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Uncovering Your Type

So well, thank you for doing this I will always hear as someone who is not creature so I want to try to help her um if I can settle a little bit more on what her personal style might be so tell me what have you been thinking where what numbers have you considered? Well as mariam was talking, you know so much of that a few things about what trish had said but not not so much and then I realized that where I've come from and where I am now and the direction that I seem to be headed is two different things which may be that some of the confusion how are they different? Well, my my default my childhood default was more like my dad's strong black or white one way to do it just like his dad you know and so forth and I embraced those values but it always felt not quite right because you know, I've always sought out the truth whatever that is in life and so and I've always felt like, um I'm a filter of everybody around me it's like I feel uh people deeply you know, I literally feel like a filt...

er uh not good or bad just like, you know, I could just feel so that's very different from what I was trying to be all right it was implacable somehow yes and then in the mix with all that uh you know, in church where you grew up, what when I was doing that I always saying you know, I was the two year old doing the solos are kidding of adult choir and you know, it's like so always some kind of performance which I do now, which is a completely different thing than what I am also well, on one level I believe I'm what you see is what you get you know, because I've finally gotten to a place of being relaxed with that part of it but I'm intimate but I know how to do this to write so in terms of the triads intellects slash anger, emotion slash depression uh mental slash anxious where do you find just one of those resonate with you more first thought intellect intelect absolutely I feel that too from u um that doesn't mean it's right? But I see why you say that. Um so let's look at those the five six to seven the five we've heard from beautifully from mariam the wizard that where all the thinking energy goes in and observing is the is the preferred pot's right and concerned with privacy and understanding or the six the advocate slash adversary the one who wants to advocate for the status quo in a sense so that everyone just be cool or tear down the status quo because it's dangerous and people can't really see what's going on behind the curtains this kind of person usually the uh principle of authority has a role often in this person's life like who are the authorities and what are they really doing? It's kind of distrust her and then there's the seven where all the energy goes out vision and planning and possibility and joy and um everything is kind of like an amazing possibility slash game but not in a frivolous way and this kind of person often has a capacity if the sixth kind of person has a kind of capacity for profound loyalty the seventh kind of person has a capacity for joy but the rest of us it's harder for the rest of us. So do any of those three sound more like you? Well which one doesn't if any way well yeah, I'm turned it what was the middle one? The advocate slash adversary the one that's doubt authority, loyalty, trust issues yeah, you know it's like my desire is to give everybody the benefit of the doubt but I have learned uh, not to take everything at face value where I used to, uh I'm not sad about leaving it behind I all I've ever wanted was the truth about everything uh, without judgement truth of good or bad, well, my own personal truth as well as allowing the same for everybody else to have a similar experience but of course that's no you know beyond my control other than to be whatever that is for me and uh at best inspire with no expectation so if you had a day let's say tomorrow where your whole life said to do whatever you want todo here's all whatever you want to do we will make that possible um how would you spend that day if it was like you just won the lottery and it's your dream day to do the you know you're just doing your job here like how would you like to spend your day tomorrow if you can spend it any way possible uh probably playing music at the ocean and being able to be out there in the space and maybe write a little and you know just be with the birds and whoever whatever comes along and when you in your personal relationships what would people ask you the same question I asked before what would people say is the best thing about being in a relationship with you and what would people say is the difficult thing for thanks uh they're already off course uh probably my idealism you know which I've also recently learned were good thing or a bad thing uh my opinion of it uh used to be a good thing now I'm not so sure because letting you know a letting go of its feels so much better I feel so much better but the good thing probably um I'm perceived as being cheerful and uplifting inclusive uh and strange which I like that what is the difficulty of people say I want to spend more you know when when we try to have a conversation about something I try to tell you something that I'm unhappy about whatever you always blank what might face is what might fill that blank you mean it's like like if we were having a conversation and I'm like out there yeah oh could happen yeah s so what do you say mariam thatyou are known for being for being cheerful and uplifting particularly way could take five off the list okay okay for now yes you can always go back put it back on so I would suggest that you start to look at the seven because those are the cheerful uplifting people in our world and those of the people and I don't know if you relate to this and I really want to know who when I have a problem with something you did you know unhappy in some way you know the mature process will it would be like oh let's talk about it but the less mature less process willow or seven might say what why are you focused on the negative look at all of this possibility an amazing stuff that's here would that could that be you? It could response it could because you know there's more than one way to look at something you know uh and you know, when you get up in the morning you have a choice, you can be miserable, cheerful and you could sit or you could run are you know and you could be happier miserable doing it right and your choice I mean, its place sound obvious but is to be happy I'd prefer it. Yeah, so of course everyone prefers to be happy, but not everyone gets up in the morning and says I could have a choice, I could be happy or I could be miserable that's not everyone's question about the day I'm not saying it's your first question, but that's not how everyone thinks about it. Some people might think this day could be meaningful or meaningless this day could be full of interesting information or it could be devoid of such information. It could be full of things going perfectly according to plan or could things could go awry? So when you think this could be happy or not, I mean, I'm not trying it's very black and white and some oversimplifying what I'm saying, you know, that would further encourage me to encourage you to think about this seventh point, but what do you think about that? Does that sound like it could be you or do you feel what do you think it rings a bell? You know, in general you know the thought for a number of years I thought I've got to write the song the serf board of life you know because it is it really is how is it not well why don't you get it out and write that song right now I will ok that's part of it do you have trouble completing things uh huh oh yeah why there's so many interesting things to do I rest my case it's there it's the reason why you know it's fun and easy to support a lot of other people's projects too and it's it's also the very reason why I feel like out of so many people that I've worked with and all this other stuff why don't I have my own recording out I'll get to it you know and I should and there's no reason why I shouldn't you know yeah well I'm sure you will and in the meantime instead of doing that what do you tend to do it could be anything you know I also love math so you know when I've done day jobs it's been bookkeeping and accounting so you know things you know if it could be even the bills I enjoy the numbers would you say that you are a happy person generally speaking yes how many of you would say that you are happy happy person okay so let's say you are this type who sees visions who sees the vision the possibility I can't you just be happy it's just a matter of that you could do it and if you hang with me I could show you how and there's so much possibility and so many interesting things to dio what advice would you give to people who are fortunate to be in a relationship with someone who is happy and sees possibility to make you feel loved and appreciated? What advice would you give? I'm not sure I understand if someone is in a relationship with you and your general approaches happy possibility please. And someone is in a relationship with you what makes you feel loved? Well, I like physical contact uh you know, even just a hug and I'm a real huggy person um and you know, years ago it used to be difficult for me sometimes to understand how could anybody not like a hug but it was before I really understood you know, people have come deeply from many different emotional places and you know so uh you know, I figured some of that out but I do believe in general people need acknowledgement uh, you know, so I guess I probably the same kind of things some some kind of acknowledgment, but I don't need a plaque on the wall necessarily good few and far between yes, I think that makes is that I was one thing I notice about the uh, symbol of love it's, an out going symbol, it's, a it's, an expressive symbol, it so let's, touch, let's, connect let's, have it be physical and so it's, the energy goes out, which is seven ish. Also. So, thank you, I please investigate. Please. I will keep me posted, because I would love to hear what you find. Thank you, thank you very much.

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Ready to build your ability to connect, communicate, and create? Join Susan Piver for an introduction to the communication and mindfulness skills every successful professional needs to know.

You’ll learn about the three styles of communication: instinctual, emotional, and rational. Susan will guide you through discovering and taking advantage of your own style. You’ll also learn about how to understand colleagues’ and clients’ communication styles, to make each interaction the best it can be. Susan will also cover the importance of mindfulness as a tool to cultivate effective communication.

By the end of this course, you’ll have a deeper understanding of who you are as a communicator and an easy-to-implement mindfulness routine that will help you speak, listen, and respond more effectively.


Aliah Husain

I loved this class. I was not expecting it to be a full on enneagram tutorial, but with that said, the content of Susan's class was life changing. I grew up in a very conservative household where open conversations were not welcome and therefore, never knew how to communicate my thoughts and feelings without becoming emotional and feeling misunderstood. By taking this course, and afterward reading The Wisdom of the Enneagram, I was able to learn my personality/communication type, the styles of those around me, and how to bridge the gap to be understood in any message. The coursework has also helped me to better understand the thoughts, feelings, and intentions of my loved ones. Again, truly life changing course work. Highly recommend to anyone looking to make sense of themselves and their surroundings, and apply this knowledge in a practical sense, both personally and professionally. THANK YOU, SUSAN!!!