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Beginning Stamping - Large-scale printing

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Introduction to Block Printing

Meagan Lewis

Beginning Stamping - Large-scale printing

Meagan Lewis

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1. Introduction to Block Printing


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Introduction to Block Printing

In this project I want to do something a little bit um larger scale you know gift wrap is something that's really easy to make and just makes your packages and your gifts look really awesome you can use the stamp for making other things that go with your gift wrapped like tags and cards and line your own envelopes there's just so many things that you can do once you start printing and large scale it's just like all the projects that you can do or just kind of limitless so um I'll get into the materials that will be using for this project and again with this particular class that I'm teaching if you wanted to use a carved stamp you could and and conversely if you know I'm going to be teaching a phone stamp if you want to go back and use a phone stampfer you know printing place cards like we did in in the first class you can do that as well they're very interchangeable I kind of just tailored this project tio be foam stamps with block printing because it's a really easy way tio make a st...

amp quickly and the block printing a technique works really well with with the foam stamps so um let's see her foam stamps and block printing does anybody have any questions about block printing ink so far? I mean in the last two classes we pretty much dealt with ink pads exclusively but block printing ink is more like a printmakers type of ink and it comes in a lot of different colors on it comes in little tunes like this and jay cho you are saying that this appellate looks familiar to you is what I was using when I was doing line a couple rain so on dh pretty much they're two different kinds there's oil based, which is probably what you're using that's what a lot of people use if they're printing with linoleum andan there's water based which is what I like to use because it's easy to clean up and it drives quickly um nontoxic, et cetera and it's very easy to find you know that these tubes of ah block printing ink craft store art store your local art storm they'll have them they also come in tubs if you get, you know, a larger quantity you can get in like this. Um this is a good way to show you what it looks like two haven't even used this yet on this is a little bit of a messy type of ink that's why I'm for these last two classes I'm wearing an apron because it gets a little bit messy have crossed me natalia for these large scale printing can you also use acrylic paints? Aircraft paints yeah, you definitely can use acrylic paint and craft paint um the thing is the different types of inks and paints they're all going toe present their own, you know, benefits and challenges the difficult thing with acrylic paint is that it is really watery, so I'll give you a close up of this block printing ink this is ah tub of it this is the exact same stuff that's in the tubes that I just showed you kind of squeeze the the container you can see it looks pretty thick and pasty and it is it's you know, it's not going to pour out of there as if if this were a tub of acrylic paint that would be all over the floor. So, um the fact that this is so thick and pasty and almost kind of sticky lends itself really beautifully to being able to roll it out with what these air called breyer is a rubber brera and so I'll show you how that works that you're going to run basically rolled ink onto the stamp, you wouldn't really be able to do that with acrylic paint because it's so watering and so slippery I mean you'd go to roll it onto the paint your you're breyer probably wouldn't even role because it just wouldn't have enough stick to it, but in the last class I'm going to show you about pain printing with acrylic um a fabric paint and screen printing ink which are typically a little bit thinner and I'm going to show you how do you make your own ink pad so that that's a better way of applying the ink to the fabric or or paper if you're doing large scale but yeah, I mean pretty much anything is possible you just kind of have to figure out the right way to apply it to the stamp and print with it um so it's just it's just a matter of having the right materials um so the cool thing about the block printing ink is that it does come in a lot of colors, but you can also mix your own colors but before I go into that I want I want to actually make the stamp so that we can print print something but just so that you know what? That looks like that that's what you'll need the block printing ink you'll need a breyer um for mixing colors and kind of smoothing them out, you're going to need a palette knife. This is just a cheap palette knife you could get a metal one if you want I'm using plastic today because I'll be printing on I'll be rolling the ink out on plexi glass sheets um you can really roll your ink out onto pretty much anything flattened that's easy toe rolling out onto it could be a piece of glass it could be an old baking sheet things like that. I like plexi glass because it's, it's, uh, easy toe, clean and transport it's lightweight.

Class Description

You can add tons of personality and flair to your craft projects with easy-to-make custom foam stamps. Learn how it’s done in Beginning Stamping – Large-Scale Printing with Meagan Lewis.

Meagan Lewis is the author and artist behind the craft book, Put Your Stamp On It. In this beginner-friendly class, she’ll tell you everything you need to know to create easy-to-use adhesive foam stamps. You’ll learn:

  • How to make stamps using adhesive foam
  • Techniques for printing a repeating pattern
  • Tips for large-scale printing
  • Printing with block printing ink

Meagan will discuss best practices and offer expert tips as she demonstrates the complete process for creating foam-stamped gift wrap.

Check the bonus materials below for a complete product list of the tools and supplies you need to finish this project.


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