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Flashcards for Abstract Words

Lesson 25 from: Become Fluent in Any Language

Gabriel Wyner

Flashcards for Abstract Words

Lesson 25 from: Become Fluent in Any Language

Gabriel Wyner

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Lesson Info

25. Flashcards for Abstract Words

Lesson Info

Flashcards for Abstract Words

So let me show you what this looks like in the actual flash cars and I want you guys to follow along this is gonna be the one of the last flashcard demos if not the last flash card demo, so we'll go real slow for anyone who's joining us online uh do if you haven't yet and if this is new if you're just coming in on the third day this is gonna be a lot so I'm gonna go real slow what you should know two things is one you must get the model dex because without the model dex, none of this makes any sense ah and also that will have links that will show you the tutorials that will go through everything step by step it will show you the gallery you're mostly looking for the gallery this isn't food forever dot com slash gallery in the in the syllabus that will go through step by step and say this is how you make flashcards for new words this is where the definition goes that's what we're doing right now or the new word flash cards just with an extra little twist of having a definition but it go...

es through everything so do that and there's a model deck there too but the model dex for this program are a little bit more refined so let's run the words the clarity and manifest we're going to do everything with witch inari when I think I even have that open in safari we'll see that manifest. So this is my search for money fest manifest actually wait, we started with the cloudy. So what do the electric light and here's my page for dick? It looks like this originally declared a declared fair connecticut so manifest and someone has switched the translation and all I really did is I used one of those need apple, apple script things or I macros to generate this page, this is the last page that forms on the right. I have a google images page, I have a pronunciation page, I have a bilingual dictionary page and on the far right I have a monolingual dictionary page in every language that's available for that browser automation thing that we talked about in segments two and six eight talked about all over the place. And so the syllabus so, uh, I've looked at the clock let's say, this is on one of my word lists and try this actually go if you're, er if you have chrome actually go straight into witch inari, you can just go google search. If you're in chrome, this is actually relatively straightforward. Just go teo declare that's option e clarity dictionary or which shone weeks your name because it's french and you can go straight there and you'll find it and you have fact on that? Told you found some money fast to find a way clear, which is a really nice but I mean, it's not a great translation. That's pretty good. Pretty clear. What's going on fair cornetto to make known do you know a fast song in away? Manifest in a way that is clear, manifest, clear. And so we're going to grab this sentence, but we're going first, actually going donkey and prepare ourselves just lose anke did I lose my whole doc? You know, I don't care if you're goingto ankie welcome to do three open up monkey, you will see this same thing we've seen the whole time you're gonna click the ad button. Same thing we've been doing the whole time you're gonna see this big old window if you have the model that loaded, which you should ready, which if you don't, then you just double click it and it will load up in here. You will make sure that the type which you click in the top left, I'm gonna turn on mass pose, eh? Another one is going to get yelled at, um, on the top left, I'm going to click on the type I'm gonna make sure that it says all purpose card, how much is it then? I am going to put in the word that I'm learning which is dick laddie if you can't handle the uh e with an accent that's fine just put declaration I mean we're just trying to learn the form of this if you're french isn't perfect at this stage is really not the point I want you to learn the skills here but I'm gonna put in the actual friends d clarity on the front I'm gonna pick an example and so I could go to google images and come up with examples I could write my own examples and get them corrected I can do all sorts of things it might even be in my frequency dictionary or something like that but this is a dictionary that gives me examples it's one of the wonderful things about wick shin eri is that at least the french one different from language to language but the french one has example sentences for everything to just wonderful so over here we have declare his love his passion declared a sona moussa paseo it's wonderful french I mean yeah that's what we're going for here we want to know what the french think about nikola and that's exactly what it is so we're going to grab that uh in in chrome or in safari what you're gonna do is you you mouse over the text the english text the translated text the bad english you see the good french you move your mouse over the good french and you select it click select and then you copy it remember to copy is command or in pieces control command I have this wonderful example sense declared a sauna move surpass you awesome now I want to go into a donkey I'm gonna do that with command tab or if I'm in a pc whole tab and I'm going to place that in the copy and paste area so that I can reuse the sentence if I want to I'm gonna put it in the full sentence section I'm gonna put it on the front and then since I'm using this to learn the word dick lovey I'm going to blink out dick laddie think think remember I tend to use two blinks because I don't want to teach myself how many letters are in the word not giving myself any clues now I'm going to use a picture I couldjust search google images for man on knees romance heart love I could search in english remember the picture doesn't really matter at this point I just need something to make me think this is not an abstract grammar exercise this is someone dick solomon suppose someone doing all that then I will go and so for me in my case for legal reasons I'm gonna grab a pre done image which is not gonna be the person getting handcuffed um we're gonna make that small notice actually, one thing I'm doing is one thing we talked about in segment two which is screen grabbing not necessary. I'm only doing it to make it small because this guy is gigantic um but it is a handy thing and I can spring grab all I want facts. I can just grab the guy with the flowers if I wanted to go back s so I have this picture of a guy being this is although he's he's the one declaring his his love and his passion so this is great except that now I'm going to add one last bit. This was so far this is exactly what we did yesterday exactly what we did yesterday meaning that I would choose make two cars I want one car that just says dick lovey and on the back says dick like a sauna moussa paseo I want the card that says blank sonar moves up as shown on the back side of that card says dick lucky like this is exactly what we did yesterday. The only difference is that I have one more box to fill out. This is the front box, the thing that goes in the front side of the first flash card that gives you things like definitions and so I have a definition of really good definition, which is to make known in a clear way it's a great definition and so I'm going to mouse over I'm going to select this whole text going to copy it and I'm going to switch into a donkey and I'm going to pace to write their command v or control viana pc occasionally google translate will would remove spaces and you should be aware of that and so in this case they've taken a space away between fussell and manifest way and clear but right now I have a car that looks like this uh do I need to make her a little bit? I'm gonna make the guy a little smaller just you can see everything at once I'll just I'll just drive is the top of his head that will do it I don't even have to do that you can ignore all of that it's just for me making it so I can show you everything blank sana moussa paseo and underneath you have this wonderful definition to make known in a clear way this is where the definition goes this is how you have cards that show you all of the subtleties of your words this is the difference between say this is not the words say to say do you this is not d this is dick lottie because it is not just he's saying his love and his passion he's making it known in a very clear way dick lovey it's not just kind of mumbling it and so this show this starts making all of my words get a lot of subtlety, a lot of difference between them and makes them have a lot more life assumes you can start adding dictionary definitions, which shows up around at the point where you have around five hundred word vocabulary past those first six hundred words, the point where you really you've made some flash cards. You've gotten some grammar down your let's say halfway through your grammar book that's about the point that you could handle this in most languages, it will take longer to language like mandarin or japanese. The dictionaries will be harder because the whole conjure and handy thing is challenging it is, and that is okay. It will take you a while to get there, and that is fine, because we're not in a rush. This is not a race. This is doing something that you enjoy until you get to where you want to go, but you also will be able to get there in mandarin and japanese, but in a language like italian language, like french, you have so many words that, like money fest is a word that you already kind of know, uh one of the other ones are not but these are actually very simple these are words that you've learned right in the beginning you probably recognize me from your college course that impossible you know these french has so many words and common italian has so many words in common that you can start using addiction are actually very early but as soon as you can you should because it starts making your words really, really very interesting and very, very uh nuanced you will see so basically you have the example sentence in front you a picture you have a definition in the third box you have your word, you have your full sentence and then you had it and you can keep going with this as I said, you know there's a you can make change and you can say ok fair chronicled in math. So money fest you say okay, well, that's a new use of the word manifest I mean, it sounds like the english word, but I would never use that. I wouldn't say in a way manifest I would say clear, but they used the word manifest and so I would use I would say okay, well, what if I looked up manifest or money fast actually, in this case it's a totally different word and so I look up manifest and I find another wonderful article I find that can somehow be touched with the hand you even start understanding where the word manifest comes from because the word for hand and french is mad manifest with the hand can be touched with the hand that's how clear it is and so he put on campus so I've got to shape our climate that that can be in some way it's actually a very, very good translation good good job google translate that can be touched in some way with the hand com pass you'll effect that that one takes as fact so this is like this isn't just kind of clear it says clear that's what it says the translation is but it's a little more than that it's like this is no this is not just clear it's like you couldn't touch it get there and so this is our this is the way that actually that previous thing this is dick allowed a this is what it is to declare something it's to say something so clearly than you can touch it the clovis sauna moved to say his his his love so clearly that you can touch it with the hand that's what that means in french and so let's learn that they have a wonderful example sentence here too this is a uh sit full sail of pleasure manifest this is a forger person the person who makes forgeries ah plagiarist a manifest plagiarist a clear plagiarist he is so clearly plagiarizing that you khun touch the plagiarism with your hand cool like this is not how you would think in english and that's the whole point you learned to think in a new language and so let's take that certainly will say pleasure money fest what we're doing again is we're mousing over the text we're moving down to the original good french because the text is usually not so good I mean the english is usually not great were selecting it clicking and dragging comand see copy that command tab and all the commands will be controls on a pc command tab to get funky let's, get rid of this picture let's get rid of this. We're going to put the example over here set the full sail on pleasure manifest you such a clear plagiarist that I could just touch it it's cool really cool way of saying something. Um oh yeah I was going to put that in the copy and paste area. Sorry that's where I start to do the copy and paste area I put in the full sentence area I put in the front it's usually the very first step is they go paste paste paste terms of efficiency in terms of how can you make your time most efficient you go paste paste paste you delete this you put blank link just two links if you're doing it the way I do it, you put it on the back side the single word or phrase without any context, money fest and then you get a picture again. The picture doesn't matter. It just matters that it has something to do with this. You want something that would have something to do with set on full set on pleasure money fast. This is ah, forger of plagiarist clearly. So what do you want? You want person in handcuffs? You want robber? You want a picture? A fake picture of n go painting of anything fake dollar bill, you just look for dollar bill you don't need to be doesn't even need to be fake. You couldn't know that its fake in your head you're using a dollar bill to make a fake that this it like oh, he's really good. This is a perfect dollar bill. It works so you could get a picture of anything again. The pictures are not that important, it's just that they have something to do with this. And so you will be going to be searching in english for a picture because it's faster, you're gonna be searching on google images basic mode because the pictures are the right size, you're going to use the syllabus which tells you how to do that ah, and then you're gonna grab some random picture in my case I have some pre done pictures because I don't want oh and I'm gonna grab this guy who's getting arrested military style and this is my plagiarist he's in so much trouble right now okay? And this looks just like what we did yesterday except in this case I'm going to grab this wonderful definition of that that I can touch this with my hand manifest that's the month in the beginning of it is from her hand I can touch this with my hand that can be in some way touched with the hand that one takes as fact I'm mouse over I moved to the french I selected and I command c copy it or on a pc control c copy I switch back in the donkey you'll notice that in my case to save a quarter of a second I have not removed my finger from the command key which you could do that a mac actually a piece you have to switch keys but neither case there's just a little little things you can do to save yourself tiny bits of time I faced it there and for me this is what this card is going to look like set off oh settle pleasure of manifest has a picture of a guy getting arrested this is a faker, a plagiarist blink and I have a definition that can be in some way touched with the hand that one takes as fact and I need to supply the word manifest just now going to be connected to the words hand that's when it got to be connected to the words fact it's going to be connected to the words for say false afire person share plagiarist I'm making networks in my brain between the words I know between this new word and words I just sort of kind of no like do I have a flash card for full say probably not but nonetheless now the next time I encounter that in writing anywhere it's just not a very useful word I don't need a forger in my vocabulary but the next time I encounter in the book I'll know exactly what it means I'll be like oh yeah you'll say what was that oh that was on my money fest card that's the guy getting arrested he's a fool say and so you're building a giant passive vocabulary with all these things you're learning one word but you're not learning one word you're learning like fifteen twenty and so yes this takes a little more time honestly not that much I mean you realize all I really had to do if I'm going to redo this card I will do right now going to delete everything this is how long this generally takes when when I'm going from scratch and once you get used to this because this is the thing I mean you realize you're doing this like five thousand times in the course of your language by the time you hit number three hundred your fluid and donkey I mean thiss because just second nature you go tap tap tap tap tap you're done that's the point it is a skill that you need to get out of the way because you playing around with this computer program is not you learning a language you fumbling around I mean what's the what's the button it's a command or option like what's it all that stuff the faster you can get that out of the way the faster you going to learn your language and that stuff will go out of the way you have plenty of practise the nice thing about having tons and tons of flash cards to make us that you have tons of times of flash cards to make yu will get really fast at this so let's do this I'm going to say we'll go from scratch I'm gonna go from nothing I have no browser windows open so I just want you to know how long this takes generally I have no browser windows open and chrome and I see okay I want to learn something about money fest I'm gonna click my chrome friend search app on a pc I would click the multi search thing and it would look like this manifest boom chrome is open manifest could pascal kosaka to true shape after man comcast you'll affair I look at that I see if I understand what's going on and I do and I think huh it's a cool definition I put that in my definitions I look at the example I say this is a forger a plagiarist so thankful say for saying a new word for me huh? That's a cool example I'll take that one coffee put over there over there over there I'm gonna grab money fest take it out I'm gonna put it on the back I'm gonna search google images or in my case over here I'm gonna grab this forger and then google image is going to take me a few seconds on the search for rubber done and I'm done takes arounds usually I average something like forty five seconds per card forty seconds per card including the research process I'm including the talking through it with myself potentially out loud and being like set offal save huh for sarah's new love I mean I'd like to talk to myself while I'm doing this it's good and so generally you're looking at around forty five seconds to a minute per card including the research and that's about right that's about the amount of time you can expect to do because it's not just one card you're producing two cars at once remember, you have one car that has just money fest on one side and the other nice thing is that I could go over here and be like, well feel save maybe I do want that in my vocabulary we'll put that over here and I can search for full save over here I can say someone who makes a false note to fall signature of false objects so lucy the fed on force acting for six youtube and I'm just for over the force ah fake work of art will say that's a good example for full say so I'll take that and I'll say okay um we'll just use the same signature I have the same example sentence it's already a good sentence so now I have a different I'm gonna grab a different picture grabbed this criminal he's my full sail I've been another thing and I can keep doing this I can say on foes act for signet you will signal to you let's know how about that that's a work of art someone of for sue this is a the forger someone who makes a fake a fake thing, a fake signature of fake object to fake a work of art I'm gonna use this to learn work of art another for you know and so I'm gonna use that and I'm gonna find uh public domain art perhaps I'll grab that one just hopefully public domain and that's gonna be my new definition. I'm going now search for earth. I want to see an object created by it by a living person. Great object labor on aunt viv. All I'm going to use that is my definition. And I can just kind of keep going through this this process where I just keep making chains and chains and chains of words, it ends up taking me actually less time than forty five seconds per word. It's usually averages around forty five seconds. But as I go from sentenced to sentence and as I reuse the same sentences gets me a lot more mileage out of each sentence. The idea of taking one sentence like this, this or even this definition the false you, someone who makes a fake act of fake signature, a fake object or a fake work of art. And I can use this to learn the word act and signature and object and work and art and someone male and someone female. I mean, I can use this over and over and over and over and over again. I got a ton of mileage for each word, so I want to start opening this after questions because we have some time at this point. And this is kind of the last flashcard designs I want to kind of get any flash cards stuff out of the way. Well, how about that student? Because they've been following along here this morning any challenges that you've bean hitting no that's good time, tom, I have a question for the I noticed when you create a new card, the photo and the sentence days there is there a way to remove that? Yes, there is that's a very good question andi is actually something I wish I had done earlier because it's not set quite the way I wish it to be done, I will be changed that on my website uh, you can set which things stick in which things don't stick on dh so what we've had as I just wantto sort of clarify this for the online audience because because it's a really good point and something I would actually recommend that you change on my website, I'm going to be changing it a bit uh in the near future so let's say we had one of our last flash cards uh whatever lemon you just have I'm gonna make any flash card for uh uh we're gonna learn the word for art and french, which in this case is a way of making something uh I don't know what we're just gonna learn manifest again it could be touched by the hand I'm gonna put all this stuff in this is the definition this is our example sentence this's the paste area and this is the picture now the things that currently stick uh we use this for money fist okay, so we've recreated the car that we just had okay? This is the car we both we just had I think I changed the picture but that's fine now when I hit add card a few things stick hit at card and the definitions and the picture stick and so tom is asking how do I make that not happen? Which is a good call because I would actually prefer that not to happen in the future model deck I will make that not happen and what I will make is that the full sentence will stick over and over and over again because that's actually what I'd like to stick let's change that let's make it so that that's the case the way that you make some things go away and something stick whenever you make a new card is by playing around with the fields button hey there's a new button new setting the fields is basically just saying that this is one fields this first box it's another word for box field to field three field for field five field six field seven this car has lots and lots of fields as ten fields they all have names, and right now the front picture field is sticking the front definitions field is sticking and actually the make two cards field to sticking that one should stick because usually you're going to make two cards you don't want to keep having to re type this why, but generally this one you could probably get rid of each time in this one you could probably get rid of each time and this full sentence honestly is that thing would probably want to stick let's go change all that we're going to hit the fields button on the top left and this is that fields this is what it looks like to read it, the fields fields thing you see all of my fields front example wards blanked out, missing that's that guy front picture that's that kind and you notice that front picture has this setting remember last input when adding and when I had the card remember the last thing I wrote and keep it there? We don't actually want that they want that to go away because we like to change the pictures each time we're gonna turn that off with the definitions, we're probably going to change definitions every time too I mean this is kind of handy to keep in terms of the remember last input when you are let's say doing six congregations of one verb and you want to have the base form sticking their but generally it's kind of a thing I actually would prefer to be gone and thank you for that question because it gives me an excuse to actually change that's the way the way I wanted to change it on dh so I'm going to uncheck that too I want this to vanish every time I had a card also and in terms of the full sentence says when I write out that full sentence and I can keep her using that sentence if I want to that's actually I think I'd rather keep the way that I like to make cards is I would rather keep that sentence there and so the things that I want to have to stay put every time I make a new card it basically just to make two card section I want that checked I want that why to stay there unless I want it unless I really decide that no, I only want one card and I want the full sentence to stay there with that lets me do honestly is not have to deal with this copy and paste area which saves me a quarter of a second and that's a good thing so the next time I make a card if I were to do the same, you know, money, fast cars or something like that, you'll see what it looks like um it turns right whenever you have a duplicate card and I've made so many money fest cards that it's now starting to complaints, I'm gonna add some spaces afterwards. Um, is that when I make this card, the picture vanishes, the definition vanishes and the full sentence days put so I can re use it and say, I'm gonna use this for for say, or I'm gonna use this for black share and so that's actually, probably the way I would very much recommend that you reset your model deck and learn about the remember last card setting. I didn't have a purpose, I didn't, uh you want to have these unchecked where it says, remember last input this one unchecked that went unchecked that went unchecked, that one unchecked, this one checked this one's a no, actually the extreme from both backs cards. I like that check that lets you put in a whole dick lantian chart. I hear the six forms of the verb and lets you that's kind of useful to have around, but try I mean unchecked it or check it as you wish. If you tend to keep too leading all that information every time an un check it, but if you tend to like doing verbs in a chunk and say, okay, I'm gonna learn six different sentences for this one verb and I want the whole day clinton chart there every time then yeah keep that keep that checked here you want to keep that input and make two cars make sure that's check because it's a pain in the butt to keep having to re type of why and then you can kind of not need you don't need to use the copy and paste ari anymore if in that case because usually that's the full sentence that you're copying and pasting more questions please we've had this come back a couple of times over the last couple of sessions and I know you've covered it but perhaps it's not the good time for revision and it's about how you're organizing the dick because course the cards do look really similar so polly klaas has said could you give a summary timeline of which cards to use wind so starting out with six twenty five cavalry they're moving on to the cards based on the grammar textbook um polyglot and others are getting confused because the car similar exciting jobs everything do that sure sure system um the first cars that you really need to deal with are the ones with one's next to the ah the spelling and sound cards which looked like actually we'll go through here and we'll show them show them here I am well I don't you know I'm gonna answer your question then we'll talk about what this browser thing is um, the first cars that you need to deal with other cars that kind of looked like this from day one. What are you hearing bonds or bond? You need to hear these cards in the beginning because these air training you're here and you need to hear those as a mixture with these sorts of cards. What sound does this make? Sure isn't cheating. The first thing that you're doing is learning the pronunciation system of the language and the spelling system of the language. And so these are the first things you want to hear you want to look at just what sounds to these spellings make if I hear chica, how can I spell it? And you know, what is the difference between let's, say, two grand duke or, you know, ashin ish, you want to be training your ears and training your eyes to the spelling system and structure of your language? They're trying to lay that foundation first? Yes, information for like pages or websites that have this information on your website. Yes, it's any information that exists, which is spotty at the moment. I'm trying to fix that with the kickstarter there's my goal with the kick stars to fix that, but the information that exists is on my website at the language resource is paige, thank you. Uh, yeah, I mean, that's that's where you're gonna find that kind of information, um and also that's how you're gonna find a full explanation how to make these flash cards? Even the minimal pair ones I'm going to in the next two weeks? Actually, it's doing on june twelfth? I have an article coming out that says go to this link and the link doesn't exist yet we'll explain how to make the minimal pair flash cards yourself. If you're learning something like welsh that I'm not going to cover on the kickstarter, you need to be able to do something. And so I'm gonna be explaining that in the article on my website, but those are the first to flash cards you're looking for. Spelling's what sound does this make hands? Just can I hear it? That's the first two to three weeks of your language and japanese and mandarin is going to be longer man and has a big challenge in terms of the tones. Japanese is a big challenge in terms of the spelling system, and korean might also fit well. Corinne and arabic might also fit that bill too. Arabic has a giant set of characters. Because every there's like four versions of every letter he needs to be in the beginning or the end of the word on the middle er and so on a number of these languages it will take a little longer to get all this down. But you're basically spending too just let's say four weeks getting this spelling system down in the sound system down with these two types of flash cards and it's not like you're not learning any words you're learning words at the same time, but they're all as examples of the spelling next this is now we're like one month one uh you start learning your picture words you start learning those first six hundred twenty five words this is what is a ship and you pick your sharon you picked the particularly french share you pick your personal connection, you pick your gender, you pick all this stuff. This is your share. These cars look very, very simple what's that share and they will also ask you about spelling show how do you spell that? C h I n this is all you are doing for those first six hundred twenty five words at a rate of thirty cards a day you're looking at at least twelve hundred cards in uh actually looking more like around fifteen hundred cards because you're going to do some spellings thes spelling cards at cards to that in mandarin you're going to be doing around five cards for word and so that's actually quite a bit in same thing in japanese, you're looking around a little five times six hundred around three thousand cards and so that takes a while you're talking about nine hundred cars a month that'll take you around three, three, four months from mandarin and japanese to lay that foundation and for something like, uh, french or spanish, you're looking at around a month and a half that's, right? This is it a half hour day, this is we're just assuming that you are going to do thirty minutes of flashcard reviews a day and somewhere during your week you're going to squeeze in three and a half hours of creating flash parts it's going to be all on sunday or you're going to split it up on two days you're going to do every day, thirty minutes and if you squeeze it down further and you say I don't have that kind of time, fine it's not a problem that's what I've been with hungarian I've been doing it much less than thirty minutes a day because I don't have time for that and it's just it just goes a little slower, but it works fine, so that's like seriously not a problem, I'm just I'm gonna assume that you have theoretically an hour a day sort of spread across your week and if you don't then great do less you go a little slower who cares it's not a race but if we don't half our day of reviews and we're doing the half hour day of creation and you're talking about we already said two to four weeks of pronunciation now we're talking about one and a half to three months of these simple words those were these simple flash cards you have pictures of dogs, your pictures of glasses you have pictures of people you sometimes have pictures of your niece with their names underneath this kind of thing you have say like animal and you have cat elephant this kind of thing now we're at month three or so depending on your language three four or something like that that is the point where you're starting to be ready for grammar cards this was like a song ju a backlash the boy is playing with the cat in the in the room this is where you're getting you know how do I learn the word the how do I learn the word with how do I learn the word in the room? And so this is the point where you're pulling out your grammar book and you're saying ok, well which how do I just take in all of this? And so this process lasts basically until the end until you are done you are using this type of flash card all the way through the only thing that you may or may not change and you probably will change at some point when you are comfortable. Is that as soon as this page as soon as you can look at a dictionary in your language, with or without the help of of google translate? And I would suggest with because it helps you do it a little faster, so if you can look at this will switch to safari, we want we'll switch both will stay in crow if you could look at this and not freak out, this is just isn't all gibberish greek to you, then add those two, then you want to add those definitions. I mean, you'll notice that they are basically the exact same cards look out soldier avec le chateau lasalle this looks exactly the same it's just missing a little red red bit of text explaining what the is, which honestly for that is not that important. It really becomes important for things like money fest uh, which I believe should be down somewhere else. Where is money fist? You know, for these sorts of cards, the only real difference in terms of at some point you're adding this kind of thing yeah, uh, for these definition cards, would you ever add a personal connections two it help you remember? Yeah yeah that's not a bad idea I do that occasionally I sort of go back and forth if I can think of a personal connection then I will add it I mean, if I'm trying to learn a word like darl in I'm not going for many abstract words I'm not gonna find any personal connection I mean I'm not it's it's there's no need to brute force it if I need something for like what is the personal connection for the word? The the computer is precious to me like it is but uh still I wouldn't I wouldn't do it but for things like dick lottie you could you totally could write inside wood and so the way the place that that goes what would I d cloudy ah, I don't know it's getting kind of personal over here you know, if what is what would I do for full safe? You know, someone who's who's false who falsifies things like a plagiarist not plagiarist wasn't forger forger and I would think, uh you know everything eddie have sort of a person I know who's sort of those things um all right uh and so I would put that in here they usually spells it that way and so I will put in eddie and with the way that that would change my card is that the front would look the same and have set on blank a pleasure money fest that have the definition and on the back side where I have full save there will be a little thing that says eddie and it was sort of remind me oh yeah, yeah, this is the word I'd use for my own thing that's a really good question yeah, I don't I do forget to do this many times and I found that every time I remember to do it, my words stick a lot better usually the time that I'm sort of at this stage fright can handle definitions I'm like ha ha ha look at me, I could do everything and I skipped that step, which is a sort of basic and really helpful and so yes, thank you for that question it's a really good thing to add question from taps are people who are joining us from norway today gave do you recommend your method as a supplement to other courses or do you feel that this is something you can just follow because I think they're saying you know that saying you are not going to google you're going to a lot of other places so is it really a supplement it'll of language learning or do you see that this is just the entire thing in itself? This is a way of taking information and putting it into your head I mean, the supplies I mean, as you said earlier, this this applies to test taking this applies to anything it's just that languages are really nice way languages are a particularly apt thing for sticking them into your head many things you could just find elsewhere confined them in books you could find them a google and you no do you need to memorize the entire I am d b that a base for like, you know what? What? Uh, kevin bacon was in? No, you could just go to the kevin bacon website and it will tell you how many degrees of separation there are there's all this information out there that you don't need in your head languages or something you do need in your head if you're going to use them. Um, that being said, this is a technique for putting things into your head. I'm not giving you the things to put in your head. You need to find that because that's the language is too big. I can't just say here's the language go put it in uh, what I'm trying to offer are here are the tools to put something anything in your head and here's where you find all the language stuff now all of that is available online there's there's, tons of free stuff on and so in some sense if you want to use to talk about this as a supplement to those free things, like, well, sure, you could talk about it that way, but I would say it, it makes the difference between going to a french class in college and leaving with nothing and leaving with the language because you could totally go to that french class and use this and put it all so that it sticks in your head or you could go to that french class, do your homework and leave like we all have with very, very little and so I don't know supplement, no, maybe, but you described it very well. I appreciate that clarifications. Thank you for that cape we can't be coming up in our next session is all about listening and reading comprehension, so just live up about that. We're gonna be talking about film, about tv, about books, about whether you should be reading, you know hi works of literature or harry potter talk about audio books. Basically, how do you take that kind of content and use it so that it actually makes your language grow fantastical looking for that? I know deep that was something that you are really interested in in french cinema, so that's coming up in the next session, so definitely stay with us for that.

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