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The Biggest Time Wasters

Lesson 28 from: Build a High Volume Senior Photography Business

Matthew The Body Kemmetmueller

The Biggest Time Wasters

Lesson 28 from: Build a High Volume Senior Photography Business

Matthew The Body Kemmetmueller

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Lesson Info

28. The Biggest Time Wasters


Lesson Info

The Biggest Time Wasters

The first thing we're gonna do today tell a stupid joke uh what did the zero say to the eight nice belt ah ah alright so today's segment let's talk about what we're going to cover in segment one we're gonna go over time wasters we're gonna talk about multitasking and we're talk about affairs relax their world we're gonna talk about I'm gonna walk through some of the stuff that we've gone over with dave from the audience so we're going to talk about some things that you can implement at home and also I'm gonna encourage you guys we are going to have a segment on line get in the chat rooms and if you have questions about anything that I've gone over for workflow this is your segment to ask it and we're going to try to get through as many of those as we can today so time wasters something I do not like something I passionately want to get out of my life so let's talk about what the biggest ones we are it's it's ineffective multitasking let's talk about making you make more work for yourse...

lf the affairs, your lack of vision it's disorganized workflow and whether you liked my editing whether you thought it was perfect whether you thought there was more that should be done or less that should have been done to those images the one thing that you have to admit is it's very organized the workflow is very systematic and whatever you do in your business, it needs to be that same way you need to have a system to approach your work. So how many of you multi task it work don't lie, don't lie, don't lie, everybody has how many people do it? Well, according to the study, I read two percent of people can effectively multitask two percent and evil that multi tasking focusing on multiple things will decrease your productivity by forty percent. It actually makes you dumber you're ten points less intelligent and has won twice the effects of smoking weed. So this is like, this is a big setback if you're multitasking, if you're sitting there and you're like, I got so much to do today, I'm going to just work on this and work on this and work on this at the same time, but I just I don't have time to slow down and do one thing it's taking you longer, your disjointed workflow is working against you, so multi tasking is a big no no like you can't do it. So how do we stop today? We stop multitasking, all right? And I'm not saying do less work, and I'm not saying minimize what you have to get done in a day. But pick one thing knock it out set up a list if you're a pen and paper person write down everything you need to get done that day what's the most important prosit off unless and work your way down so that you aren't sitting there getting distracted by all the things that you can be doing you're getting each thing done quickly um it told you guys I was in the reserves and the army only has one speed let's go let's go so when you're at work you're on you're on go speed got to get it done and don't confuse go speed get it done speed with work on everything speed pick it, knock it out and then also if you work off of a list if you start setting things up on your crossing it off it's like it's a great sense of accomplishment every time you kind of check one of those things off and you could see your work you could see on that list you're getting stuff done it's going to feel easier to get through the same stuff you're going to feel like you're accomplishing more and making more work for yourself how many of us have a destroyed workflow that had stuff to it that doesn't need to be there and we kind of talked about this yesterday but it was I told you guys the wrong person yesterday said joe bowman did it ignite was jared platt sorry, dear plant don't be mad I don't know you I know j bombing but it wasn't personal sorry jerry platt did this ignite and it was on the same theory and it's the definition of law of diminishing marginal productivity and that's a really fancy way of saying it's an economic principle that states uh that states while increasing one output, keeping other inputs at the same level may initially increase output basically what we're saying I'm a sum it up I don't want to read the whole thing more work you do doesn't mean more money the more you work on something doesn't mean that it's worth more it's not like for every minute I work on an image and photoshopped its value is going to go up by ex there's a point where I hit that more work doesn't equal more dollars identify that point identify where your work when you're doing more stuff than it's worth be honest with yourself on it like there's there is a point yes, I could have done a lot of fine tuning I could have gotten every little zit off of colton's forehead yesterday absolutely could have done that I know how to do that was not going to generate any more income it was a bad business deal, so pay attention to these things affairs it's not what you're thinking ah affairs of facebook your iphone email I don't know I might be the only guy in this room that can say that I have an iphone I hav e mail on my phone I do not get a push notification on my email check my email when I want to I don't think that I need to be that accessible to anyone I checked my email when I'm ready to work and they have times that I sit down and check it and they go through it and I know when I got up my email box I'm like, okay, I got some from creative live I better get on that right away uh oh, but I don't have to deal with this until later so I know when I go in and I checked my email box I might be looking for messages from some people and I know what I'm going to do if it's there I'm going to reply I'm going to get them what they need or if I get a message from someone okay, I'm going to make a task and deal with that tomorrow it can wait. So having these affairs with distractions that it's killing you don't be on facebook when you're knocking your stuff out and that's when that I struggled like I'm really always on their hangouts I consciously have to tell myself like no and when I work on big projects I log out of everything I don't want my phone to tell me if I have notifications I don't want my computer to pop up log out, turn off her email if you're working on some intense of your calling and working on a wedding and you need to get this wedding out today, turn off the distractions, stop the affairs and focus on that wedding it's gonna go away faster, your work is going to be better and you're gonna feel better doing it. So you and I set little timelines for everything I like make challenges for myself too, so I give myself like five minutes to check my e mail you have five minutes to read them all and get my response is out I don't need to hang out in their not my day lack of vision and I know that we've touched on this throughout the course, but if you guys aren't seen where you're going it's harder to get there like you need to know uh the only thing worse than being blind is having site with no vision like let's treat this lately let's move with a purpose every step we take us for a reason and hang out and play and have fun that's great but when your work work and know what your work needs you to dio so no everything you need to do to an image before you you open it up a lot of those images we're talking about, okay? I knew that one of caroline laughing as a band we're going to ask that black and white I knew it I opened it up the execution of that task doesn't take very long because I knew exactly what I wanted. I had a vision for the shot I posed her to get it we shot it appropriately, we got it processed and we did the effects we wanted it's not I mean, this is stuff that all of you I'm not telling you to change your work do the work that you like do the work that you love but do it way more make more efficiently and know that you're nowhere you're trying to end up before you start because that's a huge killer. So um oh, detective, they had be proficient enough to know your stuff like I think if you are struggling with lighting if that's something that is an issue for you learn it there's a ton of courses on creative live there's a ton of resource is available to you get a mentor, go out and shoot not on a paying client but figure out what it is you need to do to master the things that you're lacking at the things that you want to get better at if you're struggling with your workflow work on it become proficient at disorganization on acceptable at our studio and like looking for images if you like, I gotta work on a session and you don't know where your stuff is that's on acceptable and and I admitted to you guys I opened up like that happens every once in a while in my city and it happens when we break workflow we haven't lost images we've never lost sessions, but we've had some but that's been misplaced and it's always because there's been a break in the way things work, the system wasn't followed that's a problem and you spend time and you gotta get everybody at my studio looking for the stupid session of of my cousin that I did for free because of this that and the other reason it's it's just that it becomes like everything that everyone's working on to do and it becomes this emotional you're like exhausted looking for yourself you're like ah you're so mad at yourself, you can be mad at anyone except for you, which makes it worse because you're the guy that you got your ah no it's got to be organized, you have to have an organized work space, you have to have a good digital organization to your system, your disorganized you're killing yourself and this again is something that doesn't come naturally to me this is something I have to focus on I'm not naturally an organized person I'm pretty far from it but but I have to be at my job I have to be because if I'm not organized it affect all the people I work with and it affects my client's relationship their experience it affects my relationship with my employees and it effects my relationship with my job I'm not organized I get mad I'm not having a good day at work so set a process and hold to it like you need to just figure these things out take your work flow to the next level wherever it is right now take it one step further and you're going to see differences and maybe maybe doing everything that we've gone over in this course is overwhelming if you if you get the course and you can kind of part it out and go over things and do incremental changes maybe that maybe that we're three votes start doing start moving towards a better system talk about increasing your earnings it's really really easy guys it's basic math you need to have more money coming in less going out we're both so you make more money and it sounds so stupid but there are some things that are absolutely in your control the amount of money that goes out our are you selling albums I sell albums we have ah boudoir line and we sell aton of albums I spent over nine thousand dollars on press printed albums through my lab last year it's a lot of little books we do not sell big fancy amazing finn ao albums with I don't I don't offer that they're great albums, they're nicer than what we sell I can't justify that expense and make it up for my clients I know that me getting those albums it means I'm going to profit less and that's on option we sell them a high quality album but it's all been based on this basic math we figure out the best quality we can do with what we're getting paid, so if you can always sudden charge a lot more may be your way under charging charge a lot more you'll make more it seems like the obvious way to do it that's probably just what people think but it's more than that it's also what you're spending and it's more than that it's also the time that you're spending because that's so important like I don't I don't care about uh, care about spending time with my family and you should too and so like you were talking about in the pre shell well, I love this career I love this job, I love everything I get to dio have a lot of fun doing it man I'm so much more than a photographer I'm so much more than that and toe let my job overtake who I am it's not an option so it's, a part of lines, that's what I do, but it's, not it's, not all of me. I won't let it be.

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