Customizing and Importing Adobe Stock Assets


Beginner's Guide To Working With 3D in Photoshop®


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Customizing and Importing Adobe Stock Assets

So now we're going to talk about customizing the Adobe Stock assets that we just downloaded, which is this flyer here. And as you can see, it's just the layered PSD that contains the background, multiple shapes, text layers...oops, sorry about that. I accidentally opened up the Layer Style panel...text layers. And everything is editable, so you can come in here and edit the text. Maybe you're working on a...instead of a New Year party, maybe you're working on a football party... if I could spell that correctly. And you can of course change the details and dates and all of that, and it's all editable, you just double-click on the text layers and you can edit it to say whatever you like. Of course, you can go in here and also let just the background, maybe change this color if you want to. For example, you can create a hue and saturation adjustment layer and just adjust the hue for a different color if you like. We're not going to do any of that. I just want to show you that Adobe Stock ...

provides a lot of different templates that you can start using right away to create your projects. So now we're going to talk about importing the 3D elements, which is really the point of this example. So as I mentioned earlier, if I go into my Creative Cloud account and I look for... I have some 3D elements here that I'll... You see I have these 3D elements that I downloaded from Adobe Stock, but I can't click and drag them onto Photoshop just because they're not recognized. My guess is that Adobe will make them available in Photoshop in the future. At the moment they're not. But as I said before, I can download the 3D model onto my computer. So when you're working with the template, you would just click on the file, here, and there's a download button. Right now I'm not logged in to the Creative Cloud account, but if I were, you would see a Download button. I'd click on Download, it downloads to my computer, and the same is true for the 3D model. So I already have that downloaded on here. So what I want to do is I want to bring in a 3D model football that I'm going to adjust and... to enhance my design, here. So I'm going to go into File. Let me create a new blank layer, actually. I'm going to go into 3D, I should say, and notice one thing. I click on 3D, nothing is available. That is because 3D works only in the RGB mode. This template was in CMYK. So I'm going to click on RGB. I don't want to merge it. And I'm going to go into 3D, New 3D Layer from File, and I just got to find that file. So I have it here in this folder. I have this football-3d-object, which I downloaded, again, from the Adobe Stock website. And I'm going to click on this football.obj. Click on Open. And I'm going to use pixels as my unit of measurement and press OK. And it'll take a second and it will upload that 3D football onto this scene. Okay, I might have gone a little too fast in there. Do you guys have any questions about importing 3D models? So essentially, we download them from the Adobe Stock website onto our desktop as an obj file, and then you just import it from the 3D panel.

Class Description

This class demonstrates the power of the 3D tools in Photoshop. You will explore the 3D interface, learn 3D concepts, and acquire new techniques through project-based examples. You will also take advantage of Adobe Stock to import templates and 3D models to quickly start and complete our creative projects. You’ll work with Fuse CC and Project Felix, two new user friendly 3D apps from Adobe, which work together with Photoshop. 

Through a series of design projects, this class covers: 
  • Using Adobe Stock for templates and 3D models to complete a design project 
  • Using Adobe Fuse CC to create custom 3D characters and animate them 
  • Compositing 3D objects into a design 
  • Creating photorealistic images without complex workflows 
After completing this class, you'll be ready to include 3D elements into your design projects.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2017.0.1



Very informative class! I was expecting only basic information, but Jesus went into quite a few specific details and showed some useful tricks. Many many thanks!

Chouaib Rama

Of Course this is amazing class

Jesús Ramirez