great uh question from thp amsterdam many top photographers and fashion designers have a model as a news do you have one? Yes I do yes I do is funny because in my twenty five years I've evolved from one muse to the next tyra banks was once a muse I loved working with her I still live working for uh there's some actors that I love working with that vanessa williams I mention vanessa williams since ninety for getting my career and I love working with her because we work together I might see vanessa or tyra now like once a year maybe twice a year and when we get together way should the job but in between what kitchen upon each other's life what they've done, what I've done who we've been who were dating all that kind of stuff we talk about all this great stuff about our life it's like you know, seeing an old friend from high school and you catch up and reconnect and you don't lose an entire could make me a year two years between seeing each other...

we take up where we left off before and it's a great thing I love that question from a badly photo how does matthew recommend balancing a full time job trying to build a beauty fashion portfolio? Does he think you need to invest in your proof portfolio full time from the get go no, I don't think so. Full time if you'd support itself force first foremost. Um you have to make time though the commitment is the time to put yourself into what you want to do that's important. So if you're working a full time job nine to five make sure you make time for what you want to do. Make sure you give yourself to yourself before you give yourself away to the world. And editor told me that a long time ago. Susan taylor, make sure you give yourself to yourself before you give yourself away to the world. That means making time for what you really want to do. Yes, unify job is wonderful is paying the bills right now what you aspire to do is make a living being creative. Make sure you do that as well. If you give yourself away from nine to five every day, give to yourself to make sure you make time for you that's how you grow and yes, it takes time and commitment. It's supposed to it's not supposed to be easy, the universal gonna test you to see how bad you want it. A practical question from bd one eighty seven on your personal projects who is in charge of the wardrobe of the models and maybe not just your projects but in general and personal projects who's in charge of the wardrobe if there's a stylist on set uh it's hard to get a stylist to poke holes for a personal project for magazines and advertising is easy the hardest element in doing fashion and beauty is styling getting a stylist of pull clothing because it's hard for him to go out there and pull clothing from a designer unless you have a connection with that designer you and this is all about relationships if you work the same style is all the time it's easier because then you have connections you pulls things in the very beginning I didn't have that so I had to try to get a stylist to pull close so what I did is I work for stars who had jobs who are working who loved my photography and I promised them pictures so if they did a job for somebody else they have the falls for another day I try to pee back off that chute to use that for my shoot so I became friendly with stylist to learn howto use great clothing that's how it works and then give them pictures it's not easy but again it's not supposed to be easy so practically for us with that maybe look like you know those of us who haven't worked a sales before maybe going to a um boutique clothing store and speaking with absolutely the owner saying hey b we have this concept do you want to work with the idea going to a boutique local boutique and saying off them pictures for them used their closed to a fashion story and showing your work asking and not being scared to ask if one says no, go to another one, go to ten a day and show your work will be surprised what happens you'd be surprised what happens off them pictures for their walls offer your work for their for their clothes to use till story if you do a great job, they won't use you over over again build relationships this is all about relationships this is all about relationships don't be shy online or here live with questions because that's what this is all about learning and sharing in my goals I wrote down I want to share my vision and share my knowledge of the world and that's what this is about today next question you're so great answering questions could do this all day I'm told about photography just all day I look I listen all day okay? I have a question from our reynolds who I asked you do you ever see or meet a model? That is not the question that I wanted to ask oh please, while you're doing that, you're back to that one about the muse again also okay really fully answer that one because I the muse would change for me uh back in the day it was tyrone they changed to vanessa williams and it changes to the heartache loom and it's always changing right now I have a new muse I'm shooting a lot so I find a model that works well you know I have three muses now that I use all the time because I love the it's like a dance with the models of dance and you know a dancer and I'm a dancer but the model is leading the dance you know salsa at all like the man's leading salsa and the photo shoot the model is leading the dance and I love the dance that chemistry between photographer and subject be tomorrow albeit a celebrity or be it my parents I love that chemistry when it all gets clicks together and works and everybody feels it in the room that's magic well you have a great shoot everybody in the room feels it we have a bad shoot my feels it wants to go west magic you just feel it in the room and everybody is under that spell I love that feeling unless you've been on a set you have no idea who that is but it's magic when you have a great crew together and a great shoot happening this magic in the room it's it's incredible I can't describe it in words it's amazing feeling amazing feeling I did tyrus first calendar and this before she was famous so we're in jamaica and shoes her mouth at the time to fly a bi dan to jamaica and we're working on a shoestring budget to shoot all these shots we had so much fun we don't want to stop we want to go you know it was a great great time and when we see each other now we talk about that all the time about those first jobs when nobody was making it way had this vision we are the drive that was great years ago there was a show on vh one called driven and the interview tyra so they called me in to talk about our relationship working together there's a way before top model and I said that scared so driven and I love the passion and energy shares when we shoot and I look she's always pushing the boundaries and then he was later top model comes out I love that process of working together and have this feeling in the room and capturing the experience then the world sees a glimpse of the experience in a picture but the experience is magical I found the question I wanted to ask our reynolds had asked do you ever see or meet oh my gosh I did it again the page just moves so uh I can't believe that just happened okay? I really want to ask this question because I don't know if tyra banks if this happened a tyra um okay, I found it everyone as morgan asked have you ever come across someone in everyday life that you just had to shoot? Absolutely oh wow have american custom I who I just had to shoot as I'm walking down the street absolutely over over here this has happened over and over again it has happened I love discovering models I've always loved that thing of finding the next face there's a girl in the presentation that first this morning when I first saw him like oh my god this girl I have to shoot this girl she has its incredible face had to shoot her had to shoot her I've been in india walking around and seeing somebody who I had to shoot because it's feeling you get this connection is the model home not shooting now when my muses who I have to shoot all the time and now I have to say a word we get together we shoot and it's just magic that happens every now and then it was that way with tyra is that with vanessa williams? It just happens we have this this chemistry when we shoot where's always magic you don't find that every day and then people on the street that I see you mike I have to shoot you I was in my car with me all the time and I'll stop and say, oh photographer I would love to shoot you and you can do that all types of new york you're walking the streets all the time in l a you're in your car you're blocked off but in new york it happens all the time and I always stop gave him a card like photographer and they look just like yeah yeah yeah and they go home with my working like hello question from shasta how much of your work is location versus studio oh very beginning so funny people who do put you in a box and now that I work is in studios like oh you're location I mean a little studio do every location in the beginning my career I only shot locations I can afford a studio so nasca mix it's like half and half when I was in new york a lot it was all studio now I live in l a where it's sunshine every day and perfect weather ah it's a lot more location work not love both I love photography I love shooting studio I love shooting on location because for me it's about the experience of creation and uh I like having control in studio and I like being with the elements and and uh seeing that great sunshine in sunset I love that so I know we're close to a break I hope I'm not going over, but no, I think you're fine you should take a break was that woman question that take a lot more question? Question question here we go again I'm gonna ask the question that I skipped twice okay crew about that our reynolds had asked do you ever see or meet a model and they spark an idea for a shoot or take a shoot in a totally different direction? Yes, well that's a good question do you see what a model that inspires youto go somewhere else? Absolutely absolutely when you find that right connection it happens that's happened over time a lot of great photographers and models where you'll see photographers shooting the same model old over again because they found that inspiration by working together. Then together you get great stuff a lot the images between tire and I some were inspired by her more than me. You have a great muse in front of you. Things just happen you get a spark. Great images and that's part of magic of photography. Absolutely well, I know from watching america's next top model that she's a photographer too and she absolutely her mom was a photographer. Oh, really? Yeah, it was time for us. Well, I've seen I've seen her shoot on the show we have on the camera she's cool he's very cool so on that note we'll take a break smallville break and be right back and get some really cool stuff

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Join Matthew Jordan Smith as he delves into three days dedicated to fashion and beauty photography. Matthew starts off with an in-depth discussion on the differences in fashion and beauty as he teaches us how to prepare for a series of live photoshoots with a focus on capturing beautiful photography and telling a story with your images.