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Photoshop Post Production

Lesson 13 from: Build a High Volume Senior Photography Business

Matthew The Body Kemmetmueller

Photoshop Post Production

Lesson 13 from: Build a High Volume Senior Photography Business

Matthew The Body Kemmetmueller

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Lesson Info

13. Photoshop Post Production


Lesson Info

Photoshop Post Production

They're very very similar presets are kind of the recipe actions would be doing steps in photoshopped that you want to repeat not to sound snotty not to sound breaking but you can't do photoshopped as fast as me unless you're using actions it's just impossible like you can't keep up with me if you're going to click through all these processes because there's too many steps so a lot of our images we use we use the compote a marketplace dashboard okay it's a free product download it go to cambodia market place kamata market dot com so I'm gonna show you guys the actions that we use that are critical in my work and I want to show you guys the advantages to using the action dashboard so the action dashboards right here what it is is this loads up all of your actions you can load up your own actions that you make you can load up the actions that you already own into the free dashboard you don't have to buy a thing now there are obviously actions that are available for purchase and there are...

some benefits to doing that and the his benefit is that they have already keyword them for me and I don't have to spend time doing so with this dashboard I just go in and I could go to the search thing and I could type in whatever I want like black and white and it's gonna pull up all of my black and whites. Okay, now, if I pick any of these and I just picked one, I don't know what this is gonna look like, but I double click it and it's gonna go through and apply that to that image. Now, er I really like that kind of looks like a serial killer command z takes that action away. Okay, now, there's like moka black and white that's, one of my favorite ones. So I clicked that that's a nice black and white. I like that now what's cool about this because that not only doesnt apply the actions, but it gives you snapshots in your history status. So you go back to before and after, and not only that, it runs it as a layer mask. So there are things that you can do to adjust your rapacity. And if you want to customize it toe work for you, you could totally do that. Now this is going to be like I we'll show you one more thing and this is just the easiest way to visualize it. I can also click paint if you do this, I'm going to make fun of your work, but you can go in now and do spot color. We can leave her shirt in and we could paint out the rest we can paint in the effect where we want so what this dashboard does is it allows me tow find my stuff quickly and it gives me a really great interface to work with now a lot of the actions and there are staples in my work clothes, so when you get your ten free ones download power I use power on like everything would go in and type pao wow, run it just a little pop before after before after is a little bit punch of the color brightens everything up I like that look, now I know that I'm going to go in and soften this this girl skin, so I want to give it like a little bit more sharpness so there's this k p d magic sharpen get it on your ten so this goes in and runs a sharpie in effect I don't know if you guys can see it in the audience, but I'm sure they can see it at home. This is off on sharpens everything now because this is set up on layers and he'd emerge my layers keyboard, shortcut, command shift e and I'm going to run my portraiture command shift tea is going to pull it up and we're gonna pick her skin tones we're in a smooth it twice okay now this image should let's take it back on that second one will goto one and a half times. Okay, so now this image would be technically done for like our retouching because I would go in and do I enhancements in general, just the lighting and the mood of this isn't going to require that I do I enhancements her eyes are and shadows so if we were done with this we could just close it and be done and go to our edits folder. But I want to show you guys a little bit mohr intense editing with this and what I would show for like our riel legit work to go in and enhance. So what this one I really like that mocha black and white I thought that looked good, someone to go in quick mocha black and white and ronit I like this image but it's not perfect to me it's still it's a little bit boring. I like the lighting like the pose, but I want to add more to it so I want to add a texture now you can go in and add textures any number of ways. The problem with adding textures for me is that again, it takes a lot of time when you add your textures, you can go and drag something and create a layer mask, brush off the layer mask off of their face so it doesn't make it look like they have john dennis and you go in and hook it up but it just takes time and then a lot of times if you go in you brush off the face what'll happen is you lose like if there's a color shift then you lose the color shift because you've taken away that image so then you have to get into multiple layers with cosy and blur and it's just a lot of work and I don't want to do it just straight up I don't want to do it so I used the vortex tap now this allows me to run borders and textures on my files the only bad thing about this panel is that it doesn't allow you to import your own textures that's a question that a lot of people ask there's a ton in there and they're great but you can customize it with your own so what this image though I want to run booze I just like that doesn't that sound fancy boots? So we're just going to click and run it that's ok turn off these warnings we don't need that alright so now it has gone in and applied a texture for me it's done and now remember I told you guys about how if I went in and I want teo and I want to take off the, um and I want to take off the texture like this allows me to go in and as I take off the texture, you see, we haven't jacked up the color, it allows me to take off the texture from her face. Oh, you don't have scurvy that's exciting on go on, go down like this, okay, paint it off and you can be as careful and as me to make any decision you want if you want take it off all right of her body that's fine. If you don't think it's distracting on the genes leave, it doesn't matter now. Personally, I don't like what we've done to the color. I think it looks weird and since I'm the artist, I get picked what it looks like, so I'm gonna go in and I want to remove the color. All I need do is go in and type remove texture, color done. So now I have this fully finished image and at full speed that's like thirty seconds to do that, and I want a walking ice through this tomorrow because when I'm doing the live shoots ifyou're asking questions really great question in a rush, but I want you get it today because of that you'd have a tough time, this is just using actions using third party plug ins portraiture, the dashboard things that you can invest in that are not insane amounts of money but it's going to bring your work flow around crazy fast it's going to make this so easy so another thing like so it's done right? We're done with this file were just this is totally done all right? A hit control shift hit command shifty to flatten it now like what do you guys do when you close your file? Yeah save it right? I don't even save my files I just hit close and then it asked me if I want to say that e up I just skipped that step of asking if I wanted I don't even go in and click save close I just clicked close and asked me if I want to save it skipped a step it's a whole nother step I never click save I click it through the closed window okay, so this image let's go in she's gorgeous there's not a lot going on with like blemishes, but she does have this weird eye lash thing are scarce spot. So to do the spot removal that you have a bunch of options in this box. Okay, I like the healing brush tool I don't use the spot healing brush tulle almost ever. In fact, if I could get rid of it, I would the spot healing brush tool you go in and you're saying here and it's guessing from the surrounding areas what it should put there okay? I don't like that I'm a control freak I want to tell you what to put there so I used the healing brush tool now in click it this way and also if you're trying to cycle through your on your keyboard shortcuts you have to do keyboard shortcut jay takes you to the healing brush if you want to cycle through those options, you hold down the shift key shift j now and go through all of them all right, so this allows me to hold down the option key and he gives me these crosshairs now I can go and pick whatever I want pick right here and you'll see as I make this bigger it thinks that's where I want to heal from the obviously she's gonna look we're really weird now but it gives me control of my image it lets me tell it where to pick so I have less weird things when I'm telling adobe toe auto do it it lets me tell it how to do this and using it this way is huge if you're trying to retouch a zit out like on a crease and you can find another crease and just match it up I mean you can't do that I went the other way so we use this tool it's amazing I'm going to go through on a hit option click we get rid of that okay we would like to do like a little brightening of the eyes we're just gonna go in here okay I just have my dodge burn tool use go in there give a little bright again you don't want to go crazy I want to give it a little bit of sharpness so remember we did keep archer k and I'm going to make my brush a little bit bigger which is the keyboard shortcut for the brackets and another one I don't want to just blast my eyes with sharpness here and I want to do subtle change in the sharpness right so if you look up here where it's a strength it's a fifty percent right so let's say I want to change it to twenty percent well I got to go up here click down here right right by clicking here and go twenty then hit enter right wrong all you need to do is hit the one button and it takes it to ten percent to taste it to twenty percent seven takes to seventy percent don't go in and click all these buns guys it's that easy learn these keyboard shortcuts you're going to be free of this oppressive work it's taking you too long to do the simplest things so all I want to dio hit to twenty percent bam sharpen sharpened done okay now remember we run power and we run a vd hope we're in the vortex still safe to go backto actions and we're going to take power and we're gonna click kp and I'm not I'm gonna be honest with you guys I take my work flow like so insanely seriously that when I'm doing this tomorrow I've mapped all of these short cuts on here so I did special button and I don't even have to go through the dashboard so there's even faster ways to do this so if you think this is impressive, wait until you see it tomorrow see me twice a ce fast all right flatten run portraiture if you're running portraiture, you always want a favor the highlight side of the face because the shadows will hide the blemishes so if you have a big color shift just because of your lighting whether that's right or wrong could be good lighting but if you have a color shift always favour the highlights or run it twice and run it once on the highlights and then run it once in the shadows. Okay, so we ran that that's good simmons has done it's done, I can sell that all day and that image went from that to that subtle changes making money all right, so it's closed that control shifty control w I want to say that seven twelve move on all right let's do a little bit of editing on this one okay so we're gonna go in here and we're gonna get rid of that little this is little eyes that thing a little mascara nonsense so I hit j that brings up my healing brush ah hit option that lets me pick for it that's good now we're going to back it up here a little bit okay now let's talk with us this is something that can be controversial yes everyone is beautiful yes everyone should be happy in their skin yes, yes, yes! I love you and I think that you are amazing but I will tell you that everybody he is a little liquefy now and then and liquefy with reshaping doesn't mean it needs to be major but it can make a major difference in how your clients like this image now like we've said pretty good looking girl and it's probably not a lot going on here but I want to give you guys some tips and tricks and we'll show you how to use liquid fire right? So liquefy is a filter he owned right here go in stone distort or is it well it's coming on shift x I don't know where it's command ship tax that pulls it up again you'd always time looking through those menus google it it's command shift acts so that pulls up your dialog box now remember, I've installed photo shop and light room to defaults for you so this is what liquefy would look like for you guys and if you go in at your house and you're like I'm going to try to liquefy today you go in you're gonna be like, oh, we're going to thin her leg down well, that looks awful oh no that's not working at all problem with liquefy is you want you never want to make a size a size twelve girl look like a size two I don't think that's her that's not what she wants could be believable it's not gonna be sellable image, but if you can make someone look a little bit thinner that's really kind of where they are that's where they think they are I think I look better than I really do. I know that it's oh, I like I think that it's okay to help your clients give him the image of where they think they're at, but to do that we want to make subtle changes. This is the best subtle change advice I can give you knocked us down to fifteen one five now you'll see when I go in and I make changes see the difference so it's not that big massive we're warping everything it's subtle changes now on this image all I would do on this image would be I just ecstatic there because I was like I want to make sure that we do it right so on this image all we're gonna do is going and kind of get rid of this arm thing just cause it looks a little bit bigger than it should so all I'm going to dio zoom in you just slide it back that's a little bit too much right there siegen hit command z kind of pull it down a little bit and the other thing that I do liquefy all the time on girls get your head on the gutter dave their hair I make hair fuller all the time like and there's no shame in that I will stretch her hair out you know that? Oh, my gosh, I was having such a good harriet look at how great my hair looks and I can appreciate good hair, so all right, it's good right now, let's run our action dashboard! We gotta run the magic sharpened. We gotta run pao we've gotta flatten those layers and we're going to run portraiture. We gotta click on her face, run it! Enter now! Ve hit command f again, that automatically does the last filter that iran okay, now we hit control shift command were faded back to fifty percent done, I mean I don't think I'm like setting the world on fire what? This is not some crazy composite image this is not some insane art piece like if you guys ever what walter stuff I mean that guy's like he goes in and makes files that are like nine hundred gigs with a trillion different layers and it's amazing work this is not what we're doing. We are making sellable images insanely fast. All right, now if we're going to do a little bit of a creative touch on this one I would go in and I would run cream sicko oh it's cool run that and it kind of does like a color pop and it kind of just does like a little bit of a dreamy effect on the image all right now let's say I want to do a little bit of a vignette I'm just gonna go in and pick for my vignettes I like to do the interactive ones because I don't like otto anything so go in and set my vignette area you know if you hold down the command key it will let you just grab one corner of these have break it on down now it's gonna ask you do you want to do this like crazy? Even yet box I like my been yet to be real smooth so I'm going to smooth that out to like three hundred pixels done flattens safe done flattened close yeah, well save it maximum capacity done. All right. So now the obvious question is, matthew what if you do not have a girl who's super hot what if you have an ugly awkward boy who's got acne later on ugly boys I do have clients that need a little bit more work than what she did so we're going to do is go on I'm just gonna grab a couple of these images here if you guess saw I was I got to be featured in w p p s member of the month a while ago and this is one of the images they used is the first one it's one of the images they used in their article so I like that image and this first one I really enjoy this image and it's one that, um it's kind of the ultimate and showing how quickly you khun do a cool image. So obviously the way sitting we don't have to worry about too much retouching that space because the profile when you're seeing too much so but we need to like black and this down because there's a little bit of flair that's coming in to the image so we're going to go in right here and we want to change that are dodge burn tools you can change what what portion of the image you're affecting so we won't affect the shadows a lot so I'm going to hit the seven came to take its seventy percent okay I'm getting that black all right now you'll see as I go over like this part of his armor is a highlight as I click there you see how it's not affecting the highlight in his arm it's only affecting the blacks so we need to go in dumb that dark in that down that's one of the my diary's not all perfect straight at the camera it's just pretty good so go in clean all that up darken it dark and it done right backgrounds black now let's go in and runs a fortune on this kid run it click power k p d black and white back it up and I want to make it even cooler and wanna have a better effect on it so also my favorite movie from two thousand three I don't know when it was bring it on I'm gonna run this action and flatten it done and that's the image that went in for the w p p s that's how long it took me so and it's it's really not that amazing though it really like this is all like I'm like I'm not this amazing photoshopped guru I'm not I'm just a guy who's figured out a system that works and the good news is is that there's absolutely nothing unique about me or this system that you can't do this is I mean, this is you you you can do this you could do this tomorrow there's no crazy complex photoshopped techniques that were going over this is not advanced stuff if this is just figuring out your workflow figuring out how to do it for you so I think that this is like it's amazing it's it's not it's so easy to do it's so easy and and that's why it frustrates me when I see yours not yours your facebook posts about like I'm struggling with editing images is midnight why aren't you in bed? I mean, if you weren't spending that much time on you, shouldn't you do not need to spend that much time on your image is it does not need to take a long time do solid photography and have a good work flow and this is easy because the hard part about running a business isn't photoshopped it isn't photography it's the business side so I want to take this away from you is being a cross to bear this I mean this is this is easy, cool how you feeling like I just like talked more than ten minutes today, maybe one or two extra minutes like seven team maybe a question I want to ask this is from phil birdie if you don't want to flatten the layers, can you run portraiture first absolutely I have done tests on it though, just messing around because I'm a nerd and I set my basement and I pour myself a glass of maker's mark and I and I mess around with photo shop and and that's the other thing that I wanted like I really want to reinforce this guy's like I am not here to tell you like on ly shoot four clients on ly shoot this on ly edit in two minutes I don't do what you love you're if you're passionate about this industry like I am photograph for fun mess around in photos but don't do it while you're getting paid don't do it at work go home, hang out I mean if you want to do it for fun and that's your hobby and that's what you want to do that's great, but I just make sure that my mess around in photoshopped time isn't mike client time, but answering the original question in the testing that I've done, I just think it's a better look if I run the power out and the sharpened and then run portraiture, I like the effect and if you go download those actions for free and you go do the fourteen day demo of portrait over free and you try, you'll see they're subtle differences it's not major it's not major in general I like to run those actions first and what is this portraiture that you speak of? Is it I mean it where can you find it or plug in that we run right here its image nomics is the company that makes it and it's it's this window and so it's not going to get example because this is black and white but if we go in here tio another image um and actually I can show you guys this one real quick this kid does have some stuff going on on his face I want to knock this out real quick for you I was going to edit his session we're just going to hit that keyboard shortcut j going to go in okay click get rid of it, get rid of it, get rid of that remember that the small stuff most of the small stuff is going to get taken care of portraiture, which is when we'll explain to you in a second we show that to you one more time but now I don't like bigs under eyes like I hate it so I always want to get rid of it and we didn't have any on that girl and the other kid had his head down so he didn't see it, so what I do isn't go pick right here and I'm gonna drag this like that okay, that looks dumb if you do it that way it like flattens the natural curve of the face it makes this look to flap so you can't ever really truly take it away but you can soften it now how do we soften it? Control shift that's that keyboard shortcut we were talking about the last thing we did bring it down cool so go in and knock this kid's it's out it's gonna make it look great oops okay, we're gonna go in command get rid of the back of that get rid of that you know that tricky guy right there? Okay, now we hit control shift tea, which is that keyboard shortcut which pulls up image nomics portraiture and we just go to pick our little picker right here and we're gonna pick his skin tone while we're picking our goal is to get the most of his skin covered that's what we want to dio so now we click right there that's pretty good hit enter and you'll see that what portraiture has done is gone in and smooth out his skin but look at the eyes you notice those think it's soft so if you go in and you do a general blurring of an image it's going to affect your entire image negatively now you can go in and do a general blurring of your image and mask it onto certain portions of the skin and you can do all of that for free or you could pay a couple hundred bucks and click a mouse and do it and and on the times should mess around in it so this is just a third party plugin I'm big I'm a big believer that there's there's things you need to do to save time and this is one of them so fantastic very quick one from karen katie a photography and amy a one two three they were under the impression that you needed to leave sharpening until the very end and be the very last thing is that something you agree with not agree with? I don't agree with it because like I said, I liked the effect of sharpening my image and then running portraiture on it. I think it looks better that way. In reality I'm not going like over sharpening an image is it means it'll kill an image and I'm not talking like print competition over like it'll make your images look weird the look like aliens like over sharpening it is a bad idea, so I try to not do major sharpening in it. I just kind of want a little bit mork chris agnes and so if I was doing big moves with sharpening or stuff like that, if it was landscapes and not people, that might be something that would would play in but because we sharpened and then do the portraiture no

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