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Beginning Stamping - Large-scale printing

Lesson 2 of 4

Using Craft Foam to Create Your Stamp

Meagan Lewis

Beginning Stamping - Large-scale printing

Meagan Lewis

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2. Using Craft Foam to Create Your Stamp


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Using Craft Foam to Create Your Stamp

On to making the stamp so has anybody seen these like foam sheets that craft stores they come in different colors they're usually in the kids I'll these ones in particular have ended he said back to them and so they're actually really perfect for stand making because I can just take whatever mounting block I have I've gotten acrylic base here and I can stick that onto my would block but first I need to come up with a design so another thing is if you want to just get really really simple you can buy these a piece of the same type of and he's a phone material in pre cut shapes on they come in little bags so here's like hearts you khun just you know peel off that he said backing and mounted to your would block and you've got like a ready made stamp we could mount you know the hearts and a little pattern or whatever you want but I want to make my own design so I'm going to start with the larger sheet and you get comfortable and let's see I am going to get out a piece of scrap paper pencil...

and I've got my acrylic mounting block so since I have this nice big block um I want to use all of it as much as I can um I don't want to just you know make up tiny little stamp right there so I'm gonna lay my mountains block on to make scrap paper and I am going to sketch out a little design now how I'm going to be cutting this design out is with scissors and the foam itself is not, um, it's not like the carving rubber where I can get very fine detail. It's you know, it's, I want to cut it out um with not too many intricate parts to it, I guess I could say we could say so I'm going to kind of make my design somewhat loose and open and abstract I'm just gonna create kind of a cute little flower and I'm free hand sketching this, but if you want to print something out, you definitely can, you know, you can print out the design, you can draw something scanned in, um but a just the scale of it on your printer if you want, but I'm just gonna kind of wing it today and just kind of create a little pattern that I think would be fun, and this might not be exactly how I transfer it to the phone. But it's okay, okay, so now I've got my I've got my adhesive phone sheet here. Also, when you go to buy this from the store, sometimes because these are in the kids, I'll you don't want to get the one that like is on the top that has all the dents in it and stuff trying get the one under on the bottom, just something that doesn't have any dents in it because those would transfer as you go to stamp. So I'm going to cut out my huh? Well designed that I just drew and I'm going to place it on my foam and cut out a piece that matches. And this is where it's kind of your personal preference if it were, you know, if I just wanted to go for I could just start cutting it. If I really, really wanted to make the design as perfectly as I could and transfer it to the foam, take see exactly what I'm doing. I can get a piece of graphite paper and graphite paper. It's comes in sheets like this where it's dole on one side are like light paper on one side, and then this, like matt black on the other side that's where the graphite is. So what you would do is you'd flip your phone over. This is the paper side. This is the back side of the adhesive foam. And I am going tio put my graphite paper on top of that, and then my thought, my sketch on top of that. Line that you want to make sure you line it up I probably could have just done this before I cut the foam out too but that's okay you see here you can take it a little bit slightly sharper object a pen so that the sharpness of my pen will transfer that graphite it's the pressure that comes off under the phone you see that and the other cool thing about this kind of stamp not only is it really easy to make but it's really inexpensive I mean these sheets are like less than a dollar and you know it's really fast this is something that you could probably do with your kids um you help them with the scissors and things like that but this could be something really simple that they cut out in a matter of minutes and then you know you can stand people on to just construction paper you know this could be a really fun pop project that you do with with your kids you put my graphite away so now we can see that I transfer that design over again this is the back side this is where they adhesive is and I did it like that with the graphite paper because I wanted to be you know when I go to stamp it it's right side up again so I got my acrylic block out and I'm just going to start cutting my design out with the scissors and my flower here is made up of a few parts I've got the flower um itself I've got the stem and I've got the leaves and I'm going tio just try and keep that altogether so as I've cut that out I'll just lay that there I should have got a colored one because it is hard to tell the paper aside from the the phone side we'll make it work I've got some little details and the leaves that I want to get so I'm going to get out on exacto knife and slice those little inside pieces out this might take a couple of passes to go through and I'm going to try and go go on the other side to to just clean up little little bits that maybe didn't come through and when you're doing that you're cutting out the details it very important to have very clean lines and very be very precise or can you be a little less precise? Yeah you could be a little less precise I mean you could also clean it up you know? You can kind of make a few passes with it and you know, maybe if you don't like the way that it it cut out, you can kind of slice it a little bit more once it's cut out it's kind of it's a little bit easier to go back in there and uh oh here we go it's also pretty easy material to kind of just tear off with your fingertips to if it if the little pieces hanging on okay then for these pieces oh good I thought I forgot at home I was like I don't know okay um I wanna have a cute little kind of like dot pattern on the inside so little hole punch works really good I might not be able to go into the centre as much as I want but and at this point I could follow my template perfectly but I'm just kind of winging it you know it's it's kind of I'm at kind of the limit of my whole punch here is for us how far can kill him it's super easy toe hole punch this phone if you have other punches at home probably you don't want anything too intricate but you know if you have different shape punches try it's really fun to create a pattern okay? I'm pretty happy with that so I'm gonna before I take did the adhesive backing off? I'm just gonna line everything up now that I'm I have ah cut it out I'm going to flip it back over so that the stamps ah foam side up I haven't taken the adhesive off yet I can actually go off of my original template to see how that goes I think it might have been like that just line it up and once unhappy with that, I don't know, maybe it was there we go, I'm going to just take that, he said, backing off. How do I want that ticked off and again, just be kind of careful, your fingernails or other sharp objects will. If they do press into the phone, it could end up, you know, showing as kind of like a nick on the print when you go to stamp it on your gift wrap. And I kind of like that there's, a space in between the stem and the leaf and everything. So I'm leaving that on the stamp, like out space department, okay, pretty simple little foam stamp ready to go.

Class Description

You can add tons of personality and flair to your craft projects with easy-to-make custom foam stamps. Learn how it’s done in Beginning Stamping – Large-Scale Printing with Meagan Lewis.

Meagan Lewis is the author and artist behind the craft book, Put Your Stamp On It. In this beginner-friendly class, she’ll tell you everything you need to know to create easy-to-use adhesive foam stamps. You’ll learn:

  • How to make stamps using adhesive foam
  • Techniques for printing a repeating pattern
  • Tips for large-scale printing
  • Printing with block printing ink

Meagan will discuss best practices and offer expert tips as she demonstrates the complete process for creating foam-stamped gift wrap.

Check the bonus materials below for a complete product list of the tools and supplies you need to finish this project.


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