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Landscapes in Black & White

Lesson 6 from: Black & White Photography Post-Processing in Lightroom CC

Serge Ramelli

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Lesson Info

6. Landscapes in Black & White

Lesson Info

Landscapes in Black & White

one mass photo. And that's one thing. Also, a little photographic tip. Look at this. What? I shot this at 105 millimeter landscape is not just about a white angles. Sometimes it's really cool to be able to, you know, zoom in. That's why should might. Best lunch today is a 24 to 40 with Sony because I can do this type of photos really called. That was a 72 200 that I rented for the occasion and very sharp. So that's the, you know, just that wonderful from the tunnel view. So it's kind of nice to jumping on details like this, But then again, no, we have presets. Now we have presets so black and white basic like the one that we created life. Okay, let's see black and white to like the way to seems to be better. Let's see black and white to whistling ingredients, huh? Black basic black and white linear? No, basically, no, Rachel. There's one way which this was not so bad, but I like this one. It's just agreement is too much, and there is I need to create another one Beijing Black and went ...

to linear, Rachel, so that this one only has leaner, Okay? And it's missing the circle. So when you use a preset, the first thing you do, of course, is going to the local adjustment and readjust to your photo the you know, the different Grady INTs in this case, Like, I don't want this to be too dark. So I'm gonna make this, you know, much lighter. But I'm still playing a one with this. You know, I still like the idea of this being dark, but and this is way too strong again. And maybe I don't even need this one because already very dark. I don't need this one. Okay, so now, uh, the Rachel's fearful. So I'm going to see here, and I'm gonna Oh, and they are different. Raid also call on this one. Actually, there was little, and I didn't noted, but there was Rachel Circle on this preset. So, um, I'm gonna We name it to leaner Rachel. So I know that there is some radio too. So now you see by default four. So I'm gonna move them. This one, of course, is going to go on the waterfall. This one can go like I'm looking for things which are the same tones like see here this year or is this is a kind of the same time. It's a little brighter there. I don't wanna put Maurin fences on that texture. This can be cool here. Sometimes I just make a spot of light, little bit writer. But the rule here is Look, for we look for something that's kind of boring and make it more interesting. Um, I think this clouds here are interesting. By adding a bit more light, I'm gonna make them even more interesting. And the good thing is, you see, this is a rental circle back. You also have the brush roller goes with it. In this case, I want to do the opposite that I've done so far. Meaning I want to click here and I want to minus out. I wanted my head. And remember, I'm holding the option key. So I have the minus and I've got total mask on. And if you wonder what you read your physical looks like now you can just go, you get go over it and you see the red is where it's active, and it's not as much active now on here. So allow this The reginal Enderlin Linear have this sort of brush we can add or take from. And that's something that it exists when they first came out. This is like from, you know, light from CCU. Something. It's been a couple of years now, but I find using it all the time because you need to adapt. The preset is again only a starting point. But, boy, does it save me a lot of time. Now, one thing that I'm missing this preset is I always put the sharpening, which I didn't do. But if you don't know the preset, the one that some photos result comes last year, you will get all the shopping. It's in there all the You know, I just wanted to be mawr on the retouching side of life here. Okay, so, uh, this is good. This is good. I'm happy. So I look at it always, you know? Yeah, well, the little sensor does there, but I like, you know, like on the whole look, holding tones. No, I kind of you know, it just is interesting everywhere. Now, it's not just, you know, we see the texture better. And that's the That's the beauty of dodge and burn, you know, And again, don't overdo it, you know, But it's got to be subtle enough to create an impact on I mean, powerful, left leaning back. And so do enough to not be stealing the show. You know, you did something there. So on this one, see that little dust here? I'm gonna be here and allow. So again, um, you know, I changed a whole bunch of things there, so I might I might. Just because I can. And because it's free, I might go like this three. Sometimes threes with the best episode Leaner and Rachel. Okay, not folder.

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