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Third Beauty Look

Speaking of success, let's go and get our model and seeing where this next look is taking us. So wanna shoot? We often have a lot of changes happening in the moment when we have talented hair and makeup looks are always changing, so now we're doing a third look in a nine to five day with a class we have three distinctively different looks, great hair, great makeup and incredibly beautiful model who is really a chameleon. Well, that's, nice. So for the first time, we're seeing her hair out and we have color going on, so now we'll make sure that we're set to go on our set. Now I know we are we have a great team already working. We have our set are one light has stayed the same are background are light well, still check it. Make sure still in the same place. Sixteen one spring for you, ted on the chair. Sixteen to I think I might even try to go up a tad here to get back. That might be too much for this. Try it is to see sixteen four. But if she she's going back maurine, go back. Sixteen t...

hree let's, try that, sit there perfect, so you don't know, tweaking now toe are sit make sure back in line where we want to be and throughout the day people coming in they're moving this hair and make it coming in he's always making sure that we're the same ball park the same reading throughout the day sixteen three all day long I'm showing it f sixteen has been consistent the entire time we're not guessing when I just doing that first reading at the beginning of the day and never testing again is throughout the entire day if we do sixteen looks throughout the day were changing and making sure that we have their consistent look I want all sixteen page in the magazine to be the same look and exposure throughout its not a guess is making sure each shot is done correct and this is looking really, really good for the first time we're using lipstick off a beautiful bright color on the mouth the first two shots of the day we're all about the eyes the hair is pulled back we've changed it a little bit now we have the mouth getting all the energy and the hair coming out for the first time of the day. Matthew, I haven't interesting question for you yeah, from model whisper obviously we've been talking a lot about the hero model whisper of we've been talking a lot about finding the hero and her or his question is can the hero simply be the mood can the hero simply be the moon? Absolutely absolutely can the hero just be the mood? The energy of the shot? Absolutely definitely more subliminal for sure. As long as you're cognizant of that and being sure you used intent to keep it going throughout the entire shoot. Absolutely definitely it needs it doesn't even be overt in your face all the time, as long as you know what the hero is and you have intent when you're shooting it. That's what matters wonderful, wonderful question anymore like that exactly like that? Well, just great questions. We love the great questions and you guys a wonderful about putting him in thank you very much. They are they're they're they're excellent. I think we're okay to keep moving on or is good good she's almost ready, but we have one right here. That conversation of assisting, uh I've seen, you know, in the order sold these classes about being an assisting and they're super expensive but there's all this big deal about training to become an assisting do you respect your assistance to know like everything? Or do you speak like a basic knowledge of photography? What is your expectation and how much would be what you will train them towards your what you need, what do I expect for my assistance in the very beginning? They don't need to know everything to start as my assistant when they come in and I interview them or my first assistant interviews them, I'll figure out their their level of expertise once said if they're hungry and have a drive determination, they can come and work for me. I want that drive determination. First of foremost, they don't need to know everything that's part of being an assistant to learn the ends and outs of the business, they need a general knowledge. I like my sis to know every single thing I have a first system knows mohr and my new guy will come in and learn through the process. Even my first assistant is still learning because I tweaked know things that he does still well, that she does still is the process, so you don't need to know everything coming in to be an assistant, just a great basic general knowledge and having a great attitude being a team player, being a part of the team, working on the trace creative process, not looking at the time or texting or being off on the internet somewhere else being a part of the crew that's what I look for, we all look for three years, three years and no one from our own I was very lucky and I love those three years it was a great experience for me and necessary for me and you look amazing well bring on the set down note how the makeup has changed the whole moon each time it's like a different person almost she has evolved each and every time but I said has stayed the same and you find this casting going through all the models one hundred forty odd models to find that one special face that stands out in the crowd and can you can you explain that a little more? What what is it in that face? It's hard to believe we are casting what I'm looking for that special model what is it that makes him stand out from everybody else now out of those hundred forty girls they were all beautiful every one of them but something was missing and I found that here when I first saw images of like, wow I kept going back and looking I went through all these girls image is looking to find that special face and I first like wow I can't find her I can't find her and then lo and behold there she wass and her eyes, her energy her look I knew she had something special there and you could just feel that and I'm not sure if it worked until I get one set and finally see her and I know it was right she is perfect the way she moves I felt all that in her images so let's talk deeper about the casting process because some photographers are picking girls who they are attracted to is very different what you are attracted to to be very different than what you used for the job it's very different when I cast men sometimes I have my female interns and assistance around there going google ga ga over a certain guy I'm like does he fit this job? Does she fit this job? They may be drop dead beautiful where everybody's drooling over them but it may not fit the job so think about your casting and how that model fits in there are a lot of tons of beautiful girls throughout that casting she was the only one that had this the on ly one and as you're casting on a job is always that few if I'm casting for pantene or lori l I see five hundred girls I did a job once where we're shooting in new york it's for cosmetic company and we saw a probably three hundred girls all over new york for this job the client in like anybody and we went to l a to do casting and chicago to casting to find that one face it's that hard it's that hard but when you find it I mean look at her she has been our comm million all day long from look to look she has the palate to create symmetry with three looks during a class imagine what you could do on a shoot for clients when you have all day just to create and focused on creation and this is amazing this is amazing bravo to erin you are incredible! Thank you very much thank you thank you, thank you weigh love this now fired to shoot and get a special moment cause my crew is tight has created all of this it's a great feeling guys it's a great feeling, it's a great feeling you go through the time of looking through one hundred forty girls like they're my friends who are not in the industry and they hear I'm doing a caste like, oh, can I come? Can I come? And it sounds amazing to be on a casting and see one hundred girls come through, but the reality is when you're focused on finding that one girl it's hard work and by the end of the of the day you are mentally exhausted by looking at one hundred forty girls and going through and trying to find that face because not just trying to find a date or a mate or any of that it's fine the right person for the job and that is mentally exhausting at times and I was even going through this this casting to find the right girl for my beauty shoot as going through and looking and looking and looking and then I finally found laura and everything stopped I knew I finally had the girl not pressure from crave live about picking the model like haven't found it yet haven't found it yet I haven't found it yet then bam there she wass let's goto work sister food photographer and we once had twelve hundred pieces of fried chicken that we had to go through and find the right piece just wasn't the same it is not the same thing you know they kept bringing in trays and trays and chicken that's crazy lean forward a little bit right there sixteen three beautiful sixteen three consistent the entire time let's have that body let's go to the eighty five to start so changing lenses I turned the body off first to change my limbs if I don't becomes a vacuum it pulls lint and dust into the sensor I get dirty sensor so before I change the lens I turned body off and then changed linz no fall bodies canon nikon you name it let's go to work this is so very very beautiful fast nice past look at that smile beautiful that's beautiful look at those eyes like that that's nice that's good with these very innocent very clean simple beautiful it's a very classic makeup I want the energy vory beautiful clean classic well that's so beautiful just like that right there pass nice that's nice, beautiful, beautiful I want to make one small change. I want change a wardrobe. So we have a few more tops back here that have been kind of nice with this. I won't bring you over here for a second just to see what's. Good with this work. Try that on. And yes, you try this one. Actually, derek, there are bottoms here that my work have a bottom with that perfect in front of the rest was fine. So our model is going to change. I want a different feeling of a garment. Says we have that first look already the makeup's changed in the hairs change I want is the garment as well. So I have a different feeling as well. So don't be scared to change things during a shoot if you have clients around and you feel the pressure from everybody if you feel something's wrong not quite right. Take the time and change it. Remember you are the director as photographer it's your show take the time to make the change. It is not working. Take things away less is more. Have a question why she's changing course we do, uh, uniquely me has asked to the different hairstyles change the models mood or you're posing techniques not really not really, um going to a different hairstyle or makeup may change how she feels a little bit she may like it or not like the makeup personally but a professional model needs to still give me the same energy I want to try to pull it out of her how does it affect me? I want to get great shots so I expect to see a different feeling throughout now guide her through the feeling uh robin g on twitter would like to know what's a good way for a photographer who wants to become professional to find their field of photography find their field yeah mm mm how did you find fashion beauty? Uh how did I find fashion beauty in the beginning? You know, I want to shoot sports. It was is my love at the time I want to be, uh a sports photographer. That was my goal in high school the shoe for s I that was it. And then I got to art school and I've got exposed to the world of fashion, beauty and all the nuances involved in fashion and beauty and I was drawn to that so I'm trying to find your field of photography you pry experiment and shoot limit of everything to find out what you identify with. So as an assistant I worked for still life photographer whose food photographer whose portrait photographers and I found I loved working with people not still life and food and I cut out all that only worked for fashion beauty photographers, people I love being around that energy fine what you identify with and then do just that if you love weddings, shoot weddings if you hate weddings, don't shoot them hey, that so many times of terms like oh, here I hate doing winnings but it's great money why making a living doing winnings but I hate it why'd you do that this is a creative profession you do better doing what you love here here this is a question from your name five forty three uh what in your approach is the same? And what is different for portrait's of people who do not look like models? What is the same about your what in your approach is the same? And what is different when you're taking porches of people who do not look like model? If I'm shooting a portrait of my mother versus shooting a model or oprah what's my approach to be honest actually is very this is very much the same. Um I'm working harder at getting them comfortable if they're not used to being from the camera, but that's really it in terms of how I approached it technically is very much the same same situation, but I'm shooting mohr images because they're not for me or being on set so I'm giving more direction that's probably only difference more direction I'm shooting a little bit more that's it can ask I like that I like that a lot that's good look, have a little bit of ah more of a technical question. Okay, this is from brian on twitter I don't brian ryan lover love are, um, question is, if you're shooting wide open from sixteen point to do use a nd filter or power down the lights I'm shooting wide open from sixteen with stroll so with my stroll, I can't turn this down enough to shoot wide open I could use in the filters, but when I'm shooting wide open in this situation, I would shoot and be it light, not the stroll I can't shoot this drove this pack wide open there are sometimes packs where I can, but this seven a pack I go all the way down on it I still can't get to two point eight yeah used to my light and shoot with the ambien and then shoot what open we'll bring her one said, she looks so amazing here and this garment fits perfectly what about it fits perfectly now come here, my dear last gum she had on work five other shots now just looking at her it's a great palate, it works nothing's fighting I think so much better choice than our last garment that fits this look and that comes with time by working with different shoots and work with stylists because I was not a fashion guy at all I can put anything together and I still can't but I know it looks good well I think I do now anyway I'm getting there I'm getting there tyra I'm getting their little by little dear someone set there fast nice that's so beautiful she looks so beautiful and innocent right now like this this look that smile her eyes everything has just changed I'm so glad I found you weigh a bleeding just a little bit right there perfect seem to like that like that let's bring this in just a smidge man beautiful beautiful lori look amazing that's go that's it right there right there so innocent and beautiful face down just a tad just right that's nice nice beautiful beautiful come back around to me just look frankly right there right there right there that's nice soft, soft, beautiful, beautiful all day long we've had her hair it in hidden so now we've changed the mouth and we've let her hair down so we can see the beauty in her in her hair and in her mouth it all works together the government's not fighting it blends in it's there but it's not there I can focus on her she's the hero in the hair, the makeup is all right here. So beautiful and innocent and timeless. Ten years from now, that would be beautiful. Beautiful three distinctively different looks and one day give easily done. Ten or eight eight pages of editorial, tim, page of editorial the great crew right here. And you can too. Just like this are lights the same. She is the only thing changing we're painting right now. That's. Good that's. Good like that looking over that's. Nice. I love that showed up like the that's. Nice, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful pass. Nice. Thank you so much. I'm sorry that we're almost out of time, so I won't take questions now I can shoot this all day and night. I want to see you. Thank you. First because you did an amazing job. Thank you to my incredible makeup artist, aaron. Thank you, aaron. Laura. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Come. Offset, relax. Take it easy. You're incredible! Incredible.

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Join Matthew Jordan Smith as he delves into three days dedicated to fashion and beauty photography. Matthew starts off with an in-depth discussion on the differences in fashion and beauty as he teaches us how to prepare for a series of live photoshoots with a focus on capturing beautiful photography and telling a story with your images.