Building Adobe® Lightroom® Presets


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Building Adobe® Lightroom® Presets

If you have seen Jared Platt talk about presets, it has already changed the way you work in Adobe® Lightroom®. Now go even deeper into Adobe® Lightroom® preset creation and learn how to make the trickiest presets that will make your images truly unique with the click of a button.

Software Used: Adobe Lightroom 5



  • <p>Another great class from Jared Platt. He thoroughly reviews the creation, placement, and removal of LR presets. Plus he includes his Everyday Favorite Presets for those who&#39;ve purchased his class - what a fantastic bonus!</p>
  • <p>Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful class! I am new to Lightroom and am learning so much! Looking forward to the 3-day class in March.<br>Thank you!!!</p>