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Beginning Stamping - Playing with Ink

Lesson 1 of 5

Using Scrap Pieces to Create a Stamp


Beginning Stamping - Playing with Ink

Lesson 1 of 5

Using Scrap Pieces to Create a Stamp


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Using Scrap Pieces to Create a Stamp

All right, so um printing on fabric might seem a little bit intimidating, but it's really not it's really fun and there are a lot of options for thinks out there on dh today we're going to be using screen printing ingots, textile based screen printing ink and again water based like I said, I like to use water based inks and they're easy toe to clean up and you don't have to heat set them for as long on dh there just really accessible and nontoxic usually so um another thing and the fun thing about this project is back in classes one and two I was teaching howto carve your own stamp from those bigger sheets of rubber that you know, coming sheets like this and the thing is that if you're cutting out all these different shapes of stamps, you might end up with something or a box of something which is that I have at home um pieces like this so that lots of little pieces that you've cut off and you just don't know what to do with them little scrap pieces should I make a smaller stamp? I don'...

t know well, I don't like to really let anything go to waste on these air perfectly good pieces of stamps ah rubber so I like to just take a a mounting block and kiss khun b would acrylic a piece of plexi glass and you can mount your stamps to your block and you can create any kind of pattern that you want it can be, you know, geometric can be free form, it could be abstract, it can be repetitive. Ah, whatever you want it to be um, so I let's see here I'm going to show you how simple it isthe to make this type of stamp and all I need is right in front of me. I'm going to use this nice square block right here. I'm going to get my cutting that out and an exacto knife, maybe my ruler because some of these pieces that might not all be exactly what I want them to be. I kind of want to do like I want to fill the space and I want to do something that's kind of kind of ah, like a starburst pattern, so I've got all these nice triangular shapes in here, and I'm just going to start kind of placing them on the stamp and seeing what I can, what I can use, I'm just playing right now I'm kind of just, you know, seeing okay, I've got all these, you know, little triangle pieces, what can I fit what's going to fill the space, okay, that's a bigger piece, I can cut that down, um and and if I don't have it in my little bag of scraps here than I can always cut off a piece um but basically I'm just kind of creating my own little pattern and I want that to be I'm going to start just kind of eyeballing it and if you want this is something that I'm kind of just doing free form if you want to do something that's more of ah of a design without carving you know you want to do maybe like a checkerboard pattern you can definitely do that and you can line up your ruler to the larger sheet of rubber itself you can do a bunch of lines you could do like a plaid type of design I'm just kind of having fun with this and so I'm just going for it slips and I'll do like the cooking show in a minute here and just fast forward to my other piece but let's see the fun part is coming up actually this is fun to me but right now it's fun to watch some just happen it's just so free form it's just I can do whatever I want it can keep slicing it down and I'm just trying to fill the space like I said you can use a ruler just it's kind of tricky with the smaller pieces but just try and keep it stable and you just want to cut straight up and down and don't try and cut it all the first time you know just make it easier on yourself and cut it a few times until you get that nice chris piece okay, you could probably do this with other materials to like that foam that we used in the last class if you had a lot of scrap pieces of foam you could probably do that with with this um but I like the fact that the rubber is thick and it's raised off of the mounting block a substantial bit which makes it really easy to print with when we go teo dip the stamp into the ink so you'll see what I mean in just a little bit okay I think it's not perfect but for the sake of kind of moving things along here I've kind of got it and where I want and this is where it gets super easy double stick tape is your friend you can glue these pieces down but I like the fact that double stick tape allows me it kind of sticks these pieces down and if I need to move them I can pick them up and move wth um um and it'll hold for the prince the whole time that we're printing and you know if I do want to make this more permanent I can use the glue and stuff but like I said, I just liked being able to kind of okay, oh, I don't like that there. I'm gonna pick it up and reposition it right there. You guys were like, this is too easy. Why shouldn't have to be hard, right, sickle. The only thing is, you want to make sure whatever material that you're mounting it, too it's, all the same material, so I didn't mix, you know, different types of rubber because they're going to be ever so slightly different height, height. So I used all the same rubber, so I've got a little stay in there, you know, slice off this little edge here and that's, my little stamp, easy, ready to go, because I want to make some cute dinner napkins.

Class Description

Express your unique style through stamping! In Beginning Stamping – Playing with Ink, Meagan Lewis will teach you the basics behind block printing and color mixing.

Meagan’s inspired stamp designs are found on everything from tea towels to totes. In this beginner-friendly class she’ll demonstrate basic block printing techniques by making a personalized set of fabric napkins. You’ll learn:

  • Printing with fabric ink
  • Mixing your own colors
  • How to print with a DIY ink pad
  • How to make a stamp with repurposed rubber

Meagan will discuss the components of a good design and tell you which materials will make your stamping process easy, permanent, and professional-looking.

Check the bonus materials below for a complete product list of the tools and supplies you need to finish this project.



Overall, I learned some fun techniques and enjoyed Megan's voice and informal speaking style. I am also, a 'design/learn as you do' crafter, so I found this style relatable, however, as a craft teacher I do know that for others this can be frustrating. I agree with some of the other reviewers that she lacked sufficient knowledge about textiles for this presentation. This is a great place to start learning about creating your own stamps.

Joyce Carter

Great Class very informative about stamp making.

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