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The Intellectual Communicators

So we'll go to the three types that are on the mental triad where the corps intelligence is of the mind, the intelect rationality and so on. So the first here they are they're five, six and seven the wizard the advocate slash adversary which sound different, but they're flip sides of one coin and what I call the trickster. So first, what do you see in that picture? Pattern recognition, sorry it's kind of fired and recognition pattern recognition exactly the wizard this is the on the on the mental triad, the kind where all the thinking energy goes in. So this is a person that is constantly observing they don't need to tell you what they see, they may or may not they don't have any question about what they see this this is the type of all the types that probably has the most contained in her life. They don't other types maybe want to invite you into their inner life this type maybe not could be very low nery rich, rich inner life of the mind observing, detecting patterns a system like th...

is these nine types would be that's a dream for this kind of persons like here's the system here's the qualities this goes with this that goes with that when you do this, that happens that this kind of person loves that love systems I seen a guy smiling I want to hear about that in a second um this is the kind of person that when they like you they tell you what they know when a one for example likes you they tell you what you're doing wrong most of us don't appreciate that it's a gesture of affection but that's what it is for them when this plight person likes you they tell you what they know did you know that this how that works um in a sense this is the type remember where the attention goes toe where is the exit how do we get out of here at all costs? This person wants to protect their privacy of their inner world because this is where all the good stuff is happening in here what I see what I observe, what I notice what I learned I need to protect that it's the kind of person that you can't just start blabbing to them they'll they'll be like wow you're really disturbing me right now but if you say let's have a meeting at five to talk about these three things and we'll be done by five forty five no problem they can show up with all guns blazing and no problem no holding back but if you say let's hang out just do something they'll be like you this is the kind of person that has like three phone numbers that they never answer they're just screaming, screaming, screaming, screaming this's when someone hears himself and I'm not saying that but I'm guessing that this is what happens to you oh my god I'm so they like to not be found except when they want to be found so very concerned with privacy as I think I said that already the poison here is called avaricious, which is a word that means greed but doesn't mean they're like give me more money give me more jewels it means more understanding, more personal space I'm greedy for my personal space and I can relate to that I understand that so you don't want to eat when you're with this kind of person you don't want to just barge in on them or just aren't blurting things to them it would be very disturbing so the flip is called amish ins, which here means I will I don't need to hoard information and try to discover things and find things out because ammunitions means when something is needs to be known I will know it no problem uh the avoidance I have called inner disorder, which means anybody can come in here and people can say things and I don't have control over my time and um people can interfere with what I'm doing and I don't have any privacy and no, this person would go a distance to avoid being in a situation like that and the idealization the best thing that they can think about themselves as I'm knowledgeable I know that I understand that I call this type the wizard because you know what a wizard is they're seeing things you can't see they are like can pull strings and manipulate things and move unseen things around in a way that makes sense and changes things but the rest of us are like wood the talking style is called treatise which means making a case I don't know did anybody see the hbo show called true detective it's really good um anyway matthew mcconaughey character is a classic of this style everything is making a case so how was your communication styles thing? Well she started out she talked about she said there were nine things that she was going to say she only talked about eight but those eight were very meaningful and did you know that this system has its roots in thus and such and because it came from there it's also tinged with this flavor this and that so when you study it you should not just look at this you should also look at that so they sort of you know it's like a paper it's like a dissertation the talking style is like a dissertation my support materials are the reason I say this is because of that the media the walking wikipedia exactly and they can back up whatever they say so why were you laughing I can relate to every single one of them so you can yeah uh I have obsessive tendencies toward knowledge doesn't have to be work related but I'll just just this fear off not knowing stuff you know look I'm an engineer but I'm reading a book on greek philosophy nobody is ever gonna quiz me on that but I need you to know because it is there and it's important hello so the fear of not knowing is the tell because I may want to know or I may think I don't wanna be embarrassed with someone asked me about who was diana um and I don't know I might be but I don't feel afraid so knowledge is power for this person and when you don't have power you're afraid so it's like I'm not saying you are this type but everything you say screams this type um that the knowledge is power but not for the rest of us so this is the type that can see what we can't see they can detect underlying patterns they can predict how behavior will go how things will turn out they can see what's under the surface there wizards I don't need to explain to you what a wizard is they're wizards I'm not a wizard connect with this because uh uh I'm not actually uh I don't feel fearful off not knowing things but I always feel that I can absorb more there's no end offered me a psych it feels like my couples always empty I can always feel it bit more and you enjoy the feeling of the car is that it's not like a greediness but it's like I just enjoyed I enjoyed the process when I'm not disconnected with the out come the end result itself I rest my case so again I'm not saying you are this type but that describes there's a joy in learning I mean, we all like to learn things but for this type that's like water on a desert cycle the next type I call the advocate slash adversary because this type sort of manifests into two sides of the same coin this is the kind that is numb to its own mental own thoughts I mean you you thinking things you know what you're thinking but you can't decide is that right or is this right? Is that the right? Was that observation directors this well, that could be true, but this could be true. So it's the wine that in my story was always poking holes because this person's poison is doubt because when you can't trust your thoughts you're always like, well, maybe that's not right ah second guessing oh, I said that, but I shouldn't maybe should've said it this way there's constant second guessing going on um and the medicine of course is trust doubt transforms into trust when they do develop a relationship on confidence with their own mind and they're constantly looking for the danger as I said earlier where's the threat and they take one of two reactions to a perceived threat half of the kinds of these people who are at the point six try to make friends with the threat like okay there's this this kind of person is very attuned to authority who has the authority who's wielding it where's the danger from the institutions in our world it's a different kind of danger than right and wrong it's what are the authorities doing? Whatever they might be and some of these people try to just pacify make friends with that authority so it won't be a danger to them and the other type try to take it down like poke holes so that we all see what's wrong with the authority like edward snowden I'm not saying he is that type, but thats what he did he's like poking holes and whatever you're saying is true michael moore all the michael moore movies or sort of this flavor of I'm going to tell you what's really happening in the insurance world or in the education world or whatever I'm going to unmask that for you as a way of taking down a potentially dangerous situation other people in this type don't do that they try to just fit in but the flip sides of the same coin same thing, just different manifestations a way of dealing with a threat. Um, the avoidance is deviance. Itjust means deviating from the norm. Uh, this is the kind of person that distrust everyone immediately. But when you prove that you are trustworthy, they're your friend for life because they're invested in the business of creating a safe world around themselves and populating it with people they can trust. So when I find out that you are trustworthy, you're in, I'm not. I'll be a friend for life. I will be loyal to you. I am loyal is the idealization and the talking style is called rules and regulations. Because when you want think if everybody follows the rules and regulations, things are going to be safe. How was your communications seminar? Well, it was good. You know, we were told to get there at nine. And we everybody is there a little bit before nine. And that was good because we were able to start on time and then everybody sheep. She adhered to all the breaks. We had all the breaks at the time that that they said they were going to be done and when? There was homework that we had to do, and it was supposed to be in the notes and when I looked at the notes, it was there so I was able to do the homework so there's constantly like are the rules and regulations being followed is what this are the things that people are saying, actually, what happens the final type? Then we'll take our break on the intellectual triad. I call the trickster very different than the other types on the on the mental triad it's, the type where all of the mental energy goes out it's in my story, it was the one that's looking for a possibility. Looking at the horizon at all times. This world is like a playground of possibility, which sounds great and it isthe except they don't want to hear about your pain. Um, these are the kind of people that always want to inject more joy into any situation, which is fantastic. Most of us forget how to be joyful, and we get very concerned overly, with the things that are troubling or dark. But this is the kind of person that can come into any situation and remind us of what is possible of what is joyful of the vision that we could have. And so it's it's really wonderful in that way however, this is the kind of person that does not want to settle on the earth can have kind of peter pan ish quality doesn't want to settle on the earth long enough to engage in the actual nitty gritty of human interactions because that's a bummer so it's a kind of person often went they like to make plans and the talking style is called planning we could do this we could do that we'd do their thing so you took this uh, communication class what you know now that you know that you could go over here and you could do this and you know that thing that you were trying to tell us so and so now you know how to do that so why don't you set up a lunch with them and you could tell them this and you could and I'll come and I'll help you and it's not like giving advice exactly it's like planning something it's the kind of person that I sometimes can find because I feel like how we just had such an amazing conversation was so exciting all these ideas came up there's always possibility and then they walk away and you're like what did they say? Did anybody say anything or was itjust london? So in the green room where I've been sitting during breaks there's an illustration with a caption that says uh, quality is not paraphrasing. I'm not sure this is exactly right. Quality is not jumped job one being frickin awesome is job one and that you're like yeah, but then we stopped to think about you that you like what you need cream your mom like yeah, think about it again. What do you think it means? I e I think it means showing up I think it means showing up and, uh, quality does happen from showing up, it's not having your eye on the output like we're going to be perfect right at this it's that we're going to show up and something freaking awesome is going to happen I think it was like quality is too small off way to think right don't just small about quality think about awesome that's bigger so similar thing, but I don't know if that gaping void person is a seven, but that is a seven flavor. So um the avoidance the poison is gluttony, which doesn't mean I want to eat a lot of just means whatever makes me happy, I want more of that more food, more information, more drugs, more parties, more blazer's, whatever it is, it makes you happy, I want more of it, and then the job for this person is to develop some sense of sobriety like that's enough um, the avoidance is pain, sort of, the opposite of my type, which is like pain. Yeah, now we're getting somewhere. This type is like pain. Why unnecessary optional? Uh, the idealization is, I'm fine, or I'm happy, or this everything's, good it's, not different than I am successful. I'm fine the talking silas planning, which I sort of already explained.

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Ready to build your ability to connect, communicate, and create? Join Susan Piver for an introduction to the communication and mindfulness skills every successful professional needs to know.

You’ll learn about the three styles of communication: instinctual, emotional, and rational. Susan will guide you through discovering and taking advantage of your own style. You’ll also learn about how to understand colleagues’ and clients’ communication styles, to make each interaction the best it can be. Susan will also cover the importance of mindfulness as a tool to cultivate effective communication.

By the end of this course, you’ll have a deeper understanding of who you are as a communicator and an easy-to-implement mindfulness routine that will help you speak, listen, and respond more effectively.


Aliah Husain

I loved this class. I was not expecting it to be a full on enneagram tutorial, but with that said, the content of Susan's class was life changing. I grew up in a very conservative household where open conversations were not welcome and therefore, never knew how to communicate my thoughts and feelings without becoming emotional and feeling misunderstood. By taking this course, and afterward reading The Wisdom of the Enneagram, I was able to learn my personality/communication type, the styles of those around me, and how to bridge the gap to be understood in any message. The coursework has also helped me to better understand the thoughts, feelings, and intentions of my loved ones. Again, truly life changing course work. Highly recommend to anyone looking to make sense of themselves and their surroundings, and apply this knowledge in a practical sense, both personally and professionally. THANK YOU, SUSAN!!!