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Beginning Soldering for Jewelry Making

Lesson 3 of 6

Creating Texture on Copper

Bonnie Heras

Beginning Soldering for Jewelry Making

Bonnie Heras

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3. Creating Texture on Copper


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Lesson Info

Creating Texture on Copper

So I'm going to use a hammer that is normally just used for texture ring um there are many different types of texture ing hammers out there sometimes they're actually called tech cherie hammers sometimes referred to as other types of hammers like one that has a round face similar that's double sided similar to what the round faces on a ball peen that's calling in bossing hammer this particular one has a nice clean edge beveled on both sides that's going allow me to get this nice chopped choppy texture so I'm going to start the nos one side is smoother one side a little bit more sharp I'm gonna start I'm gonna rotate around I want to go with the curve if you could imagine some start lower here always hammer over medals to support your medal with metal should get a deeper impression stay outside of the lines it crosses in there a little bit it's fine but try to stay outside lines I'm overlapping my hammer blows so that you can kind of create a nice thick texture but once again you know t...

his is just one way of doing it you're totally welcome tio have it'll be a little more open this is where your personal is that it can come in and so on so you could finish the piece I had come from one side to the other and as I say you've seen here before this piece is finished and I did get into my shape a little bit. So you can see the outline of that shape I had there. But where? I'm not totally worried about that. Um, we're going, tio work with it.

Class Description

Basic soldering skills open up a world of creative possibilities. Learn how to solder a silver or copper pendant for a necklace in Beginning Soldering for Jewelry Making with Bonnie Heras.

Bonnie has been making metal jewelry for more than a decade. In this class, she’ll teach you essential techniques for joining metal components together through soldering. You’ll learn:

  • Beginning sawing and texturing
  • Butt-joint and sweat-joint soldering
  • Best practices for finishing a soldered pendant

Let Bonnie show you how to add complexity and sophistication to your handmade jewelry with this informative class.

Check the bonus materials below for a complete product list of the tools and supplies you need to finish this project.


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