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The Power of Cropping

Lesson 3 from: Bring Out the Best in Every Image with Photoshop

Chris Orwig

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Lesson Info

3. The Power of Cropping

Lesson Info

The Power of Cropping

All right let's get to simple stuff cropping I've talked about cropping I want a hammer it a little bit more I talked about the overlay right are key for the crop tool and then we have the okie goes to a different overlays that's important to know because cropping is composition I mean this is crafting images that that's a key thing and the next we gotta fear of how to fix issues with cropping so this image I'll tap the archy and hold down command on the mat control on windows and command is big stuff and I just want to straighten it out right and what that does for me straighten it out a little bit too much is it is it kind of orients the viewer a little bit more and this is a promo shot for this guy is a pro surfer and a surfboard and it just kind of gets us right there so our head isn't quite so tilted and you don't have that kink in your neck of your likes that too long like this and that's what I think composition is it's like you don't notice it unless it's wrong and good competi...

tion you can't even quite articulate why's that I don't I know but that like does something you know to me so and then other times that's getting rid of unwanted stuff I've talked a lot about edges kids on the beach with their friends on a camping trip, my daughter and two of her friends and another dad was in the background, and I was so into this moment, to me, it was so poetic because the moment after this, when I took the picture when they realized it was all, like, you know, faces and tongues out and, you know, the poetry was lost, so take the shot I need to fix it in post easy, simple fix, which we all do, but I want you to really start considering your edges, and what I'm trying to do is the edges tell so much of the story and, like the image spills off those edges. If that guy's still there, the image will ever work, it won't ever get anywhere. And so the simple, the poetic, you know, every little piece of that that thing matters. All right, one last one, let's go to russell brown. You guys know russell? Probably he is crazy. Russell, just a couple weeks ago has said called me up and said, chris, I'm in santa barbara, and I want to go to lunch. I was like, of course I do. And then and then I was like, I got to take a portrait of you, this wasn't a portrait. This is a couple of years ago, so I got to take a portrait views like, perfect I've a penguin costume in my car, and so we went to the beach and I took a picture of him in a penguin costume. You know, I was like, you know, I think he is one of the most creative people ever. He's a senior creative director to dover, you just great, great guy. So here we have russell in las vegas at the neon graveyard again, I want to straighten this out are key crop tool. We've seen how we have our angle slider. We can do that, or we can do what I did before, which is holding the command can weaken drag horizontally or vertically. So if we have something that we think should be straight drag along that press, enter returned to apply it. In this case, I need to kind of going a little bit tighter from all sides because really, the fun moment of this is sort of where is he what's happening and trying tio and I'll get in there a little bit more to clarify the voice of the image it's, simple stuff, but you can't underestimate simple stuff, it can really change you as a photographer.

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Chris Orwig has long been near the top of my most admired photographers list. I own his books, have watched almost all his courses, and naturally purchased this course from CreativeLive. As always, in a short time Chris covers new and unique material in his wonderful professorial manner that is always easy to understand. Great material, great class, great Orwig, and highly recommended. But I must add a short addendum for other Orwig followers who may be considering this course. Chris is easily the most philosophical, metaphysical, feeling photographer I know. He is a poet with words and images, and he teaches that you should produce images that resonate with your own higher self. Great! But I almost fell off my chair when this class started and Chris now has a very long beard. Okay Chris, I am a follower! You are not only my favorite instructor, but my guru of all things photographic!

Noemi Rav

Great class as usual by Chris Orwig, a gentle mix of useful teachings (it goes fast, be prepared to take notes or rewatch video) and wise guidance. I particularly appreciated how practical the course is, you get to learn things you can apply right away versus a general Lightroom or Photoshop class. If - like me - you know your way around a little bit the editing tools but want real life exemples on improving the edit of your images, plus appreciate it coming from a great teacher, definitely watch this course.

creativelive student

Chris is brilliant in the depth of his knowledge as well as his teaching skill. He can talk sliders and deep emotions in the same sentence. So many photo teachers are "self-taught" with giant holes in what they know, or they think that 7 years of experience is a lot. Chris is one of those pros that just gets better and better, with skill and with heart. This particular course goes fast and you have to pay attention to the arrows to see what he is doing. But listen up - it's Chris - what he says can go deep instantly, or be a big terrific new skill.

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