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Strategy One: Page To Chat

Lesson 13 from: Build a Social Media Plan That Actually Makes Money

Ryan Deiss

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Lesson Info

13. Strategy One: Page To Chat

Lesson Info

Strategy One: Page To Chat

Alright so let's talk about the first strategy, which is the page-to-chat strategy. Page-to-chat strategy. How many of you have been to a website and you saw something like this sitting in the lower right-hand corner of the site? Seen it? Yeah, this is starting to become very, very, very prolific. They're kind of everywhere, to the point of, it's getting a bit obnoxious at times. And it's popping up, it's like, hey, how can we help you today? We have one at Digital Marketer, so we put one at our site, so you can see it's, you know it's down there, ask them a question. So this is our particular page that's designed to kind of recruit agencies and consultants into our partner program. So if you wanna see kind of how it works. But we don't just have the thing at the bottom, we actually have, right there, there's a link where they can click apply today. And then a button where they can apply today that sends them to a form. And then right below it, it's or, chat with an agency specialist. ...

When you click on the or chat, it's popping up a form. I'm sorry, it's popping up a chat box, where they can, this one pops up a form, this one pops up a chat box, got it? So, we're gonna test switching this. Let's try to get more people chatting and less people filling out a form because the conversion rates are higher, the conversations are strong. I think that's a big part of what you're gonna start seeing. But if you click chat with an agency specialist, or if you click on the chat box, the little chat prompt in the lower right-hand corner, it slides out this chat area. So right there on the page, someone in my office can have a direct conversation with a prospective customer. And they can actually have multiple conversations, they can be talking to one person over here, talking to another one, maintaining multiple conversation threads. This is what I mean by page-to-chat. Just out of curiosity, how many of you have done this? You've clicked on the thing and you've talked and you've chatted with someone? Okay, we got one, okay, hold up, look around. But nobody wants to talk to anybody anymore. That was way higher than I thought it would be. So the challenge with this is potentially it's a lot. Good problem to have right? A lot of people wanting to talk. So what we wanna do is we wanna begin to leverage bots for some of the filtering. So I'll show you how we do that in just a second. Now here's the biggest mistake that everybody makes, okay. And we did it too, so I'm showing you in an example from me. You know I like to show you guys how we screw this stuff up. Don't ask them if they want to chat. Hey there, have a question? Wanna chat? The answer is always, nope. They don't say nope, they just say nope by not engaging. You ever walk into a retail store, like a clothing store? Hey, you want a hand with something? Anything I can show you or help you, you need anything? What do you say? I'm just looking. I'm just looking. Now we didn't talk about any of this, this is the human condition. Do you wanna talk to a stranger? No, no. So what should you do instead? Don't ask people if they want to chat, ask a binary question. I learned this from a Girl Scout. Now that's creepy, so let me qualify. I was, you know, at least in the States we got Girl Scouts and Girl Scouts are always selling cookies and they're standing out in front of like, you know, restaurants and like Walgreens and the, you know supermarkets. So whether you're coming or going, they're like, you know, wanna buy some Girl Scout cookies? Now, they ask wanna buy some Girl Scout cookies, right? Which is a bit like, wanna chat? And you know, it's noon and they're for sale and I'm like heck yeah, bring it on, right? I want the thin mints, like let's do this thing, I need a box for now and I gotta throw a couple boxes in the freezer, right, that's how Girl Scout cookies work. So, heck yeah, let's do this thing. But then after you've like got some, wanna buy some Girl Scout cookies? No, it's okay, you know, I've already got some or no, like I've decided as recently as just now like going paleo. And so you know, I got conditioned, I was able to say no to the cute little girl trying to sell me cookies that I actually did want. It's a pretty good offer. So like no. Do you wanna buy some Girl Scout cookies? No I don't. But then I walked up to one, and I'm like prepping myself. Like I pull up to the restaurant and I see them there and I'm like alright get your game face on, go time, gotta be ready to say no. And I got my script in my head of how I'm gonna reject it and I walked up and the girl said, hi sir, do you like cookies? (audience laughs) And I went, I like cookies. Oh, do you like these cookies? I like those cookies. And so I bought more cookies, right. Because she engaged me in conversation. Another girl, they must be teaching this like at the home office or something like that. I walk into another one and she says, um, excuse me sir. Do you support the troops? (audience laughs) No. Down with the, yes, of course I support the troops. Oh, and they started doing this later in the season, when I think they knew that kind of everybody was stocked up. They're like, well I don't know if you know this but you could buy delicious Girl Scout cookies for yourselves, or you could also buy a box that we will send to the troops. So I buy some more Girl Scout cookies. Finally, there's just a month where I don't leave the house. But the key is that initial binary question. What is a question that they're not gonna say no to, unless you really want them to say no to it. Generally, it's a binary question that is designed to engage them in a conversation. So we realize the Digital Marketer. On this page, we only wanna talk to people who are consultants or agencies. That's it, that's the only people we really wanna talk to, so we ask, we change from hey, wanna chat to quick question, are you a consultant or a marketing agency? That's it. So I want you to, let's pause briefly. What's a binary question that you could ask? What is a question that you could ask somebody that's your version of, do you like cookies? What's a binary question that you could ask? Not do you wanna chat? If you're a wedding photographer it's are you getting married soon? You don't have to ask do you wanna chat. You don't have to ask are you looking for a wedding photographer? Hey, are you getting married soon? So think about it. What's your binary question that's gonna get the people you want to raise their hand and engage in conversation. What is that for you? Step one, the very first thing you need to figure out. And if you don't figure that one out, you don't nail it, the bad news is, absolutely nothing else I'm about to show you is gonna matter. It's not gonna be relevant, it's not gonna work, because they're never gonna get to that point. So what is your binary question that you can engage and chat with somebody that isn't, want some help, can I help, need help finding something, wanna chat, have a question? No, no, no, no, no, no, no, I'm just looking, okay. What is your do you like cookies? So at Digital Marketer when we ask this question, quick question, are you a consultant or marketing agency, we now leverage a bot where they can answer by clicking. Yes, I'm with an agency, yes, I'm a consultant, nope, neither. The bot is what makes it to where they can click on it and the conversation continues and I'll show you how that works in just a second. So we leverage bot for throttling and filtering, for filtering the conversations, we'll get to that in just a second. But we found that once we asked that question, are you an agency? Yeah, I'll show you where we go from there. Now if you're freaked out and you're saying yeah but I don't know if I wanna have that many conversations, at least not yet. Let's talk about some ways that you can throttle the conversations. The first way to do it is to avoid the homepage. Most people I see doing this, the first thing they do is they put that little deal on the homepage. They're talking to too many people, if you don't have the bandwidth for it, if you don't have a team that can do that, don't put it on the homepage. I recommend that you could trigger the chat on their third visit. That's another way to throttle it and all the solutions allow you to do that, so only show this chat if somebody has come to the website not once, not twice, but three times. If they come back three times, you wanna chat? No I don't. You can be like, yeah you do. (audience laughs) Don't do that, it's not a binary question and it's freaking creepy. Okay, so triggered on the third visit. Avoid the homepage. What about on the sales page? Or on an offer page. Or on a thank you page after they bought one thing? What about on a webinar registration page? What about chatting with them on a demo request form? Maybe they've got some questions, they're really, really, really close. But some pages, it's a little bit deeper into the funnel. You could trigger the chat on what we call bottom of funnel content, BOFU content. Bottom of funnel content. Bottom of funnel content is that content that people are consuming right before they make a buying decision. So that might be content such as pricing guides. A pricing page, by the way, is bottom of funnel content. But it might also just be, you know, a blog post that really, only someone who is super interested in the thing that you had to sell, would actually be reading that post. So somebody, I'll use Digital Marketer as an example. Digital Marketer sells training to people at all levels. So if somebody is just looking at Facebook ad examples, they're pretty high up. If they're looking at a thing on how to evaluate the right digital marketing training and certification for your business. If they're gonna read a blog post on how to build an in-house digital marketing team, that's much deeper in. That's not somebody who's toying with the idea of marketing, that's somebody who's pretty deep in, so maybe I would just put it there. Trigger chat on pricing and thank you pages. I mentioned that, somebody who's already one step in. So those are some ways that you can go about throttling the conversation if you have too many. Hopefully, you get to a point where you have so many people and it's working so well you're like come one, come all, let's talk. So these are just conversation starters. The first conversation starter is that binary question on the page.

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