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Stylized Shoot: Smoke and Fabric

Here, like I said, um, we have the black broad, and what we did was we found one of these this is actually just like, a minimize er and not that she needs it, but I love body suit, so you know how I feel about that? And I just felt like it really flattered her body. The one thing I'm not crazy about with this bodysuit is it cuts off her legs a little tiny bit, right? So I would rather it be a little bit higher up, so I already let her know when we're posing. I want you to kind of use it as, like something as like a tool to use your hands and kind of grab it and pull it up a little bit. That really will help her come up with some poses, and it will help her legs look a little bit longer. We got that at macy's, and we got her shoes and her earrings at forever twenty one how hot or those shoes? I can't even stand them. I'm gonna think I might take him home with me, but luckily we're the same size on again. The reason why I was a little afraid of this outfit was because it was lacey, and h...

ere we are trying to go with something really bold and dark and I was like, I'm not really sure elise is gonna fit into that so I paired it with these shoes that are really strong on dh have that boldness and that's weakness so I feel like the outfit works even though it wasn't a hundred percent what I was looking for so there's two things I want to do here e think I'm actually gonna switch um no, you know what? I'm gonna keep my legs but I wanna play with that big gray piece of fabric there maybe we can get somebody else to help us. Lauren, why don't you happen and help us? We're not going to use a smoke machine right now, so why don't you come in and help us since it was your concept and I bought so I bought this at a local fabric store by my house. I think it was like a dollar a yard. I don't even know what it is, what kind of fabric it is, but I thought it was really yeah, definitely that's totally. What is it? What's under your mattress, right? Like on the other side of a mattress and it's really, really light and what's nice about it. Let me just grab one second is I felt like it would catch the air really nicely so when you throw it up it would just kind of fluid so I thought it kind of looked like smoke even though it's not smoke so we're going to play with it I have no idea we're gonna do with it but that's what happened? I was thinking maybe we could go okay so why don't you just kind of stand in the middle right there? I don't know I think let's go behind her for a second oh you know see what people who have no stay just like that but how you just kind of like put it back yeah like do that let's do that and then right ok like having verbal reactions here I know you can hear it pretty girl and then maybe john and lauren you guys could also just kind of throw it up to support her in that and you can even even even throw it up or just hold it up let's see what both of them look like since we don't know what we're doing we're just experimenting will try a few different ways and but I don't know let's see what happens give me just one second main thing is I want you to turn your head a little to the window won't you look at me with your eyes and don't move your head no matter what happens because I'm gonna focus on that okay let's push the hair back a little bit on this side because otherwise it's blocking the light help you have somewhere to go tonight and it's like crazy right amazing don't move for once right here is gonna be our problem if you put your arms too wide I'm gonna lose them in the frame so let me just think about how I wanted to fix that I might need to change my lens to make this happen yeah let's change where's that twenty four to seventy my god you're so nice even put the cover on it for me your betters my equipment that I am thank you my handy dandy lens cleaner oh, there you are. All right, let's just take a pasha oh, I'm j okay yeah huh good one thing is I don't want your head so far up because I'm looking right up your nose it's cute and booger free but yeah, but if we could go if we can go toe like I think it's for forty three maybe we can call that picture for a second this is kind of what I'm looking for and she's in this picture she's in um okay, so maybe it's not that when there's one where she's kind of looking up well, whatever this is the point this is sort of that foundational pose that she's in that we've been working yeah, something like that she's in the foundational pose she did it automatically um and now we're just moving everything else around her the fabric and her arms so we're going to make it look we're gonna make it happen all right? You know I'm wondering if we shouldn't can I just see if you move over a little bit more to get a little more of the window behind you but it looks like yeah because then I can put that in after let's just take a test shot here okay? Now here's the other thing because you're a little bit short shoot her on a lower angle let's see if we can get those legs a little tiny bit longer if it just make sure yeah beautiful yeah born and I love what you're doing so john can you do it lawrence doing as far as like kind of waving it up and down the first moment when you lifted up in the air like that is really the best shot so maybe instead of like just letting it loft down like just kind of let it happen but then bring it back up and you guys just kind of bring it up with her so don't let it come too far down just keep it kind of up in the air now I just want to say one thing before I do that again if I hadn't looked at my pictures every two to three pictures I wouldn't have known that I would have shot a whole bunch for the fabric was falling down and hating them this is why it's important to look at your photos every every couple frames ready ugo good beautiful yeah, good and I want you to look at me in the next bunch of photos okay? Oh my god I love like something like maybe four fifty seven her legs were looking a little bit short let's try to do something where you're maybe more like this we'll see if that'll lengthen your legs a little bit e don't think our numbers are matching because that's not what I'm talking about but you get the point good keep that posture really nice and tall can you try to talk some of the lace in on the side to try to get those legs a little bit longer awesome so much better right? Oh my god just lengthen that like I want you to like point that foot out so it's like yeah and you know what, sarah when you do that what's happening is you're pushing toward me so keep that hit back a little bit more let's go back to the other one it's looking super offered so let's go back to the way you're first we're yeah let's do that just like that good let it cut yet let it come down a little tiny bit more turn your head a little to the window but look at me chin down a little bit beautiful go ahead can you push the side of your hair away from your mother's idea good let it fall a little bit on your side woman good so what I want to try to do is keep it a little asymmetric so if you're up you kind of pull it down if you're ab you pull it down this way it gives a little bit more interests and we're changing the way the photos look a little bit and sarah can you go back let me show you what I'm talking about if you hear your legs look a little bit longer but then all of a sudden when you start kind of pushing your yeah then it looks shorter and its accentuating this hip which we don't want to dio so just make sure either keeping it long are you keeping it with the first the first type of pose that we were doing good those first few frames I lost your hands turn your head more total eight beautiful okay let's try to do it in front of her now let's just see what happens so here we want to make sure we get some face in so I want you to lift it but then I kind of just let it fall down like kind of lifted up and then get into polos and just let it fall let's just practice yeah, something like that but let's see what happens do it like that oh okay let's like kinda and then just kind of getting to oppose and let it just go well done it more actinic camera gord okay just got really bright in here so hold on one second let me change turn your head more toward the window where we're at okay ready one two three cool now it's cool don't worry oh my god how fund I want to look at me before eighty five I think it is the second one finally where oh I see you want this one six nine o six oh my god I'm sorry I thought our numbers were matching that's why oh I see hi welcome to creative life my third day yeah so I mean that's so fun right? Yeah it's like a hard school right cool so yeah let's do some more of al a few we got could we just do one thing we flip it the other way because there's like a ritz part of the fabric it's making me bananas so like here's the other thing I want to continue because I'm having a lot of fun doing it I want to see what else I get but I could look at that picture and be like now that let's do something else this is the talk you know this is exactly what I wanted and now I'm feeling good because I'm going you know what? I'm starting to get pictures I like this is going in a good direction and I already know that if we had to stop right now ok I got least two or three pictures that I can say yeah smoke ban done question from pro photographer when the model is moving her arms like that do you ever vary the shutter speed to capture varying levels of motion blur definitely yeah you could do whatever you want you're the boss you're doing it for her you're doing it for you right yeah all right let's play you want to do that let's say right sarah we're gonna open up the shutter so what you need to make sure is that your face is really kept because I'm not using a flash here I had nothing to freeze her we have to make sure that sorry your face days really nice still you could move anything else you want but just kind of make sure that your face is all right let's see what it looks like there's gonna be awesome or I'm going to be driven at a creative life forever say holler oh good god just see where I am all right well you're ready one two three go for it let's see if we got any blur there yeah, not really it's ok um hold up try again let me just see where I am exposure live okay that's better I can hear it slower ready one two three close to see it if it helps at all yeah I mean I see some cool stuff happening here for sure let's try it again when we lowered a tiny little bit more okay let's see what's gonna happen ahead don't move your face don't move you okay? I don't like when you kind of bringing your arms down a little bit it'll give me like a little time but just real slow so just implore too much and I want to make sure that you don't love your face go one, two, three all right let's do something I don't want to spend too much time on this but that'll sort of given idea like with the blur is like if we opened up the shutter and also a little bit of um get my stuff back to where I wass let's uh hold on let's see if we can play with those uh those belly dancing good money on these babies muzzle using all right? So I think what we'll do is this let's this is how I pictured in my head I don't know if it's gonna work. What we'll do is we'll talk this size or comes down right in the middle here and do you mind no, sorry if I hurt you so hold this we want to give it a foundation, I think, but maybe not so we'll say you just don't I guess if you pull too hard it's gonna come right out so just be careful by the way that fabric is coming home with me it's gonna be using my studio in love with you might not have to hold you might want to hold you like and more than once but I'm not really sure let me see can you just kind of yeah awesome okay and just make sure when you're doing it just you could grab it even maybe like in the middle let's see what happens or toward the end or something let's just say yes see that's okay, maybe we should I don't know if there's a safety pin anywhere in the world that we can have we can try that so figuring this stuff out and being prepared is one of the other things and I do usually keep in my camera bag although I don't have right now um some safety pins or tape double sided tape things like that because you never know what's gonna happen with your wardrobe since you've never really used it before or maybe I'm the only crazy one that goes into things completely blind I don't know but I think it's fun to dio okay wait can you scooch this way a teeny tiny but now I lied I want you to go back let's go a little bit yeah there john cleese give yeah thanks read my mind can you just move some of your hair away from your chest is just a little bit we don't want to cover the north or as they made fun of me as I'm ignored me. That's nobody okay, you know what? If it happens if it goes in front of your face like that, just go with it. Yeah, because I let you have a pretty smile. But since that's not what I'm looking for, I don't even want you to just don't lose character. I'm also let's do something like that. That looks really pretty good. Can you do that again? And I love how you're sticking your to shout like that and just kind of looked at any attention we good? Good. Let me just look at them for one second. Oh, yeah? So fun love them. Yeah, see, I cut your foot off on one that I really love that so annoying, but I wouldn't know that unless I went through and now I have to be aware but that's normal, right? We all do that, you know? I'm just like, oh, my goodness, I didn't go home and by like the fabric store wake six, nine, six, two is great, I love it. It's just so fun and the thing is like you're having a great time here, you know, like, I'm your this is a wow I could totally use us with a client and when she shows up with a boring pair of brawn underwear now I know what I could add to it to make it fabulous you know, I think I'm just amazed at something that's very inexpensive and very, very simple you're not using any other furniture or props or anything um sometimes I think I over complicate things so awesome I'm my mouth is hanging open yeah, I'm having really a lot of fun, so unless there's any other questions we keep shooting this's the part I was the most scared of it, I'm having the most fun with it and that's part of what's putting yourself out there it's like being fearless there going you know what? I'm just gonna do it and look at how much fun I'm really having this is way cool let's try e I don't know, okay, yeah totally just don't forget we're trying to keep you long and turn your head a little to the window for me stop one second yeah yeah I love this okay, sorry go and here's the other thing I just want to say like it's very easy for me to go do that again when I'm done very easy for me in this position to be like t I'm just going to see what I get but I'm trying to be purposeful I don't wanna have to go home to a thousand photos were only three are good so I'm looking for the moments where I'm like that's beautiful that's beautiful so if you hear it's not like I'm like rapid shuttering here maybe like going okay and then there's like a pause and she's moving and watched because I'm seeing I'm trying to see the beautiful moments that are happening instead of just capturing every single thing authorities have the photos you get are gonna be fabric in front of her face and that's just so boring to have to call you those pictures can you do that again when you wrapped it around you remember you kind of did like something like this I don't remember exactly what it was oh, but wait till I have my cabin for once sorry I mean you could move, I'm just not going tio let's, do a couple let's face this way let's go against the white backdrop for a second I just want to see how it's going to change hold on one second can you scooch this by a little bit more? Yeah, no it's fine we don't have like on switches by tiny little bit just to make life easier for everybody. All right, go for it. We just see if I even like it I like it the other way better. Um what else? Oh, you know we have to play with also is, um, let's try to shoot through this because we can even make it a little bit darker that way I know I haven't idea with the other thing we all right? Let's do this and then afterwards, yeah? When somebody else hold it, then what we can do is we can try to combine the other two fabrics if we have time for that and see if it's too much if it's not too much, it might look kind of cool smoke and movement and whatever I want this actually not yet. You know, the smoke machine I'd like the other day we turned it on in the smoke waiting here just kind of like hyung like fog. I don't find it did that today for whatever reason, it might be warmer and here a cooler in here but I feel like let's avoid the smoke if we can to still make it look like smoke looks like go us far away from smokers, we can just come closer to me with this, not you I'm sorry, yeah, one sec let's do it like I really want you to kind of break I want to see if I can get some three quarter shots here a three quarter shot so it'll be from here up and in this way so whatever is happening down here won't matter, so I really want to make sure it's like kind of up okay, let's see what happens. Oh, that was so beautiful. And I was waiting. Yeah, you step back a little bit. We'll do it again. See, models have good idea is you have to listen to them. Well done. Wait, don't go yet. Okay, one, two, three go dang, I messed up again you do it again. Hold on. Let me see if I actually did I'm just making that up oh, yeah, I totally did so fun when you do that, you hold in the middle of the fabric of the end of the fabric. Okay, cool that's cool. This is the petite one can imagine if I got the long one will be like swallowing you up. All right, one, two, three good. When you do it, don't throw it out as much throat more up because it's like in the first like two seconds it's like almost like a line like it's not it doesn't have a lot of volume by the way, just in case anybody wants norman two eight one sweating fifth of a second right now I was two fifty because I'm sure someone's wondering go one, two, three oh, my goodness. Whoa! Okay, can we see file seven thousand? And I want you to see it because we want to do it again. Um seven thousand because I did yet it's slower than may somebody started maybe what's what was nice about it was the way the uh yeah, and it really looks like it's just rising, right? So that's the sweet spot for the fabric thie only thing I love about this photo is your arms, so we want to be careful of that. Um much sure, I think more out or just kind of like maybe instead of together, just kind of mimicking the shape of the fabric is sort of like a v, so we'll just practice will play with that, but if I don't get anything else, I'm happy with that photo. I just like your arms like a little tiny bit short they're so we want to try to avoid that and then you just have to say that the internet is loving sarah as well the's images of diana and photography's says that you sarah, you need to come to puerto rico, I need to hire you well, just so you guys know to sarah has a facebook page for her modeling and they're gonna post that on the creative live site so you guys can find her after I'm done with her, okay? You and just give me something in those legs a little sexier. Yeah, there you go. Beautiful. Yeah, keep your head down a little bit more. I'm getting a lot of here, which I totally get your leg, but just bring it, make sure you kind of keeping your head down and you're doing it anyway. Wait, we're going to do that and then I want you to sort of do this. This bird flappy wing thing that's happening that I really also like the way the fabrics one, two, three good next time, throw it up. Not out. Okay, no worries. They're paying me by the hour I could be here all day. One, two, three years to fall. Oh, yeah, definitely, yeah, let's do it one more time just because I'm having so much fun with it and then we'll try it. You know what, let's, not let's just do sort of the way you guys can stay up. Are you okay, your arms hurting you, okay, I don't know right now, I'm just sort of think after this we'll switch back to the other fabric with this and let's see what happens with all of the fabric together why not? I'm assured that we have left do you have an idea we have twenty five minutes a long time I took beautiful teo beautiful scooch over a little bit tio yet cool alright let's do try to do this with the fabric and then I want to do some closer up shots with the fabric too so let me keep that talked in on you we're going to do both fabrics together are you arms tired okay oh my god these are so fun yeah, even something like while we're trying to fix this if you guys want to call up image seventy seventeen even something like that shows off her body even though we don't really see her outfit you can see her body shape really beautifully I think it's pretty small yeah right because it's showing off like that side curve can I just get a little bit closer? I just want to see yeah I think it's showing off her body looks good okay let's do I don't know let's try it in front of her and the most right behind her let's try to keep it up and down versus like straight across looking good just keep your head on your face on that side mostly is what I'm concerned and that's where the light is coming home back up just a smidge can you hold this fabric up for one second I just want to see just hold it up all the way he holds it yeah I just want to see you hold it tight put it down for one second stay just like that okay, now bring it up coming really close to my lens if you can not use our I know who you might be able to do something with that after because that really looks like smoke um okay so you do your thing yeah so we'll do something with that after so you do your thing you know what let's do that you do your thing with that I'm going to come closer you guys hold that up really tight in front of my lens um let me just focus on her and let her just kind of doing anything to me here now my focus like I'm not gonna refocus every time because I'm not gonna say I don't care but I don't care because this is going to kind of blur it anyway so if I'm not like dead on focus on her I won't really matter I'm just kind of going for effect here so we're just gonna kind of see what happens just scooch this way a little bit come a little bit closer let me just see what it looks like with your kind of playing with the fabric okay, so I'm really close in on you, so I'm not gonna be able to shoot you here. But when you have, in your moments where you're like here I will. So make sure those of the beautiful moments does that make something okay? And then just kind of give me the yeah, the other way. Yeah, once I get up. Sorry. Trying to capture you, like, smiling. And I got you playing games instead. Ok? Ready? You guys come up over my lens. I'm real close to me. Okay? Oh, shoot. Sarah, turn your body a little smidge to the window. Right? Like that. And take a small step to my left. The other left. Thank you. Okay, ready to pop your head the other way? Beautiful. Sit down a little bit just to see what they looked like. Yeah, there's. Some cool stuff in here. So a lot of it is not cool. But let's say there was one I thought I saw. Well, let's do it again. There was one that I thought I liked. Yeah, maybe, um seventy, thirty eight or seventy. Thirty nine. I think seventy thirty nine is better. Which will show, just like yeah that's a little bit better but it's a lot of arms so let's figure out how we can do this without it being so much are maybe back up a smidge and I'll shoot you in a little bit wider and go that was nice let's do some stuff like that yeah, maybe like one up, one down like something. Yeah, so all right, so you guys lift up again for me just come closer to my lines. Yeah. Feeling very smoky in here. Okay, I don't know how I want to do this. Hold on, let me just fix it. I'm gonna try to shoot more full body. All right? That's better looking to may uh maybe all right, let's see what you got. Hold on, let me see what it looks like a cool down. Okay, uh, I would be iss hold on. I think I'm freezing here. Don't move. Okay, can you guys drop it for one second? Okay, go for it. You can raise it up and now you can go ahead. And so most of the pictures I took before a vertical I want to get some horizontal sze can you still love it on the lower side, sarah like tryto not you, I want you tall, I just want the fabric yeah, like maybe out can you actually just kind of stands in a super beautiful pose and maybe somebody can grab the fabric and just lay it on the floor so it almost looks like a veil or something on her. Yeah, something like that on both sides. Yeah, that looks kind of hot. That looks actually receiver beautiful and I just want you to give me a couple of poses that way. Yeah, that looks beautiful with that hair out from the city. Yeah, beautiful. We'll start with that, but just with your fingers come up a little bit more. Yeah. Don't move chin down a little bit. Bring that hand said it yet on beautiful fun don't nobody move with grease turn your head a little more to the window good. Now you can you guys lift up the fabric and front, chin down a little tiny but good and just give me a little bit of movement around good job fabric for me turn your head a little to the window. What happens is because your eye makeup is so dark ifyou're not properly on your eyes, I'm losing them. Can you bring lauren the fabric around like a little closer to her body? It was almost like draping on her legs like so it almost looks like it's part of her verses like so far away from her we can even talk some of the fabric in toward the back so it's like kind of just behind her it looks like part of her outfit maybe okay, so this is just all just as we're going along we're just make I'm just making it up I don't know what's gonna look good that's not gonna look good um but here I just feel like it looks like it's just fabric hanging off her lawn joyce I wanted to be like a little bit more is part of the outfit and closer to her cool I like it. I might change this a little bit because there's so much white on the side and so much dark on the other so like, stick it more up yes, it was like dark, so I am sticking my hands in here. Yeah, I like that now she's like the smoke princess yeah, right she's looking a little bit more and now we're going with a little bit more pretty feminine don't forget our words that were trying to do watch out elbow for me bring it backwards a little bit that's great you beautiful look toward the window a little bit more let's keep those hands are way from crowding your body because it's such a beautiful body and it's blocking it just move your hair back a little bit yeah beautiful it opens you up so much more sarah when you keep your just keep that chin down when you keep your arms outside of your body area opens you up so much more when you're cold thing like this it's keeping you so it's tightening you and it's mushing everything on dh I'm finding when I see you can see the difference. You have so much more presents and stature in the second photo than you do in the first it's really like shrinking you, we're here we get to see your body and the curves like in the first picture arms are blocking the curves in the second one first, but you look thinner in the second one to and you're super thin. So why would I want to make you not lookin right? We want to make our clients in our models look as good as they are in real life or better. I don't think she looks better than real life in that picture, but here she definitely does. Horse looks as good or better, right? Ok, so make sure we keeping deposing outside the body. Beautiful, but I want to do something crazy with your hair just like crazy with your either shake it out or just kind of, like, throw it like this way or that way. Yeah let's put a fan on her way in we have about fifteen minutes left so I don't know if you were gonna actually end with the fog machine or not but you can certainly try it let's stand her up a little bit and then made it when I have five minutes to give me whatever you want to do we'll let you know when you're fine okay thanks hey somebody hold the fabric will hold the fan don't worry about the fabric blowing so much I don't mind yes if I wanted to do the fabric but I don't have the assistance that's where there was a guy who's yeah definitely definitely in a border or you could just get like um like for me in my studio I might nail it to one side of the wall and then like put the tie the other side of a chair I mean, I make things up a little time or if you have lights in your studio just timer on the light stands or clamps just get like a whole bunch of those clams I mean you could definitely you I saw your studio you had tons of backdrops stands like why not put it on the back job stand and just shoot you know, working exactly it is the best assistance you don't have to pay them and they don't talk back in the o r you're just trying to defend just drop your hair a little tiny bit something. There you go. Turn down a little bit. Beautiful. That arm that's down here. Just kind of pull it back a little tiny bit. Don't look up at me once in a while. I want you to connect with me. Beautiful. See what these look like? Fresh tire. They're beautiful. Amazing when you open up those those elbows to make such a big difference because otherwise, you know we have this going. You know what? I like this? Let it just kind of lay on your hand. Good. Beautiful chin down. Just a little form. Keep those hand. I want to think outside the body over at me, down. So what? Your head turned toward the fan. I want to look at me with your eyes. I love and you drop your hair and I'm only saying when I so leave it just like that. That hand? Yeah. Keep a hand in a little bit more. Really beautiful. I really need you to keep your head facing the window because I'm losing your eyes because your make up is so dark it's okay. There's a lot to know, I know that's why I'm just reminding you and this is the thing I'll tell my clients too, because sometimes they'll be like, I know I'm sorry, I know I'm sorry don't be sorry you're paying me you're not paying me, but my clients are paying me to remind them of the things that's why they hired me so when appliances I know I'm sorry you reminded me ten times and I keep doing it no that's okay, you hired me to remind you I'm doing just doing my job, not upset with you down the hair but of one I keep that posing a little bit wider for me because we're getting smooth. I have a full card, you have another card? Yeah, these are looking really good, though. Do the same a couple of days so let's keep that posing nice and why I just think about it. Yeah, there you go. Good. Just like that dog. Beautiful parallax for one second. See, I love like something like um seventy one. Forty while she fixes her nose like something like seventy one forty it's not like a technically perfect shot. I would probably do it again and maybe have her move her arm but something like that, you're not really gonna get from a client until you start showing crazy poses or movement like that where you khun sake and say wow, this woman's really let go maybe it's okay for me to let go too so things like that you just can't expect your client to just come out with girls are going to do that but for them to see it is really important to see that you're capable of it and that women trust you to do stuff like that how much time do we have left? Eight minutes late minute so you want to try something with the smoke machine a little ok let's pop this off of you yeah, we conceive this amazing they are by the way, these were in chief these were about one hundred dollars but for me definitely worth the investment definitely gonna use them again but something like that was like ten dollars, still just a school you know what I was thinking though? You know how they, um I wonder how we can do this because you know how the smoke machine first makes like that big like that little poof I wonder if she could do something where she like pops out like the other day we're doing it somebody like kind of popped out and it broke the smoke and it was really cool yeah that's what I'm talking about so is there any way to get it closer to here during an awesome you look I mean thank you for your show you get that this is where I'm gonna get kind of cuckoo bananas just kind of a sexy saira hurry don't do anything that I can't see you hello don't do anything don't ok set it off I can't find you but I will just don't just keeping sexy so when I find you they're going down to nana looking I want you to connect with me a little bit of these looking good at all yes good beautiful I want you to make sure that this arm is not doing this it's always should be to the side because it's really? Yeah I don't like it good chin down let's wait like one second it's like not interesting enough to take more pictures I want more but it's it's not gone so I don't want more yet shake it out a little bit can you see anything? All right let's try it again I like it from the ground because it gives me like a little bit of a head start yeah it's okay it's okay it's fine sara actually like germany lose you beautiful you're doing a great job I love turn you head this way love how you're pulling up decided not do it on both sides well done we have no more okay that's wait just one second these air fun though. So what I love about the smoke kind of coming up is it's creating like, different like, right after that? I kind of just oh, I love that. Yeah that's fine. These are cool. Yeah. So the smoke machine's fun who knew? Yes, it's temperamental but it's cool. Yeah. Anybody have any questions? While we're waiting for the smoke machine can I can I can see oh, we did have a nurlita question about when you choose to shoot horizontally or vertically whenever I feel like it e re assessing when you're looking in this scenario I don't know for me just certain shots speak for themselves I just, you know, begs to be shut vertically or horizontally I usually when I get in a little bit closer to the face, I'll shoot a little more hard on, so I don't know why that is it's just gives me I like negative space, but a lot of these I want full body and I'll tend to go a little bit more vertical because we're in a tight space here where if I had more room, I could shoot horizontal butt. Yeah, then you will. Will you allow room for cropping this? Well, well, I will allow room for cropping I mean, I'm a cropper yeah okay I mean that people might have noticed that or not notice that I don't know but I'm pretty much an income in camera cropper I like to see it as it's going to be as a matter of fact I just shot with another photographer well he shot for me and he gave me the files did you have to crop some of these and I went well how do I know how you want them to look what do you mean you know I don't understand how that works because that's just not like me do I ever crop a photo after yeah but I like I'm sort of like to see it as it is all right let's just do it one more time yeah see what happens so cool though because like a progression here I can't e I think we're good john for a second cause I just wanted to kind of linger oh yeah yeah yeah oh my god it has like its own mind I kind of love it the light's so nice on you right there it looks like yeah oh man happy personally now might put on more time good that's good and then just kind of like a russian oh yeah super hot amazing amazing I love it I think it is a wrap thank you for your idea lauren way and by showing images see seventy one ninety three because I like that one spoke in teo once again, dan, that was incredible, and you thank you. There are many ways to come, teo. Say where people can find you when you're busy. I think you need a she needs a migrant, right? Yes, is facebook backslash sarah mackenzie, model s a r a h m c k e n z e m o d e l sarah mackenzie, model thank you for smooth. Internet is absolutely loved that both you and jen and, uh, everybody, if you could go to jen's page giver like I mean sarah's page giver, like, don't hate you, wait, just so you know, I think you like, okay.

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Photographer Jen Rozenbaum didn't let anything stand in her way when starting her boudoir photography business. She started shooting in her bedroom and built a profitable career from there. In this three-day boudoir tutorial, Jen teaches you how to put the "HOT" in photography! She will show you step-by-step how to build an amazing high-end experience for your clients — from the first contact to the final portfolio. Learn how to take your posing to the next level and make your clients look even more beautiful. If you are new to boudoir, or already have a thriving boudoir photography business, you don't want to miss this creativeLIVE course.


Robyn Crawford

Wow what an amazing journey. A not to be missed intimate opportunity to explore this genre. Im sure even if you do other types and styles of photography there is so much to learn from this course. For me, starting out, it was more like an experience and I really felt part of the awesome class audience. Jen effortlessly offers heaps of wisdom and helpful advice. Her outlook and openess about her learning trajectory and the choices she’s made constantly gives the viewer permission to learn, grow and embrace change. Her delivery is direct, truthful from the heart and yes, funny. Thank you so much Jen.


I don't know Jen or anyone in the class but I related so well with everyone involved in this workshop. I felt like I was in Oregon in the audience because I was so engaged.. haha Jen was so candid and detailed with every aspect. She never held back any information. If you would like to receive many helpful posing tips and so many great sales ideas and client communication advice then BUY THIS NOW! I debated between Jen and Christa but I totally connect with Jen as a person. She's so down to earth and has a fearless confidence that is contagious! It rubbed off on me so much that the day after I finished watching, I reached out to 4 bridal shops about partnership marketing and have a meeting on Monday with the lingerie shop that I really wanted to work with! I also started my ala carte price list the next day. If you've ever been to PPA and you know the feeling of leaving the confrence with a whole lot of pep in your step, if your anything like me, you will feel exactly the same after watching this 3 day workshop. I highly recommend!