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Beginning Wirework for Jewelry Making

Raissa Bump

Beginning Wirework for Jewelry Making

Raissa Bump

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Class Description

Learn how to manipulate wire into beautiful, handmade twisted wire jewelry with Raïssa Bump in Beginning Wirework for Jewelry Making.

Raïssa is a lifelong jewelry maker and she’ll bring her experience and love of the craft to this beginner-friendly class. Basic twisted wire stacking rings, bangles, and earrings are a great starting place for aspiring jewelry makers who want to experiment with malleable metals. In this class you’ll learn:

  • Basic wire and plier work rules
  • Techniques for twisting wire varieties
  • Fusing, soldering, shaping, and finishing techniques for twisted wire jewelry

Raïssa will take you through the ring, bangle, and earring making process, from start to finish, and teach techniques you can use for your future jewelry work.

Check the bonus materials below for a complete product list of the tools and supplies you need to finish this project.

Class Materials

bonus material with purchase

Raissa Bump - Beginning Wirework Supply List.pdf

Ratings and Reviews

Beth Soll

Raissa's work and explanations here are wonderful. 5 Star quality! I am a beginning jewelry student but I have many of the items on her list because I decided to go further with this. She also tells you how to use other tools if you don't have them (i.e. Dremel or even hand-held to twist instead of a flex shaft for twisting the wire)! The dude that wrote that beginners don't have the tools must be joking. There are things you can do ahead of time to prepare yourself if you want to get serious. For example, I previewed this class so I would be ready and got a few things. I will eventually own everything on her list. I'm so glad you included her as a teacher. More please!!

Luminary Organics

This is a fantastic class for a beginning jewelry maker. Raissa is a wonderful teacher. She explains what she is doing as she does it and takes her time to make sure the student understands why she is doing each step. I have watched this class twice so far. The first time I made three different twisted wire pieces for bracelets. The second time through, I made two bracelets and three rings! Thank you CreativeLive for bringing Raissa Bump to your platform!

Nadja Meyer

Good starting point if you have never done any Jewelry at all before

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