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Mobile Language Learning

Lesson 22 from: Become Fluent in Any Language

Gabriel Wyner

Mobile Language Learning

Lesson 22 from: Become Fluent in Any Language

Gabriel Wyner

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Lesson Info

22. Mobile Language Learning

Lesson Info

Mobile Language Learning

I want to show you a few things that are just handy one of them is monkey webb this is how you get your flash cars on your phone and so we're gonna be doing this on an iphone ipad um and so now I'm going to set up this ipad so that it actually broadcasts to you guys, but first we're gonna do the computer so we don't actually need to deal with the ipad right now to get on key sinking what you will do is here is a junkie monkey this is our our default window. If we had something open, if we had this deck thing and all this, you close it from the bottom, right? There's a close button you want to get back to this default thing and in the top right of the default window you're gonna have this little circle that says synchronized with anke web and if you click it it's going to say you need an account and so you should get an account and so to get an accountant says please sign up for an account and so you can click that they're like, please sign up then to follow along there's no reason not ...

to actually get an account here this is the uncle of website this is where you log in um and you click the sign up button this is a really, really easy easy sign of process you don't even have to check your email I'm gonna put in a fake email just because I am doing that today I'm gonna go test e a testy dot com my password is going to be something I couldn't possibly be testy um and I will put in my confirm my email I'm testi testi dot com and putting in my fake password and I'm signing up and if all goes well I already have an account here who airplanes turned off we might not be able to do this without showing the ipad on the screen because airplane is not showing on the bottom that is giving us a thing neither case anke web is now registered I now have an account on hunky webb and so I can send all of my flash cards to a yankee webb I'm gonna do that by switching back into hunky and where it said account required thank you I'm gonna put in my account I d which is my email address I'm gonna put in that password I just set up a minute okay? And I think he's going to send everyone of my flash cards everyone in my sound files every one of my pictures up into the cloud hopefully because it says connecting in zero k and all that but it will do all that which is really kind of handy I do hope it goes during the session usually it's faster than this, but maybe I've just told, like, three thousand beauty go do that good it's going to ask you it's going to say, but wait, you have a deck over here and you have dex in hunky I have these cards that I've just created today which ones do you want to keep? You want to keep the ones that are on auntie webb over here? Or do you want to keep the ones that are under computer? Should you download or should you upload in this case because the stuff on my computer is the stuff I want the stuff that's on on key web is actually nothing. There's no cards over here I am going to upload to our key web I'm going to send all of my flash cards to monkey webb to the cloud and it's gonna send all of them over and it is it is succeeding slowly over the succeeding and hopefully my ipad is working. I'm gonna need a thumbs up from you guys if it is looking good looking good. Nice. Okay, so while this is synchronizing, I'm gonna pull out my ipad switch over I've got the nod, I think we're on an ipad. Uh I have a few options in terms of you look at that. I haven't, um I have a few options in terms of how I can access my flash cards the first one is free and the first one works on every single browser. The only issue is that well, there's an issue I'll show you what that issue is. What you will do is he will goto anke web dot net I don't even need to put all this accounting log and stuff I just need to goto anke web dot net and go there and at yankee web I will see this monkey away was the computer companions of the computer version of monkey if I am a returning user I will put in my email which I believe was testy at testy dot com I believe my password was indeed testy. Guys don't log into my account, mess everything up while I'm doing this life thank you. Okay. And I am now in ankeny web. I cannot see my flash cards on any device I can do this from any single internet enabled phone any single internet internet enabled tablet anything um and I can go to my model deck. I can hit study now and I will get questions like what is choose and she came in and I will have a picture of my chicken one of the cars we made yesterday and I'll be able to go down here hit the show answer button and here we went into the very first issue with the web at edition of monkey which is that you can't play sound files on an ipad and iphone yet he has said he was gonna add that in november I've been on his case and he will at it he will add it within the next few months but the web edition of monkey has issues with sound at the moment on devices that looked like this and don't have flash I believe they run find on on android actually believe the android version words runs just fine it's just ipads and iphones that have problems in terms of playing those sound files if you are later in your language learning process if you are ready learning grammar and stuff the sound files are relatively irrelevant you've already sort of mastered the sound system and so for sour for grammar and stuff like this if you're ready intermediate at your language this free version of monkey web the current free version of monkey web even with the broken sound support works great it's actually really nice and it's free just nice um but if you're early on your language you want something that really works with sound you have another couple of options um android has a free app that synchronizes just fine and works great uh and plays all your sounds just fine and also android, I believe, runs on these sort of web app things. Um, I mean, runs on the inky web website and we'll play those sounds. I believe that is the case if it's not in the chat room, but the iphone and androids, the apple store has an un key app that is phenomenal is expensive. It is twenty five bucks, but it is phenomenal. I really, really liked the app. And it's, uh, what I would suggest, honestly is that you practice your flash cards on your computer, you see how you like the system, you see? Ok, this is something I think I can stick with. This is something I understand. This is something I like, and I kind of like to do it on the subway to then buy the app. I would not buy the act is sort of like I'm gonna buy everything because I'm gonna learn french and three months and four months or two months, whatever I'm gonna do six hours a day I'm gonna buy everything went by some seven hundred french books try things out, baby steps baby steps tried on your computer see how you like it if you like it, I'd get the app I like thea something show you them. Free yeah, it sounds like it's for twenty five dollars yeah yap is twenty five dollars which is I mean it's a lot for a nap that it's honestly really good at it's the only thing of monkey that is not free um and just to know they uh talk to the developer he is adding sound support that's been in the works for a while in terms of fixing sound support on ipads and iphones but the app works great um this is the app it is called donkey donkey mobile um and so you will see something sort of familiar you will see a blank check uh and I need to synchronize because I don't have any my flash cars I'm gonna have to synchronise button well say log in I'm gonna put testy my flat might you know a new account that I just created to put in my password hopefully no one has destroyed uh it's going to ask me the same question your decks on anke web and your decks on the ipad are different what should I do all the decks right now that are on hunky web I just looked at them they're good they had my cheesecake card they had my chicken so I'm going to download from monkey went into my ipad it's going to synchronize everything is going to synchronize my sound files it's gonna synchronize everything a wafer that's completely download I think it's just like under two megs we'll see if all goes well tick, tick, tick and once that happens, I believe should happen around now. Uh, I can study this stuff anywhere I want and I can hear all my sound files and everything. I'm will go into this model deck what sounds chipmakers and she's. Okay, see if the sound is on, but that is the sound play file where's my sound don't play here, son. Will play anyway. Chica that's my ipad. Okay, I have just like in the yankee interface on the computer I have options in terms of when I should answer this, I can choose the red button which says I didn't get it. Please show it to me again. I can choose the green button, which generally means yeah, I kind of got it or I can choose the button on the far right, which means I got this shut up. In my case, I'm gonna say I got this I have known cheetah care for a year now what sound does this make? Sure isn't shite I'm gonna go should I am correct. If I press this play button, it will every time I press this this play button, it will say should shite in this case I know all this stuff this is I sam this is my zana this is my shed in this case someone has hit my first french flash cards some of the stuff I did today because some of you are vic last shut this is a female cat knowing the cylon we all remember this sort of google translates nephew and all the stuff like this is part of this memory now last shut and I'm going to choose two days I'm gonna choose this green button this is something that's relatively simple shannon what is the show? She has a type of dog and it is share I remember my childhood dog an appraiser plays a a sound file says sure this is what this looks like in terms of settings I have access to my settings if I go to the top right to the tools section I can select study options and in those study options I have these two controls and these are the most important two settings that you need to care about how many new cards you're gonna learn every day do you want to spend thirty minutes a day then I would recommend thirty new cards a day do you want to spend fifteen minutes a day? I would recommend fifteen cards a day roughly it's one minute per card if you're talking about new cards and max review cards per day I like one hundred fifty one hundred fifty reviews a day is generally enough to sort of catch up because general, you're going to get one hundred twenty reviews a day you're doing thirty new cards a day you're going to get around one hundred twenty back one hundred fifty lets you sort of chip out at any debts if you miss a day, then you're going to recover that in about four days at this rate but if you have a lot of time if you're just I'm done I have plenty of time I want to spend another hour to and just kind of get through all my backlog so I might do on my way home on my way home tomorrow I'm gonna be on a plane for a while I got nothing else to do. I might as well chip out of this hungarian debt that I haven't been working on it having been doing hungering for last few days so I might change these maximum with used per day to two hundred fifty and that would allow me to get through most of my reviews most of my old reviews I'll go back to tools, I'll go back to study and at this point it's gonna say cheetah k how do you spell this word? And I'm gonna go see s I r k I've been making these cards this whole time all of them are right here on my ipad they're going to be on my iphone the nice thing about this is that it synchronizes all over the place and so when I synchronize this you hit the bottom right? We'll do that again just you see it on the bottom right of this window see that synchronized button that's what I hit every time I study it's going to send all my stuff back up into the cloud and I'll be able to download it onto my computer onto my cellphone I'll be able to see that anywhere always the same cards it's always the same reviews I'm never gonna have to do anything twice because I don't have the right device with me just really really handy I really like this sort of system um I think we're done with the ipad weaken sort of knocked that out yeah there's nothing else on here basically you play with your flashcards and you have those settings on it. Um I also wanted to talk about dex settings in the computer program because that's where you have the most detailed of settings the way you access those settings same thing sort of a cz you know how many new cars you wantto learn per day? How many reviews do you wanna have today? Those two settings in the ipad you'll also find them on the computer naturally so let's get to those you want to go to the base on the window uh if you are in some sort of other window if you see the ad thing anything like that just who's the close button again you want to get back to this basic window at the decks button if you need to and next to every deck on the far right side you're going to see this little gear icon that's where you access your settings there's a few things you can do here one you can rename your cards and that's what I'm gonna do right now for fun I'm gonna call this game's french slash hungarian slash what other languages do we learn in this course uh is that it then we know we did some italian in the last few segments all right so this is my game's french hungarian italian deck and now that's what my deck is called and so you can rename your doctor whatever you want um the other thing you can do is change the deck settings you're gonna click on the gear icon you're going to go toe options and in options if you installed my model deck then usually will say default but you also have these two options grammar and pronunciation these are my favorite settings for every single setting in here I talk about these settings in the donkey manual that comes with ercp for this course I go through every single one of these and say this is why I chose each of these things I'll do that very briefly now, but I want to take time for questions. Um, generally the default settings looked like this, and I will change them in front of you with the front of your very eyes. Um, the default settings will show you every single card twice the very first time you see it, they will say what is true as in chief came in and you say that such as insure that makes it true sound the cs thing and it will say, okay, you got it. Let me quiz you on that one more time. I don't think that's necessary. This is this. I will quiz it to you once and then. Oh, quiz it's you again, and so I'm just going to get rid of that second repetition, uh, on default, it will show you all of your cars and the exact order you put them in. I prefer random. I prefer seeing cards at random times where I don't know, I can't just think back and say, oh, yeah, cheetah kit was the card I put right after shite, and then I did. Cem, I don't want to get those clues. I want things to becoming a random and so I will change the order to show new cards in random order. In terms of my new cards per day, I like thirty minutes a day, twenty minutes a day is I prefer thirty I learned fast, tyler and fifty percent faster, so I goto thirty card today. This graduating interval is basically when I hit the easy button when I hit the button of like, yeah, I kind of got this card at this point, it will come back tomorrow. I think it's too often I don't want to see my cards that often I want to have a big old delay, so I do two days. I prefer two days that's all that's important with the new cards. In terms of the reviews, these air the maximum reviews for day that was that setting on the ipad, that hundred fifty I like one hundred fifty it allows me to recover from failure recover from when I don't have time to study because generally, as I said, I'm coming back with one hundred twenty reviews a day on average. If I miss a day now I have two hundred forty. This setting will allow me, I will turn on mounts prosaic will allow me to chip away at that backlog at around thirty nuke thirty card today. So I like that setting all this other stuff is you don't need it this you don't need this, you don't need this, you don't need it's really the only things we care about our new cards and reviews and you'll find a very, very detailed guide to all of that in the monkey manual that comes with the r s v p um, the other thing I also want to show you, I imagine there were a lot of questions about, uh, wait, wait, wait, how did you do that again with grammar, which goes in which box can you go over that again? This sort of thing? All of that stuff is available on my website and it's going to be more and more, they're as the book gets closer and closer to release. This is in the syllabus if you go to fluent forever dot com slash gallery, this is the flashcard gallery and it's going to go through every one of the flash cards we've done in this course. Those new words, those new word forms the word order cards. I have details of terms of what goes in which box and how did make those cards you know, if I want to make a car that says my homework was eaten by my dog, how do I make this flash card? And it will go through this and tell you what goes in every box with a picture a big old picture that says what goes everywhere so if you're missing anything goto fluent forever dot com slash gallery and you will find everything you need it's goes through really step by step so let's take some questions because it's been a long time since we taking questions one questions like have some has how much more do we have to come? None I think it was a question time specials come up a number of times over the last few days and sally and I were really curious about this ourselves, especially from michael and michael sainte gabe, you know, repeatedly suggested using google images for finding sentences in your target's language they are in I'm assuming they're in ireland but they may not be now island predominantly speaks english but their language technically is irish gaelic yes, but when they google that all the reserve results come up in english, how do you handle situations? I imagine that's also true asian countries doing a bit of that today experimenting for our pre show tomorrow and I found that to be the case too so how do you work around that good question? And I'm glad that came up there's two things that you could do to get around that one of them is that if you search in the local google you will get different results than searching from google dot com, so that will often head up many of these problems. If you are searching, for example, we had this example from from yesterday searching for khanna and italian. If you search for conning in and google images, you will find lots of canes. That's what? See any spells? Kane and english take her island. Yeah, yeah, and so there will be an ireland version that they will likely give you better results. But for irish gaelic, you may have still have a problem. It is not a big enough language necessarily in terms of its internet presence to give you really good search results, I have run into the same problem with hungarian. Ah, and I also ran into this problem major with with when I was teaching major league can't even speak, uh, with mohawk. When I was teaching these the's the recoil languages up in canada, there is no google images for mohawk doesn't exist. What do you do? Um those first six hundred words our foundation, you're building that foundation and you're building the foundation in order to get to where we got two in the last couple segments of being able to learn your words in context, you notice that in those segments, when we're learning grammar, the images become relatively irrelevant. They're essential you need to have some images but what those images are not so important you concerts in english it's not a problem because those words have all those connections from within the language I know what you're talking about a sham I don't fest I forget what the guy was doing or the cat it was the gas on ones who have a delicate legs shut you have these images sort of in your head about boys playing with cats in lasala and so at that point your language start building itself at that point you no longer need something like google images but before that you have to make do if you're in a language that doesn't have enough resource is or if you search for let's say just a single word like if you search in french for julie you will find six billion images of angelina jolie it's just she has taken over the word johnny it doesn't matter if you search in french or not uh and so you you you deal with it and by that I mean you use your dictionary, you find the bilingual translation you see okay, julie means beautiful pretty and then you search for a pretty girl pretty whatever pretty flower and you just make do you make do until you have enough vocabulary that you could start delving into your grammar book and learning the words incontinent the context of sentences at that point you no longer have any need to look at google images for that it is a wonderful tool it's a wonderful tool to fight all these examples but it is no longer necessary that point most of your work will be in writing your own stuff getting it corrected in warning that way or getting stuff from the grammar book yeah I was just thinking that at that point the langauge or any of those ones where actually people from that country will buy into going to really help you now I'm curious it's a little bit personal because I'm not sure that there's a right or wrong but I'm very curious about the expert approach to this when you're trying to tell a story in another language about where you're from say or what your you've been doing and you have like a nation specific thing like a kangaroo or you have a culture religion specific thing like satanic or something like holiday that perhaps doesn't translate to a different language necessarily do you put do you apply the accent of the country or speaking to to your word in your language or do you just cause it can sound very harsh otherwise what do you mean thing when sites I I'm talking about a kangaroo to french people do you put the spin on that look like a kangaroo? What do you just bled out this is actually something that a lot of my friends cry interested I think that's a personal purpose thing I mean, what do I do? Who know I usually I try to stay local if I'm if I'm talking about cristante and I actually want to eat a chris on and I'm in america then I will just say chris on I won't go do you have a hustle? Uh you can and you get it, but I generally don't I generally sort of stick to where I'm at if I'm in germany and I'm talking about english concepts um now we wait that's actually that flips around if I'm in germany and talk about english concepts that have no translation I will squish in english I will say baseball I find I do that's all I'm just I think that's that's that's fine I guess the thing about speaking using french terms that I have jumped into english was something slightly different if I'm in a country I will and there's no translation I will switch into english onto my accent jamie you have a question? Yeah er on that same note uh being a spanish speaker living in california, I think I experienced this thing all the time and I found that the best procedure to go around this is you say the word that is in your language with the pronunciation that they would use because when, when I go to like the street that's called, uh for example, um l camino I've had bus drivers and people on the street when I asked was like, do you know where the street coming on really is? What you know it's like? And then I have to say, oh, it's el camino and then yeah, I'm butchering my own language, but I'm I'm just getting that that word that they don't recognize as my language, they just no, that el camino and that's how people say it is written like this and that's that street. So, you know, I've been kind of this in japan, I was in japan for five weeks for an opera tour, actually, and people try to order beer and people would try to insist on the english pronunciation and be like, do you have any beer beer and like, what I'm like beating like, yeah, ok, great like you just as long as japanese actually, you can get it if you could speak english in a thick japanese accent in japan, you will get a lot further and it's, this exact same concept is that if you can't hear all these sounds in the actual target language, you can hear them in your own language, so yeah, this definitely happened

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I really enjoyed this course. Gabe has a terrific, easy teaching style that's entertaining and absorbing to the point where I'm conscious of having gone through the course a little too fast. I am looking forward to going back through it a little more slowly to catch any tidbits I missed, but even without that I feel I have so many new tools to apply to language learning and I can't wait to get started. I really appreciate that he also went over how to tackle a language you've already learned in the past but have not retained to the level you'd like, as well as how to start a brand new language from scratch. I hope to do both with much greater success than my previous attempts.

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I really wasn't expecting to learn a whole lot of new things with this course but I feel like I have come away with so much more then just how to learn a language. The science on how our mind and memory work was really interesting and also very applicable to other parts of my life. Along with this course, I purchased Gabriel's pronunciation trainer which I also highly recommend. I never thought about the pronunciation of a language as a separate part and I feel like learning this first is already greatly improving my understanding of my goal language. I have tried to learn another language many times only to either give up from frustration or get bored with the program I'm using. This course and Gabriel's method of learning a language have me so excited that this time will be the time I succeed. I can't wait to start using the word list once that is available and to start creating my own. Thank you so much for such a great course.


Worth every penny. Despite the title, you'll learn far more than how to become fluent in a language -- you'll learn how to learn anything you want! Gabe is a great presentational speaker, articulate and captivating. The foundation of the course is about how to set a concrete and measurable goal, learn effectively, and set yourself up for success. This course addresses forming new habits within the constraints of your current life, making progress when you don't feel motivated, and how to recover from setbacks like getting off-track or when you just don't grasp a concept--these topics are often missing from other learning courses so students flounder as soon as they stray from the formula. Building on all these fundamentals, Gabe then offers specific techniques and tools for language learning. Excellent course!

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