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Student Headshot Demo Part 2

Lesson 31 from: Professional Portraits: Moving Beyond Headshots

Gary Hughes

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Lesson Info

31. Student Headshot Demo Part 2

Lesson Info

Student Headshot Demo Part 2

See, we're just usin' some pretty normal stuff here. So, she's obviously the office wild card, right? (all laughing) Alright, let's go ahead and uh... Do you want me to do the cat thing? No, I don't want you to do the cat thing. (Savannah laughing) Sit on this stool! (Gary laughing) Okay, cool. I want you to lean forward a little bit and relax, like, just relax like you're leaning forward onto your knees, yeah, perfect, there you go, perfect, yep. Bob Dole, Bob Dole, less Bob Dole, there we go. (class laughing) You can just rest this hand right here and that's fine, perfect, yeah. And then I want you to lean your upper body towards me just a little bit, and then let that wrist relax. Yeah, just so, you got it! Boom. (Gary laughing) Are you havin' a good time? Oh yeah. So glad you came? So happy to be here. (Gary laughing) ♪ Where everybody knows your name ♪ Alright, perfect, alright. Turn your head this way a little bit, tilt a touch that way, may wanna get a little bit of th...

at hawk in there, yeah, perfect! (Savannah and Gary laughing) Alright, push your face to me, bring that upper body, right there, that's it, and then turn your head this way just a little, you got it! (Savannah and Gary laughing) (shutter clicking) The office wild card, tilt your head a little, lean in a little bit more, bring it to me, turn your head this way just a touch. (Gary laughing) Ah, piece of cake. Alright, let's do one more look, okay, perfect. Let's do this, can you sit just kind of on the edge of it, and so that your legs'll mostly be straight. Okay. Just kinda relax, and maybe I'll-- With the not groomed pose? Yeah, the not, with you it's okay because you're a girl but, like, with a guy, you know. Perfect, so just kinda on the edge there, yeah, a little bit more towards me like this and then rest your hands here on your thighs, perfect. Nice and relaxed those elbows, yeah, perfect. Let's try put 'em in the jeans pocket, just thumb those-- Where, oh, thumbs? No, I like the fingers, that was good, yeah. Yeah? Do it like that! Yeah, that's perfect, yeah that's, that's very you. (Savannah and Gary laughing) Perfect, okay, backup and I want you to turn this way a little, there you go, right there. Tilt your head a touch, push your face out, chin down a little bit, turn your head that way, right there. So, what do you like the most about kombucha? I don't even know what that is! I think it's a mildly alcoholic fermented beverage of some type that hippies drink. Ew! Yeah. If it's not chocolate milk then I don't want it. (Gary laughing) Perfect, okay, we got it, good stuff, nice job. Thanks Gary. Well done. ♪ Cathy, it's your turn! ♪ Okay, how do you wanna do it? I dunno, maybe the captain. You wanna do the captain, yes, let's do it! (Cathy and Gary laughing) Okay, perfect, okay. Alright, lemme have a look here, perfect. I kinda like this, what I wanna have you do is, I like this, kinda, we're matchin' a little bit, but almost, oooh, yes! (Cathy laughing) All we need is, like, a thing that says 1985, like, one of those from, like, the high school senior portraits in the 80s? That would be awesome! (laughing) That would be so cool. (laughing) Okay, I don't mind if you're up to it and your hands are just restin' a little bit, like here, that's perfect, and then you can turn your head back to that light a little bit, yeah, gorgeous, love it! Just so long as it's relaxed and it's casual. All the things that I have to fix. Yeah, okay, nice and tall, good, pop that leg a little bit, turn your head into the light, and we're gonna push that face towards me, bring that chin down a little bit, turn into that light a little, oooh your hair looks super hot right now! (Cathy laughing) Let me go two, three. (shutter clicking) Perfect, I'm diggin' it! Alright, turn a little bit, I even like the little bit of hair in your eye, yeah. ♪ Like you just stepped out of the salon ♪ (Cathy and Gary laughing) Alright, got it, hold on, oh, focus faster! (Cathy laughing) If I had a Nikon I woulda had it! (all laughing) Turn a little bit this way, just a touch. Oh, I coulda had it if I had a Nikon, oh, perfect. You're such a good sport, I really appreciate you. Okay, turn a little bit more this way, and go, bam! Yeah, I think everybody's shots are lookin' pretty good! Alright, take a breath, gimme a small smile, just that touches the corners of your mouth a little bit, and then this way, gimme a little eyebrow raise, mhmm, mhmm. (Gary laughing) Beautiful, and lean that face into me a little bit more, chin down a little bit, right there, bam, not so much, little less lean into me, yeah, there you go, breathe. (inhales and exhales audibly) Got it, okay, nice, lookin' good, alright Cath, next! You're done. Cool. I got you, I don't even need a second look, that's how good you are. Sharon, I think you're gonna be the boss today. Awesome! Yeah, let's do it. Alright, so let's have you kinda free standing and I'll do a couple of variations on the combination posing. Alright, let's have you turn this way, just a little bit, back to me just a touch, good, alright. Lady power pose, or gimme the toe, the power toe. Too much power, too much! (class laughing) There we go, pin your upper body this way just a little bit, just a touch this way, let's put your right arm, just relax it and keep that left arm up, good. I feel like these lights are getting closer to me. Take a tiny step that way. Take a slightly larger step that way. There we go, perfect, you got it! Okay. We're good, alright, diggin' it, alright, chin down just a touch, turn your head this way a little, right there. You do look like the boss! Bam, yeah, tilt a little that way, chin down a touch, turn your head a little like that, okay. Angela, there we go. (shutter clicking) (Gary laughing) Who is the boss, Sharon, you're like on point, I don't have to do anything. Or, yeah, there we go, okay. Put, uh, both hands on the hips, yeah, cool, perfect, tilt your head this way a touch, bring that chin down, boom. You can do better. (laughing) There it is. (laughing) You have done better, you're doin' great, I love it! Good, now let's change it up. Turn you out of the light a little bit, I want you to bring your hands in front, nice and relaxed, but a little more like this, yeah, like somethin' like that, yeah, perfect. Turn your head into the light, we're gonna do a little demure, let's bring a little pop to the elbows just a touch, turn your head into the light, chin down, and bring that knee across a touch, yeah, you got it. So this is a little more like lady pose, turn into me this way just a touch, a little less power pose, chin down a little bit. I want you to shift your weight though to your back foot, keep leaning back, okay, good, awesome. Okay, so what're we gonna drink later? Do you know, do you not drink? No. Aw, so Kool-Aid for you, perfect! Or you could drink chocolate milk with Savannah. Chin down a little bit, 'kay, take a breath. (inhales and exhales audibly) There we go, nice relaxed face, relaxed expression, perfect. Two, oh man, this is givin' me trouble, I'm gonna hafta turn this off a second. Yeah, it's just tellin' me busy, busy, busy. Oh, I'm shootin' too fast. Five, four, (shutter clicks) there we go! There's your surprise face, I was not expecting that shot! Okay, perfect, chin down a little, take a breath, want you to relax your jaw a little bit, yeah, so your lips aren't bein' pressed together. (lips trilling together) (Gary laughing) Chin down a little bit more, breathe. (inhales and exhales audibly) Awesome, beautiful, nailed it, alright, next! Who's my next victim? I'm gonna have you lean a little bit 'cause I'm gonna kinda come in and bring your face a little close to the camera. We're gonna come down this way, and you're just gonna be kinda, one of those, can you do that? But I want you to do it, yeah, yeah, that's perfect! Joe, you're a helluva guy! I love it, that's perfect. Turn your head a little bit into the light, eyes to me, okay, take a breath. (inhales and exhales audibly) I like that shirt. (all laughing) Perfect, okay man, got Joe! That's great, you're done, I'm so happy with that one.

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Gary is super knowledgable, yet down-to-earth and relatable. I love how he explains the exact gear he uses but also describes ways to accomplish the same look using DIY and less expensive alternatives. The segment where he demos a live shoot in multiple, difficult lighting situations is worth the cost of the class alone! Bonus: He's super funny. He could probably double as a comedian on the side, but I digress. This class was informative, funny, and very practical for any photographer that wants to increase their profit and expand their business into the professional world. He gives all his prices and workflows so you can get up and running in 2 days! :) Awesome class overall, and it's a great sequel to his professional headshot class (which I also bought and loved.)

Richard Blenkinsopp

I love Gary's straight teaching style, and appreciate him demonstrating with regular people, not models. This is the real life of a regular photographer! I wish Creative Live could show more from the photographers viewpoint, so that when he's posing and moving lights etc, we see exactly what he's changing, and can analyze why... not sure how they'd achieve this in a live environment though. Loved his going around to less than ideal locations and finding the place that works. My favourite course on Creative Live so far.


Gary makes taking editorial portraits look simple and fun. I want to start shooting heads! I love Creative live and Gary is really doing a great job. I got to buy the class next. Thank you.

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