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Shaping the Rings

Lesson 4 from: Beginning Wirework for Jewelry Making

Raissa Bump

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Lesson Info

4. Shaping the Rings

Lesson Info

Shaping the Rings

To do the ring it's essentially the same thing that you're doing you're taking just the shorter piece of metal and now basically you want to take the thickness of the metal and measure it I like to use the caliper um caliber just gives you very precise thickness here. Not sure if it's over they're not. But so this is basically it's a one and a half millimeters wide so I'll come back to it in a different a different moment talking about how you measure the length of exactly to get a size ring that you want. So if I said that I wanted to do a size seven there's a ring here I look and I get a size seven where are you? Alright test by test out what I want so if I want to bring for this finger whichever finger you want, you can put this on till just snugly fits over the knuckle and then that's the size that you know that you want and there's this great, which is also in the resource, is a great sheet sheet that tells you the thickness, the medal and then the size and gives you how long you ...

need to make it I'm just going to estimate for the moment and make a ring that is five centimeters long just to give you the technique bended around same way as before and I like to do the twisted wire with the fuse I think it's really fun it's a nice moment so you're getting it so that there's that little bit of a cross again you go do the same thing you would heated up melted together stick it in the pickle to clean and then when you come out you've got a ring that's misshapen strange shape but is altogether and round so you're going to take a different manual for this one so you had the big bracelet mandrell here there's a ring mandrell that works for this and it goes like this different ring man jules I like to use the one that doesn't have any of the markings on it when I'm making the ring and just use this for sizing afterwards so open this up place to the sun no it's true this vice does have a little bit of a curve down below that will hold this shape better will still work if you placed it up here just might not hold it and shake hold it tight enough my move more easily I thank you all right so clamping this in the vice taking the rawhide mallet placing this on and tapping and this one is round so I can move it as I'm tapping and I like to tap on the side and so the top it just actually holds it when it's in the vice better tap tap checking the shape, it's getting there as well. You should you stick to one? I like the rawhide so the rubber can work as well. It's softer than the medal you want a melon, that's, rawhide a rubber softer than a silver. So it's not going to be marking it up too much and there you go. You've got around right now, okay? So that's rings and you can do again. You can do thicker, thin are you can do the twisted wire with thin, twisted with thicker, twisted come up with different variations of rings that you're going to stack up question. So as far as money to do thicker bracelets or bangles. Yeah, you said that you can use thicker gauge is but can you do more than two wires at a time? We're is it. You can twist three wires at a time. Sure, it's going to have a totally different look and I would pick I would stick to thinner twenty gauge and thinner than getting really chunky with that interesting them, but you can trust them together. Hold the other end and twist. I wouldn't maybe three's theoretically, you couldn't do more, but keep it around that, yeah.

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Luminary Organics

This is a fantastic class for a beginning jewelry maker. Raissa is a wonderful teacher. She explains what she is doing as she does it and takes her time to make sure the student understands why she is doing each step. I have watched this class twice so far. The first time I made three different twisted wire pieces for bracelets. The second time through, I made two bracelets and three rings! Thank you CreativeLive for bringing Raissa Bump to your platform!

Nadja Meyer

Good starting point if you have never done any Jewelry at all before

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