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First Fashion Look (Variation)

It's time to shoot people she looks fantastic that looks really good do me a favor give me a wide stance that's what I want that says energy I want that even if you like fake it you can have that wide stance like that give me the head off just keep going like that a couple times yes but make it really want to feel it's really really that's what I want the fan like that you just keep it moving the entire time keep it don't blow it don't let her eyes get dry from moving the entire time are we ready way that's nice that's nice beautiful great nice take your time beautiful give me that give me the same thing you just did like that I love to you like lena different side the same thing of a step you could do if you hit down you can laugh if you do it but make it exaggerated basset that's it beautiful beautiful big step again that's nice that's nice give me that again nice that same thing but looking at call since you take this step that step looked toward carlos that big smile that's nice ni...

ce beautiful beautiful great there that's it that's it nice nice nice perfect beautiful beautiful there we are I love all of that I love all that now I want to get lost in the moment and forget about me and everybody else being here I'm watching your own moment so even staring at this keep your eyes there and keep thinking about how you could do that same thing to get a little higher if it was fantastic I want you to now forget about me being here or anybody else and get lost in the moment playful lost that smile all that that's what I want that's gonna work beautiful beautiful that's it that's it nice nice beautiful beautiful beautiful spin again for me spin again nice nice nice beautiful give me that again that step again like that take your time take your time there there beautiful beautiful beautiful that's it that's it nice nice beautiful there there there that's lovely I'll give you that again here that love that I love that I love that nice nice nice nice nice perfect perfect forget about me also the that's it that's it that's it you have something again but you do that look off toward the building they're they're nice nice that's it that's it beautiful beautiful way are there we are there we are that's it that's it that's it that's looking good now we're going to go somewhere so now I want you to imagine you're on madison avenue in new york and you're walking is I want to see this walk from here to here but really thinking like two steps exaggerated just two steps and as you do it take the hands and move the skirt it's just two steps let me see that step for second I don't believe that I want to see it and I really believe it so step for me that's it that's it that's what I want so as you do it with more power more energy that same thing again do it again begin your longer wider step bam bam that's what I want let's go let's go to work nice nice nice say they were small nice nice having a great time with massive avenue beautiful beautiful that's what I want again nice nice nice that's it beautiful beautiful again could come for me that's it that's it that's what I want see it's not about oppose look at that that's really life that's really that's what I want playful that energy so if you do it with your head up your laughing to yourself you just won a million dollars and you like shopping and buying tons of stuff okay I mean doesn't enough is ten million dollars and you're shopping on madison avenue like okay I gotta get this I get that I want to see that energy that smile in your face you were there it's nice the great day every man is looking at you like my god who is that girl? I want that energy let's do it again let's go that's it now I believe it now I believe it beautiful, beautiful that's it beautiful let's go let's, go! Nice nice walk, honey. Walk beautiful, beautiful that's it, daph it this is why I got up this morning they're they're they're beautiful beautiful take a break, take a break wow, I love this. Come down for one second let's changed one hundred macro lens on that body who? I love this stuff I just all day long guess who else loves this who's that the internet? So I love this stuff but with beauty it's a different type of direction where fashion is altogether different as well. So I can't think about fashion and beauty in the same way it has to be appropriate. So four for the beauty it's almost like a small seduction for fashion it's the energy I want that so I'm doing more direct direction and with the beauty it's maur a seduction it into what I want it's a very big difference. This has some questions dealing with this calm down, I'm still on a high from that way kind of just answered another great question from sam cox from colorado who asked is this shooting tempo typical for your work? One to two minutes of intense shooting, then some instruction than more absolute, more shooting it is it is I do that for a couple reasons I want to give it direction I want to coax them into the shot that I want and I wasn't about fresh break so they can keep that energy high they can't do that stuff back to back one hundred times you lose them so I stopped very often to give direction come back and then I get it so I'm always stopping shooting, stopping, shooting, stopping it keeps the energy where I want to be a question from uh, petrovsky walker in chile why's he why are you sited on that apple box and not on your knees or on the ground? How do you decide it's just I've got bad news man basketball too long so I don't like being on the ground that way when I left my twenties maybe so but now I don't like that I want to be on an apple box so a small crate and uh it's just it's comfortable for me you guys have any questions right now? Okay, yes, I have a question over here uh you go for the frame you have and then you you'll just crop exactly so on the shot I'm shooting wider that I need to be I'm actually showing my adam boxes I'll crop that in post I'll give myself more room at the top and the bottom so I have room to crop thanks carlos is taking more question from r d how would matthew recommend focusing the subject when she's moving so fast? Oh, so the focus we talked about this earlier, when I'm twenty two, I'm not worried about her going in and out of focus with my son right here. I have a lot of depth of field. I could have her move here, we even back further, but I had the coverage here, some focusing on her each time as she's moving and cameras today are fast that's on camera focuses fast as she moves back and forth, left and right. I'm stupid keeping up with her as she moves around staying with it so twenty years ago it was much harder now it's easier and you know what? Cameras are getting better and better and better the shooting faster, keeping up with us everything I dream about now cams can now do it's not hard anymore it used to be it's easy now. Question from seth em when using a clean white background do you have a minimum background to model distance? I do have a minimum model to background distance, there's no rule, and we always do it by testing. When the models are first coming in in the morning and doing the hair and makeup that first two hours, the team is working with this, and sometimes the pen where I am we gotta move our our our stage further out or closer back in there is no rule about oh six feet eight feet and I've heard those rules before they don't really apply that changes with each situation you got judge it by testing in the very beginning but there is one thing so when we are up here and we're shooting I don't want that to become a light source where it bounces back too much so are three quarter to stop maur the main lot main light prevents that and also we were setting of rv flats I'm turning around and looking at the v's and making sure light is not hitting me so at this point as I turn around with a model is I looked toward the v flats I can't see any light if I see the light it's hitting me and then I have spillage coming over is clean white I have clean white floor and it's crisp so testes first do your light turn around look, you're back lights if you see them you need to cover it mohr my the flat's covered everything you are getting a little shadow magnum there's that with more stuff, right? Can we let's go with two thirds over let's see it going at the most a third more okay and that's my crew working to make sure everything's working right for me and what did john say? I didn't hear what he said so johnson we probably a little more in the camera right side of the background she's making adjustments going up one third on that camera right side okay we had quite a few people asking about shadows on the background that's what we're doing now awesome thank you john a question from l block do you ever pre focus and then moved to manual focus I have met before you ever moved from from focus lock turn it off and do that I do actually I do um cameras give me a hard time focusing our focus first turn off the auto focus and shoot that way yeah I do that a lot actually so our reynolds from canada by our riddles asked what about playing with depth of field while on location indoors oh it just moved I'ii old mansions I'm not sure what that means it says what about playing with depth of field while on location indoors playing the field indoors um that's kind of hard to answer with that little bit of information in pennies on the location so you know it f twenty two everything in the background you know if there's a bookcase in the background or something like that if you like in a mansion or something like that I would not shoot at f twenty two in location like that. Um I did a story for he's from canada. Yes, I did a story actually for canadian magazine with tyra and we shot in this gigantic mansion and I think I'm probably stream or like five six four because she's the focus and on that shoot we were using a lot of, uh we use both strobes and we use both h m eyes on that shoot was like a ten page story were all over the mansion doing all these crazy things, but I'm not shooting at if twenty two because a lot of old mansions I'll be blowing fuses in situation like that, so I want my power minimal and use the daylight if I have a great amazing matching for lots of lights coming from the outside, I used natural light with my with my strobes, so it all depends on the situation in what we're doing. There is no standard for every situation I'm getting really excited looking at this model over here. Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow that's so beautiful tan that's really, really beautiful! Wow, I love that, but we're not done yet as well I want to see this new mora's well, what you did earlier was fantastic that was beautiful! I want that same thing again that my boys should know tighter on you, but I want that this is beautiful

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Join Matthew Jordan Smith as he delves into three days dedicated to fashion and beauty photography. Matthew starts off with an in-depth discussion on the differences in fashion and beauty as he teaches us how to prepare for a series of live photoshoots with a focus on capturing beautiful photography and telling a story with your images.