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Models and Preparing for Stylized Shoots

Models are hard to find right models like you know, depending on what you want your models to be, you know how much experience you want them to have? So where do you find models so certainly you could do a facebook casting call if I put something up on facebook so you know, I'm looking for some models for a concept shoot I'm doing I certainly get a thousand people that write to me and tell me that they're interested in doing it um it's not my favorite thing it's a lot of work for me to go through all those emails and ask them for pictures and finding are you available and I'm not available on thursdays and this and that so it just it gets a little bit daunting for me but it's um certainly an option it's something I did quite often in the beginning of my career model mayhem is another place you could go to model mayhem dot com um I kind of feel like I need a shower after I leave that website well dirty there, but I my favorite thing in the entire world is every models like I don't do bo...

udoir or nudity but their profile pictures like their butt sticking out with a song on laying on the roof of a car like what so it's very confusing there but you can find it is confusing place, but if you, um if you really search and you find somebody has, you know, some really good referrals, you can definitely find somebody about all my friends. So my, um, my assistance friend lisa was the one that I was showing yesterday. She I used her, I was on good morning america last year, and I used her for the good morning america shoot she's, super cute, she doesn't have modeling experience, but she listens really well so I can get her into the positions I want to get her into, and she'll do it for me and she comes off like super grades all use her as a model sometime and then it's also it's just like that first time you have to break them in, and then after that, they kind of know what you want. So when I have used our again, it's like super easy so you could definitely do that other photographers, so some photographers or super protective of their models and their muses, and you can't use them and this and that, but I find my feet keeps sorry, I find that, um if you just asked a photographer so the girl you're going to see in the next slide. Uh is one of my friend neil's favorite models and I happen to think she's gorgeous and I was like, hey neil, would you mind if I contacted her and he was like, yeah, no problem go for it and the reason why is because we shoot totally differently so whatever he shoots looks nothing like I shoot and what's the difference and he's getting his favorite model work so why doesn't he want her to work? He wants her to work so don't be afraid to ask other photographers not going to say they're always gonna be like yeah here's all her for information but maybe you know, there was a model that worked with your friend who's a wedding photographer and you're not using her for wedding using her for boudoir so it's different so don't be afraid to ask um and other models so I got this model from the other model that I got from you so we need to do is kind of no one model and then you can start finding their friends. This is what we say about nannies when we need baby sitters all you need is one baby sitter baby sitter knows all the other baby sitters so that's the connection so once you know one girl once you have a good one good, reliable girl that you know is great start asking her for her friend you know, every time I do shoot I'll email at elisa I say hey do you know any you know any your girlfriend's looking we'll work right now yes this one would be great or she'll say what are you looking for what's your concept I sent her the moon bored I'm looking for a red headed girl that you know blah blah blah oh my friend you know gene would be amazing for that I'm gonna send her your information some models work for photos which they call t f p trade for portfolio which basically means you're gonna give them the edited photos digitally which is totally fine you want them to push you you want to push them I give them a regular version of high res version and I give them a watermarked version so that they're posting it anywhere at least I get some acknowledgement also um some work for money and some work for both would do I prefer I prefer both I will always give my models the pictures I don't mind doing that that's good for me too. I also prefer to pay my models even if it's just a little bit and I'll use my photos as a um negotiating tool with them so they might say, well, I charge five hundred dollars a day rate I'll say well listen I'll give you the photos I can only pay you to fifty I'll say, okay, fine, if you're going to be the photos, I'll take two fifty the reason why I choose to pay my models is because I want them to show up. So after I spend five hundred dollars renting that location for three days and I spend money with my no, sometimes I pay my hair people, sometimes I don't make make up, you know? We sort of worked things out, but I spent money on war job, and I spent time invested into this project, and here I am, I'm going to shoot this for shutter magazine or for myself, for both, and then the girl doesn't show up. Now I'm in trouble worth the two hundred fifty dollars, for three hundred dollars, for me, for this girl to show up so I don't lose all that others find money. Is that a real problem in the modeling industry? Does that happen? A lot models just don't show like like on tv that's how they are, yes, because because if they're working for free, let's face it. Warren, if you hired me to photograph you for free and I said, you listen, we're friends, I'll do it for free, and somebody called me and was like, listen, I want a ten thousand dollar package from you or five that's all packard from you I'm gonna call you billy listen lauren, I love you but we're going to put your chute to the next day because I'm going to get in a fight with my five thousand dollars so yes, you still might get a job it's more expensive too, you know pays a little bit more than mine but you know I'm still paying her she feels obligated because I'm paying her just going to show up and I tend to do my shoes. I got a wednesday because you know, we're trying to do on the weekends you don't know what you're gonna get in the morning I'm saturday, so I try to just, you know, just doing on a wednesday and I'm like, you know, you will come into town, you'll be out by three, you know, a couple hundred bucks easy day, you can keep an outfit if you want something, you know, make it make it attractive for them to come to you. Otherwise they're not gonna come and they're all they need to do is come once you pay them, you know that they work awesome, they love your pictures and they're always going to come again model releases air absolutely vital to get signed by models and I had it happened one time where the model then changed her mind after holy that was so heartbreaking we had such an amazing shoot it was like ridiculous, I posted everywhere and then she called me and said, my mom saw the pictures and she's going to disown me if you don't take them down and that's dunk and I took him down, I really didn't have to because she sound the model release, but what I learned was we should have something in your model release that states what happens if they change their mind but now they owe you money they need to pay for the photos they need to pay for the top your time because now they've gone back on their agreement didn't do that. That was a rough lesson to learn I think I cried in my pillow for about three days after that you on that? So make sure you get model lease assigned don't assume just cause you're a model that they don't care if their pictures are all over the place, but also make sure there's a clause in there what happens if they change their mind. So, jen, what else? Just for people who aren't familiar with model releases, what else are you looking for? What what is it actually cover? I'm not sure I should have my head because I haven't read anything about three years, which I probably should, but general yeah general, it just basically gives you permission to use their photos and it states in what realm you can use the photos and that you're not held liable for certain things that happen on dh you can actually just google online there's a million free model release is on line I would probably any time I I download a document online for free like a consent agreement or liability release I always double check with my lawyer that it's applicable in my state great you're traveling make sure it's applicable in the state that you're travelling too because the worst thing that happens is you do all of this and then they see you and it doesn't hold up chorzow definitely make sure with an attorney that it's you know stated properly yes what if a client changes their mind oh then I take it off you don't charge them or no no no no no that's what lead if they paid me to shoot them they're just doing me a favor by letting me use the photos ok wardrobe my favorite and least expensive way to get a wardrobe together for shoes to borrow items so off of your concept to borrow items sometimes you can even use your wardrobe as inspiration so to buy a beautiful dress or you know something that you want to use but if you want to borrow things and that's green places you could borrow farmer lingerie stores I asked my models to bring their own clothes models have tons of stuff that they get from photographers and tv shows and, you know, tons of stuff, my own collection, I'm not gonna lie, I'm not giving her my underwear, but I've pulled out a jacket of mine or a blazer or a pair of shoes or something from my closet that I'm like, this would be great on this model. We need to use it. Um, new designers, teo contact designers, especially going c or the a bomb in new york is a million designers here maybe to go to a fashion school. Um, I know daphne, you said you've done something like this contact new designers. And is there anything you wanna be showing? Is there anything interesting that you want? I can use in the photo shoot, and I'll give you credit for it in my block and and you can have the pictures to use for your website. Vintage stores are always fun. Sometimes they'll let you borrow things from black vintage shops and friends and family. So I am, like, constantly like, I love those shoes. Can I borrow them for a shoot? I love that jacket. Get it? I have it. Um, but yeah, it's it's, why not and lingerie stories here you go again with your cross marketing. So I'll say to my luxury store listen we're doing a shoot can I borrow some stuff um you know I'll give you credit on my block I'll talk about it I'll pin the pictures I'll put your name on the pinterest description I'll give you the pictures for your website weaken blows them up and hang them in the store if you want teo can I just borrow them for a day? They're not usually going to say no it's across marketing narrative okay of course another method is shopping for these shoots unfortunately my my lingerie store she said she was gonna let me things that at the last minute when I say last minute I mean two days before the shoot decided that she couldn't lend it to me because she had sold some things and it was a busy week for whatever reason and she's like listen I hate to do this to you but I just don't have the inventory to lend you the stuff no problem thanks oh my god now I have models on paying have a location I paid for I have my hair and makeup artist lined up and I have nothing for these girls to wear so I grabbed my purse literally ran out and I just started shopping for it whatever I could find I didn't even know it was gonna fit them properly I mean I just kind of just grabbed a ton of stuff I went to the mall but it's not my favorite place of course I wanted to look for some more unique thing so I would recommend batiks and thrift stores consignment shops online is a great place to find things like I said there's like that website I'm uh I'm a club where I think it's called it sells a ton of inexpensive things to find you know etc says sells a ton of great stuff I've met some new designers to etc but I went to the mall I got some stuff from anthropologie free people american apparel forever twenty one victoria's secret I am not gonna lie to you like this poofy skirt that you'll see in the next slide was two hundred dollars and I returned it when I was done so just make sure that you know you keep tags on their treated delicately let the model no listen wouldn't might not be able to keep this so please be really careful with it so what do I like to try during my concept shoots new poses things that I'm trying to work out see how it works see how it flatters the body things I want to try new equipment again I tried that lens this is with shot with the lens baby I never used it before the shoot and I haven't used it after I only is it this one time that we might use it today because I'm crazy and different processing so you khun you can play with your editing process when you're done taking the pictures maybe you wanted to try something like most of my pictures air just clean process but maybe I want to try some black and whites or maybe I want to try something crazy or some actions or a new makeup inherit looks so when we talk about the makeup and hair for today we're definitely doing something a little bit more editorial but one of the ideas and the comet had was did you serve a red eye shadow and it looks so cool and I think we smoke it would be awesome but now we're running into fashion we still wanted to be boudoir so my client would never look at red I shall don't go oh, I want that that's awesome! I still want to keep the makeup boudoir friendly versus editorial fashion it's two different things I use fashion is an influence but I'm not a fashion photographer so again we're going to do lawrence I did today, which was smoke, which I love so again we spoke about how we're going to make it work so our hair makeup ideas like I said was the red we're gonna actually end up doing the first thing I think I said I don't know if it was you guys over someone else when I said that we were doing um smoke they went all red lips and everybody kind of said red lips and I went okay, now I'm not using red lips because that's the first thing everybody expects and I want to do something different try to think a little bit different so she sent me a bunch of ideas some of the out there the other obvious ideas might be like really dark lips, dark isat smoke black so we're going with something totally different. We're doing sort of like a smoky well, maybe I shouldn't say because I'm not, you know, we had three things always changing smith, but it's sort of a smoky kind and I'm more of a nude lip nude kind of haller's have face and again, how do we make smoke without smoking? How do we make smoke feminine? So here's the other thing today's all that femininity, I'm about femininity how do I make something feminine when it's something really kind of masculine when you think about smoke and dark and like I think of a cigar bar or, you know it's not always something you think of a feminist, how do we make smoke famine? How do we make smoke feminine? And so I need to keep true to myself in my pillar words even when I'm doing concept shooting and make sure it fits in with my my full vision any questions on this? Lindsay asked. So you mentioned in your shopping? Sometimes you don't know what's going to fit the model in your last minute, so but how do you know what will felt fit the model? Well, of course, I always ask them for their size is ahead of time. Um, like most women, they don't always really know their sizes, but more professional experienced models always do because they're really sized all the time for clothing. There was another point I wanted to make. How do I know it will fit them? This is the thing with silas shoots, you have to sort of expect the unexpected expect that location to maybe not look as beautiful as it did in the pictures, you know, expected to be a little cold or a little warm or expect, you know, like I said, my lingerie store pulled out of the chute two days before, so my vision for the shoot became a little bit different cause I couldn't find exactly what I was looking for. I based it off of some of the laundry she was going to give me. Now I can't find that lingerie anywhere, so I have to sort of be a little flexible with my vision. So you have to have flexibility but these mood boards and your ideas are a good starting point and a good foundation for the shoot even though they might not you know don't get flustered if it doesn't get pulled off exactly the way you planet to be sometimes there's a lot of happy accident that happened for a reason I tend to love this shoot and it was totally different than what I pictured in my head but it was still so me and I was like yeah this is this is the kind of stuff I want to be turning out so maybe it wasn't exactly what I pictured for that shoot but I can try again we could do it again and I made this one work and I didn't waste all my money on that location and on my models and you are open to the inspiration in the moment as it came to you and I found other things too I learned other things you know and I just um and I got the cover of shutter magazine that month because they love the picture you know and who knew that that was gonna happen so yeah I mean it's it's kind of fun to see what you could d'oh that's sort of what we're doing today I mean I'm in this set we're not exactly sure what's gonna happen the smoke machine looked really cool the other day and might really bad today but I'll be fanning out smoke. I don't know what's gonna happen and might be awesome might be terrible, but for me, I don't really care because we're all gonna learn together and either you guys are gonna learn what not to dio before going to learn what to do and hopefully there's at least one picture I can share with you that I'm really excited about. And if not, I'll share the bad pictures with you and we'll talk about why they stink and how we can learn from that. So that's really the kind fantastic, but a great thing. The only one I have to answer to is myself. I mean, I know that there's thousands of people watching and you guys want to learn something, but I'm the boss. I'm the only one I need to answer to and if I think it's okay to just experiment and have fun regardless, then it's. Okay. Well, the way to look at it like you said it's. Perfect. Either way, we learned you so again you don't learn about your successes. Writing about your failure is right that's, right? All right, so we have a couple more questions about models and choosing them, so when you pick a model for a style I shoot, do you pick based on specific facial features and physical attributes from a pool of models or what is the deciding factor during your selection process? It depends on what the theme of the show is. So with this shoot I had really like clothing for her, so I wanted to make sure she had dark hair because I felt that I wanted it to be a contrast to the woman before who had really light hair. I wanted to put her in something darker for me I just felt like it was sort of a play um sometimes I don't know it's like what came first the chicken or the agony I influenced by the model or is the model and my picking the model based on the influence and every single time it's different? Personally, I try not to look for models that are too thin in my eyes because I just feel like that's not something I want to put up on my board uh my website that's for me if I'm trying to get women to embrace femininity, most women are not like that. So I want to make sure that I pick a model that at least as I guess, a little meat on her bones instead of being like way finn I'm just not attracted to that personally, but some people love that and if it's a look that you're doing that needs that that's great you know so it yeah, it depends on what I'm doing and as a follow on to that half of his personality come into the mix if you haven't seen someone who's super outgoing or someone who's a little more reserved and chai it doesn't bother me either way as long as they know howto work so if they're going to come in and they're gonna be loud, obnoxious and intrusive and not let women work or now let me concentrate that's not acceptable if they're late if they have an attitude if they're unreliable I'm never working with that woman again but as far as personality is concerned I mean models are real people too right? They're entitled to have a personality I just need to be able to make sure they can communicate with me that they can move that I can communicate with them on dh I really like to have a good solid feminine vibe in my shoots I want us to you know like I said women are not always so good to other women so I want to make sure situation where we are all good to each other and it's a very comfortable place for her to be and it's comfortable for us and she's letting all of us to our creative thing then that's fine all right we have a question in the audience it may be a little bit off topic but I kind of just what is your take on scarring like I've had a couple of women and you know they come in and they made the you know, I had one girl who had a scar, you know, from hip to hip and I think you know it's part of your body and I don't want a photo shop it out but like, what is your take on that kind of scarring? Is this for a style I shoot no, it it's just for a client. Okay, so for a client, I would ask her so that client just that I showed you yesterday when we did posing flow she had a kidney transplant and she had, like, a huge mercedes type like scar on her stomach. And the first thing she said to me was I don't want you to take it out it's who I am it's what I want what I want I showed you other purchase of a woman um try remember her name? I think it was britney and it was brittany and she had a huge huge scar way never really discussed but it was from but I believe that it was it looked like it was maybe a burn I mean, there was a part of her leg was even kind of missing, it was really big and she was a beautiful girl beautiful all she saw in her was this scar and she's like take it out I just want to be I don't want to look at it I just want to be beautiful without it so I took it out for her so it depends on what your client wants so you wouldn't like him? I asked I asked about everything I you know what? I'm not even kidding one time I ask this woman had like all these weird blue marks under her arm and I was like, I'm really sorry I don't want to, you know, intrude on your privacy or space that I just need to know the bruises under your arm um you know, is it permanent or is it just the bruise? I'm not really sure what it is and you want me to take it out and you know what? It wass it was like she was wearing a blue shirt and it rained and the ink went on her arm and like I would have felt like a really big jerk had I never asked her um you know, somebody has something on her face I'm not sure is it a pimple isn't a mole? Do I keep it so I take it out just so okay, so even stuff that's permanent, you would always check with the clothes always okay, okay thanks usually something like really big like a scar or something that they'll be pretty up front about it I have a scar and I need you to take it out I want you to keep it um it is at an extra costs like in the editing process orders that all included with um depending on this always up front and she's like really bad and it's probably gonna be hard to edit out that I might say you know what? Can you send me a picture or we'll decide that day what we're gonna do or I might just get laundry to cover it up if she doesn't want it then put on a corset or make sure your underwear comes high enough to cover your scar you know that stuff that we talked about with britney and her leg I edit it most of it out myself that's what I was doing my own editing there were three or four pictures I just couldn't do it justice so I sent it out for editing and I did not charge her extra it's like nothing worse than being like listen, you have this really terrible scar on I have to charge you to get rid of it like a double whammy yeah, you know salt level and so I just suck it up okay, thanks. We have so many great questions coming in from the internet so this is this is awesome. So question for melanie our fox in hudson, iowa, would you suggest when doing stylized chutes that you would suggest maybe doing many sessions as a promotion so that you can make money while photographing what you really want to dio? So essentially, would you ever? Yeah, I understand the question. I'm familiar with the question. Um, many shoots and stylish shoes, they're two totally different things. Stylized shoots. You really want to give yourself the time and the room to breathe and think and it's not just about click, click, click, click, click let's, try this. Let's. Try that merriment. Let's, move this here. Let's, move this there. Let's, do a wardrobe change. You need hours to do a style I shoot. This is not like in our one hour, you know, move on. Many shoots are very good for portfolio building. If you want to just get people in your studio and you want to build a portfolio and you want to get five girls in for the day and you just do a bunch of shooting because you need, like, three pictures per girl. Um, some you can charge me for that or not charging for that, like I said on day one when I did my pricing, these, um these group sessions are boudoir parties or whatever they want to call it it's not a party for you believe me it's a lot of work it's a pain in the butt to coordinate and you're probably not really gonna make much money on it so either I would either look at it as like a portfolio builder or a day of shooting any making money I try not to um you know what? Once a girl is paying you should becomes a client you sort of lose some control over that. So that's not really a stylized concept shoot and photo board from kelowna ass. We're talking about stylized shoots, but if you were doing this with a client, do you charge an additional fee for the location and the travel and fellow? Yes, of course. And this is something actually, I'm gonna be working on quite a bit of this year in my mind it's sort of my goal to come up with these silent shoots for clients because I am ready to push myself out of the box that I'm in now and I want to have even more customization for my clients and say, listen, let's create these fantasies and let's really do this up and let's go somewhere besides a studio there's still always gonna be that woman that wants it just come to the studio and have a standard suit and kind of be in and out and experience that. But there is also in my world of fearlessness and intimate sian femininity. Ah, woman who wants to just blow it out of the park and say, you know what? Let's create something special just for me. And I'm ready to do that for clients, too. And would that be, like, very by location? Definitely definitely, um, like something like this location cost me five hundred dollars for two days. That's quite a bit of money. I mean, it's not so bad when you're looking at two days because it's two. Fifty a day that's probably about what you're renting a hotel for. Um, but I had I had two models back to back. I made the most of it. I think that that's pretty standard in new york. Other places that might be a little bit less, but, um, I know hotels in new york attorney five hundred dollars for six hours you want to shoot it here is five hundred dollars. So depends on what the fears. So you're talking about this as as an investment in investment in your business, you are putting money into it that a question from calais is so when we talk again about how do you incorporate the concept, shoot it's into your business? What if you don't like the concept when you mentioned that earlier sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't work just don't share it but can you talk again about the value of doing this? Yes so and by the way to answer the first question how I incorporate into my business I don't not sure this's answering that exact question but when I put these pictures on my website or my blogged I let it be known that these air concept shoots again I don't say here's a client that I took teo here and there because first of all it's not the truth and I'm about building intimacy and part of my intimacy is truth telling so I'm not going to pass it off as a client and because that's they're not going to get this this girl's a professional model they're not professional models my client so they can't expect this they can expect with they're going to dio um and I'm sorry the other half of the question you asked me just about the concept of this is an investment so how are you looking at this incorporating into your business? What is the values right? So the value of these again is just pushing you out of your comfort zone, pushing you creatively I'm showing your clients what you're capable of and what you're you know proving to yourself what you're capable of I think that's really the most important thing creatively and pushing your limits and just taking it up to the next level we can't stay here forever, you have to keep moving up and pushing yourself in all different levels of your business. It's not just our pricing that we have to raise its our creativity, that we have to raise its art that we have to raise because you can't just raise prices without raising the rest of your business along with it. It doesn't make any sense. I love that it's so true. Well, we have followed. How often do you arrange a style? I shoot? I try to do one, okay? In theory, I'd like to do when once every six weeks. In actuality, it's probably once every three months or so. Um depends on the time of year, like in the summer it's just not gonna happen. I'm so busy with work, my disease, my busy season is pretty much from march. Too bad september, so the other months all really concentrate on shooting for myself or if I have, like a brilliant idea and I just need to do it, I'll just make time for it. I'll make room for you if I see locations available randomly, you know, on a tuesday in january and they throw something together, wei had john a couple of different people asking about permits and if you could just touch again on why, why somebody would need a permit? Sure, and this might e want to say it's on ly a new york thing, but it certainly applies in new york, and I'm not really sure how it works where you guys are, but the parks, bridges, um, lots of areas you need a permit to actually shoot there if you're gonna shoot outside like I know in new york there's some sort of rule that if you shoot with a mono pod, you're fine, but the second you have a tripod, you need a permit. So know what the rules are, what kind of permits you need to get? Because maybe you don't bring a tripod then and you don't need department. Or maybe you can use it a park for a certain amount of hours. Or maybe you need to pay a location fee. Like I said, for example, my in laws have a farm out east, and they have a fee for photographers to come, and it basically covers any damage that happens on the farm or liability, and you certainly will need to provide some liability insurance paperwork, usually with most locations and they asked for that also and they charge I don't know what they charge I'm gonna make it up let's say they charge two hundred fifty dollars for three hours and for three hours you can shoot out in their fields and they might have parameters so state town city permits when you're shooting in a state town city location, but when you're shooting in a private location just to make sure you find out what they're fees are also to shoot there and don't just, you know, pull over to the side of the road and see a hayfield and start shooting, and it probably belongs to somebody usually if you just ask, hey, I love your hayfields, can I go out and shooting them? They'll just say no problem, just to be respectful, you know, the problem is that some most photographers are pretty respectful, but then there's some that ruin it for everybody else, so I know all of island we had a problem with a park that everybody loved to go shooting and they were constantly photographer's going in there without permits without the right paperwork, and they eventually close the park down two photographers because people weren't, you know, following the rules, so I'm not always a rule follower, but, you know, try to be respectful when you are looking for a place to shoot and be honest, you know, with hotels, with everybody, just say, listen, this is what I want to do, and is it okay with you? And if it's not, then find a place that it is because you want to be welcomed and we have a question from keith, if you're starting out with boudoir, would you suggest using models to get the hang of it or just his wife, your wife and friends? Both? Why limit yourself to questions? Good answer e because the thing is that, you know, I always say, like, models are real women too, but ria women that don't have modeling experience, that's great that's where you could learn your posing and your communication and what works for you but a model khun teach you things, so you have to, you know, kind of you both ok. Another question for such concept or stylish shoots. Do you ever give yourself options too? Sell the images if someone wants to buy them or maybe even use them for print competition? Yes, as a matter fact, you'll see the end of the day one of these images, I'll show you again. How amusing it for a print competition I, um yeah, selling I'm my photos are my starlit shoot photos are always for sale I don't push it it's not part of my business I don't like, you know go out and try to sell them, but if somebody contacted me and said, hey, I want to use your photo on the cover of a magazine or something yeah, certainly if it's worthy to them, then yeah, why not make money off of it? And so about that. So you are you saying that you don't actively push out for getting published now because there were several people asking, how would you do that? Yeah, I don't actively pursue that. Okay couple more questions, so photo board asked how do you handle when a client comes to you with an idea of a photo of what she'd like for her photo? But it would be nearly impossible for you because of limited budget equipment? Look occassion, then I'm honest with her about that. The worst thing that people could do is not be honest with their plants and say, yeah, no problem and then go, oh my god, how am I gonna pull this off? Personal is way too stressful. Second, what you're charging good money to your clients to have these things done, and if there now you're not being honest, they're not going to be happy in the end, why would you want an unhappy client I'd rather you save your client. Listen, we can't do this, but I have an idea here's how we can work off of that as an influence. But maybe we can do this this I can handle or you know, if that's what you want and that's the only thing you want. I'm not the photographer for you. I'll help you find somebody that isthe I just I hate I always feel like you need to set yourself up for success. Why put yourself in an uncomfortable position if you don't have tio you know, it's, how much money you actually getting paid to make it worth it to stress out and to be aggravated and to just know, in the end, you're gonna have more aggravation, cause she's not gonna be happy. No fun for any? No. Exactly. Okay, a couple more questions. One from teak heaven productions team. Sorry, t k event productions. And actually, maybe this will be the last question. And I have an empty hotel banquet space available. But aside from a backdrop and lights, I have no idea what to put in there. Any suggestions? And this kind of reminds me of perhaps even coming back, tio, how do you approach creating a stylized shooting your khan? So, yeah, well, what's, your concept really is the question. Do you need a bed? Do you need chairs? Do you need? You know, if you have a banquet space, I'm going to assume that there is tall ceiling, so maybe go with height, maybe you want to shoot on a ladder, you know, the girl in the ladder? Or maybe you want to do something with fabric hanging down or balloons? I don't know, I'm just coming up with some random things, but, um, that's really? Sometimes the hardest thing is to have a blank sleep versus the location that's already set up for you. Because the world is your oyster. You could do anything that's. Why you need to go to pinterest and start making different boards doing okay, how can I make this work? Because if he's anything like me, if there are she's anything like me, my brain goes all over the place and I have a million ideas and I don't know howto to organize them and that's why I use pinterest to organize them. And teo so okay, well, this now this is the concept I'm really comfortable. How do we pull that off? So, yeah, that's a tough task to create something. Scratch, but it's, because that's, what we've been talking about for this whole time, yeah, I wanted to sort of bring it. Yeah, definitely. I mean, that's, sort of what we're doing today. We now we've moved all the furniture out of the studio that we had yesterday from creating a new situation and still again, a small space, but creating a totally different look. So that's, basically, what we did.

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Photographer Jen Rozenbaum didn't let anything stand in her way when starting her boudoir photography business. She started shooting in her bedroom and built a profitable career from there. In this three-day boudoir tutorial, Jen teaches you how to put the "HOT" in photography! She will show you step-by-step how to build an amazing high-end experience for your clients — from the first contact to the final portfolio. Learn how to take your posing to the next level and make your clients look even more beautiful. If you are new to boudoir, or already have a thriving boudoir photography business, you don't want to miss this creativeLIVE course.


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Wow what an amazing journey. A not to be missed intimate opportunity to explore this genre. Im sure even if you do other types and styles of photography there is so much to learn from this course. For me, starting out, it was more like an experience and I really felt part of the awesome class audience. Jen effortlessly offers heaps of wisdom and helpful advice. Her outlook and openess about her learning trajectory and the choices she’s made constantly gives the viewer permission to learn, grow and embrace change. Her delivery is direct, truthful from the heart and yes, funny. Thank you so much Jen.


I don't know Jen or anyone in the class but I related so well with everyone involved in this workshop. I felt like I was in Oregon in the audience because I was so engaged.. haha Jen was so candid and detailed with every aspect. She never held back any information. If you would like to receive many helpful posing tips and so many great sales ideas and client communication advice then BUY THIS NOW! I debated between Jen and Christa but I totally connect with Jen as a person. She's so down to earth and has a fearless confidence that is contagious! It rubbed off on me so much that the day after I finished watching, I reached out to 4 bridal shops about partnership marketing and have a meeting on Monday with the lingerie shop that I really wanted to work with! I also started my ala carte price list the next day. If you've ever been to PPA and you know the feeling of leaving the confrence with a whole lot of pep in your step, if your anything like me, you will feel exactly the same after watching this 3 day workshop. I highly recommend!