Blogging to Sell Your Products


Blogging to Sell Your Products


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Challenge: Turn a Social Media Post into a Blog Post

If all you did was turn one social media post a week into a blog post that's a pretty incredible marketing strategy right? If all you did was this, spent a couple minutes thinking about keywords, put that up there. That's 50 blog posts. In 15 minutes, right? So even if the only thing you did was this, that's a really, really great strategy. So this is where we're gonna start. So my challenge to you guys is right now, as you're watching at home you're going to do this. Obviously if you have not set up your blog yet, take 10 minutes, pick a platform, sign up for your blog. Then I want you guys to turn a social media post into a blog post. And then I want you to share. I wanna know that you guys actually did this. So I want you to tweet the link, it's kind of silly to post this on Instagram because you're pulling an image from Instagram, right? So don't make an Instagram post. As I said I want you to tweet the link. Or if you really want to take a picture of your computer and post it on I...

nstagram. Either way I want you to tag me, I want you to tag @creativelive. I want to see that you guys did this challenge. Because it's so easy, right? And then guess what? Now when you reposted the link, look you did even more marketing. So much marketing in 20 minutes, it's amazing. So if all you did was turn one social media post into one blog post every week you'd have a consistent blogging strategy. You guys posting to Instagram at least once a week? Boom, you're already creating content. Tawny's like um, no. (laughs) Maybe we should work on that if you're doing that. But so you can use the content that you're already creating and put together a consistent blogging strategy. And just taking a few minutes to think about keywords. To think about how your audience might find that post. It's gonna make it even more powerful.

Class Description

Blogging is one of the most valuable, essential tools you can use to engage with customers and, ultimately, leverage to grow your business and make more sales. An entertaining and informative blog should be an integral component of your online content marketing strategy. If you are not blogging, it’s time to get started!

In Blogging to Sell Your Products, Megan Auman will walk you through her process of crafting blog content that will inspire product purchases.

You will learn to do the following:

  • Set up your blog using the right platform
  • Craft a blog post in less than an hour
  • Promote your blog and create posts that encourage sharing
  • Boost your Google page rankings using SEO blogging techniques
  • Choose a product-based blogging approach

In today's saturated craft marketplace it’s getting harder and harder to make sales. And, it’s also becoming difficult to get accepted into craft shows. In Blogging to Sell Your Products, you will learn to use your blog to set yourself apart from the crowd.