Importing Fuse CC Characters into Photoshop


Beginner's Guide To Working With 3D in Photoshop®


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Importing Fuse CC Characters into Photoshop

We're not really going to export this 3D model. I already exported one into the Creative Cloud library. All I did is click on Save to CC libraries, and this comes up and it'll ask me which of my libraries I want to save it on to. I've already done that to a previous model, so that's the one we're going to work with. But before we do that, I want to show you the Mixamo website. So, let's go to that. So, it' And this is an Adobe website. And from here, and actually you know what, I'm not logged in. I should have been logged in. So, I guess a whole bunch of people are going to see my Creative Cloud e-mail. Don't write that down. And so, if you're logged in, you can actually see the 3D products that are available at the store. And these are a bunch of different packs that you can download different characters and zombies and things like that. And you'll notice that there's a tab called My Assets. These are some of the assets that I have. So, I have this little archer, I have...

a zombie that I'll show to you guys later today. This is the character that we're going to work with in this class. But anyway, so you have the 3D character that you create in Fuse, and then you can work on it on this website. You can find animations. For example, I have an animation here for a zombie crawl. Again, you're going to see this zombie later, but you can see that zombie crawling. So, you can create some really cool animations and in Photoshop you can select a single frame and use that as your image that you're going to use for your composite. And since you're in 3D space, you can rotate around it and place him anywhere you want and match it to a background. So that's what we're going to do in this example. We're not going to use the zombie, but we're going to use that same technique, and then I'll show you guys what my final product of using this zombie. But again, if you go into the Mixamo website under Store, you will see the animations. And all these animations are available in Photoshop, so you'll see how we'll be able to use these animations in Photoshop. And characters...excuse me... You can also download these characters if you want to use them in your projects. Okay, so I'm going to go back into Fuse CC and once again, once you finish working with a document, you can save it to the CC libraries, decide which library you're going to save it on to, and then you can open up Photoshop. So I'm just going to create a new document and I'm just going to create a document that's 1280 by 720 and I'm going to click on my Creative Cloud library icon here to bring that up, and I have a Creative Live library. And I have this model, here, and that model was brought in from Adobe Fuse just simply by clicking on that Save to Library button. I'm going to I click and drag that over onto Photoshop. And you'll see that we now have my little 3D model character here.

Class Description

This class demonstrates the power of the 3D tools in Photoshop. Join Jesus Ramirez to explore the 3D interface, learn 3D concepts, and acquire new techniques through project-based examples. You will also take advantage of Adobe Stock to import templates and 3D models to quickly start and complete our creative projects. You’ll work with Fuse CC and Project Felix, two new user friendly 3D apps from Adobe, which work together with Photoshop. 

Through a series of design projects, this class covers: 
  • Using Adobe Stock for templates and 3D models to complete a design project 
  • Using Adobe Fuse CC to create custom 3D characters and animate them 
  • Compositing 3D objects into a design 
  • Creating photorealistic images without complex workflows 
After completing this class, you'll be ready to include 3D elements into your design projects.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2017.0.1



Very informative class! I was expecting only basic information, but Jesus went into quite a few specific details and showed some useful tricks. Many many thanks!

Chouaib Rama

Of Course this is amazing class

Jesús Ramirez