Create and Animate 3D Characters in Adobe Fuse


Beginner's Guide To Working With 3D in Photoshop®


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Create and Animate 3D Characters in Adobe Fuse

- [Jesus] We're going to use one of Adobe's 3D model creation tools; Adobe Fuse CC, which allows you to create human-like 3D models and import them into Photoshop. Fuse allows you to customize all kinds of things. You can customize the way the person's face looks, their eyes, their lips, nose, ears, hands, body, clothing... I mean, there's so many things that you can do with Adobe Fuse. And you can then take that model into Photoshop and we can enhance it further in Photoshop. We could also animate it in Photoshop, so we could change the character's pose and you could render a 2D image or you can render an animation. So, we can get started if there are no questions. - [Moderator] Great. Perfect. - Awesome. So right now, and I think you guys are looking at my screen and you are, I'm in Adobe Fuse CC. And when you first open it up, this is what it looks like. By the way, if you don't have Adobe Fuse CC, you can download it for free via the Creative Cloud. This is what it looks like when ...

you first open it up. You can first, select the head of the model that you want to work with and these are all starter, sort of like starter templates in a way. And you have cartoony characters or you have zombies, and you have all kinds of characters. To make things easy, I'm just going to click on the first one every single time, so I'm going to click on Female Fit A, and that generates that...and actually I went a little too fast or I must have double-clicked. But anyway, that generated the head and then I accidentally clicked on the torso, which was this one here. But we are working with the head, so I selected the head, clicked a little too fast and accidentally selected this torso, but that's okay. We can then use the tools to rotate around the 3D model here on the left-hand side in the tools bar. You can click and drag, click and rotate. We can click on this to center the 3D model, and we also have something really cool, which is the modified geometry. We can click on the 3D model and we can click on this tool here, and notice there''s sort of like a brush, and you can click and drag and you can modify that geometry. So that's available to you and you can click anywhere on the 3D model's body to modify that geometry. It's sort of like a brush. This adjusts that size, the size of that brush. As you can see there, makes it smaller. You can click and drag and adjust different parts of the 3D model. We also have the Options bar, here, so we click on that, we can see the edges, we can see the polygons of that 3D model, the shaded view, which is what we were just looking at. And we have the shaded view and the polygons in one view. To the right of that, we have as you saw, the different sections that we can adjust: the head, torso. We have arms, so we can select the first one again, Female Fit A. And now she's got her arms. And again, we can come in and use this tool, here, the Modify Geometry tool, and then modify... See, now she's got that claw thing coming out of her wrist. So we can do all kinds of things to the 3D model. I can then select legs. Again, I'm going to select the first one, and now she's got legs. So now we've gone through all the basic body parts that we can select for her. And again, this is a 3D model, I'm going to click and drag and rotate around it. There she is.

Class Description

This class demonstrates the power of the 3D tools in Photoshop. Join Jesus Ramirez to explore the 3D interface, learn 3D concepts, and acquire new techniques through project-based examples. You will also take advantage of Adobe Stock to import templates and 3D models to quickly start and complete our creative projects. You’ll work with Fuse CC and Project Felix, two new user friendly 3D apps from Adobe, which work together with Photoshop. 

Through a series of design projects, this class covers: 
  • Using Adobe Stock for templates and 3D models to complete a design project 
  • Using Adobe Fuse CC to create custom 3D characters and animate them 
  • Compositing 3D objects into a design 
  • Creating photorealistic images without complex workflows 
After completing this class, you'll be ready to include 3D elements into your design projects.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2017.0.1



Very informative class! I was expecting only basic information, but Jesus went into quite a few specific details and showed some useful tricks. Many many thanks!

Chouaib Rama

Of Course this is amazing class

Jesús Ramirez