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Demo: Learning Simple Words

Lesson 14 from: Become Fluent in Any Language

Gabriel Wyner

Demo: Learning Simple Words

Lesson 14 from: Become Fluent in Any Language

Gabriel Wyner

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Lesson Info

14. Demo: Learning Simple Words

Lesson Info

Demo: Learning Simple Words

Let's demo this practically what you're going to do is just what I said you will you can grab the six hundred twenty five word list from my website it's listed in the syllabus uh fluent hyphen forever dot com it's in the book area in the syllabus if you don't have the syllabus go get our sweetie um and you're gonna go through that phrase book mark off all the words in alphabetical order and poof you've taken twenty minutes to translate six hundred words you are now a record setting translator um and then you'll learn them in that order but today what we're just going to grab in terms of just practising things uh what I suggest is grab some words off of the class file uh thirty five example wars and thirteen languages describe a few sample words learn whatever language you want this is just a practice the mechanics of it you know how do you grab the image how do you grab the sound file how do you make these flash cards and so learned them and learn them using the spellings using that th...

ird flashcard um and so I'm gonna show you step by step and slowly I've heard your your desires will go slowly I will show you how I would learn the word cabinet in hungarian corny how sickening and no john your grandmother so let's do this slow where's my mouse there's minus okay so first things first, I need to have a hunky open and I need the web browser open. Um, I think I'm going to use safari, but let me double check in terms of I'm gonna use this sort of automated browser automation thing that I talked about yesterday to do that browser automation, which you probably should do to goto fluent forever dot com fluent hyphen forever dot com go to multi search I'm going to do the time saving thing of grabbing one of the apple scripts. I realize some of you guys are out there on pcs, and so first I will download that apple script I'm going to be doing hungarian, but then I will set this up also in firefox for the pc users and for now, just use firefights because crime was gonna be too long to set up. I will have my macros installed to install that I will search for I'm at crows for firefox we goto I mackerels for fire fox I will click add two firefox I've already installed that so that's fine um then I'm going to the same website phone forever. Dot com slash multi search I am bookmarking I'm scrolling down to whatever my languages and I'm bookmarking first, the open six tabs thing we cover this yesterday and just sort of going over it I'm going to right click on this and bookmark this link and put it in my bookmarks toolbar this is for every language and I already did that is over here so I'm not gonna do that I'm putting in my bookmarks toolbar and then I'm gonna go down to my language in this case hungarian I'm gonna do the same thing I'm going to right click on it and bookmark this lincoln which I already did it's up here but I will look like this link and I was like parts toolbar lovable and if I can't see this bookmarks toolbar if it's not there then I can make it there by going to view on the top vue toolbars barstow just checks everybody following along has that spade students yeah, well, we called okay just pours on a little bit. That is totally fine effect. Yeah, that ice checking to make sure they're good. All right, you guys have you have some sort of automation going on? We've got some yes, we got a lot of yes. Yeah, we got all the s will take all the s your other option really is to have bookmarks set up for four vote bookmark set up for a google images a bookmark set up for at this point you don't really need the two dictionaries so it's really were playing with google images and for both this point and so in terms of if if your computer is absolutely not cooperating, then you will have to type your word in twice it's, not the end of the world. Um, basically, you're going to images, not google dot com you're doing this whole thing we talked about yesterday, which is summarized, um, I believe in the chapter four section on my right, yes, setting up google images for language learning, so you got a fluent forever dot com slash chapter four you go, you this is a whole article and setting up google images that covers what we did yesterday, and you're gonna go to four vote dot com to get recordings of your words. So this is the manual way if you don't want to use browser automation, if your computer is absolutely not cooperating, if you're in chrome and you don't want to go through the seven hundred steps of setting up my macros, then just set up bookmarks for these two sites for I mean, for google images and for four vote, and this is the guide to setting up google images for four votes, and this is I mean, this is the guy to set a google images for language learning, and this is for both, which is just for anyway, um so this is I'm a crow's fruit which which of you guys were using ii macros? Are you using a micro okay, um just to sort of go over really quickly how to use I mac rose you're going to open a new window, you're gonna hit open six tabs it will open six tabs and then I'm going to click the whatever multi search button your case ah italian multi search I will click that it will say what where do you want to learn? In my case I will put in culture and it will search all of these websites. Um but in my case I'm gonna use the apple screw because I like the apple strip because it makes me happy. So I downloaded that apple script the way I got there is by clicking on the top right to go show downloads I double click on the zip file and it opens it up in my finder and then I have my hungarian safari hungarian search I double click on that it will say this is an application downloaded are you sure you want it? Yes, I'm sure and then it will ask me it will bounce bounce down here and he will ask me what word do you want to learn and I will say is in this case I'm learning cornhole sickening longest word in the world going how sickening good question no, I didn't but now I did yes, we go all right, thank you for doing that. Absolutely. Thank you for reminding me. Okay, so all I've done is basically opened up a bunch of information about my cabinet and so this is a real google images search for cabinet we've decided that cabinet makers are probably not going to sue us and that we can probably look it cabinets if not, then we will cover this in the second demo where I don't use google images um and so we look through these images and we play the very first game the very first game is spot the differences. How are these cabinets different from what I expected to see from kitchen cabinets and what I see is that they're extremely sort of old fashioned all of them I mean there's there's distorted there isn't this sort of slick modern I ke a cabinet thing going on corn has taken any is not usually used for that. Clearly I'm not seeing that even in the second page I'm seeing a bunch of like really old like this would work like this is this is calling you a stick it in me this is not like a it's all sort of cupboards and cabinets and they're all sort of these things big units this is not like standalone unity's air installed units this is cornel sixty it's a totally new concept for me, it's a word that I would not I would not even call these wouldn't be like oh, yeah, that's what I think of when I think of kitchen cabinets, not at all, you see like, one modern thing, so I'm gonna pick whatever one looks kind of like that. Whatever was sort of fits. Well, whatever will remind me about this memory and I'm gonna choose this one because it's really old fashioned and kind of cool in hungarian looking to copy an image as we talked about in the beginning on a mac, I'm going to be controlled clicking pc would be right clicking, going to go down to copy image where's my copy image, what I'm not saying copy image for no reason, and so I will be doing the alternate version. Why is safari being a jerk? Well, I will be doing the alternate version, which I didn't talk about, which we will talk about now, which is that you can just pick up this image and click and dragon image if your browser is not cooperating like mine is, uh, you can click, drag the image and shift into donkey you talked about using all tab or command tab for switching applications that is your biggest friend, go ahead, command tab and moving donkey uh but I'm not actually open the middle of open making any cards so I'm gonna start making that card and then I'm gonna put it somewhere but now I actually learned something about kitchen cabinets to make your first card uh let's all look actually gettinto can set it up so we're ready to make learn some words um goingto hunky click the ad button on the top left yesterday we were learning how to make spelling and sound cards and so that's what's open on the top left you might see basic if you close donkey and in the meanwhile let's find click there and select picture words and then hit shoes you changing the type from from spelling and sounds or from basic whatever you're going to picture words, you're going to see a bunch of options over here in the beginning you're gonna type the word we're trying to learn you will be getting that from the list of thirteen words and thirty, thirty five words and thirteen languages that's on the class website choose whatever word you want I mean you can choose any word you can learn you could learn cornea has taken any if you really want but uh are shia and french this is will be an easy one to try, but in my case it's ship but in my case I'm gonna be doing any calling han se hungarian doesn't have gender so I don't need to worry about that if I was learning french I was learning shit I believe this is luke ship rocha and so I would put the gender over here I would also put a personal connection over here I would say bell actually that would be my connection for first year and we'll probably let's say we'll do it we'll do a french one just does a full example back we can start with a french example might as well do xia is that something that everyone can type? We're going to switch from french okay? This is generally what I would have found if I searched in french instead of hungarian I'm on the hungarian website but it's not the end of the world um I'm noticing that share are actually pretty cute and hunger in in french there is this sort of puppy thing going on I don't notice a very big difference, but I do notice these sort of strange frenchy dogs there's a dog that is dead, I'll be needed vietnamese market um and so I will grab this french dog and I will do it using safaris version, which is you take click and drag and you drop it into the picture box to do that once again I am clicking, I'm dragging, I'm hitting command tab letting go going into a donkey dragging up into the picture box and letting go show does my particularly friendship I put the gender in this box is loose sharon's masculine I've chosen a personal connection I played that second game now in terms of that third game in terms of the demonic game uh that is a game you play when you need it in this case I might I might explode my dog and so I'll take a second and I'll take my dog and boom okay my dog has been exploded that is now in my head if I run into a problem if I cannot remember the gender of dog the next time I see it I will play that game again that game usually happens when you review when you review your flash cards if you have problems you explode things you shatter things you do whatever you want to them that's when that happens for the most part it's usually actually I don't do it that much while making my flash cards but if I know I'm gonna have a problem I'll do it pronunciation if I did a search in for bo uh the way if I used the browser automation I would already see this page otherwise you would goto for bo and you would search for the word he would search for shit you would find that french has a ba jillion pronunciations of ship I will turn my volume off he's already off. Thanks, booth. Because I cannot play the sound shia from four vodacom and I will download the mp three in four bow it's one of the nice things about for bo I don't need to do all this junk about uh right clicking and hitting download link file as and all this stuff for bo's already preset to do all this for me and so I can just click download once and it will download that's if you're using for vote if you're getting your sounds from other websites then you do need to click on your link and go to downloading file as and all that uh which will work but for farmer I can just click on it and it will download and again the way you get a sound file into a donkey is that you go in the top right you go wherever your download is for chrome it's going to be down here for firefox and so far it's going to be up here you clicking your downloads you pick up this file that is downloaded you click and drag it you switch into donkey using command tab you drop it right there you're moving to the pronunciation box you're letting go and if my sound was on they would go shit this card is now prepared I have all the information I need I have the word I have the picture of a particularly french dog I have the gender I have a personal connection I have a sound file that says share out loud I have an option to make that third flash car the one that says how do you spell shit and shows a picture of a car of a dog? Uh you can have that or not I would suggest you have that you choose that and to do that you put anything in this box if this box is empty, you will only have to flash cards if this box has something in it I like to put it why just for o c d meaning yes, er then I will put that there and this flash card isn't done. Um one last thing in terms of where do I put this flash card? You know, organizationally where's is going to go right now it's going to go into my minimal pairs deck. This is the deck we used yesterday for learning to hear new sounds I don't want it there. This isn't about learning new sounds. This is about learning other stuff and so on the top right? I'm gonna go back up there where it says deck that says model deck minimal pairs if it says that if it says default and I'm going to click there, I'm going to choose everything else that's why I keep everything else I'm gonna hit shoes I have now added three flash cards all about dogs I'm going to do this for corn house ticketing because that's what I said it was going to do but you try this with any word you're learning um I'm gonna grab a picture of that particularly hungarian corny house ticketing is over here I'm going to click and drag it I'm going to all tabin donkey drop it right there hungarian has no gender so I don't need to worry about that but in terms of personal connection with corny hace que um I'm going to choose landale landale is where my grandmother lived and she had kind of old fashioned cabinets back in the day they looked a lot like this she also was hungarian so go figure um in terms the pronunciation this was the window that was already open all right go back getting I find that there is in fact a recording of juan jose catania on for bo I will download it by clicking on download mp three I will click there and I will click on my downloads area on safari I will click and drag by sound file we'll all tabin donkey I would drop it right there this flash card is done I will test spelling I will have a recording I have my personal connection I have my picture you have my word are you guys doing in terms of following? Is it clear? Okay, I'm gonna add one that's a little weird you're not a little weird because they've got to have our uses, I think, um, pieces, is there any difference? You're finding a funny that the command through pretty much exactly the things I know this will be a challenge for online audience? I'm using lennox, but I'm already free technical, so I'm not having any problem. We're not seeing any elijah don't just make asking because tom, you're using a ps I'm using pc now the interface is generally about the same, if you if you're experienced pc user, you kind of had to work around some of these things, but no it's, not too difficult, is the screen looks slightly different because we have had a few people commenting that what they're saying is not exactly what they're saying at home. Uh, I mean, it is it, but I've already done this lots of times, so I kind of had to work around it because the interface if fred on key, at the very least, the interface should be pretty similar. The browsers are all kind of different. I think it is inauguration checking something actually using it. I think I think you need a count for bill, write down anything you do need an account of four vote yes, absolutely. If your own for one you need to go, you know if you click on the download on the three button you will say log in now and you will need to log in if you want to download anything I highly recommend the go away three log in and password just type in go away three slash go away three that's last go with three if it says log in then you could go to go away three go away I'm probably gonna get in trouble for this three and then hit remembering me my computer and now you never need to log in again yes that multiple people can log in at the same time yes I've done this before I don't know if that will always be the case I imagine form was going to start getting mad at me for doing this but for now they eventually make your own path make your own accounts the nice thing about making your own accounts is that you can put in word requests uh and then it will email you when those word request or satisfied so if you look up a word you say when you say catania and you can't find a recording of it then you type in the word you say request word and then it will email you a soon as has been recorded usually takes like one day for those amazing that's what this way I don't I mean I imagine just people are sitting on the website just waiting tio to like record something for someone so why is he holding up okay s so I wanted to show you one other flashcard type not type but I wanted to show you know john you know I join your which is grandmother I'm going to search my hungarian searching thing I'm gonna open safari hungarian search in my case just to show you if you're on a mac and you have this option for apple scripts um I realized not everyone going back out there and that that will be in your browser oops uh those will be those browser shortcuts up top you'll be hitting open six tabin carrying multi search uh until someone gives me some options option that's just like the apple scripts that's what your options gonna be um in fact we'll do that here uh but just so you know if you're on a mac you can drag us into your doc because what I usually have and that any time you need to search you can just go straight to your dot com be like oh, I need to know something about a word uh join you proof website is open already I need another word click on my dock corny ha poof done I need another word second one of the nice things about hungarians that every word is actually a chunk of other words so courthouse today is actually just kitchen cabinet in one um but anyway let's close these we're going to do this in firefox once for all the people in pc land then we'll go to the following segment I'm gonna hit the open six tabs button it's gonna open six tabs yes I just like to comment that for those people at home thinking of maybe doing this manually I've done that for hours on end and it's horrible so get the eye macros definitely downloaded it and put it on your pc or your back dodge because it saves you a ton of time it was god said when I found your bog and put it on my computer so thank you for that no that's I was so glad to find that at some point I did a big and I mean I was doing this manually I learned my french that way on yeah it's a pain the butt uh it's just when you're searching so many websites it's kind of hard but yeah, this thing makes it so much easier I love it but I need the case so I hit open six tabs on gary multi search I'm looking for knowledge on you because I want to show you how to put sort of definitions on the front side your flashcards did I mean big anna no, I didn't um oh that's interesting knowledge on you it actually is what it means it's beans big big woman just in case yes no, I'm okay it asked if I meant that and I didn't and I'm finding that the uh the results are fine they're not great uh and this is one thing you're gonna find in some languages like hungarian where you're not looking at french you're not looking like I have eighteen hundred results compared to what I usually have in french which is one hundred million results with languages like hungarian you may have issues not having as many search results as you want you deal with that as you can you deal with you use the translation of the word that you have to sort of look for something that seems appropriate in my case I'm gonna go over here I'm gonna grab this sort of hungarian looking lady and I'm gonna decide that she's just going to be my grandmother in this case firefox is cooperating so I can control click go down to copy image what we're doing a piece of you think I'm gonna write click happy image I'm going to alter tab I'm going to say everything in pc all tab overto uh frankie I'm gonna put this picture of an old woman now how do I know this is a grandmother? How do I know this is an old woman or just woman you khun you can probably say mother mother I could do that um on your on your own I mean if that would require me to know that this is in the very very beginning so I don't yet know how to form possessive how would I do that with math times too great you could do something like this if this makes sense to you and remember you are the one coming up with your own notes for this this works just fine and so you can say on your times two and if this means for you grandmother it will mean grandmother for you later you're not gonna come up to this in a month we like what does that mean? I have no idea what on your times two means um in my case I'm just gonna go for the personal connection option I'm just going to say bobby that's what I call my grandmother bobby I mean if I really wanted to I could be like judith but whatever um again hungarian has no gender if it did I put it here uh personal connections already on the front honestly so I don't need it pronunciation is already in for bo no I don't know isn't there I wonder if my print my thing isn't who I might have been get gotten a bad translation from I think um in this case if there isn't a sound I would record I would ask for it uh I would add a word I say hey someone give me give me a translation for this and usually when you ask for a translation and it doesn't exist someone will send you back and open like the word you're looking for it's not a word you've got the wrong translation it's actually want to get that back hoops because I spelled it wrong that's why? Yep no, jon you there we go it's a good way to catch spelling errors this is also why I had so few results on google images that I mean big anna in fact did mean big anna forty seven thousand results this is what a hungarian grandmother looks like yes spotted that one. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. All right, so I'm replacing it with this because this is actually kind of more what I thought thank you. Chat room uh personal connection is bobby pronunciation is gonna be right over here. I'm going to download that I'm going to save this for firefox sometimes you'll see this window you know should you open this and an itunes? No, no, I just want to save it now we definitely get to the end of this exercise gay but how much time do you think this is the end of it? Okay, just wanna clarify thank you dropping my pronunciation linden at this point I have a flash card that has my grandmother's name on the front it has a picture of a particularly hungarian grandmother on also on the front. It uses the correct spelling, no johnny off and has a recording of it, and it will test the spelling. It will give me my third flashcard. That is how you make simple word flashcards. This is how we're learning those first six hundred twenty five words.

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I really wasn't expecting to learn a whole lot of new things with this course but I feel like I have come away with so much more then just how to learn a language. The science on how our mind and memory work was really interesting and also very applicable to other parts of my life. Along with this course, I purchased Gabriel's pronunciation trainer which I also highly recommend. I never thought about the pronunciation of a language as a separate part and I feel like learning this first is already greatly improving my understanding of my goal language. I have tried to learn another language many times only to either give up from frustration or get bored with the program I'm using. This course and Gabriel's method of learning a language have me so excited that this time will be the time I succeed. I can't wait to start using the word list once that is available and to start creating my own. Thank you so much for such a great course.


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