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So we have made some changes to our set the last like five frames. We had a shadow pop up all of sudden, and we had to figure out why, but I was shooting so fast, I was so excited about shooting of our packs went out, and that happens very often on a set. So your assistance are a lifeline. They find out what's going wrong when you're when I'm shooting too fast. And I do that a lot like it's, so excited, and they figure out how to change it. Uh, put a switch back on recent this the pack. And now we're ready to go again. The clean white sit. Now, I have two amazing models that are styled to perfection. So I want to back up and talk about styling and the palace and introduced my most amazing stylist you myself, and talk about everything we pulled. Okay, cool. Bye, malvin stillwell. And, uh, thank you so much for having me creative live on matthew. So, uh, when I originally met with matthew, he showed me some of the drawings, the instrument inspiration board and that being the o c d stylis...

t that I am, I gave him three different wardroom stories instead of the one that he asked for it, so the first one that we did and, you know, a stylist, you always pull way too many looks than not enough, especially when we are shooting on set. Um, it's, nice to have this expert places because you never know if we need more jewelry or if it's raining outside, maybe we need some outerwear. Maybe we need different shoes today. We're definitely rocking like, six inch heels. So, it's, just an indoor. Definitely indoor shots. I mean, that's. Not something that you would go grocery shopping in, but it shoots beautifully. Um, so, yeah, we're doing three wardrobe stories today. One was the sort of futuristic, which is what we started with. And this is the first look with our with our model here, briana, this is a little bit more colorful, sort of exaggerated. Ah, a little bit sixties like that collar is very pierre cardin nineteen sixties or like current bomb in, uh, and then the second wardrobe story is all about color block. So if I know that we did a little scene there where matthew was saying, I'll pretend that you are in new york and your shopping like this is easily an outfit that you could do that with she's got her. Marc jacobs handbag she's doing a little color block it's a little bit more punched up than what a normal one wears but uh when you're shooting editorial it has to be someone aspirational so that's why we're doing you know, feathers and golds and leather and lots and lots of different colors um and then our third wardrobe story is more about texture and then I'll show you guys the texture as in this for for winter we're also doing a little bit of silk and lots of um like this is another piece for our third look uh there's a little bit of brocade it's a great piece because it looks like uh camouflage but it's fashion come camouflage so I think uh can't wait to see this one one of the models so yeah that's that's the wardroom story that we have that we're shooting today sort of accessories and shoes test reason shoes so generally well, I can consort of a start with this this is I usually will go balls out on the first shot and we can always edit. So if, uh if matthew says oh, and be great if we maybe just like, took out an element you know, we don't have to shoot the marc jacobs bag we can just take that out so that it she is not so limited with movement um but yeah, we have lots of jewelry we have lots of shoes and um it's basically just building a complete look so when we're styling we don't just look uh what she's wearing but also like what her shoes looked like or you know it's it's the whole package including makeup which aaron is doing such an amazing job doing fantastic thank you so much man yeah I think I made it very easy to have a fantastic story and we're ready to go to work so we made it just in to our set we found the pack that went out we made that adjustment so now the lights right and on every shoot something will go wrong it's guaranteed your team finds those things that go wrong and put you back and makes the magic happen again so we fixed our pact that went out I'm shooting so fast because I'm so excited about this fashion and these girls and I don't want to depose I want to catch a riel moment and that means I'm shooting fast and sometimes I'll blow my packs and the packs are getting better and better and better today and uh now I'm really gonna work matthew should question way actually have questions for alan oh uh making snap well then we have questions for you uh question from kristen bomer is uh from west virginia where do you get the clothing from and could you talk a little bit about that process talking about photographer is you guys are all about gear and lighting and just all the technical stuff with us generally it's sourcing new designers or upcoming trends and also coming silhouettes so, uh introduce you to we had some stuff flown in from the u k and also from uh new york so this just came from a showroom in um in new york and they just it's spring two thousand twelve had a show in paris, so this is literally like fresh off the presses its a new korean designer named lee sang yong and he's considered sort of like the alexander mcqueen of asia uh so it's a really beautiful piece that I'd love to get on one the models today so yeah, a spar a sourcing things go it's sort of like you just develop relationships wave showrooms and designers um and then most stores like pulled from neiman marcus and uh generally with editorials and when somebody as famous as matthew you basically to say I'm shooting with matthew and they'll just let us borrow whatever whatever we want, you know, because he's still accomplished such a talented photographer um and that takes time you know when when I first started styling it's like I was, you know, buying vintage and, you know, just trying to source out as much as I can with the little experience that I had and then as you just get stronger and your book starts to look good and that you're getting tear sheets and advertising jobs it's a little easier for you to approach, you know, showrooms that's a hand I'm shooting something. Can I let? Can you let me borrow that five thousand dollar coat? So it's it's a development that answer their questions. You did a great job of answering questions. Thanks. I am dying to shoot that piece. Yeah. It's ah it's! So beautiful it's lovely. Both pieces are thank you for having this town and pulling great pieces came and pretty together and that's a talent that I don't have. So I rely on my stylist for the clothing, my makeup, ours for the styling of the hair and makeup. They are the best at doing that. I do photography, but I need this team and we put it all together until story. And now I'm ready to tell maura story but we have no more questions we should ask before you get back here. I'm dying to get back here, but I know they're questions so let's, take a couple off. We need to all right, alvin, can we ask you one more question is for you, man, okay, they love him, they love albert so people think that models are all the same size, and our reynolds would like to know. Do you know the model sizes ahead of time or are all closed pretty much the same size depends on what we're shooting, generally unedited auriol. They're all pretty standard, you know, sample size, meaning the samples that they used in showrooms and also fashion shows it's, generally a zero or two. So some of these pieces were pulled from showrooms, and both of these girls are very thin, so their you know their size too. So everything fits. Um and again, I'm only talking about editorial. Uh, if if this was an advertising job there's a little bit more, I guess that depends on the project, but, um, you know, there's there's a little bit more wiggle room when it comes to size sizes, but when we're shooting fashion and we were shooting editorial, um, clothing sizes, size two shoe sizes generally sometimes sample size is a six. Sometimes it tonight, uh, size nine. So, yeah, so answer the question.

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Join Matthew Jordan Smith as he delves into three days dedicated to fashion and beauty photography. Matthew starts off with an in-depth discussion on the differences in fashion and beauty as he teaches us how to prepare for a series of live photoshoots with a focus on capturing beautiful photography and telling a story with your images.