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Final Shoot of the Workshop

This is our final shot of the workshop this is our final shot of the workshop I don't want to go let's go for bang and have fun so I want start quiet and innocent and then I might have you spinning a little bit twirling and they would go crazy leash for starring quiet quiet and beautiful wow oh look bad now that I look and I love that I love that wei are you ok past nice right there right now okay all right right there that's beautiful keep it soft keep it soft don't pose too much I want to make it really asked if that's beautiful there there love that oh I love that that's nice that's nice beautiful beautiful that's nice that's nice way our mascot enough of quiet enough of quiet absolutely absolutely and I see that as you do it as you spin spin out with a step I want to see it for a second so if you do that you come around let that arm go hi yeah that's better that's better let's see that that's good that's good I think I might want to change her her jewelry and switch it on the other...

hand the one that's spinning out yeah both says you want this as well yeah I think I see it better it was she's spinning and that handles high show me again that's nice that's what I want that's what I want beautiful beautiful that's it great great nice so the body's perfect again I want that face to give me that same thing that same expression and give his version where you're looking below that main light so up toward the sun almost that's nice beautiful mohr energy in the face with that one beautiful that's it that's it that's great that's great fantastic fantastic hold on hold on show me that again too tight hold on past there we are nice nice beautiful that's great that's nice that's nice beautiful let me have a fifty four second changing lenses in the back that spins great as you come around that handles high and with that face like re shine beaning beaming yeah that's nice that's nice beautiful great can you direction out the eyes going out toward candyman right here right toward him that's great that's nice I like that beautiful even that looks good now stop the step and get him to shake but go crazy with the shake absolutely crazy everything you have that's what I want there we are nice nice nice nice beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful nice there there hold on for one second we have the one hundred mackerel for second sorry sorry okay another thing work thank god it's not looking right at me I want to see you just give me different bens yeah and turn the bike to the side once he shows there that's what I want so at that point I turned her because now I can see all this detail much better all the striping by which you straight on it wasn't that apparent but turning her the lights give me more texture this way that's cool so the hundred macro beautiful actually no just just you now at me right there that's it that's beautiful that's nice beautiful bring the hands up again like that wait getting a shadow okay that was good just like that just like that face out more this way just like that right in there right in there they're right there you're not walking you're my fine I think you're good lower baskets asked beautiful beautiful beautiful passed nice that's nice make that hand feel riel some like right here on this one so I'm very tight that's it that's it nice nice beautiful that's right there right there right there hold on for one second I'm gonna change something really fast can I have two stools way had that low c stand that we had before for that fan on it can we take that off of that and grab that stand have a seat right there sitting facing out that way way bringing out there I'll take that one that's for me to take that stand you need an arm on it I do need the arm I also need small reflector which was somewhere down here way a small little clap table so this would be a really tight beauty this it's so nice right there five hundred hundred macro perfect so all these right to me that one half the jury on it bringing up toward your face there there she's in a lot closer oh should you give me a fast twenty two and a half perfect fast test on this one brain weighs almost touching there that's nice just like that fast test bring that arm around toward your neck even for me yeah very song uh bring me one quick second just to look at this I'm gonna turn your face this way even more that's nice right there right there that's what I want that fast which of the jury on the other hand again so on this version give me your eyes right out this way right there just like that that's beautiful that's beautiful they're there that's nice that's nice right now nice pass nice beautiful beautiful pasin eyes very soft way we are if that faith that in that range just like that bad not back because I think it's like that just like that just like that that's nice that's nice hand very soft very soft and bring it around the neck even more with the other hand caged sheep this bracelet a pyre just watch there's a tag so you other hankin cover there and had you have hankin wrap around just a yeah, like that. That's. Good that's. Good. Now, that same thing right there, right there. Great. Great. Just like that. Soft fingers. Closer to your neck. There, there, there. Just like that. Just like that. Eyes pass it. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful guys. That's a wrap. Okay, uh, you are incredible. Thank you so very, very much to my creative crew. Thank you so much has been such a joy. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you again. A big about all of you guys can creative crew. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Wow! I am on such a high. I'm with such a big, high shoot that forever I could get lost and shooting it. And, uh, we love that way. Love that. Wow, what a great day. With a great three days we've had I'm on such a high and that's, a fast edit in between taking questions and and teaching. We've done that. Wow! Thank you guys again. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Class Description

Join Matthew Jordan Smith as he delves into three days dedicated to fashion and beauty photography. Matthew starts off with an in-depth discussion on the differences in fashion and beauty as he teaches us how to prepare for a series of live photoshoots with a focus on capturing beautiful photography and telling a story with your images.