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The Tools You'll Need

Lesson 12 from: Build a Social Media Plan That Actually Makes Money

Ryan Deiss

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12. The Tools You'll Need

Lesson Info

The Tools You'll Need

Let's talk about some of the tools that you need to start looking at. Now, I wanna say at the outset, I don't own any of the tools I'm about to show you, I don't have a vested interest, I'm not getting paid for this, they're not affiliate links, neither myself nor CreativeLive is incentivized in any way. I just wanna give you some of the tools that we've used that have worked well for us. I'm sure there are other tools that do similar things, I'm sure that some of the tools that I'm showing you, because of the nature of these things, they may get bought up, the names may change, they may go out of business. That's where, just Google it, please. Like, that one doesn't work, where'd he go? I will tell you, one thing that we're starting to see is chat apps are beginning to get built inside of marketing automation solutions. So HubSpot, for example, has a chat app now built into their sales hub platform. You're gonna start seeing this. Just the idea of a CRM or a marketing automation solut...

ion that doesn't send out segmented email would be the most bizarre thing in the world, it's gonna be the same kind of thing where, if you don't have some type of conversational marketing baked into the marketing automation platform, the text stack, I believe in 12 to 24 months, those solutions are gonna be irrelevant. So, give HubSpot some props there for being kinda on the leading edge of that trend. And other companies are, as well. I think SalesForce is also coming out with some. is really the first technology solution that offers a chat that has built their entire platform around this trend. So they're not only a great source of technology, they're also a great source of information. Intercom, Intercom has been around for a long time. All these solutions. How many of you have gone to websites before and there's been some sort of live chat? They've been used in customer care and customer support, and customer success applications for a long time. Just, nobody wanted to talk to anybody unless one, they had to, and two, they were already a customer. The whole trend is we're taking a lot of these chat apps, and we're moving them in front of the firewall. We're moving in front of the paywall. We're saying, I guess we'll talk to you now. Even though you haven't given us money yet. What a crazy concept. But Intercom is one of the leading players in chat solutions. When it comes to Facebook messaging and automating through bots. Bots are a tool that can actually mimic human conversation. I'm gonna show you some examples of those in just a little bit, and actually how to craft your own bot, give you a framework for doing that. But one that does it, so Drift will allow you to do that onsite. ManyChat will allow you to do that through Facebook Messenger. People, if they wanna chat with you and your brand via Facebook Messenger, they will facilitate a bot-type experience inside of Messenger. It can also facilitate certain commerce experiences. And really, you're getting to a point where you're gonna need both. Your people are gonna want to talk to you in Messenger, your people are gonna wanna talk to you on your website through your own chat, they're gonna email you. You will probably still need a phone number at some point, right? Wherever they are, you need to be as well. So now that you've got the tools, let's talk about how to start a conversation. How do you actually get the conversation started? 'Cause it's not enough to just be able to talk. And it's one thing to be able to talk, and to take the conversation when they happen. What conversational marketing is all about is marketing to drive the conversations. And not just to drive any conversation, but to drive the specific conversations that you want to have. So there are three techniques, tactics, strategies, whatever you wanna call them, that we use for conversation starters. The first is the Page to Chat conversation starter. Page to Chat. That is going to involve leveraging a tool, like Drift, like Intercom, like one of the HubSpot chat, or any other live person, having that on your website, so that when people arrive on your site, or arrive on a particular page on your site, they have the ability to engage with you right there onsite. That is what we mean by Page to Chat. They're on your page, and then you're going to initiate a chat. We're going to talk about how to do that. A lot of companies trying it, most of them doing it extraordinarily poorly. So, I'll show you how to do it really poorly, if you wanna just try. And I'll show you how to do it well. Then we have Email to Chat. Campaigns that are designed, not to get somebody to click, but campaigns that are designed to get somebody to click the Reply button and have a conversation. It's a crazy concept, I know. But every single month, we are sending out at least one email sequence, generally two or three emails, I'm gonna show you an example of it, that is going out to a segment of our audience, many thousands of people, and our end, like a digital market, I think our subscriber list is around 750,000. We have a rolling segment that's anywhere from 2,000 to 5,000 people that we send out this three-part email series to every single month that doesn't have a link in it. It's not designed to get a click. It is designed to get somebody to reply and start a real conversation with a real, live human being. That's what I mean by Email to Chat. If you don't wanna learn a new piece of technology, if don't wanna go buy a solution like Drift or Intercom, if you don't wanna get that installed, if you're a little bit worried about that, all of you know how to use email. So there should be nobody who leaves here today saying, that conversational marketing and all those bots thing, that sounds cool. I don't quite get it, I don't really understand it, so I don't wanna do it. That does not mean you don't get to do conversational marketing. I'm gonna give you a tool, I'm gonna give you a word-for-word email that you can send, and congratulations, you'll be having conversations. And then there's Ad to Chat. Did you know that you can run advertising inside of Facebook that when somebody clicks on the ad, it doesn't send them a webpage, it instead just pops up a Facebook Messenger chat page? You can advertise to get people to start a conversation right there in-app, right there on Facebook. It is really, really, really cool. I wouldn't do it for everybody, I certainly wouldn't advertise to every man, woman, and child, hey, let's talk. Unless you run maybe like a Psychic Friends hotline or something like that. But to segments of your audiences, we've talked about custom audiences before in some other classes, to a segment of your audience, a segment of buyers, absolutely. By all means, do that and get a conversation going. I'll show you some examples of that. So, Page to Chat, Email to Chat, Ad to Chat. Two of them require some kind of technology and integration. Two of them that require some other person. That second one, Email to Chat, every single person in this room, every single person watching online, is gonna be able to implement some aspect of conversational marketing. I'm telling you, if you do this, you're gonna be light years ahead of your competition.

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This class was phenomenal! Ryan was incredibly engaging and kept the subject matter easy to understand, even for someone who is quite new to all of this. I loved that even though the class is about social media, he brought everything back to the importance of human interaction. I highly recommend buying this class if you need a kick in the butt to get going on social media but don't know where to start.

Reichel Neil

Great class! Once again Creative LIVE has delivered excellent material which can be applied immediately.

Micayla Cathleen Short

This class was incredibly helpful. It helped break down the kind of content to post, how to get users to engage with our content, which platforms we should utilize, etc. Much appreciated! :)

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