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Fifth Fashion Look

It's time for me to oh wow this looks so beautiful I just bring you up for a second now she has really evolved do you remember the last shot of her before lunch now look at everything has changed that's because the team feels good we're all creating and who doesn't like creating something look at the lines of this the texture of this of this garment of a flat light I would lose that but this hard light shows me all the details and you can see with your eye from here if I had an umbrella I would not get this how do you feel this is so yes you feel different she feels different which makes it very easy for me to get that her feelings different it was easy for me to capture the images in my story board to find the opposites the complimentary images that work together to tell my story and this stuff is fun and it's unique it's your view you can't do this again somebody sees it they can't copied exactly you can't copy the feeling in this room it happens once and that's it matthew authority ...

another question while they're finishing up there absolutely uh p l s on uh do do we need to know some some form of terminology oh gee that is commonly used in fashion and design and if so how would we do that? We need to learn any form of terminology and in that world you learn it by being around it is learned by being around it by a by being around the makeup bars and stylists and what's great about the fashion industry the crew norma comes from all over the world it's ah very international industry so before you know you were saying things like oh I'm going to the loo uh no so there's no like learning terminology you just learn it as you're on the set and it just happens that's basically it you learn all the terms about the gear is well by being around the industry and it was kind of funny is that the photo industry and the movie industry use a lot of the same equipment but call the pieces different things but you just learned by being around it and you pick it up it's like slaying you just you just pick it up wow! Wow! Wow! Wow wow this looks so beautiful way had a question early about shooting girls together and how it's hard to get a great shot of them together so let's do a quick experiment and shoot the both together and then do them separately how you guys both appear together just trying to give me energy movement or better yet I have one give me energy and one still so much we still give me just the geometric patterns won't you give me energy shaking, not interacting totally different energy so yours is very still head up and I love this cut this is great this hairstyle and use amazing this is a great hairstyle for you by the way and he was just totally moving looking around not looking at me you're looking right at me so you think they're a little more space just a tad more so they see you shake I wanted to how this moves that's what I want that's what I want exactly so yours just straight stiff so you do think we have your eyes closed to your head but work the work the patterns that's what I want and I get this perfect this haircut wicked on you you could even like have an arm out play around stuff you could move and give me shape but keep it all still and yours is totally all movement all movement all movement and they were experiments seeing you profiles welcome I want see how this looks turned at an angle there's all this great pattern here going on texture so I've given our models direction on how to move together and were experiments showing them together and then we'll shoot them separately both might work well see so do you have space to move? You're here that's good that's good that's perfect that's perfect laura might bring you over just a smidgen just a tad right there I think that should be fine yeah go back new bit further give myself a tad more room come over where you're actually that clearing cables cables all right ladies let's go to work show me for a second means you see that so that that looks really good hold on for one second, lar, bring your legs together even closer and tighter. Yes, I mean you come really rigid like you almost like arching your back more I want to see it really arched? Yeah I like that you want this closed where you want it open? Like looking wearing clothes this time that makes it give me version so I want you to think quiet quiet, quiet! I want you to think loud loud loud so that's the ngo I want to see I want to be quiet I want see loud you're the party girl! Yes, yes innocent quiet inside quiet loud crazy that's what I want to see I love it close man that's wicked it does let's go to work ladies nice nice, beautiful stay innocent for me stay innocent for me there there beautiful, beautiful that's it even more that shape there there that's good that's good, good nice thought for one second so working together like that is hard trying to direction to both bottles at the same time it can be done but it's harder let's see it separately I'ma start quiet come down for one second all on you so if you're quiet you're pulling out still quiet but long this's so amazing on you so start quite early anything drop we're keeping that hit high you can tilt mohr and they will after you if you're totally straight work one changing give me more bending and we'll see it going in different ways of playing around and going profile as well but start state straight up for me an innocent inquired innocent inquired isn't inquired like that like that just like that that's beautiful way we are nice way go tall for me stretch it out even more yes and just like hang like there right there right there that's better that's better that's nice there he bit long and tall for me it falls really nice like that that's beautiful there there stay fast there was that four seconds there that right there right there nice nice well I think I'm my hands uh pushing the cord sorry about that bass nice fast nice beautiful beautiful that's it drop the hands totally down and you had that with one hand has the ring on it bring it up to your mouth there there like that that's it that's it innocent and quiet incident quiet uh so I'm sorry that's my that's me again sorry guys they're beautiful so don't cover the face gets very instantly like it's about to touch your mouth not touching but it's about to touch that's it that's it there we are way that's great I ask that same instant look and now said looking at me ticket away it's the eyes away keep you by turned to me still like that in the eyes away like that that's perfect that's perfect hold on hold on I think I might have pulled it out in the back guys sorry he checked the tether please check tether okay not yet why they do that? I loved all this with the hand with the with the rain jane I want experiment having keeping it soft bring it to the front yeah like that's nice that's nice but keep it all tall ah thanh long that's great that's great do me a favor and turn your body this way drop the hands down we're not just even dammit going back and take the head down there stay with that stay off that for a second stay with that was that just like that just like that that's nice that's nice variations of that beautiful way our way I keep my hand keeps knocking the court out a little bit that's nice, beautiful there there there that's beautiful that's beautiful lovely there that's lovely he been solved to keep it soft nice I just take a break for a second I loved that siri's that's what I want by turning her body three quarter that light's coming and giving me move mohr texture we have all this different types of checks texas going on so I can shoot her be aware of the hero which is the fashion just falling great on her and capture this quiet moment so now to create the opposites I'm going to change models and bring on wild and crazy that was great thank you perfect so I'm always being aware of my story board and thinking about how these shots can go together shoot them together just now earlier was okay by prefer shooting them separately and give myself tons of options because now you shoot them full by three quarter find the best shots of each girl if I want them together I need you to get imposed on my client can but why shoot with the most options it's easier for me directing her by herself versus both together this is wild and crazy when it shakes and it moves a lot also if I use a flat light here I lose all this texas having before the skirt has the ripples in it with this light I can see all of that black on black I'll get the texture with this light with an umbrella I would lose those first two layers thanks beautiful beautiful that's it that's it that's it right there nice nice nice, beautiful beautiful pass it that's it that's it now it's like this I'm very happy and carried away and shoot really fast start blowing packs and this is where my sister take slow down slow down slow down stop street so fast let's go to work that's it beautiful beautiful beautiful and she like this also is the photographer and model developing a timing together either it's the timing she's leading the dance this me working on my timing with her to capture that moment there we are there beautiful beautiful that's it that's it I love this stuff nice nice shake your shimmy beautiful beautiful great great great that same energy but now the eyes off camera beautiful beautiful that's nice get again beautiful one more time lovely that's great he's that same thing to meet like three verses of that with a smile so the bite is great I want the face there's well that's it that's it beautiful beauty did you guys see that difference? Did you see that? So she was doing the right body moving but the face is kind of dead so I give her direction to change the face it comes alive and even the energy changes amazing beautiful give me that again that's it that's it new york here I come beautiful love this we have this version can I shoot one? Yeah, absolutely. Go ahead, man, give me that same motions. Go ahead, one, two and three, but that's very one more like that, and so it's something one, two and go, great, thank you, this's. Fantastic, thank you so much. Can't we do it? One more change I would love that were just shot here was amazing. I love seeing the change, okay, let's, take questions while they change. I'm gonna hae the cruise on a high. When you have a shoot like this, the entire room feels great.

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Join Matthew Jordan Smith as he delves into three days dedicated to fashion and beauty photography. Matthew starts off with an in-depth discussion on the differences in fashion and beauty as he teaches us how to prepare for a series of live photoshoots with a focus on capturing beautiful photography and telling a story with your images.