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Shoot: Hair Wars

Here worse was a concept that I came up actually collaborated with lori lopez that the gal you met earlier from wild orchids, the salon and basically it's my way of collaborating with local hairstylist to create unique looks for their salon and also for me to be able to gain imagery from my portfolio. It's a terrific way if you're looking to be able to boost your business, it's a great way for you to get beautiful pictures on dh and at the same time give them something in return, they get great pictures for their website, which means your name is at the bottom of that on their web site. So it's a really great way to cross promote and not only that is just a whole lot of fun. So basically what we did with thes stylist, and I'm gonna introduce you to a couple of amazing solace from different salons now that have also volunteered their time with us this weekend and the first one that I want to introduce you to his pearl pearl pearl is this our young lady right here and pearl what's along?

Are you with from michael brennan, salon and spa? Awesome, thank you so tell me about the look that you created for jasmine, so we went with the list kind of girl, so what ideas was the one on her? Uh huh. And just kind of teased it out and put a lot of hair spray to help it out in a little bit of shine in it. Awesome. You know what I like? And I hope that you notice is that our models have a variety of different looks. Some of them are really crazy, like a few people that we know over here with ice cream on their head. But not everybody has to be this wild crazed out, you know, I scream, look here. My goal in doing in this kind of experience is to have a variety of different looks because it'll appeal to a variety of different potential clients. And so this is a really great way, tio, to showcase your strength as a photographer and to be able to try to showcase a variety of different kinds of things and let's talk just a little bit about how long have you been a hairstylist? Um, not that long. So you're a young stylists and aren't you? Yes, I am. Oh, my god. Hey, by the way, she just gave me a great idea. You know, you were thinking that we were talking earlier about you know, how you would find hair stylist to collaborate with what about collaborating with somebody who's, an art in hair school in beauty school wouldn't that be a fun thing to do? You know that one of the things I like about working with people that are in hair school is and beauty school dropout I couldn't help but I have to say that beauty school dropout like I say eyes the fact that you know sometimes before you know all the rules you just do all kinds of really cool creative things because you don't know any better and that could actually be a really fun type of cloth of hairstylist to tap into before they learn all of the real rigid rules so this might be a great way to be able to collaborate with somebody without having you know that has a bit more time because if you're in full time here school then you probably have maybe a bit more time than someone who's working in a busy salon so this could actually get you started and then when you have a little bit more experience you could collaborate with some some hair salons in your local community because you'd have some pictures to show them uh of what you had done working with some of the students so that's another way that you could do it so the first model that we're going to work with is our cute little girl right here um uh go have a stand over there my darling and could I get her here silas to come forward okay, reese, I'd like you to tell us a little bit about your model and about your hairstyle that she created for her. I'm reese from changes the line and so, yeah, we made her look like ice cream was a lot of fun. When inspired me is, you know, kids have such a huge imagination, and so we, you know, we always want to grow with that imagination. So, you know, I just started with this story have a little girl that was in a car, and her parents were traveling and trying to keep her still. And so they told her ice cream, grow on trees and like the story behind it, like the bubble gum, ice cream falling on the ground and you could eat it and everything. And so then her imagination grew such bigger to where she started doing hair and taken all those childhood things and bring it into this. I love it. I absolutely love this reshoot a gold star. I'm not saying I love it. This is absolute beautiful. Thank you so much. I really appreciate that so she came from the changes salon in walnut creek. So as you can see, we're really getting a nice variety of young folks to work with. And I have to tell you, I love aries she's really been a just such a big trooper and working with us on this. Okay, so now we have miss lauren. I photographed lawrence wedding like, two months ago, so she is a young bride and she has no personality, just so you know, so we're really gonna have to work hard to get something from her. So let me talk to you just a little bit about what we're going to do. Um, the look that I want for for lauren has to be very animated. Why? Well, hello should want ice cream cone on her head, so we wanted to be a little bit more cartoonish. I want to really let her be a bit more playful. Still there still concepts photographically that we're gonna follow like the light is going to come in from about a forty five degree angle from the side. We're using a simple reflector on the wife's side over here on dh that'll bounce the light softly into the left side of her face, giving me a bit of separation here in here. I might even want to go on the silver side in a second just to give me just a little bit more but the goal being to just to create a nice soft light look at how beautiful the light is on her do you see how it makes your skin glow and actually it's because the sun is actually coming streaming through this window right here it's actually streaming right through but because we're using our beautiful opaque plastic in the window it'll soften that light up and give us a huge huge light source so it's very brief on okay alright missy fu let's have a little bit of fun can I get you have a seat in that chair just plop yourself right on down excellent right there perfect lauren awesome very good let's get one frame out of the cameras we can see what you look like here oh yeah I'm loving it already can you just put your head on that shoulder again like you just did perfect that's beautiful I'll tell you right now you know when I'm photographing lauren this this right now this absolutely will become a brochure for a hair salon it's there's just no question about it could you imagine a stylist getting this little ice cream girl picture in their salon in fact in recent salon that she works and we will make a sixty inch wall portrait of this image I'll sign the print she'll sign the print and it'll say on the photograph it'll have lawrence name at the bottom like a poster and then underneath it will say hair styled by by reese helbert and then it will have the makeup artist's name on it and did you do the make up? Tiffany oh, tiffany, you've got to come here for a second. I gotta introduce tiffany because I didn't realize you were still here. I just told you had a brain fart. This is tiffany bennett she's on facebook and let me tell you, the scale is amazing. Amazing with makeup. She did mine today and you know I don't look this good naturally. So, you know, she's got to be a total artist with a brush. Okay, so, tiffany, how long have you been doing? Make up thirteen years. Awesome. What's your favorite part? Um I just love being able to interact with different people having the different looks being ableto work on different types of sets for something just as creative as this or even just something is natural for a wedding look. Awesome. Very good. What's up, what's the law. Do you work out a time to time? I work out of wild orchids, but the company in which I'm from is makeup in motion. Awesome. Well, great, we were so glad you came and she has worked her little booty off she's been here every single like this. Like our fourth day here in my studio this week. So we're really grateful. Thank you so much. Thank you. So if you need a makeup artist, this is one of the palace and not to be she's. Just amazing. Okay, little lady let's have us some fun. I think I'm gonna start on the shadow side of her face. Can I have you turn your feet that way? A whole bunch. Beautiful. Just like that. And what? You bring this arm back this way? Little love it. I want to roll that shoulder this way a little bit because I just think that will add to the little guy bit of animation from her of very nice. Lauren, that is adorable. Can I have you just giggle for me? Love it. That is the worst giggle I've ever heard in my whole life. You ought to be a should be shot for that. Hey, lauren, can you take your hand your left hand right there and just put it up to your face right there and hide very good love it, but what I want you to do is lean back a little bit and then put your hand in front of your face and giggle for me. Awesome gorgeous excellent, very good and as I mentioned with ugly girls who put their hands right in front of their face beautiful love it what's that ugly dudes name you're married so I forget uh that's awesome do a on ly ten minutes with her I don't want okay so now this is what we're gonna do okay lauren let's work this let's show him what we got here ok ok there you go let's let's try that one more time right here hang on a second love in it beautiful love it have some fun but I need some giggle and don't look at me just have some fun with the girl gorgeous okay, now can I get you to stand in the chair without falling down and killing yourself? Could we have maybe gene gene helped her up there actually stayed right there for just a second oh yeah I love that right there's a love that has beautiful darling perfect love it turn your face back over to that ugly girl sit next you love it ready on the count of three I want youto don't flash your panties or anything but you know show me your spirit your your legs one two, three in just a second right there one, two, three go awesome perfect love it as you can tell this girl has no personality at all it's just horrible. Okay, turn straight towards me and that we should turn your face this way. Your body can I have you just kind of you to be careful. Don't fall down. Okay? I'm gonna have just like you. And you lay your head down this way. Love that that's gorgeous. Lauren, I am here to tell you. Stretch yourself just a little bit. Tilt your head towards me. Just a tad. Oh, my goodness. This is way too pretty nice. Okay, turn. Look, this ugly dude right here. Me ah, some beautiful. Love it, by the way, this little flowers on the side of her head. Um okay, let me. Can I have my next prop? The little flowers on the side of her head are really those came from michael's. And now can I have you hop off that chair for a second? Because I just have to. I've got another about another prop that I wanted to. I got another proper show. You cannot have you held this gene genie? Ok. Can you come right about here for a second and then turned towards me this way? Just a little bit. Yeah. You know, I started thinking I needed a little bit of lace. On her I needed just a tad of lay so you know and and this is a way by the way for recycling purposes you don't have to spend a lot of money well all you need to do I want in my drawer I went in my drawer and I found this really cute pair of panties I mean I've only worn them once are you okay if I put this on your face no yeah no I'm just kidding I'm totally joking about the panties I thought that would be I thought the look on her face should be like oh hell no you ain't putting them panties on my face and if I could get my big fat backside in these ice so would be thrilled they're not mine that's what she said any right okay that was my my attempt at being a joke joking okay thanks okay. You know at the end of the day just got a kind of lighten it up a little bit right how am I doing on time they're missing food okay scooter go back on stand on that chair for me actually put one foot down love it just like that I like that very very nice look lean towards this way with your shoulders both of them good and then turn your face back towards the window stunning gosh, you know I'll tell you what lauren those fake eyes you have looked almost riel beautiful very very nice and then okay lauren I want you to go and sit down on the chair this way and just stretch out that way ah love love love it oh I like that so you know what I like about this is I liked the way the line from her face and her shoulder go down and now I'll tilt the camera a little bit so I can create just kind of an interesting fun dynamic excellent right there lauren beautiful very good now let's try something just a bit different when I have you on this side of the chair and what I want you to be on your knees on the ground floor good oh actually this is gonna work really nice I like what I'm seeing already so what I thought I'd do is I think I wanna have this'll make kind of an interesting background we'll turn this just a little bit can you stretch your body this way oh that looks really nice I want you really stretch your shoulders lauren that's so pretty right there oh that's gorgeous that's beautiful girlie I'll tell you right now that is absolutely stunning very pretty right in there is awesome now let me have you just return your face that will hold much love it very very very nice lovely gorgeous can you bring your hand that's down just bring it up to your face love it love it love it love it gorgeous. Very, very pretty. Okay, good. I'm good with her. Come right here, punkin. Uh, let's. See, who's next who's, the second owner. Why? I know I see just mints next. Okay, so next we have this homely thing. Sorry, I couldn't bring anybody cute. And yes, they're all related to me. I got the idea. I'm sorry I didn't get the beauty gene. Okay, so let's, move that chair out of the way. Now, you'll notice with jasmine on dh who did jasmine's here. Okay. We already talked to her. Tiffany. Yeah, sure left. Okay, good. Okay, so now we have jasmine. And as you can see with jasmine she's dressed a bit mohr almost funky. I love the messy looking her hair on. I love the fact that it's in keeping with the style of her dress this is these are the cues that tell you who the subject is. For instance, if you look at the stars, I so could see you wearing this dress. You would wear that in a minute, huh? And and this girl, I'm telling you, she is a gal who doesn't like to usually wear shoes. So the fact that she's wearing those boots yeah they're boots she's not your prissy little perfect little girl who's like oh no don't touch me she's more of an animated gal so I want to really create something that's just a bit more playful with her so I think where I want to go it's just I want you to park up against the wall and we're just going to use no props but I want to use oh actually why will uses one there we go never mind okay if I have to love it jazz that's beautiful right they're beautiful very nice what I like about jasmine though is that she's got this beautiful just natural equality to her put both of your arms up jazz beautiful right there and then children had just a little bit love it you know you really should shave your pits every once in a while sorry love it I know I know I know I love it it's beautiful very nice and actually I love the way her body is positioned stay right there jack because I'm what I'm gonna do is come in and I'm gonna make a nice vertical very beautiful and now just take this elbow right here bring it right in front your face very very nice like that I love that that's stunning let me move to the shadow side of her face now and then turn your face a little bit towards the window you see I'm liking that right there very pretty. Okay, awesome. Can I have you do this for me just just like that? I want you to lean towards me love it? What with your face right there she has one of her best features that's got this really long neck and actually I think I was just like that. Oh, I like that very nice jazz that's beautiful. Very pretty right? And they're awesome stunning right in there and now let me have you bring your keep your arms away from your body just a little bit because I actually want to demonstrate a technique on you just put your arms flat by your side. Now you can tell that jasmine has a beautiful shape do you see how we can make her look unattractive? I mean, we could make her look boxy by putting those arms against her way so we want to be able to keep those arms away from the body let's um let's let it be so let's in fluidity happen let me turn your body just a little bit one way or the other towards the this way towards the shadow right there and then I want to separate your feet just a little bit x and then push her hip that way a little bit love and now let me have some playfulness from you just a little bit of softness love it just beautiful like that love very, very pretty gorgeous can I have just put your things fingers through your hair right there put your fingers through your hair and just fluff it I want yeah that's nice messy here because that works with her love it beautiful very very do that one more time with their awesome just beautiful very nice okay, let's try something a little bit different with you know I'm gonna have you do and this is where you guys can come in and do something kind of fun um justin on the count three I want you to walk towards me but you're gonna want to see some sass in those assets I do want runway okay? You know, I'm telling if you had a personality remember weakened that's where she by the way she got her personality she went to personality by a personality dot com and she bought one okay, I'm ready. Another tricky part for me is well, I get it in focus that is very cute jazz I love that love it right there. Beautiful love is very pretty. Okay let's try something different with her. Can I have that yellow? I mean that my coffee table over there with the squirrels the swirly thinks on it how are we doing on time? Do we have any questions while I'm waiting? I might get my stool absolutely so one question that had come up earlier was from cloud nine imagery bambi is hair wars trademarked or can we also use that with our own businesses? No, you can't use it I'm just getting to know you know what? I haven't that's a good question I haven't trademarked it um because it's a concept it's not like a real thing that you know it's not I don't call it here I mean it's just what we call it but good question but if you go but if tillman they do trade market and I can't use anywhere I'll hunt them down like a dog is you got a first here? Can we move it back towards the wall? Yes actually, I like that I like the contrast on her body. I think that looks really cute. Okay, scooter, can I get you to sit down on that trunks and go in just like that is just really cute. Very nice jazz that looks adorable right there. Gore just leaned towards me with your chest a little bit beautiful and I want you just love that that's gorgeous, but not going to say you grab your skirt and just play with it a little bit beautiful hanging about here hold on a second. I'm still getting used to this yeah that's right love it gorgeous, kiddo very beautiful perfect, beautiful, beautiful oh that's just related I'm gonna change my angle because I like I like to go from one spot to the other so I can see the difference in the way the light falls on the body if you photograph from the shadow side of her body it really can start seeing her beautiful legs and I get to start to see the shape of the legs. Okay? Okay jazzy nice, but I need laughing going on from us something love it uh you obviously don't that is really beautiful love it right there gorgeous and very pretty right there. Beautiful love it awesome got it. Okay, beautiful. All right, now what I want to do oh, crap. I hate this. All these girls are way too fun just right there is just really soft look at her and she cared still turned the other way. I like that aside your face when you do that very pretty got it. Okay, um stayed right there for second and we want to add all of our models we're gonna do a real quick shot of all four of our models, so go and stay there. Yes, we want well, let's have all of the models yes, you can bring her to the er with a new one or the urge in eight minutes we're okay all right, great uh we'll leave that for the way it is okay now what I want to do is I want to do a real quick photograph of all of our girls and as you notice we have my beautiful grand puppy stormy yes she's very adorable she totally matches you I tell you and see we'll do anything for a profit I mean you know that's why we bought her that she'd make a great problem yeah I don't think so I need to have somebody grabbed by here jean genie um okay so first of all you know I think I'm gonna have let me have you can hop up there for me mr putin can you get up there without a problem okay on and scooter move your booty back a little bit you will know fallen down okay lauren can you park your butt on that wall? I love it because see I need to bring her head down a little bit just scoot over this way a little bit and can you turn your legs that what love that that's exactly what I wanted you to be beautiful let me have a little bit of sass going on here and then pharrell let's see let me see your face gosh, I love that you do with your make up this beautiful coming here and I'm gonna have you have a seat right here let me see how that would stretch out this way you're like that that way turn your legs that way a little bit but just like that good and now I want it I need to have ah lauren here scoot back just a little bit jazz beautiful and what I want to do see no hot do you see how they're to head heights are very similar. Well, I don't want their head heights to be two similar it looks a little bit boring. Actually, what I might end up doing is having jasmine stand yeah, let me have you stand a pumpkin and lauren I mean, you have a seat there, but you are fabulous. Oh, I like this scene out now and I did this on purpose scripture but this way good, good. And now what I want you to do is you're gonna actually lean into a jasmine. I mean, alicia, the reason for it is by having her lean into a letha I can bring her head height down a little bit and then jasmine come right about here for me. And once you put your knee right there, can you put your knee up there without hurting yourself too much good? And I want to keep some sass right in here beautiful that's exactly what I'm looking for let's see how that looks from camera position she wants me as she knows grandma okay good oh I love this elisa can you scoot your booty this way a little bit and I need length out ofyou tall beautiful love it love it love it girls awesome actually this looks great kids stormy stormy uncle mike we need your squeaker you can't let her down okay girls I want to let me see some attitude going on here kids just gorgeous got it that was cuter like that you put stormy back for a second and you know just for a contrast kallithea hold stormy on your lap because I think I want actually look a contrast turn your face this way just like that elite that's gorgeous right there beautiful you're just love it beautiful lauren you're the only one that I think I want to change turn your body this way a little bit love that better and then hey girls that are sitting on the truck the scoop things scoop back as much you can dynamite love it love it jasmine with this shoulder over here lean towards the girls right here beautiful love it okay mike okay girls that are in the back lean right over into the girls right here and I want some hugging going on got it gorgeous excellent. Okay kids all right so I'm done with my little grouping I like to put people in groups of triangular shape composition I think it makes things flow very nicely how am I doing on time why should I join? Need to move on to the for the joining of the next to the next model. Okay, so let me have a lithia. Let me have you come to that. We're gonna go take you outside now. Um, you guys come with us. We might do something with the girl. That group out there. The next thing I want to do is we're going to go take them, take the models out into the elevator to create something that's just a bit more. I want to create a couple of images that are a bit more mysterious. I don't like to photograph all in the same kind of location. I want to create a bit of variety for their photo shoot. Okay, now we're over here in my in my building by the elevator. They have the coolest elevator in this building. And I chose this environment for a lethal because it's a bit more edgy and the garment that she's wearing us a bit more edgy is. So is her hair. So I wanted to be able to create a look for her. That would be just a bit more editorial on not just just the nice, pretty little hi, mom. So olivia just first, first starts, let me have you lean up against the wall right here with your shoulder. And mike, I need to get over there so I want to see that looks like I think I'm gonna first of all start by just photographing don't use the reflector I can't use that one uh my brother used the video light we're going to use two things I'm first taken image and use just the light that's coming from the from the window here so I want to take a light meter reading turn your face to the side beautiful and so my light meter reading is saying it's about two point two one twenty five sees me at a six one twenty fifth of a second let me check my exposure actually it looks really good but I'm gonna move you this way a little bit more little bit more right there eso this particular image is gonna be more about I wanna have kind of create this bit of move her in here so she won't be the first shot won't be looking in the camera once I've done a few images like that in the next thing I'm gonna do is I'm gonna fill in her face and we'll use the light coming from the window as a uh is a hair light and it's a little bit of a back light as well so let's see how this looks you need to have my cable okay? Okay let's see how this is looking very good okay alethea can I just have you turn your face a little bit towards more keep going love it right there you look almost down your shoulder right there gorgeous. Um can I have you take this hand right here and I want you to almost bring it like right up love l how that's beautiful honey our awesome very nice spirit good excellent can I have you really like, really move away from the wall just a little bit about half of that good and now cross your ankles like this and this and then put your hand right there on the love that awesome actually that works out beautiful because what I'm getting now is I'm getting this beautiful rim light on her face that's kind of separating her from the background wow, I actually really like I'm gonna move my camera position a little bit um nico, can you see what I might, um I back up even farther? I'm an action tether myself for a second. Just look and see what the image looks like just for a sec I'm gonna take one more second picture. My exposure is correct how this looks great. Yeah, I thought so I met f two point two I think I'm gonna go up to two point five and I'm going to increase my s o so I can fill in just a little bit more on her face so let's go to like four hundred s oh yeah that's good let me check my see how that's gonna work right here love it you see how that looks from camera view actually that's all I can I can change my jeff stop now. Okay, good. I think way good now we're just using just a like a star light source move show it to see the line of her face and it becomes a bit more mysterious but, you know, just for fun can I switch lends us I'd like to have that seventy two hundred millimeter lens. God, I want to see what this looks like with a longer focal length lines oh, I'm gonna like this. I knew I'd like this. Your other hand that's not on the rail right there. Can you just put it like up through your shoulder like touch his shoulder to the side a bit more beautiful. Very nice, honey. Very pretty. Ok, now let's add some light to fill her in. So, mike, can I get you to come over here and, uh actually what's your light her hair? First of all, just from you give me a little bit more light on the on the hair can you come around this way towards me that's? Very pretty? I don't know exposures are right, but okay that's good letha can you turn your face towards mike and then come around this way a little more used both of those michael oh that's nice drop your chin that is gorgeous well I like that now let me move her out of that excuse me out of that backlighted situation come here towards the middle missy and then I'm gonna have you walk towards me just a little bit very nice and now we're gonna photograph her on the shadow side right here turn your face this wage love it and I want to keep your shoulders bent this way a little bit like that about half of that and switch your legs I actually love that loves your cute shoes by the way can I have mike now let me have some light just filling her face we're getting a bit of light from that window in the background that's going to just give me a oh that's stunning that's beautiful that's very very pretty let me change my shutter speed now to about a hundred k right there love it alethea beautiful and I want to see a little bit more of that dress but I like that one of the things I'm liking about working with this ice light is that it gives me a chance to really get a bit mysterious with her with the looks look at how beautiful you khun sculpt the face with that this hand right here beautiful let me see how that works looks laurie actually that looks but let me have you bring your arms around you here I love it and mike you gotta back up a little bit honey of your scene I could see you in my shot can you bring the face light a little closer? Yeah, very nice and elite you just kind of hug yourself there gorgeous beautiful I want a little bit more out of you like oh yeah don't even be messing with me gorgeous turn your shoulders this way a little bit love right in there jasmine I mean a leaf has got one of those faces that she could be photographed gosh that's beautiful for you beautiful absolutely stunning missy tilt your head that way a little bit love it oh that's gorgeous now mike let me have you go behind her with one of those those light sources and can come and grab the puppy her dog because I want to go I want to put him in the arm for one of these shots. I think it could be really interesting. Did you go mike? I need you think you need to switch that the other one's a little bit brighter and then I want to light the hair a little bit better beautiful very, very nice bring it down a tad her eyes I don't have any light in her eyes very ice excellent right in there olivia I just need a little bit more emotion from you I mean I want you to like to laugh or something yeah there you go gorgeous turn your feet this way a little bit more right there actually I liked that a whole bunch beautiful nice very pretty right there honey and again I need to see a little bit more light in the hair so mike can you come on this side of her okay um mike actually I like where you're actually this is gonna be beautiful hang on give me one second hey jasmine I mean elite you just look down at your shoulder right there how that's nice actually I love this I can see I'm gonna have to do a little bit of creative cropping in here beautiful that's absolutely gorgeous okay let's add our little pooch here and we could take the hair off the booth hey lisa can I get you on light duty on the video light duty because mike I think I want you a squeaker e beautiful love and I want just a little bit of like, gorgeous oh that's adorable right here can you just kind of lean down and give storm a little kiss right there? Awesome and letha now I'm gonna have you can turn your face doggie breath love it honey and now I want to just see that actually might come closer to me hey, his storm I want you to turn your turn your face this way a little bit with your dog turned the dog right here like it love it love it love it and not just bring your face down to storm right there love it and olivia can you that's exactly what I want you to do right? They're awesome gorgeous sunny beautiful got it? Okay, cool. All right, do we have questions from the group? All right, that was amazing. That was really awesome. Baby, could you kind of summarize like for everyone? So what was the experience here and how can people use this thiss idea or this concept for their own studios? Okay these okay, so I'm gonna have you um this experience is first and foremost a marketing experience because with this kind of collaboration first of all with different kinds of silas artists, hairstylists, makeup artists and the models that you select this gives you an opportunity to create a very fun, interesting environment for not only creativity but more importantly for people to talk about what you do. My goal in working with this kind of subject is to create a body of work imagery that I can then hand off to the style is to say, hey here's, all the fun pictures that we shot now you can use them on your website and more important to me like in my heart is a way for me to create a body of work that I can now use in the future for creating promotional pieces that will go out of my studio. One other thing is the images that we capture here today can also be used for ads for the salon, so I mean, it continues this like the gift that keeps on giving because it's my mean it's a gift to myself because I get to have a creative day and trialled the things that I've always wanted to do it's a great opportunity for the stylist because they get to be really creative and trying new looks that they've always wanted to do the make up artist again get to try some unique things they get two collaborate with the hair silas who maybe they've never worked with before and they get a chance is oh, I like your work and I'll recommend you do you see how this this is like building blocks that's exactly what this is all about it's like you're building your building a body of of continuous referrals and but it's not all for you it's also for the people that you include within that so that everybody it's, it's a win win and when you do something for others and again none of us are paid for this experience when you do something for them for others it cannot help but come back to you because if they enjoy the experience and you give them beautiful imagery you're their hero because first of all they're procrastinators too because you're just like us okay because they're artists and artists are notoriously procrastinators so you take creative day to just play and as you saw with lori she gets in right in there she's not afraid she just gets after and I get it and if I say don't do that she just ignores me anyway so but what happens is that it starts to build now in this very short period of time and really had like fifteen minutes per model it's real hard for you to see the rial collaborative effort that I would normally do many times when we're doing this kind of session recent come up you say hey baby I'm going to switch up the hair a little bit I want to put it up now let's let's pin some flowers in it so that it continues to be a collaborative event that that blooms like a flower and so when we do this kind of this session it's not just a one hour session this may be a whole afternoon that we'll spend doing this mike my recommendation is don't do too much don't have too many models this is about as many as I would want to photograph in one day so that not only does each model get hurt her a pound of flesh, but each hairstylist gets their creative process. The other thing that's cool, too, is that while one hair silas might be going off and changing her look for her model, the other stylists is having pictures done of her model. And then, while when she saw the work of the other salis, it might trigger a creative moment in her mind. Oh, you know what that reminded me of such as such and I want to try this, so I recommend not doing it just with one stiles I liked. I liked that collaborative effort because it's all part of that creative process and the more that you as a photographer expose yourself two creative minds, the better you're going to be what'll happen is like, for instance, with lauren with that crazy ice cream cone on her head sometime in the future, I may be photographing a wedding and something about this session. Maybe it'll be just the color pink. The bridesmaids will have that color. It'll trigger a memory in my mind about this experience which will draw me to a creative pose. Something new for that client and so that's all part of the creative process, so it's like a big circle.

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