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Monday Follow-Up

I'm just going to talk to you a little bit about monday follow up because there is more to do on monday, it's just not that much, so you do have to block. I mentioned this, so what I do is I just finished writing my little block post and it gets scheduled that usually don't publish it right away. It's got a block list going on publishing in the future, which is really fantastic because I need things going on my block, so just finish in writing it on schedule and then what I do when it actually is published, which is roughly around the time when my clients proofs already, which is only two and a half to three weeks after the wedding. It's a very quick turnaround time. Um, I have my client's post on facebook, I send them a little link have a temple email for it. Oh my gosh, I'm so excited to tell you that your proofs already ahead of time because I tell them about four to five weeks always, you know, over or under promising over delivering, um, so excited to show these to you. And by the...

way, your wedding blot your wedding photographs have been published on my block big, make sure you share it around. Share your fame or whatever it is that that I have a nurse, so I have them share the link because more of their friends are going to see it if they're posting rather than I'm posting and tagging them so that's what they do there and then if I am trying to get that wedding published, I'll email that vlog link to the publishers to the photo editors of different areas and magazines so log is important then I have the animal slideshow that haven't showed them yet and what I do is again I ask my clients to post them to facebook I actually do this in the post wedding email, which is one that I write them they're too after their wedding, I'm so happy that I was there to photograph your wedding your pictures of gorgeous here's the link to your online gallery and here's a link to your photo slide show make sure you post on facebook and share with all your friends will love it again most more than friends will see it that way if I haven't already onto bright lights publisher send us ten sorry send a publisher I will do that on monday. Sometimes I get around to doing that the night of the wedding, sometimes I just I haven't gone through and figured out which publisher want to send it to on dh then I'd like to update my online profiles because these are my best pictures from the wedding, if I have a couple of best pictures, I'll quickly upload them to snap not our wedding wire, to keep my my listing fresh on there because it's like a really easy tio look on the listing and you're like, wow, that was from three years ago, and then I also make a facebook timeline banner, which somebody had talked about before. I definitely do a facebook timeline better it's very effective to have my photograph splashed all over the front page of my client's facebook, so I have a template for that. I'll show you guys that little later uh, monday follow up, there is a little bit more work to do, so I do not spend time in my in my office sitting in front of my computer editing my proofs because what I've done with my favorites, I've edited those in my style that's how I like them, but when it comes to the regular proofs, I can't edit every single one of those in photo shop, so what I do is I like to call my own images again, I think that's a storytelling thing, I think culling her own images is really important on dh, then I send them off to evolve, evolve edits um and that's a picture that you're seeing on the right so what I do is I send them off to evolve at its the color balance and exposure and all that stuff make it ready upload to my online gallery so my clients see the pictures about two and a half weeks two three weeks after the wedding it's very very short I certainly wouldn't be able to do that if I wasn't using evolve but then I also will select some of my favorites for signature images which is what that isthe so the top is what it looked like normally on the bottom is what they made of it and it's really great and I like doing this just for a couple of images like wow my clients or I do this when I submit to like w p p I r p p a image competitions because they tend to like stuff like this a little bit more I also will send my album off for pre design because again the pictures that I have selected are perfect for their album from the same day at pictures so I can just send off those pictures for a pre design of the album maybe throw in a few reception pictures um and then I designed her thank you card for them as well so if you got how many of you guys air outsourcing your photos now yeah just one why do you like tio outsource all that tedious, horrible work? It just it was like consuming my life basically, and I just really wanted the freedom to be able to do other things and I'll still like, I mean, I'll take a few of my favorites and I'll really get in deep like those ones and write really awesome, but for I mean, if you're shooting a wedding, I mean, I have, like, two thousand images, you know, what I'm saying? And so when you go through that many images that just takes so long and I was finding my turnaround time was getting extended and I really wanted to be fast, yeah, yeah, you know, it's funny last year I decided, like, hole, let me do just this one wedding, it took me longer by the time I had, you know, there's other things that have to do then sit there for hours and it you know, my proofs by the time that I finally got those done amongst, like the rest of my life, it took longer than if I just tearing, you wanna have a life you want to be? Oh, you know, I mean, if you depends on how many weddings you're doing per year, but if you're doing fifty weddings a year, how are you going to edit all those? Well, you can't it's too much, you know you won't have a life so you need to simplify your workflow need to make it smooth on dh the idea is that you give that fast turnaround time two and a half weeks is awesome for a turnaround time nobody in my area is doing two and a half week turnaround time and I can guarantee that to a bride again I tell them you know for ish weeks but when I could do that it's great plus then I can shoot more if I'm not behind my computer I could be shooting and that's where I make my money that's where my talent lies not with a mundane task of you know, dropping saturation by five percent cause my bride was really orange that day you know whatever it is just real quick I want teo you guys to notice how many times I talked about facebook I did it a lot just to summarize about facebook I hit them five times is what I say so I do it once united the wedding when I upload the pictures and I tagged them then the animal to slide show that they post is another time and that's usually about three days after the wedding then the timeline banner that will make it some point a week after the wedding that you can see right there her wedding was last august august and she still has that up there took that screen shot the other day um and the blogger post which is roughly three weeks after their wedding again my clients are posting that and then I do a happy anniversary post if you guys go to my facebook page right now vanessa joy photography you'll see right on there there's a happy anniversary post that's up I think cindy and chris's anniversary on I do just the one year anniversary of the wise a lot of anniversary posts over the over the course of a couple of years so that's how I work just my summary of the facebook facebook extravaganza there um it's really easy because of same day ed it's like I said to maximize them for social media instagram I am this's from instagram and yet not a real instagram picture I am not photographing weddings with my iphone however you can do some cute behind the scenes that would be a really cute thing to do it behind the scenes instagram thing make sure you use your hashtags and stuff like that on by have automatically forward to twitter and facebook again so I guess that's another facebook hit their tag your vendors take the branding room and then also pinterest here so you can see on pinterest I just have a bunch of boards wedding shoe ideas favorite wedding flowers you know create inspiration boards and then tag for breads to find and again snap not does a lot of this for me and I'm like just repainting what they're doing is a great idea to put it in category soup is that people keep coming back and checking those categories for new inspiration yeah so he keeps all my favorite stuff from one spot which I like and then I have my own stuff they're interested let's show that in there from a little home boards and my craft boards and all that fun stuff again if you want the checklist just go to venice and rome back home you can grab that checklist so do you question d'oh d'oh okay just about like you have your proof yeah before you set up you block post up their block post s o you do in studio selling right I do not do in studio okay that is actually one of my goals for this year thanks two cells and cottages workshop is wedding workshop in the studio sales that is when michael's this year yeah I don't do the in studio stuff that's all I was going to ask about so I guess it doesn't matter just I mean once you put your pictures up online today do you have I mean to help or hinder your sales for the pictures that you post good question will it in their cells and we start doing I find it helps it because then there early on attached to these photographs and nine times out of ten when they're ordering canvases and wall things and everything else it's my same day and that's true, yeah, a lot of them again and when she goes back to what menace was talking about before about initial impact in the first images they see tend to be the ones that they have the most emotional attachment to so we'll stick with those as their core images, so to speak, which is great because those are the ones that I want them to put on their wall you ever have a bride like and their favorite photo is like the worst photo and you should've called it yeah, so it's kind of teaching them too take the good one or re creams when they pick a bad a picture for the cover of the album it's like, oh man there's so many better photos that would look so great on an album yeah, yeah, yeah just going back, teo outsourcing and going to evolve do you call tio a specific number? Do you have a kind of package in mind that you want to send off? Yeah, I d'oh I call and I'm not totally picky about it because my goal is to tell them the story of the day so I'm not going skimp but roughly ended between eight hundred and a thousand images in general depending how long the day was to I find that number is a good number but not overwhelming to my bride

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The amount of extra stuff Vanessa accomplishes at a wedding reception blows me away. The class was a great breakdown of the basic step by step process she uses to do same day edits. I loved the info and I have slowly started to implement her strategies in to the weddings I photograph.