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Shoot: Advanced Posing

Lesson 11 from: Building a Successful Boudoir Business

Jen Rozenbaum

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Lesson Info

11. Shoot: Advanced Posing

Lesson Info

Shoot: Advanced Posing

So we have a new a gorgeous woman with us this is back yeah um back would you do us a favor? I want to show them the outfit that you wear ng I wanna discuss why we picked that outfit I'm going to give this to thank you. I mean, seriously if there's not like a thousand people watching this right now there will be in about five minutes smoking hot um first of all I love this outfit it's from victoria's secret and I love black just in general I just love black most of my clients bring almost all black I mean in his new york after off but I really love black for her because I felt with her eyes and her skin color and her hair that it would be great on her but what we did was the reason I kind of really loved this outfit is I believe that this outfit fits all of my key words my pillar words which are again intimate, fearless and feminine. So obviously it's intimate it's an intimate outfit right it's fearless because it has a little leopard print on it you know, match mix and match of differ...

ent patterns and it's feminine because of the lace so something like this really resonates with me when I saw it in the store I was like, we're gonna have to have that because it's going to be amazing for a shoot so this is why I chose it and I think that really liked it. Our hearings we did from forever twenty one there were like six dollars and eighty cents and these are my shoes for my studio in new york and, uh we also bought some hair extensions for her because her hair is on the shorter side and it's a little on the um she's got very fine hair would you say fine here so we wanted to give her a little bit of so we chose some platinum blam blonde extensions for her and I think that she looks amazingly awesome. So we talked a little bit before about shooting with fabric and giving a woman something to do with their hands or hiding some parts of the body she might not want to show so we're gonna do a little bit of that now and what we did was on the set when I got here the other day I had the guys just put two nails right on the wall really simple like took three seconds you could hammering him at the bottom of your shoe it's nothing fancy and I got these curtains for my kia comes in a set of two for I think five dollars something like that yeah thes air great for, uh well, first of all, this is the fabric I actually have in this thank you. Thank you for getting it in this embroidery. Who? Um so look at how many embroiders you could make for five dollars. Maybe I should start selling them, but these are also great. I used to have them in my window in my bedroom to sort of defuse light to play with they're just really pretty. And for five bucks for two of them, how could you not have them in your studio? I feel like so we're going to just I just hung them about what? But now for part two feet apart and we're just going to play with them and the thing is in my studio on one wall, I have just like a whole bunch of nails, so I could just put it wherever the light is. I don't have to keep moving them. They're so small, they're not even obvious. Anyway, I don't even edit them out and you could just play you can hang whatever you want on there, so I'm always putting nails in the wall and just kind of playing, so we're gonna do some shooting. So you ready? Alright, brave lady. I want you to just stand here for right now and just take both sides of the fabric um, take both sides of the fabric, one in each hand and when you're holding the fabric I just want to be really gentle with your fingers okay so I don't want like I know you're nervous but try not to grab onto the fabric for help just kind of be really gentle and not even to grab too much fabric just kind of like a little bit of fabric and I'll just give you some instructions what I want to do that okay okay I'm sorry no you guys can't save it hopefully the pictures of popular just my flu shot your hair tiny but it's always hard when a woman has extensions into flu fat her own hair she gets a little bit nervous about like pulling the extension's out so I'm just gonna play with it commented an amazing job on your hair so question from from on tv in singapore we notice for laundry yesterday uh lace is the way to go for most of your styling question should we always look for textures in lingerie um I like differences and textures because it creates interest I'd be careful about either too much texture or too much pattern um sometimes laced khun b just too much lace too ugly and too busy um you have to kind of see I mean if you're not really store you know you got to know the more you do it the more outfit to shoot them or you like okay, I know that that outfit looks good on camera pretty much no matter what when she were released before kai and it was a totally different type of lace then this place so I like waste and I also like like black on black lace so it's not super obvious right as obvious is like the pink on black but I think this is so smoking hot I can't even stand her right uh so I think it really works and I think fashion tv they're so active over there love it but I know he uh he his name is being you and he just has the best questions so we have another question from carrie can jen elaborate? Can you elaborate on why you feel the fifty is unflattering for women and why she chooses the twenty four to seventy is it just so she has flexibility and um kai uh like I said, I shot with fifty for three years so I'm not saying don't shoot with fifty but if you have room I'd rather see you shoot with the eighty five because it's just more flattering the fifty um it just it doesn't render the face the same way as it really is it warps it a little tiny bit so uh like I said, I shoot with twenty four seventy I wish I didn't have to but my studio was so tiny what am I supposed to do? I can't shoot within eighty five all the time I literally we'll have ten feet and that doesn't mean that the girls ten feet away from me she's probably five feet away from me and I can't go through the wall so I have to use a twenty four to seventy and I figured out you know how to do it and make it work and here's the other thing I think that those three years in my bedroom with crap light and a crop lens maybe a really good photographer because if I could do it there then this is like nothing you know this is easy and I don't mean that this is easy but you know everything else when you have a perfect scenario is like cakes so if you set yourself up you know everybody always wants like the easiest situation possible but you're not always gonna have it those situations where the light is and perfect and you can't use the lens you want that's where you're going to do you're learning so don't run away from those situations attack them head on we're fearless remember we're going to do it and it's gonna be awesome and if it's not awesome okay so you learn how to make it awesome next time and that's where you're gonna learn that's for the learning comes yeah definitely I love eugen such a good attitude and love it let's see so when you see it why is it then that you love what is it about eighty five I just love well for a nikon uh because I know it's a little different with cannon I've never used a condom but I just love the boat was amazing I just think it's it's really doesn't really warped people's faces it's just it's just a beautiful lens portrait totally it's a beautiful portrait lens um listen, if you have the fifties like totally affordable you know the eighty five is not is affordable fifties very easy to travel with uh very easy just it's not that heavy so if you have to use the fifty make the fifty work I'm not telling you not to use the fifty just telling you you have a choice between fifty and eighty five I would probably go with the eighty five that would be my choice, jen my question for you is with this particular set up and your I guess you have a foundational pose when you just got against the wall. How many poses a head are you thinking like how far like a chess game are you just seeing the way she moves and then working from there? I just, um in the moment, but if I see something that I want to come back to, I'll make a mental note of it, but other than that I'm in the moment I'm not worried about what I'm gonna do next because I can't think like that I'm not that smart maybe you know but I can't I can't think five things ahead I need to be where I am right now I need to be in the moment some things you might do it may go we're gonna go back to that later but you could see even when I'm in a good pose and she'll do something awesome like oh, wait, I'm going to stop my pose and do that because that's better than what I was doing or that's more interesting than what I was doing I can always go back to my flow later that I don't need to think about so yeah, I'm very in the moment with them thank you welcome also I want to mention before tracy has a question is that we move the room around and I do that a lot in my studio my bet is on wheels actually and this way I don't need an assistant to move it I could just move it myself and I like I said, I have all these now I'm just constantly moving things around I mean that's what I did in my bedroom too I always liked was hanging up backdrops taking down backdrops moving this lamp moved the table change things around don't be afraid if you have a small space to change things it's work I realize that but a lazy photographer never makes a good photographers so it's okay to move things around and keep it interesting? Change it up. I'm just wondering how many of these foundational poses you do during a normal session? Is it more like more like each outfit is a different foundational poser? I would say each outfit I get in at least four to five it's like a pose, and then like working around to change that pose up, right? So probably three to five okay, her outfit? Yeah, or more or less, depending on when I feel I'm not usually less, but maybe more depends on the girl, but I would say, if you're if you're looking at like, three to five per outfit, you're going so, like you'll be doing, like a standing and a laying down and sleeping on the bed, I'll usually start her laying on her stomach, and I'll do a whole bunch of stuff there flipper over layer on her back to a whole bunch of stuff there, and then either on her knees to a whole bunch of stuff there and then standing next to the bed and do a whole bunch of stuff there. So that's on lee really four poses, but there I have enough variation in the poses that I could probably give her thirty photos to look at from just you know those poses in the in the end so I mean if you have four outfits if you think about it and you show thirty photos per those four outfits at one hundred twenty pictures right there there's no way she can't find thirty pictures that she loves for an album I'm glad you asked because I never really broke it down that way but it totally makes sense when you think about it yeah yeah any other questions from you guys we've wired online show another one from online so chris walt says I'm a guy and you're doing a lot of touching that's was with the last model should he have a female assistant do this or try to direct inwards and body demo on lee okay um I asked if I could touch her and I don't think I trust her a lot and I never touched a body part that wasn't really a head a hand your hair e think that's fair to say right I didn't touch anything else I think a guy in totally fix hair something like that that's fine but if you're touching the body um it's no and do you wanna have a female's isn't in the room I highly recommend it if you want her to do the touching if she needs to that's fine but I think that um you need to learn your communication again so you don't have to touch great thanks so we had some questions, maybe we can just go back, tio some of the questions from the last shoot and one of them wass about thie being on the bed and kind of a client sinking into the bed and as your what did ugo recommendations for that? What you need to do is, like, call sleepy's and ask the least expensive bed possible cause usually I'm really serious. First of all, it's cheap and second of all, it's the hardest thing you'll ever find in your entire life, so she will not be thinking and in the bed, uh, if it's all really happening to you, I don't know, maybe put, like, a wood board down or something, at least like underneath the sheets to keep it a little more sturdy. Um, and, uh, I was going to say something else. Oh, make sure your blanket that you're putting on there is not too poofy, so I have a comforter cover on my bed, but I don't actually have a comforter in it, okay? So I don't want it to be too pretty smart. Brilliant? Yeah, and we've another question regarding the bed and pillows. So will there be instances where you will raise the subject's head with a pillow? Online poses um there's a picture actually um on my website it's one of the concept pictures with girls like playing in the pillow and she's kind of just, you know, sneaking a peek at me kind of this shy like playfully she might want to come but it's a hard push to pull off she was a model so she was able to do it but it's almost hard because you have to kind of keep your head up even though you wanted to look like you're in the pillow and it depends how smooshy the pillows are because you don't wanna lose their face so yeah get cheap pillows, cheap blankets, cheap beds make much better photography props than expensive, cushy down stuff that you're just going to take into right. So a question from sweet and sassy boudoir that does do you do the same poses for each outfit change or unique poses for each outfit basically will change the entire area in the studio that we're shooting her outfit. Okay, so for example, I might say ok, this outfit I love gonna do near the window and this outfit we're going to do on the bed and this half what we're gonna do in the hallway and this after we're going to on the stairs so I separated by outfits so that even if we do a similar pose in a different area it looks different did you have a question? I do have a question about wardrobe um in the first year when you had her on the bed and her feet were up in the air are you concerned at all with all the scuffing on the bottom of the shoe? Is that something you photoshopped out? Yeah, I would photo shop it out, which stinks that's why sometimes I tell them like get new shoes you know, for my sake but even if they have to return them or the shoes in the studio are not terribly scuffed because nobody wears them out maybe me once in a while, but they don't they typically don't get worn out. I mean, you could put tape on the bottom of them or something so it's not as obvious depending on the color of the bottom of the shoe um it's one of those things it is one of those things that me personally when I see them online or something it's that it might my eye goes straight there and it's so it could be so distracted is distracting and I added it out yeah, but I hate anything, so give somebody else thanks so I think we're good with the camera, so let's get back t oh, yeah for sure ok, we're going to redo that hit position and shot hopefully I can we could make magic happen again so I just want you to bring that leg over good just bend that elbow a tiny little bit good this is not actually like the shot but let's just see what happens here and then I want you to turn your hit back toward the wall a little bit more exactly okay awesome. So if we can show those two last photos that I just took together you can get an idea of what the difference is when you ask her to popper hit back just a tiny little bit so I believe that she looks a little bit more in proportion with the second photo that I took I don't know if you guys can see it but I think in the first photo although it showing off her curves beautifully she could look a little tiny bit out of it questions just pushing her hit back like what did you push it back an inch maybe totally changed her body there so we want to make sure you're really cognizant of that when you're actually posing them because the slightest little movement can totally change it are your shoulders that begins the wall okay, so let me show you what I want you to do because I feel like it might be a little bit hard for you to see it so can you just pop off the wall for a second? I'll do it but I'm finding is I feel like you're a little glued to the wall and I want you to just not be is attached to it as you are I want you still popping your hip back despite and you see how I'm using my left cheek here sort of anchor myself against the wall but I want to make sure your your front is tiny little bit pushed off the wall all right? And I want you just kind of up one side up this side doesn't matter and just kind of holding the fabric a little bit and we're just going to kind of play around with it a little and just move around and I'll guide you but this is the foundation of the pot's right here let's say no, you're gonna go this way you're gonna push it back this way I'll direct you just do the best you can fix it perfect yeah and just pop that hip a little bit back more so you mind if I just show you yeah, exactly you're going kind of push it back this excellent just so you know, I used my hand to guide her hit where I wanted it, but I didn't actually touch her okay, so it's possible also to just kind of show you just what you breathe ben that elbow just a little bit and bring the fabric kind of around you a little keep that arm up a little bit more. And I want you to turn your head this way so that your chin is in line with your breast over on this side on the other side for me. Beautiful. Yeah. And so what I want you to do is to get out all the way down and look up at me. Beautiful. Just breathe. You're doing an awesome job. Good. Bring that arm into you a little tiny bit more. There you go back your amazing. Don't even doubt it for a second. I'm just gonna make a change in my white balance here because she's looking a little bit blue, we don't want that good at what I want you to do is breathe through your mouth for me yeah, there you go and give me a little tiny squint with your eyes beautiful. Awesome. Can you look down toward your elbow? There you could turn your head. Yeah, amazing. Always down with your eyes good. And don't move anything but your eyeballs. I want you to look up at me give me a little tiny squint gorgeous. Okay, relax for just one second. Yeah, much better. All right, gorgeous, won't you stay just like that and what you bring your arms down for me? Good. I want you to keep fabric in your hand. Actually really love how you kind of just had your hands out like that. Yeah, and then just kind of looked down at your hand there. Awesome. Um, they were talking about moving before. So you want to do something kind of fun? Okay, I want you to stay just like that and grab both sides of the fabric. So get a good grip down here and we're going to think that we're gonna make some noise. Hopefully, uh, wake everybody up a little bit here. Uh, what I want you to do is take the fabric and when I say three, I want to go one, two, three and you just throw it up in the air. You can even make a noise if you feel the need thio sometimes my clients feel they kind of going whoa, write what I want you to do is when you throw it out, make sure a couple of things you're not doing it this way because I won't be able to see your gorgeous face. I want you just kind of up out like this, almost like its wings, right? And you're just kind of throwing it out there when you do it I don't want you to be um looking up at it because if you kind of go like who then I'm just gonna get your neck either look at me or look down or a little bit of both laugh have fun I don't care what you want to do at that point I know a lot of direction it's okay we'll probably do it like three times so don't worry okay totally like that are you all right like that okay all I ever wanted was an australian accent my workshop when I finally got it let me just take a sample picture here okay you're ready mary let's have some fun I want some energy out of you okay what what yeah you ready one two three well okay that was so cute but I want to throw the fabric up join me to show you what I mean okay you're so cute and so I just want to show you what you did which was adorable but you kind of came down like this and it's not a body movement what it is is an arm of it so it's like okay I hope I did that e tell already you're having fun one two three you can a little if you want teo told thinks you are just I just want to do it why don't you think about it? It makes sense all right when todo anybody believe her? I e named ceo so I want you to do it when you scream with you is you're not embarrassed are you ready one two, three thiss time when you do it I want you to just kind of relax after like we'll throw it up let go of it and then just so one two three go rigid warmer tithe twenty three oh, good I want you to do one more time I'm looking down when you do leo one two, three no looking down so fun okay, turn your head this way yeah, and look down that way turn your head a little tiny bit less and chin out a little bit more and down a little bit more no, look down the whole time one two way radio and I think oh yeah oh my god! How cute here I think it's to eighty nine maybe where somewhere in there to ninety some around there but we got something pretty cute if you guys want to show that but it's fun it's just cute it's different issue and there's nothing fancy about this it's just a five dollar piece you know, of two pieces of fabric for five dollars against a white wall so this is something fun that we can do this a little bit different even though she's in a super sexy essential outfit let's have some fun with it all right, let's change it up a little bit actually, I don't know how far we are interested. We need to do an outfit change I think we have a few more minutes so we give him this uh I'm going teo actually john will you help me move the bed this by what? You went through the sun for one second, okay? Stuff like this is very really this is like what I do all the time in my studio just moving stuff around to make it work that's why if you put your bed on wheels awesome. Okay. That's pretty funny. Can I just have you stand in front of this mirror over here? I just want to see I think it was did you move? I understand that we move back e like eighty five people in the background talk about photo, ok, if you could just take your robe off for me well, we'll play around with the mirror a little bit. I love meera shot because then you could get the front on the back of the client at the same time, which is super fun. Um let me just have you know, the only thing that's gonna end up in the shot way just have you face the mirror over here good it's so super dark over here we consulted a smidge straight it's just dark but we can use a reflector um if I take this with you grabbed that doctor over there hey, doing okay wait. Why don't we do this? Can you go kind of up against the miracle, sandy but we can play like that just come up something like this just don't lean too hard on it I'm not sure what's gonna happen cool. I maybe just put your arm like kind of up like you're touching the yeah that's fine. And then hand you teeth now it's a writing the shot can you turn your body a little toward the mirror? Can you get can you move it somewhere else good too. Don't separate your feet like this. Keep them together. That's why I'll make it work. Come take a small step forward. Yeah, right there is fine. Perfect. Can I see what happens if you push your hips towards me? So I'm so sorry instead of pushing it towards the mirror like this, switch the weight that your life? Yeah, I like it better that way. Perfect. I don't know if I need it to hold it over here and you need it. Very okay, all right, so this hand, I want you to just kind of stick it in your undies and just kind of let it hang actually I changed my mind do you see how and her so this is complicated because we have like I have a hit facing away from me um then I don't like how it looks in the mirror if I have it toward me I don't like how it looks toward me but we want to get both sides so you see here she's pushing her hip toward me and I love how it looks in the mirror so to give her a little bit more curve and her back here I'm gonna have you take your hand and put it like this so up higher can I just move it for you so you know right here so now I'm sort of faking this curve do you see that we're before it was like a little bit straighter now I'm sort of faking the curve by putting her hand there just relax that shoulder down and then just turn your head toward me and look down so you're gonna turn your head yet and the arm kind of stayed where you were even though you move forward to move your arm forward too get going get going yeah perfect covering the armpit how you feeling? Uncomfortable okay, I wish somebody would say yeah this super are you cold? Ok again I'm five two she's five seven choose that we're gonna get up on a stool a little bit here wait we get good. I want you to turn your head a little more this way and look down toward so you're gonna kind of stick your head out and look down toward your hip beautiful just relaxing a little tiny bit cool. All right, we're gonna go this way good. Can you look up at me? You know what I want you to dio instead of touching the mayor up there can you put your hand on the mirror even if you've to take a small step away from it yeah, because now you know what's happening she's connecting with herself which is kind of cool take a small step back for me backwards not out toward me but backwards toward yes, exactly and you can put move your hand backwards too good. Now can you, um I want you to take your hand again and instead of doing it that way I put it in your undies good hop your hip toward the mirror so you're going to switch your legs? Yes, and I want you to turn and look at yourself in the mirror. It's probably the most uncomfortable moment of all. Actually, I want youto look at me in the mirror. I always tell everybody that this is gonna be their partners fantasy or worst nightmare because there's two of you um let's do let's pop your hip the other way for me yeah, perfect. And so I want you to put your hand kind of back up here. Yeah. Don't go so far behind that kind of just yeah. Excellent. And I want you to, um, look toward the mirror and then looked down toward your hand. Yeah, yeah, actually. That's. Why I look down like that? Good. And you look up at me in the mirror good. And I want you to just kind of flirt with me a little like you're inviting. Yeah, beautiful, good. And then look at yourself for just one second, so turn your head so I don't see as much white in your eyeball. Won't you turn your head more towards yourself and give a little tiny sir squint like you're giving yourself a little sexy? Look, when I tell you to one, two, three, look at yourself. Good. So what I want you to do is turn your head a little bit more or or cut so what's happening is I feel like you're looking yourself kind of like this. I'm getting a lot of white in your eyes. What your turn your head a little tiny bit and just give yourself you know that look when you're looking in the mirror and you're like I'm so hot like yeah but give yourself that look like a like it's okay it's a safe place to love yourself here all right so go ahead and turn and look at yourself don't worry that's my job so just kind of move yeah let me see turn your head a little bit more yes the way that you were just away from me and you know what instead of pushing her shoulder up in touching so hard why don't you just kind of touch with like your fingertips like yes something like that yeah and then a little tiny squint in your eyes and look at yourself good look back at me I don't want you to look at me like you're mad I want you to look at me like you want me to come get you good let's turn to the mirror and touch with both hands good and know what I want you to do is you're gonna pop your hip away despite this knee's gonna bend yeah and you're gonna bring it over you could take us another step towards the mirror make sure you're ready come a little tiny bit closer and I want it more like something like that perfect and now what I want you to do is from the waist down you're gonna pop that touch out as much as you possibly can oh, my god. Yeah, uh, good and what I wages bring this hand out a tiny little bit, otherwise it looks like you're touching your own boo bring it down. Just a little tiny but some look at me when your client start looking all over the place that means you haven't told them where to look great. That was what happened. Just that. Just give me a little bit of a more sexy, beautiful look at yourself for one second amazing company. They just like that. Don't move! Amazing gorgeousness love it! Good looking yourself for more time, beautiful. Okay, relax for just a second. So I think that these air fun because it kind of looks like this two girls in the pictures even though there's not what you guys think any questions or much? Just a question more. You mean she's gorgeous. So when she's standing right now, I mean she's the abs I wish I had but like in or like when you bend her a certain way, you kind of get like a crease here. Yeah, it's called skin everyone has it clearly. Well, that's what I say to my clients um yeah, so in a situation like this, where you ask me what I do about that well, yeah, because it like sometimes, you know, I I look out and I go, how should I take that out? Should I you know, poser in every way or do like thing on the screen? She has a tiny little bit of that. I see what you mean and actually now, looking at the picture, I probably would have cropped it, I'll probably crap, it'll do differently cause she looks like a bottom heavy there, but other than that, that little fold when you're shooting in a mirror and you're shooting a girl from all sides, you're basically getting three hundred sixty two reserve her. You're not gonna get rid of it unless you put your hand there, which might defeat the purpose of the pose. Or could would I liquefy that? Yeah, okay, I'll liquefy it a smidge because I can't do it here. I can't possibly fix it here because I'm shooting her three sixty, but if I wasn't shooting her three, sixty, I would have just had her move the other way and then then you wouldn't have gotten that, so I hate at it, and I don't know if I've ever told you that a few times so far, just making sure because I hate editing, I would, um, in my normal life, make sure that actually hold that thought we could do an outfit change if you want to get out for change because I would love to show that bodysuit so if you want to throw the robot um so in nor in real life I would like I said either change the pose and shoot her different way or in a situation like this if I absolutely love the shot and it's just that little tiny thing I'm like I'll just fix that later that's fine and that's that's safe to me because she is a small girl it's just skin and I'm not gonna take it out completely just maybe minimize it a little if I think it's gonna bother her thanks, jen. We're getting a number of questions from the internet about if you have a couple of do's and don'ts of working with mirrors a few tips of working with working with mirror yeah do you make sure your ears clean e I know that sounds stupid but I have taken pictures of forward I'm like wow there's fingerprints over that mirror that was pretty stoop um I love pictures where you can even try to get to meet the frame of the mir out of the picture so you're kind of like, what is that? I don't understand it there to girls like, you know, I just think it's kind of a mystery I like that make sure that you're not photo bombing yourself I have done that too uh and make sure anything else in the background is attractive looking like just now when I looked I saw that the mannequin was there later I would be like so annoying I can't leave I have to edit that out. Yeah, ok great timmy tips mix and once again did you say that you were, um were you focusing on her? I guess on the reflection versus her yes, it depends on what your intent is, right. Okay, so sometimes like let's say we had a girl like this and I was shooting through her arm at the mirror reflection I would focus on the mirror anytime I have her looking up at me I focus on the mirror, but if I have her if her body's and focus and she's looking up at me from her body and her reflections not looking at me, I focus on her so it depends on what your intent of the pictures. But if she's looking up at you and you're not focusing on whichever girls looking up at you, then that is gonna look not good and do you ever take? We'll endure says it seems shooting from behind is a no no because it's not flattering, but there are there any scenarios where you would shoot from behind yeah, I know I would totally shoot something like this would behind if I had a little more room to work here and back up all the way and probably take fulling shots um my studio is like longer than it is wide so I'd probably put it on one of the longer walls and then shoot her definitely from behind I'm just looking at this picture and I happen to say oh, you know what? That's not flattering but that just goes to show that even though I'm pretty good at what I d'oh I'm not taking one hundred percent good pictures either I make mistakes and that's how I learned so in mental note next time make your heart touches and sticking out at me like that because it doesn't look good um you know that's how you learn but definitely you can shoot from behind it's just the matter of the right angle all right, this is a detailed question but I have wondered this before saying so her underwear bex underwear had a tag that you could see I would normally you'd have you would have I normally would have cut it out and the thing is though if you shoot it on lease like this is the easiest thing you just clone stamp it out it's so easy yeah just make sure okay, this is gonna sound so crazy he's of the stresses of my job usually it is. How do I say this? Nicely? It lands in the crack of her touch. So if you oops clone stamp it out, make sure you do it from the bottom part of the toast. So you keep the cracks so she she has, like, appa crack. I'm sorry, but this is my life and lilly blue photo ass in the clothing consul. If they have major tan lines, do you plan out fits around that hate, stanley? Uh, sometimes they don't usually tell me because I think it's kind of like when your kids don't tell you two something naughty and then you just find it, like clients are never, like have awesome tan lines, you know, they're like just big, naughty and I'm just gonna show up, and I'm not gonna tell jen. They show up and I'm like, I told you not to lay out like, but but it was so nice and I was on vacation, you know? Uh, so my clients are not really straight with me about it usually, um, I don't know. You got to make it work. And that's why? I have a source. My editing e feeling you don't like it, yeah, no tan lines. Stink but you have to work a everybody has um the thing is people have them even in the winter when they're not tanning because there is sometimes so permanent they might not be that bad but everybody's darker on your chest than they are on their stomach regardless because your chest is exposed your rounds pretty much um so it just is what it is couple questions there in the obvious, that question on the lines of tanning so like, yeah, well, I mean, where I'm from there is sun just not we'll have a lot of it, but women do show up would like the most awkward looking tan's where, you know their chess is great, but their tummies are like bleach white so is like, I mean, I don't want to spend hours and hours trying to blend a tan, but it doesn't really look very attractive in their photos, so should do I just pose around that or do I shame them or, you know, like, I mean, I'm chaining you don't do I get bronzer and dust on like, um, I mean, your makeup artist could work with it, um but you know, I'll be honest, sometimes I've said to a client, who's, like my chest is different college and the rest of my body even after I fixed it I'd be like but your chest is a different color than the rest of your body you know I could only fix it so much I'm not going to completely give youa skin transplant on your body and your photos they I mean can it be done yeah probably super expensively you know things could be done but you know this is about being realizes who you are and if your chest is really dark and your stomach is really white there's just so much you can do about that and maybe there's something you need to say to her in in the beginning when she has the outfit on to say you know just so you know there's like a huge grady and difference here and it might show up a little bit your photos I just wanna let you know I'll do the best I can to edit it but you know I'm being up front with you about it because then she's not going to look at the photos and go oh my gosh look at this yeah because I have had like socks before which is a weird one and you know like the expectation on the client side of things is well you know it's the same thing you always hear well you can photoshopped that I'm right and it's like oh my word yes I can but you know what that comes at a cost you know so how would you don't do that kind of stuff, so I mean, I think it's also fair to say, you know, I do basic photoshopping is included in there, but if there's anything out of my realm like major super different tan lines that's something that could be done in an extra charge and then you give it to somebody else that knows how to do it. Thanks. Welcome, I have another question on editing. Um, as a beginner, what if I right away don't like editing? How do you feel about outsourcing editing right away like never even going like never even going there for me exam I think that that's okay, I do think you know, you need to know how to edit, though I do think that so if you wanna learn on your own time or take clients, you know ted when you can that's fine, but if you're finding time wise, you're having a problem keeping up with let's say, a full time job and a husband and whatever else it might be, then, yeah, send it out. I mean, I don't have an issue with that, especially if you don't know how to do it that's fine, but learn along the way so do you just discuss with the editing people what your final vision wants to look like in your style? Yeah, sure so I use evolve editing and what we did in the beginning was when I started sending them photos they would send me a couple of tests back and I would basically stated them you know, I want let's take clean at it I do want her skin and soften but I want to still be able to see pores and some texture and her skin I want you to do um that's really all needs to be done in the beginning like for the proofs and then when I send the final images they'll go through it make sure that lake all blemishes are gone and stretch marks and that the skin looks really good and they'll ask me sometimes they'll be like, you know how much body retouching do you want to see do? Because they know I don't really like liquefy I don't use a ton of it and I would rather pose properly but if it's somebody that really needs like in their eyes a little bit of something they'll say to me you know I think that we should be doing this and I'll give them the yes or no but it's about communication just like everything else thank you. All right, what looks like beck is ready again awesome see right so I said I love bodysuit so we found one for back that was awesome yeah um cool marie and do this baby wait we should work on the wall a little bit because somebody had asked us a question about wall so maybe we could move the manic and out of the way so here's a perfect example like that ugly thermostat is there and it does confirm that it is cold in here but uh this is a perfect example where I'm just going to ignore it for right now and if I have to edit out later it's so easy to do on a brick wall it's ridiculous so I'm not even going to stress about it right now so because I don't have to do it but I'll be doing it I'm gonna grab some of this okay? So I want this to be like a little bit darker kind of sexy so we're gonna pull out some of this black fabric to shoot with and what I want you to do is start with something like this I'm sorry because it's might like pulling the laundry a little bit um just kind of push your tuition and I want you with your arms up like this and I want you to make sure you're keeping I kind of want your head pushed back I just wanted to kind of be relaxed and you're just going to kind of look down your body here question okay? Anyone wearing special hair forward okay race blocking everybody here way could do its part latest concerned get some honor actually looks like with can I have my store back now? Yeah good. I just wanted really gentle yeah and that other hands should be up yeah, perfect. Just relax it up against the wall with the back of your hand should be right on the wall something like that you can relax your risk yeah see that little tiny risk motion right there that's the risk you were talking about can you take a small step this way so even though I don't care about the thermostat I don't want you to be on it either because that'll make it annoying to edit out yeah, right there is fine good and then I'm just gonna give your hair a little awesome great long hair is awesome like curly long, gorgeous hair sometimes I find it's like all over here and then after I'm like so they can't see any of the naughty bits because their hair is all in the way so just make sure you keep the hair under control when you're shooting perfect just he could get off the wall relax it good, just lean down a little bit with your face go the other way for me so looking down that way beautiful just like that way javier loved this okay, so I'm going to use them in the black tool to shoot with here and see how it effects now, the interesting thing about the tool is that you'll see and as I just shot it, if you call up the two pictures that I just took it's actually gonna take it down a couple of stuff. Sous faras exposure is concerned, and the same is the opposite. With a light fabric. It'll like bringing up a couple of socks and exposure so you can see how the second pictures so much darker so you might want to change your settings or you might not. You might want to be going for something it's a little bit darker. John, I'm gonna have you hold because I think I shot, like, three layers of it, which is no good. But here I'm gonna drop my shutter speed a little because of it getting gonna bring it up again, make it a little tiny bit darker because I want this to be dark back. Can you look up at me? So I want you to keep your head the way itwas just kind of look up at me, so raise your chin up a little and turn your head a little more toward me give me, can you sink that facebook let's start over can you take a little piece of hair out of your eye in a super sexy fashion? Yeah, you could do it with taking your arm off the wall, it's okay, so take you. Don't do it yet. Take your arm off the wall and just kind of give me one of these don't hurt yet. Don't do that. Yes, please. Good. Ready? Look down again. One, two, three. Go ahead and do it now do one more time without looking at me. So keep your head down. Beautiful. Relax for one second. Well, I like it with the black in front of it. Let's. Just some without see just like that. And what? I want you to dio iss let's. See, can you were goingto practice a little bit of the lotion moves with you to see that happen. So I want you to just start with your hands, kind of, like, appear like this. Yeah. And then I want you to just kind of give me one of these where you're just kind of moving up and down your body. Yeah. Oh, my god. Wait for me. No black stuff, simon. Good. I want you to pop that hip out a little bit more than like you were doing before. So I want it against the wall yeah, like that and keep that leg over yeah, there you go. Good and here's the thing I want you to dio start by looking down because it's probably a little bit uncomfortable and I don't want you seeing everyone we got don't move don't move don't move ok but now it's up saving you just kind of had this thing happening here do it again one more time okay, so why you should have a camera in your hands and I'll give a moment I want you to start by just looking down at your body and then every once in a while when you feet don't move when you feel the urge just like that look up it means you're both like that and you give me that little squint when you look up at me yeah ready when I tell you to and just keep it moving up in your hair I don't care if you think it looks ridiculous the more ridiculous you feel the better it's gonna look okay already nice and slow but not too slow one two, three go don't be afraid to move your body don't look at them like they're not here tell her she's doing a good job oh yeah don't worry but thank you now pretend like they're not here it's just you and me we're in this together right on I just want you to just like kind of on the outside of your body yeah totally stay just like that don't pull your hair so much let it go a little bit beautiful good look down your body amazing oh my god amazing good relax of shoulders and chin out and down shane out down so instead of body out down yeah because you know what's happening you're giving me this and you're so sexy everywhere but I don't want to your next so much I wanna see your face yeah beautiful woman time went to three you could move your hips around don't look down to your body for me beautiful when do another okay so let this um I'm gonna ask you a question you okay if we turn your okay so I want you to turn on the back of this outfit is killer so just be warned I'm just telling you so I step back to say little tiny but I want you to just come up on the wall like this and what you just bring your leg like hook it onto the fuze if you can stand just kind of hook it on and wrap it around this leg okay okay I warned you just warn you who can you raise one leg up and you know what? I'm sorry one arm up like tio yeah and then here's the thing about that actually let's see um I know it's hard for you to see can I see what happens when you do that it's got hot actually let's see what happens britney bring your left hand out a smidge so I could see it yeah and so don't move for one second if that's possible awesome and I want you just turn your head this way and just kind of looked down at your shoulder for me so that is so not what I was thinking for her leg but no she looks good sorry ok stick it push out a tiny little bit for me yeah oh lord good job the leg a little bit for me keep going away yeah yeah that's amazing stay just like that you're so tall right now okay okay, okay chin down awesome good stay like that awesome. I love it. I'm going to show you guys how to do uh two shot because two shots are um you can relax for a second. Two shots are very poorly done very often and this is one of the questions actually ken and I were talking about during the break somebody asked about like cellulite um sorry back doesn't have any so I can show you how that works but we can pretend like she does and I'll show you because touch shots in general always sell and they follow a totally different set of rules and all the other photography so if you're ready I want you to just come stand right here once again you're right and you know I want you to turn facing your touch toward me awesome I love to take a shot side lit it might be better if somebody has a lot of cellular take them flat lit because it's a little more flattering um but I love how this looks I actually love it so what I want you to dio and this is actually good because beck is very um slim so we wantto make her look like she has more touched than she actually has thank you okay what I want you to dio well let's take a before picture all right this is wow it's not the real color of your body let's fix that oh that's really not to call everybody wrong button okay okay so basically here we go there's a normal skin tone again okay so basically in this photo um she doesn't really look like she has much of a touch so we want to fix that so what I want you to do is from your waist down you know pop your touch out yeah so here's the thing don't bend your knees it's not about your needs and it's not about leaning over it's about this from you pretend like you're taking your hands on your waist your sort of pushing your waist back awesome now can you push your hip toward me the other way and gas perfect and there can you push it away from me perfect we're gonna start with that I liked pushes toward me even though I like chips away from me and all my other pictures I like to just toward me so here's what it looks like a way and now can you push it toward me and make sure you really rounded out that baby perfect so this is a perfect example if you're trying to create a little bit more touched or you're not if you're even if you're just trying to get rid of like some selya wait uh make sure you round at that tush and make sure it's highlighted properly so you can see in the first picture that we call up is sort of the before she doesn't look like she has any touch the second picture we even though her hips are away from me which normally we like I don't think it's flattering to her tush this's such rocket science isn't a happy check on then but the last picture you see where I have her put her hips toward me uh she has a really nice round twist in that photo and I think even more so you know it looks a little bit fuller than she has in person, which is what women want to show so I always when I do it to a spic have them with their hips toward me breaking all the rules I've already told you any questions on that I mean it's just like good don't don't you feel like so could you shoot her pretending that she had silly lighting to show what you mean by exactly whatever d'oh o but that sort of slightly flat let yeah what I would do is come stand right here facing them if you don't mind and do the same thing as you did before no I want you to get your butt to be facing me so you're back should be facing not me so I'm here yeah right like that yeah yeah so you see uh I'm just taking your fast picture but you can see where the light is here that's more of a flat let photo because this is the difference between flat lighting and like side lighting so here it's being side lit and it's kind of highlighting the round part and it's giving me some shadow where in this picture is not really giving me much shadow because the light is flat on her thank you you're very does that make sense when I want teo yeah no, I get it yeah, thank you it's good and for somebody who has a lot of cellulite or what not flat lighting it's totally fine I can kind of make the other way work with anybody because if they stick that touch out far enough the problem is everybody likes to kind of pull in the tush and that brings out the sally light. And if you just tell them that they won't do it ever again? Probably their whole life. So, yeah, and the thing is, everybody does have style, eh, like my daughters, small. And she has a little bit, you know, everybody has it. It was totally normal. And women who don't have it think that they dio sometimes women that do think that they don't. So you just have to notice, teo, don't make your work, um, I do. And if you guys want to try a little bit of shooting yeah, go go. Question from kotecha photography is who's in san jose. Did you say, are you changing your color balance when you say that you're changing the skin tone? Yeah, changing my white balance. Um, you know, that's, an interesting thing, there's. So much controversy. Do you shoot an auto white balance or kelvin and really photographer suit and kelvin in my studio, the light, the color of the light changes all day long. If I do a two hour shoot, light can change from minutes and minutes, sometimes just depending on what it's reflecting off of the buildings around me, um, etcetera, so I think so I like to shoot a lot of times just in auto because I could just fix it leader you know what time it takes like tested and tested and tested and keep going and tested if my light's not consistent then I just kind of shooting auto the lights consistent I'll find my sweet spot and I'll just leave it there you know usually kelvin I can't do both I recommend you know how to do it and once you know how to do it then feel free to shoot auto if you want to but you know how to change it to know how to change it and to know how to read it is important you guys have any questions new christians okay and um we have a question from uh billy buskirk what are some poses you would use with older woman and are there any poses that you would not use yeah I use all these cold just poses with older women too sometimes like I said earlier I see women like in a strange pose like on the floor with their legs up like holding their legs up I think it's just not nice to put a hold your woman in the polls like that but if she really wants to do it I mean more power to her s o I wouldn't be limited by age I would just be conscious of age and make sure that your clients are comfortable so I would like to address just once again the number of people are asking how would you how would you pose a curvy or woman or what if the model was bigger smaller so could you just again remind us how you approach posing with your models depending on body size yeah and I hate to say this but exactly the same way that you see here because I know that that sounds confusing and your people are so I don't know they learned somewhere along the line that somebody walks in and they go okay you know she's a size ten she's curvy I need to change to my curvy toolbox no my eye use one tool box all my tools are in this one tool box and the just the way I communicate with back and I communicate with kai I would communicate with somebody who was a size twenty or who is the size to it doesn't matter I'm trying to figure out their body for what it looks good doing versus putting her in a category vandinho oven do use a light meter no wade a couple questions weigh a question regarding dishes yes that's a really awesome when do you have another one that you use a lot is there like a position on the bed that you my position on the bed so if she's on her knees same position okay, how about laying down do you ever like on the side like yeah, it's really more like that position. I first showed you with kai where she was laying on the bed with her feet up. You could definitely go in for more with two a shot there. Um, it depends on the tush and how much she can kind of get it up while she's laying down. Uh, most of my two shots, I pretty much do standing up. I just think it's more flattering petition. Ok. That's what? That was what I meant. Yeah. Thank you. That's. Where gravity actually is your friends? Because they, um I I struggle with detail shots I tend to to do full body three quarter and face on no details at all. I feel silly taking pictures of their shoes so I know courtney's going to shoot, but maybe awesome suggestions. Yeah, take a picture of the issues, but make it interesting. Like I think I showed a picture yesterday of the shoes, but it had, like the lines from the vertical blinds and its it was a little bit of an interesting shot. Not only did she buy it, but she wanted it to be the centerfold of her album, and she based the album cover off. I have the album here, so I swear I'm telling the truth I see it every time she faced the album cover off of those shoes because they were red shoes and she just kept telling me how much he loves them. You know, when girls spend money on like lou batons and expensive shoes definitely take pictures of them I had a girl coming with a pair of cowboy boots who was like I've been wearing these cowboy boots thirteen there like my whole life and we took a whole bunch of pictures of just heard like kind of touching the cowboy boots and she put like four pictures of cowboy boots I kept saying I understand he sure you want these pictures but she loved them they meant something to her. Um sometimes people will be wearing like a necklace that means something or a ring or they have a tattoo on the inside of their arm and you can kind of take it picture of, you know, just make sure you ask them these things are oftentimes we just give up the information and definitely take pictures of them those air like those of the easy cells to like a picture of shoes you're not gonna be spending four hours editing that picture of history, you know, so it's a good thing to do more questions. Okay, we have more questions online. As always, the question is would you shoot differently for black and white image and also position them from your light source differently for example side lighting or will you always shoot for color images do you think about it differently? You know I do think about it a little bit differently um I yeah I do think about it a little bit differently I tend to go a little more dramatic with lighting when I'm shooting for black and white um flatland is also kind of cool for black and white depending on what you know she's wearing like a blackout that I might want a flat light her um uh most of my clients will say to me on the first contact do you do black and white because for some reason everybody loves black and whites but usually they choose the pictures in color and I'm not really sure why but most of my picture is probably out of every hundred pictures I sell ninety nine and a half of them are in color just that a request so I think in color I shoot in color and if they want something in black and white I will do it for them okay, great. I think we're ready to go so I want you to just pretend like everybody else is not here and it's just you and and no family and you're just you guys so uh I'll just get you kind of set up basic um just kind of want you to come in you know have a seat on that share but you're you know I mean it's very sexy obviously I love that body soon um I'll just get you kind of you know drop your wrist a little bit off the edge and I just want you to put your shoulders back and then look out the window here for a second and then I will just trying to just you when you're posing somebody yes it's habit try not to say you know because she doesn't know I know you know I know right e understand cleared circumstance okay, so I'm gonna get you spring this arm forward a little bit more for me sorry I totally mauled once just just please love how do you know how it looks if you haven't looked at your camera yet I guess that's well I mean I just look at it first but you know what? I suppose you're right so I'm just asking because maybe you have a different method seriously so wanted but what I would do is look through the camera and see what it looks like and make adjustments from there ok tip up early for so I do need to come down a little bit something even need that ladder to sit on not so much to shoot all you want and I'll get it for you yeah, maybe okay so this's like nerve racking just everyone at every lose shit hey, it looks good okay what lens are you shooting with twenty four two one o five okay okay so if you could just lean your body a little bit more this way perfect so just push your hips up a little bit now that's good you can come back and now we look well actually it's kind of sexy so rule forward onto the city for me perfect stopped there and then just kind of see can we put a little bit of length in your legs this way what does that mean yeah I'm trying to figure that out to what I would do is unbending bottom like she needs after support so can you lengthen that leg and yeah I'm thinking maybe just like dropped that one over top um but I think reverse them my gosh you're so talented good for you for doing this in front of people you're doing an amazing okay so should I bring your hair awry? Looks pretty okay and so this arm here your back arm we just want to see a little bit of the arm so he could bring around and just fall on your body so um ben your arm into the okay you know how you you know just put it on your leg for me just straight and then I just want you gently to trace your finger back good too far so come back out again excellent well, thank you. Welcome, e, I want you to check your eight points right now and tell me what you think of the eight points. Are you okay sitting like that for one second? I think her neck. I need your neck just out. Maybe not that far back, but you're really good at that. Um, and can you just turn your head towards the window for me, please? Perfect. And then just come out with the urchin. Okay, so you think her legs you're awkward is that we're looking here. Legs are a little yeah. Can you? On hope your foot from that other leg and I think it's the shoes yeah, the shooter like over let's just see what that looks like. And then instead of crossing your foot all the way, maybe trying to keep can I touch you for once again, we'll be trying to keep let's. Try to bring this back here. What does that look like? That looks nice, it's not how it normally ever sitting here, but I still think it looks a little bit. Can you have up for one second? Let's, practice this because maybe we're asking you to physically do something that's. Impossible. So let's, try it you want me to look long ready, sweetie? Spot on the hip it's sort of like this flat part right on the side and that sometimes you have to be careful because sometimes like if they smoke over there going like bring some tush with them so you have to basically say to them can you sit on the side of your hit so if they turn more like this first of all you see what's happening the hip is being pushed back and away from the camera it's gonna look sexier and then I think it should be something more like this yeah, but she might be having a trouble trouble with her shoe who's so here's the thing those shoes are hot but she's long she's got long legs so maybe you could say to her take your shoes off if it's not working because it's just not sitting right but can't you see what I'm doing here? I'm sort of pointing my toe can you try to do that? And if it doesn't work we'll go from there does that look better than what she was? Yeah, but I think I love like I like the shoes I like what they add to our outfit so I like let's try to shake them off and if it's not possible that's fine this pose really hurts I'm just telling you right now so let's try not to leave her in it for too long you did great out that's alright thie out it's like this thing right here but I don't know I have too much what you just pop back on the chair a little tiny but char pip is already in a different position than it was before so it was yes exactly there you go and don't hook that foot and just let right lay the foot on top and then just pull it back just a little bit that's so much better and less awkward yeah good and just relax your fingers you okay like that for a second? Okay, perfect actually just yet beautiful so what I love about this bodysuit too is that the sides of the body suit are really nice and high so it even lengthens her legs more so on a girl like her she's going to love her life she's gonna tell you she's got you keep shooting all right she's gonna look at her legs and if she finds out how you were hurt her the bodysuit comes down lower and it shortens her like she's not gonna be happy so that's why I chose this outfit for her I think it's awesome it's very inspiring I wanna go home and get body definitely so since you're using those humans, why don't you try to do it like a couple of different shots? Same pose, okay like the same pose you mean your same keeping her just like butt moving but let's get like four different shots out of it. So you already got a full body? Yeah, but I think she looks super beautiful from you know, like here up for three quarter's let's try to like, walk around her look around her, see if you can get other shots without changing. Suppose because of your instinct is to click and then change yeah, let's try not to change do more clicking before changing. Okay, all right, so just turn your head around here. Great. Perfect looking right at me here so you feel like it so it makes it look like she's a little bit disproportionate, probably because of the ones that you're using. Yeah, you're right. That's okay, let's pretend like it looks awesome just because this is a learning lesson. It's not necessarily right, it's not a real client, but yeah, that's why I'm saying if you use a more of a portrait lens or use something a little bit different than you were five yeah, but yeah, that is not on here. So I would like to see kind of with this arm here. I'm not sure how well, but from where you are just kind of, you know, bring your hand up into your hair and then just bring her elbow around this way for me this way yeah, perfect okay, what do you think I know now I just want to ask you all your thoughts I think it's awesome okay, so after you take okay, so something like this where she's kind of standing here and she has her hand up like that do you believe her? I don't think answer I want to tell the honest answer is that you know what? I've never really thought of that exact question do I believe what she's doing right now, right? Yeah, I didn't believe her just there I thought it looked a little tiny bit posed although it was a good post instead of just having arm up like this can you play with your hair a little bit that way? Ok, look down, can you look up at me? Can you look down your body? Can you flip your hair that way? Because then these air riel movements he's a real you want to sit on your touch first I'm going to get a break so these aerial motions real movement that she would really be doing and but if you just kind of static like this that I don't necessarily believe so let's see what it looks like if you were just to kind of play with your hair a little bit instead yeah yeah listen I know I love my job but the only way you're gonna learn is if I make suggestion yes it doesn't mean I'm right either but I have known okay so if you want to take that arm and just uh start up so I totally believe her so much more ready yeah just keep ran through I love that look down just make sure she's not looking like snooki I don't know what snooki looks like actually I don't like doing it at the dirty store tio so snooki's a character in a show called jersey shore and she's got this big booth way be sure you started your opinion of my tv she wears sort of me have you ever seen the commercials for like the bump thing? What do those things about the bump it's or something that has a big bumps on the back of the head so you want to make sure she's not doing like one of these that's all okay because it isn't sniffy a pool game anybody right snooker okay that's kind of way off way okay, yeah I just want you to play with your hair but just make sure when she's playing with her hair still looks good so is running it through the front better like kind of do this but I would try but you know, like okay back here because this to me kind of his bum fish yeah so okay, what happens? Okay when I say us and you know it just kind of don't want youto look down this shoulder here for me yeah like see I find unbelievable, totally believable way more believable than that other photo uh had a little bit of sex after that. What does that mean sexy think about what I think about whoever's taking this off you taking it off you you're nervous nice also sometimes I'll ask him like if I know that they're married or I know that they have a partner I'll ask them for their partner or um husband's name or whatever and inevitably if they're really in love they'll always do this like what's your husband's name noga might you know there's that shows like feel like mike you know it's not working out but it's really it's almost always do but if they're like always seems mike they always give you sort of a flirty face yeah so that's helpful to sometimes okay do you have a partner? Is there a celebrity wish you were burger with e I have a crush on george clooney I hope you're watching really stop to celebrity see? Wow. Okay no, really I mean, I can secretly think of people I could just give a fake name yeah, yeah, give me a fake name of ah hah hah hey yeah very um wait don't have to connect with to here uh we'll have you do one more and then I think we have joanie take that's awesome so so I think I love this I mean that was great on this wall so I wouldn't mind seeing somebody maybe a little bit similar that and just think about david caressing your curves okay perfect and then I think what I want you do while you're doing it is follow it like look off the line your shoulder but bring your head around a little bit more so I can see some of your face so how is she going to do that and look at her shoulder well that's a record right exactly so instead of looking at your shoulder it's my bed can you bring your face a little more toward may yeah oh way looked on the line of your breast yes so like followed the last guy maybe looking perfect and then you know I mean you can start on your waist and go down yeah but wait for her away for her okay perfect k so it's oh david and come back up top fit again for me and just look down the breast line they're perfect well you like damon o u e way ugo really really really forgive you for that so that's the situation but I don't care for getting in the car I don't care about that zoo fun times haris, you and you need anything? Okay, okay. Good. You're doing really good. This is sort of a review from yesterday and and today, but just with the laundry. So for two shots, uh, what's the best laundry, and for that you could yeah, it depends on the woman I really generally speaking like those brazilian cut bottoms that actually kai was wearing before the green bottoms that just show a little bit of cheek at the bottom. Because then it's not, like full kind of, you know, you don't know what you're dealing with. Humans will cover up a little bit of it. And I'm also a believer that leave a little bit to the imagination. E I mean, I think what what back is wearing is gorgeous, but I probably stay away from, like, dawns and g strings too much. I just like to have a little bit of, like, cheeky bottom that's. Just a personal preference, right? Uh, more questions with you, ladies. Fine, ladies, do you want to talk about that experience? I don't want to talk about the experience, will you instead of a well, you don't have something to say about the experience or if you do say it, I always have something to say, but how do you think it might change your experience in the studio if you don't mind me asking kind? I don't mean to know that one of those perfect thank you. Well, you know what? Like, I mean, you know, obviously, like when someone's correcting you at first you're like, you know, you're a little bit like my pride is hurt, but really, like that's just irrational, but no it's like it's neat because now, going into a session, definitely goingto look at, you know, how I'm telling women to do things and showing women to do things and, you know, like, testing things out myself ahead of time to make sure that they're not insanely uncomfortable, you know? I mean, I don't work out, so I don't really have core muscles so way to go back, but no, like that's that's, a really valuable lesson tohave someone like yourself going okay, well, did you think about this? You know, what about doing this for next time? Or, you know, we're going to put this and it's like, oh, you know now I feel like the client because it's like well, you know, she's gone okay, I'm just gonna willy nilly this and, you know I should be, you know, very clear and very concise as you were saying earlier it's one thing to watch you do it and go mental note I need to do that and then when you're on the spot, you know, it's all kind of ho well, that's also why I decided to do this is to have a least one of you guys shoot because I think it's so easy to look at how others people do and go oh it's so easy how hard could it be? I'm gonna go home and do it and then you go home and you go wait, what I I mean, I've done that with a hundred things, you know, like anything I I watch top chef, I'm gonna cook that meal and make it look easy yeah, they make it look easy because they're an expert and they've done it five hundred times before, so it just takes practice and that's why? I kind of wanted to show how I could make suggestions to help you I certainly didn't want to hurt your feelings never did no you did not know, I just hope it makes you better when you get back home yeah well I think you like when the first things I kind of wanted to when I get home is book a model and like really just kind of you know take a take the day and just focus on you know like making sure that I'm clear and you know checking him with her and you know how does this feel you know if you're a regular you know like I know I feel the need to go in really yeah one of the other things I recommend doing is maybe going through a couple of years most recent sessions and really taking a look at your photos and say seeing maybe where maybe you would have made changes before like sometimes when I when I speak about this photographers will say to me I came home from your opposing class and um I looked through my head to call my last session and I hate every single picture because I didn't follow any of the rules and I don't know what I was thinking because it becomes more apparent to you that changes that you would make once you look through your old photos not that they were bad before because I've seen them but you know you might pick up little places oh you know what I need to be mental note their legs are almost always awkward I need to make sure you keep track of where their legs are you know something like that yeah, definitely especially legs growing out of heads, huh? Yeah, going. Did you have a question? I'm more of a comment. Um, it was really fascinating to watch, um, it's a little daunting because I know that courtney already has a very successful business and she's done tons and tons of photo shoots, whereas I've only had one and it's it's so much to think about. So I'm glad to have the steps now to know what exactly look for and I just think it's going to help so much so, and I think you're in a different position. You're in a great starting point where you can just learn, like you said, you're a sponge, and you're gonna learn how to do it, and you're gonna recognize mistakes. Courtney might go through different process where she has to unlearn some of the things that she's done or adjust some of the things that she's done already to step it up a notch and maybe make it a little bit more polished, right? So you guys just have different pass in front of you, right? But it's the same outcome that you're looking for?

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I don't know Jen or anyone in the class but I related so well with everyone involved in this workshop. I felt like I was in Oregon in the audience because I was so engaged.. haha Jen was so candid and detailed with every aspect. She never held back any information. If you would like to receive many helpful posing tips and so many great sales ideas and client communication advice then BUY THIS NOW! I debated between Jen and Christa but I totally connect with Jen as a person. She's so down to earth and has a fearless confidence that is contagious! It rubbed off on me so much that the day after I finished watching, I reached out to 4 bridal shops about partnership marketing and have a meeting on Monday with the lingerie shop that I really wanted to work with! I also started my ala carte price list the next day. If you've ever been to PPA and you know the feeling of leaving the confrence with a whole lot of pep in your step, if your anything like me, you will feel exactly the same after watching this 3 day workshop. I highly recommend!

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Jen is just simply amazing at what she does and as a teacher. She keeps it real all the way. And despite what your husband says, I think you're funny! ;) So glad I purchased this course! Thank you.

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