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Abstract Vocabulary

Lesson 17 from: Become Fluent in Any Language

Gabriel Wyner

Abstract Vocabulary

Lesson 17 from: Become Fluent in Any Language

Gabriel Wyner

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Lesson Info

17. Abstract Vocabulary

Lesson Info

Abstract Vocabulary

We dealt with monix uh, teller and gender and they worked really well, I mean, they're the sort of really, really sticky ways of getting abstract information into your head and, um and we did that using really vivid verbs, we use this sort of exploding thing we use the shattering thing, we use the melting thing and you can explode a shattered things all day and it works just fine. The problem is, what happens if you want to learn that bought and caught and taught in english are all sort of conjugating a weird way that they all have this thought sound at the end of them when they go in the past tense, which is totally irregular it's not like jumped and other words with the d that I can't think of uh I on ly irregular birds are coming to my man um but you have this this specific category of irregular verbs in english, how do you remember that? All of them have something in common that all of them are conjugating this particular way? Um, you can't just sort of say, okay, I caught caught a...

nd I'm going to decide that dancing to dance is going to be mine demonic for aught, so he caught dancing and he taught dancing like verbs don't like verbs you can't stick to verbs together very well um if you have some adjectives let's say some adjectives and russian that are all kind of conjugating slightly differently than other adjectives in russian they'll have their they all sound in a certain way they all in annoy or something you know, how do you connect adjectives too? He is big bolshoi uh big dancing he's dancing these big adjectives don't will work well within the group's either and then also with mounds we'll talk about a german example what happens if you you're using gender using demonic still in the gender of a noun and then you find out there's some other regularity of a noun in german there eight pleura ls there eight ways of making a plural noun in german and you just have to know just supposed to memorize that which one it is we'll do this in a second uh how do you add two things to one? How do you had two things to one? Now we need something is more flexible and we're going to get it from the fields of competitive memorization the fuel it'll go back a second uh there are people out there who go to competitions and memorize decks of cards and memorize random strings of binary digits on random numbers and one hundred fifty names and people in a room uh there is this whole hobby of I'm gonna memorize random stuff for fun and it's an arms race it's a mental arms race every years people come up with new ways of storing information in the form of imagery but generally the go to method that they use is called person action object and the idea is that if you have a person if you have an action and you have a thing you could make a story and that story is a really memorable thing so we can use this if I need something for a verb I want to remember that this firm is a regular well that's in action so if I have an object pneumonic object I'm to say you know all things that ended up are gonna be rockets or something that's an option going backwards or I could choose a person and say arnold schwarzenegger I'm not allowed to use a picture of arnold schwarzenegger so we have this other picture not artist worth uh I could decide that all all these verbs are all done by arnold schwarzenegger verbs pair very very well with people first pair of very very well with objects and if you need two of them which I didn't russian in my case uh then you can use both what about those now nhs um if I need I haven't now and I want to connect something to that now we've already talked about using some sort of action melting for instance for all of my neuter ones but if I need to learn also one of these eight florals in german you just had a person doing it if my heart is melting well, I can't einstein do it, it's just holding a blowtorch to my heart melting it works just fine. So let's, actually look at two examples. I want to sort of talk about some, uh, I'll teach you a little bit of french, a little bit of german, um, in french, because this the monitor grammar always become complex. They were always, always questions about no monastery grammar, because I say this stuff like yes, you can connect verbs with objects and people and people are like, oh, okay, I get that you could do that, but when would you use that? And then the answer is always well, you need to know, cem, you need to be in the middle of it. You need to be in the process of learning grammar and encounter this and then be like, oh, I could use a demonic but why don't I just give you that? You know, why don't I teach you enough of a language so that you can actually do that? So let's look att at french for a second in french davis, a form uh called the passive complicity we'll just do a little bit. I realize that all of you hate language classes in like I get it. S o this is gonna be the little bit of french grammar in the world. The french have a past tense form called the posse complicity. It's basically their normal past tense. If we said he ran the marathon of chicago, you know, he went to the store. This sort of thing. Uh, we would use the passing position. They have another past tense that they used that's very similar to. He was going. He was going to the store when his car broke down. He was walking down the street when the murderer struck you. No way have one past tense form. This was whatever ing for things that are kind of going on when something else happens. And so the french have the amp a fee for that. But here this is the normal past tense. Something happened and what it looks like is this the chicago lamotta told the chicago that should be pretty clear. The marathon of chicago that's. He and this ah, cooley is the equivalent of the english ran. This is just the past tense of to run, but the form of it is that the french add a word. Remember these added words french uses an added word here to put something in the past they also changed the form of the word run but in either case they're adding this word have if you translate these word by word you have he has run the marathon of chicago but in practice all this means is he ran the marathon the lock has run same thing here news ivan via an italian ensemble no on italy in italy we traveled in italy together on italy on samba says I mean the nice thing about about using french is an example is that every word sort of has some coral it in english all sam blue this is an ensemble of people together italy italy you know all is the proposition isn't new is kind of new but vijay we voyaged in italy in an ensemble it's like french is great for this sort of thing s unusable via an italian osama we if you translate word by word have traveled but this just means travelled it's just the past ends of travel should do some of that so we have traveled but it actually means traveled who's evolved why jay so this the form of this past tense is basically you stick a form of the word have and then you stick the bourbon like pretty straight forward right? This is all great the only problem is that it's not she arrived too late if if this is suddenly the wrong word does not she has arrived this is she is arrived actually I say our but I mean is she is arrived too late why? Just because this is one of the things you go to your teacher like why why is it that the tv? Isn't it a lot? Isn't it the same as this coup de la vie a la tv your teacher will say just because we will say okay well how do I learn that she says you just do and then you will cry you'll cry a lot and so there's this this set of herbs that uses to be instead of tohave for no reason just to make you suffer and you have to somehow learn this how do you how do you mark these verbs that they're somehow different used mnemonics these verbs and red turnoff expose these verbs and red or the verbs that are some of the verbs that you must use to be with these these weird screwy with proverbs that you will hate in french or that you usually would hate in french is that all the verbs that you you think should've act normally and don't so since they're screw you might as well use a screwdriver to say all verbs that used to be instead of to have I have something to do with the screwdriver and all verbs that are normal we're going to just choose another object for a normal marker firms that are just normal we're just going to say I don't know candle something at random whatever I feel like and so I want you to do this for a second I want you to picture arriving this is another will do this will be a little bit more challenging because its grammar but that's okay, I will be quizzing all of you now because now not all not just deep just to be you know, kind of um I want you to picture arriving home and getting stabbed by a screwdriver or stepping on a screwdriver involve a screwdriver in that story walking home everything's fine and then you open the door and you step in the threshold and screwdriver straight through the foot should feel not so good okay, cool see you to run now you're running, you're running, you're running running and you are holding a candle and you're attempting to prevent the candle from blowing out while you were running. We're involving a candle with the word with the verb to run, so picture yourself trying to go as fast as you can without blowing out the candle this all the way to descend to come downwards because you're coming you're you're coming down from staircase walking down the stairs and screwdriver um thomas, how do you how do you bring a screwdriver into this story me stabbing you this's good alright great so you're walking down you picture the downward motion they'll write uh going downstairs this isn't just gave stabs you from nowhere aston will be connected with this song yeah I imagine myself walking down my stairs in my house in your house perfect he hasn't at the bomb this serious you just stabbed me just stab you with a screwdriver with a screwdriver okay? Not with a knife now with a knife good it should be like a pop sound as opposed to like a splashy sort of thing and yeah good okay um why is he to travel kristina I want you teo connect that with a candle how do you do that? Um travel um uh I'm imagining myself on on a boat and with little candle okay you needed to be a little that will work what you what you wanted something more active that the candles really involved cause you could be holding anything. Why is their candle isa can I have a mirror up to the candle to make and to make the light reflected more nice okay, so you're like showing other boats where you are? Yes, perfect. I kind of like the idea of traveling through italy like setting all the monuments on fire um okay enter jamie I want on today with a screwdriver um ok s o this is one of the screwdrivers that has the bits yeah, you can open the back side and I just jumped in it it's nice good it's great how she to flee deep I'm fleeing from someone who's running at me with this screwdriver don't know italy is a candle or no don't don't don't make some up the candle has tipped over in the house and it's on fire and I'm fleeing out the door nice good believe to di cristina not so hard um I'm thinking I'm thinking of a coffin and, uh using a screwdriver toe like I guess pound the nails in the coffin okay, cool. You're going to use nails that screws okay? Fine screws no, it was just this cool e living to lift jamie candle one uh, okay, so I light the candle and there's a little piece of paper because of the hot air just rises. Don't be too fall for, um I just I just fall on a screwdriver on my back. Uh, it was a screwdriver as opposed to something else. Um, maybe you're in a tool shop that good? Good, good, good. Okay haven't see to sort of tribute to you sort of cross the street to traverse through a market, that kind of thing I can traverse a night with a candle to make sure I don't step on anything I'm not supposed to uh st okay, so like you're holding a candle make sure you don't step anything that's great okay, so again we're just we've already sort of spent enough time sort of talking about this that we can kind of jumble things around I've mixed all the verbs up in terms of the order yes, I have uh all the stories in my head about the candles and the screwdriver but what do they I mean all the ones with the screwdriver are these screwy verbs that use the word to be in the past tense okay and all the ones with the candle are sort of normal verbs that used the word toe have is and he has run okay, okay, so everyone's kind of had different stories I hope everyone sort of followed each other stories um but we'll go with well, I'll see if I can kind of match people up a little bit. I'm living deep, I think liver to lift um I think I missed that story her was it what louis it was yours it was living um that is, uh to have and has we could do that it has lifted whenever on he is whatever uh what about cooley you that was a story I provided yes, cristina that was a candle so I was a normal, very normal he has run basically betsy deep it is normal that, um that was the screwdriver so that was good tricky trick you were right so he is arrived yeah what about auntie? Uh that is also one of the school's screwy verbs adverbs is I am entered basically I am entered yes uh to di cristina believe um I am did I am the idea uh free to flee the, um normal yes, this was me chasing you with a candle or someone you know there's a candle fire in the house don't may uh tricky yeah uh um that is christina's story you might still remember it remember it? Uh yes uh that is a normal over I am travel I have travelled this kind of is the normal the normal pattern in any sort of christina remember, that was a tricky one of the's. No, monix worked to tell you what verbs air irregular and in what way they are a regular I mean, you can make a hundred objects and it'll work just fine uh and you can even if you want I mean there's no reason why we had to stick with the's with objects we could actually have people do them but I like starting with objects if I want to add someone else that will stick in the person I will do that right now for german in germany as I said, they're eight ways to make a plural noun this is a real pain it's horrible you canavan ease you have one on one is an arm into a coma you can have any with a newman loud you have connived just stool a chair or two studio you stick anita and you also stick this one out okay you can have an e r this all just random you just have to memorize it you can have one kin to child or to kindle e r or you can add an e r within whom out one month and two men on stick this lot on e r like it's such a pain you can do nothing one centimeter and two centimeter or you can just add allowed one colder to pluta idea mom diamond or you can add e'en so idea mountain are you gonna s just like english wind shifts by chefs in baby to my babies great have all these options there great said that you have to memorize all of them so um we're gonna take a bunch of masculine noun I'm demons vine doctor back mortar efficient stan is there all masculine which in our old definition was things that explode so your army walking down the street ka boom your arm explodes you have a diamond ring you look at your diamond explodes in your face blast your eyes out you're drinking wine you'd poured in the glass and suddenly the bottle just chatters explode sorry explodes no shattering the doctor is walking into the house and the doctor pulls out of his bag a bomb and the bomb explodes you know you're on the mountain the mountain is actually a volcano would explodes you're walking through your car you're driving in your car and your carson explodes the engine explodes out of the top you are fishing and you pull out a fish and the fish is a bomb in its mouth and it explodes and you are looking at the sky and there's a star and it's beautiful and suddenly supernova okay we've exploded all these things they're all masculine but then you are later in your german learning process and you learned that okay everything uh four of these now nes are made plural using annie and four of them are made plural using the end don't worry there's six more options and so how do you do this? Well, we have an action explode. We have an object well who's going to make it happen let's say all the ones that end andy or done by arnold schwarzenegger and all the ones that end in the end are done by tyrannosaurus rex. Okay? And so kristina, can you have arnold schwarzenegger explode your arms please tell me the story um I am walking down the street and he runs up and throws a grenade at me and my arm explodes just your arm well it's a small grenade tiny grenade could even alright um jamie can you have a t rex exploded diamond tell me the story um yeah so the t rex was trying tio grab the diamond from the floor but since it has tiny arms yes it couldn't reach it so it basically click the button and it detonated the diamond and exploded in rage that is the most elaborate story of a tear exploding dye whatever herds awesome fact that's the first story with the exploding diamond I've ever heard thank you thomas of wind can be divine and get me arnold schwarzenegger exploding vine okay um he's in his the governator outfit yeah all dressed up and he just bikes the wine bottle like it's a football yeah and it explodes oh, yeah yeah how does a majestic does explode? Well, he just he just spikes it to the ground and then it shot well okay patterson we want but we'll do one more deep. What about a doctor? Wait, you need to explode a doctor with a t rex t rexes doing it. Uh, the doctors try explore the t rex but t rex stepped on the detonator explore the doctor. Nice nice. Okay, this is the kind of thing you can do to adm or no monix to a single thing you ready have a demonic for you choose the other ingredient. If you have person action, object, you ready, have actions lot taking care of you ready, have objects lot taking care of you had the person. This is how you have really flexible, demonic, to do whatever you want them to do. These are things you do in the course of studying. The language is, they're not things you do, like, okay, day one french. I'm going to come up with five hundred monix for every possible irregular, no, you just go through and you encounter a problem. You say, I'm read learning, learning, learning, oh, no, eighth floor, als, er, oh, I guess I can make people done. This is how this is a problem solving solution. This is not something you do in advance.

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