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Building Your Audience with Live Video

Lesson 9 of 26

7 Steps to More Engagement

Casey Zeman

Building Your Audience with Live Video

Casey Zeman

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Lesson Info

9. 7 Steps to More Engagement

Lesson Info

7 Steps to More Engagement

This session is going to be about seven engagement strategies that you can do in your videos also events. So I created this actually when it was more pertaining to videos, but they can pertain to events as well. And I just want you to make they make some notes here because this is going to they're going to be things that you want to focus on. Okay. So number one, the very first thing I want you to focus on is kick off with a bang. We're just jumping into this, but at some point, I also want to get some show ideas. Okay? So online audience, could you start thinking about your show ideas? Right? How we took dennis's show and a few other shows start thinking about that because we're going to come back to that. I want to get to more show ideas by the end of all this. Okay, so how do you get people to stay out on your show, or how do you get people to excuse me? Watch your actual videos. You want to grab their attention within the first five seconds of a video right on that's. What? I mean ...

by kicking off with a bang, give your audience ah, powerful reason to keep watching, right, um, excuse me. So instead of wasting time and here's something that a lot of people do so first off give your audience a powerful reason to keep watching what a lot of people do in their videos if you've ever seen videos online, a lot of them and they have like a logo animation they'll put their logo animation first and then they'll go into the body of a video itself where I'm saying don't do that I'm saying start with, uh, asking a question or telling people what's going to happen in the video prior to say a logo showing up ok, and then go into the logo and then going to the body so here here so let's, just go through this, so ask a question right away, okay? It mine is if I'm going to do a video and it's going to be about how to alleviate excuse me your fears in front of the camera I'm going to start off by saying, do you have a fear of putting yourself in front of the camera? You know well, if you stick around this video, I'm going to show you how to the four things that you can do tio abolish your fears and how to become your perfect self when you get in front of the camera stay tuned right that's that's my intro to a video and then after that I have like a bit of an animation right like a show animation let's say on then I go into the body excuse me other video itself so I'm going on my team because I can see that I'm coughing again there are two most common questions that I think sample last and the first one is casey how do you set up a webinar and turn that live webinar into an automated or pre recorded video that's number one and the second question I get is casey how do you actually edit your videos? Well that's we're going to talk about in this video so that that's that's a start right that's an example I have periodically some clips that I'm going to be showing you that are examples of what I'm actually saying so you could ask a question and asking a question is a great way to to sort of set up what your entire show is going to be about what your shows about what your videos about right and it doesn't matter how long the video is it could be five minutes the show could be five minutes this show could be an hour long this is what you can do to set this up and there are other ways that you can also do keep people's interest and get them excited about thea what they're going to expect and maybe that is like doing something that's kind of unique and interesting happy day oh b j oh, I can't believe I'm actually sure enough that's right is a happy terrible than you you're like, why is casey singing that's, right? I'm singing because it's a happy day today we're gonna be talking about the seven things you can do in your videos to make your videos more engaged story our audience because if they're not engaged, they're not watching your video, you're not telling your story and everybody's missing out, so stay tuned, okay? So that's an example where, you know you could start off doing something interesting, korkie, maybe about your personality that really brings them in on dh there they're ready to watch and I also had as you as you saw, that wasn't really a question, but I told them I set up what they're going to learn, right? And so there's two different ways you could do that, you know, think about both of those when you're when you're kind of conceptualizing dennis, is this makes sense? You were asking about this before in regards to is there a structure to how you were to do this? Yes, it makes perfect sense. Thank you just gave me the question for my first promo video on the first topic, and that is, did you know that eighty percent of jobs are not advertised? That's great thank you yeah and that's what they're going that's what we're going to learn about right right right so we'll come on so what you do after the follow up question and then you can follow up with your branding okay after you do that question or after you do that intro yes just to follow to what you guys are what you recommend there's some some I've played with just to give us maybe some different ideas I've used pictures where you know pre marketed a webinar about a certain things so I know people know something's bad weather is going to be about that certain thing and what I've tested is the very first thing this is some sort of picture like hyman is ryan and this is my magic fish you know something I was like nothing to do with what they think it's the weapon or is going to be about and then I I have a picture of something related to a story about you know what I'm not talk about but it's something they're not expecting and it takes some thinking it breaks up it's ah well if it catches him off guard and it really starts it sets up thie personality right right right so I say like here's my magic whatever this is the secret to my success and then write all talk about this in a minute all right let me let me let me continue on here so ok followed up by your brand yeah I know I know I know I got it I know I know I know anyway that's what you would do after after you can essentially start with you and I'm not seeing you were talking about webinars that I'm really talking about constant that you put out to the world to seek very much like likely generation content that builds the community of this is kind of a structure for that so you'd start off as I said with the question of hey do you have an issue with this? We're going to teach about that or start off with something very unique and weird on dh and then go into still telling them what they're going to expect and we're gonna come onto that going into your animation this was your animation right here right now this one is a kind of a longer one this is kind of a trailer what's known as the trailer animation cost of little more money to get done um and uh and it kind of like it's a it's more of a branding thing right? It's it's very branded it's not so much like a logo let's say like a logo you can have a logo fly in and fly out you know in less time this one was more of like a like a larger trailer video um so second rule is the second step is create anticipation so as I mentioned, uh, I, uh I use key phrases such as in a minute I'm going to show you or by the end of this video you'll be right so that they no to stay to the end of the video you want them to stay to the end of the video so there are certain things that you're going to do to make sure they stay and established them, uh, themselves right in their seats, just a tentative watching right, okay and again, that's creating anticipation for the online audience. Ok, ok, and now let's, move into I'm going to answer jeans question what was your question, jean poor? Well, one of the things that I was thinking about was it's different for a promo video than it is for a webinar, right? Yeah, we're not talking, we're not talking webinars right now we're talking content to drive in leeds, not even promo videos necessarily promo videos, promo videos they are you? If the call to action has come to an event that I'm going to be doing at this time right that's a promo video, this content is constant that you can generate five minutes of bits of content that you generate as a lead engine, ok, something shows they probably does often so that's that's what this contents really all about the promo stuff the promo video is is something similar to this it has a sum of somewhat of the same structure but it's a little different just it's a tad different so the art of snippets this is the number three number three in the er in the in the seven steps here um is there are snippets do you guys know what a snip it is? No because I made it up assigned made it up I made it up when I was fourteen what in the world is a snippet? Okay I want to start thinking of pattern interrupt it's a big powerful anyway it's good all right pattern interrupt is good because in your videos you know our attention spans air so short that you want to break up their attention span and I kind of look at snippets his beats or ideas that change and there's certain things that you can do and in the in your videos not just that it's not just cuts cuts yes they're one way that you can have what's what I'm calling a snippet but it could be anything anything that breaks up the sort of the monotony of the video pattern interrupt and those could be anything like zooming in and out right? They could be like title cards like flying in animation or flying in text too connect on and have your audience kind of understand something even even more than that then just you saying it obviously when you have some text flying it really sort of um puts an emphasis on maybe what you're saying at that point right? So that's what a snippet isn't and so when I was making videos with my high school friends back in the nineties so I'm dating myself a little we realize that story's contend to get a bit try so as I said, our attention spans are very short so when would you do a snippet? How often would you do these snippets? Well, I would say, um, I would say every twenty seconds or so ok in a video and it doesn't again, it does not have to be that you're doing something some crazy animation in your videos every twenty seconds you could do something that changes the pattern interrupt. Okay, now, how does this relate? Tio doing live events you might be wondering like, ok, this is all engagement strategies for creating video content, but what about live events? Ok, live events you would essentially create an intro like like I just showed you you would have questions coming in, you'd set up expectation by creating those questions right? And you wouldn't have the logo flying, obviously, but you could because if you're doing a live show, chances are that live show is going to be archived you could put a pause, tell your audience I'm going to pause here because this is where my logo is going to be flown in when we are putting this as an archive does that make sense? So when alive live event is done being live it's going to turn into a video that's when you can put in your logo afterwards, so for that a snippet for a live event can still be a pattern interrupt and I'm going to show tomorrow the future session here, how you would essentially do that through holding like maybe flash cards up to the screen, you know, emphasizing a question or problem or concerned or some topic that you're talking about that could be a pattern interrupt that could be a snippet, right? So I'd say something like twenty minutes or so twenty seconds or so that's what I would suggest whenever there's like an excuse me, a new thought that's when I would put a snippet in and um so here is kind of what I would do as in in the video he is kind of what I would follow, so go from an intro which could be like fifteen to twenty seconds, right? Create that snippet that goes to the animation just like we had it remember that then there's a snippet on that, then we have the body of the video and the body of the video is going to be essentially the meat that your you know, the good content that you're that you're gonna be teaching and every fifteen every twenty seconds add that at a snippet at a at a like a zoom in zoom out type of thing had add something but don't I don't want you to start worrying about it though I don't want you start worrying well, wait and my creation of pattern interrupts my keeping people's interests you know don't start don't start really worrying about it but just realized that that new ideas and beats they can you could do anything even a change of your body position could be a new you know a change can be khun b a shift that could be a snippet guesting a jump cut yes, certainly yes any cuts cut works just fine cuts um any any type of edit on and I'll do a lot of jump cuts in my videos yeah, well I'm not a video editor, but I'm assuming jump cut is just when you edit cut to the next thing right? Oh no is it is it would like to have a b roll come in now tell me what it is and I get this I think from uh james webb more yeah because you know instead of like memorizing the whole script and like just like kind of yes it out he gives the script and then he uses his in post to write is editing to move his positioning in the camera frame right? So if that zoom and resume it's literally well the jumpgate yes oh so you're never you don't have to zoom in zoom out or have someone on camera zooming in zooming out it's it's really literally zooming in with the with the camera or sorry zooming in with the screen cut the zune bit of it right here and without showing the zoom you've gone you know we're not showing up yeah that's right that's right that's what it is thank you, thank you so it's not you're not actually showing the zoom it's like you're here and then you're here so you could be to the side, right? Right and that's I actually like those more than transition sometimes like instead of having like a transition like like fade to something, I almost like the jump cut because it's it just sort of keeps keeps the momentum in the video itself. I do a lot of I do a lot of cuts where um where they're probably every ten to fifteen seconds there's something happening where there's like a cut on that cut it might not be meet changing positions in the screen, but it might just it might be me like just cutting to another place where I'm not doing a transition this is early right? So yeah so I like that jump obviously jump cut is a really great way to do it james webb more james you watching so so logo animation um this is another way to do a snippet you know, something like that little guy uh also lower thirds they kind of break up what's happening that lower third you can't really see it that's fine, but that also kind of creates pattern interrupt um and also, you know, be rolled remember dorothy and the wizard of oz and that yellow brick road? Well, if you don't take your viewer down that road they're never going to see the wizard you want him to see the wizard so that's another you know, fun interrupt doing some b roll um also beneficial b roll is something that I call is something else. So this kind of b roll where it kind of explains but beneficial b roll is visually showing what you're talking about. So for instance, a bonus from me personally and you can see this only it's a screen share right now is actually holding his own bonus, which is pretty incredible I was surprised that he was actually something like that here's another example of beneficial through and you register for an event you come to a thank you page right so it kind of takes them through the process right? So you're visually taking them through a process that is three idea behind beneficial b roll and on dso those those aspects are all those things can be snippets essentially right that makes sense snippet concept all right um now let's move into number four is solidifying a structure okay um so the art behind and engage video is in its structure and this is this is what's really powerful is the more structure you have with your videos the easier each one gets each video gets easier and easier because they're structured so if you have an animation that you're always using that's a structure if you have a you know uh its structure that you create in your video itself such as the question comes then I do my logo the body of my of my video I'll make sure that my body and my video is not more than safe you know three minutes long let's say you know and then andi followed up by call to action and then something after the call to action so that the the are engaging sorry they are behind creating and engage video is its structure and a lot of us you know yes, sometimes those videos that are accidental videos might go viral but that's a very rare situation creating a structure content that's consistent is really the key to everything and as I just said sure it's possible for an accidental mistake to happen on camera but then that turns into a viral video but creating viral videos is not a business it's simply a byproduct of being in the right place at the right time right so uh this is why you want to keep something that has structure so something something that entices surprise something first off a balance of enticing surprise and dependable elements that keep your audience following your content so something new but same time something familiar people like familiarity they like what they what they seem before and that's what you want to keep you want to keep the that structure so that they feel familiar with you I mean let me let me ask you who your favorite people that you watch videos from do you watch a consistent videos online audience do you watch videos consistently from someone and do they have a structure that they always seem to use do you like the fact that maybe you see them in there they're always in the same maybe the background is always the same maybe they're in their basement something familiar that you're like ok I can I can relate to this person I can see them I enjoy every time I come because they're always in this same environment or situation or scenario and so by creating that structure we create that that ability for our audience toe tio to start getting really familiar and really intimate with so is there anyone on the online audience world derek album is the first one that came through direct he said he likes seeing his work I don't know derek I don't know but there has been a lot of tea yeah way got some more if they come for local yeah derek is really o t jarvis came from beautiful late you don't get any bonus points for that one but thank you dennis is one of the things that I feel when I see someone with structure is not only familiarity but I'd become too I begin to trust and that person I trust that what I'm going to see is what I expect to get yeah and that gives me confidence to you know continue on by other things yeah exactly it's once you khun start once you know that that person is going to be coming up with something that is similar to what you've already seen before it's going to be new content it's always going to be something valuable it's always going to just you're always going to want to come back and it's something it's almost like relying on it you can rely on it I mean the her videos get me every time but marie for leo reform is really amazing because she uses humor with her q and a tuesday yeah very consistent I think even one of her montrose is if if we miss a tuesday there's been a catastrophe yes said susie blue apparently she has weeks and dogs my kids love jenna marbles because she's right in your face way have another favorite of mine yes and goals his comedians in cars getting coffee see now that's great that's that's that's a structure in fact the actual show itself is based around a structure right comedians in cars getting coffee there's a lot of structure to that but there's so much you can do within that structure that structure is just there to kind of it's a very flexible structure it's it's there to keep you grounded but then you could do anything inside that structure anything at all um sometimes you know even going with like an outline is a good way to go you know creating outline for yourself um so what what all sometimes he was all of sometimes like have like should talk about my animals I'm think about talking about my animals and my house is talking about your animals because I personally do that and many of my back your master my dogs walking a dog running anyway that's that's that s o so you know doing something where they can expect something expect something that they can rely on every single time they decided to want you whether it's a tagline uh you know either coming in or going out you know something that that they can they're like, I can't wait to come to this video, it's also also like training your audience, because in this, you're also going to be having things like call to actions, and once you start training your audience, too, to do something to to respond you, you've created a very powerful system there, and that's your goal, you want your audience to respond, you want your audience, if you say, okay, what I'd like you to do now is go to ah, youtube dot com goto the niche umbrella, and I like you to click that subscribe button. So click on subscribed to this channel, and when you do, you'll get access to all of my content youtube, we'll send you a message every single time I created the video, and you're gonna want to do that. So I would say, go do that now by doing that by having the call to action's telling them what they should do in the video that's that road map that you give them and that's really important, they want that again, this is something that they're going to rely on, so number five, that is exactly what we're talking about. A call to action, giving your audience a call to action gives them the opportunity to continue down the road with you, right received the results and uh, that they are after and it's your job to tell the audience what to do next. You want to make sure that you're continuing to to tell them what they should do next also what they should expect next, right? You're you're leading them down a path, right? The more you can hand hold them in your videos, the better that makes sense. But just remember if the offer is not compelling enough, there's no reason for them to take action. So excuse me. Common calls to action are subscribe now, um, giving thumbs up like this video. Excuse me. And make sure to reinforce these interactions with text images, links, annotations that will emphasize your strategy. Okay, um, all those can could be a part of your call to action. Um, changed. You have a question? One of the ones that I struggle with is getting people to share the content. So what do your your your thoughts on how to get them to share? I think once you excuse me, if you consistently say, share this content, then they'll get familiar with sharing it. Um, another kind of there comes some strategies, though you can probably do for incentivizing someone to share such as, you know. Please share news and comment in this spot and come in below that you shared and all those who shared I'm going to give you a free gift now you're not gonna be able to tell who shared and who didn't share but if the chances are they're going to share if they're going to comment and both of those help with your getting out those videos optimized so maybe incentivize them with something that you're going to offer them if they sharing comment something that you're only going to give them or now that you can have clickable links and your youtube videos right into your into your youtube comments because their google plus comments now you could even have like a pdf link that you put into the into the comment box on and not put it in your description and just say it's for people that comment I put it in the comment box you know you could you could do that so that might be a way to incentivize people to to share news of the event or rather share news of the of the actual video yesterday so could you explain the logistics of what you just said? You put a video you put a pdf in the comment box for somebody else would make a comment s o in youtube youtube has has a comment section right where you can you can ask you can put comments and in your video you can say to someone I am going to give you a free gift if you make a comment and I'm going to put that so I'm going toe see who made the comments and I'm going to either pm them directly a personal message them right? Or you can say once you do comment I'm goingto have ah the link I'll put it in the comments themselves now you can put that you could just make your own comments saying hey everybody thanks for commenting here's my uh my gear checklist gear checklist dot pdf you know so it's a you are all that's downloadable right? So you could put that in a comment that you respond back to them if you wanted to you could do each individual person if you wanted to or which if you have a lot of comments that might be difficult you could just maybe put one maybe we'll make one comment and put that you are all in there yes, you might get people that just download it anyway, but who cares because you really want anybody consuming your content so but but what you want to do is you want to atleast use that as kind of ah leveraging tool to see if you can, you know, incentivize them to come through so um so that za good question that you had gene on that you know what? What oftentimes we do for webinars when we create a webinar funnel um when people register for a weapon or I have to I incentivize them to register unlike registered for this event, you know, I'm going to teach you the five things that you could do in your webinars to create more conversions and when you register today I have a free gift that you're automatically going to get as soon as he register once you come on through it's going to take you to a thank you page and you can download that free gift there so come on, red, come on, register over here and we'll see you on the inside then they come to my thank you page in my thank you page for for my webinar events and for the online audiences this is confusing. I'm going to be talking about this in the future here tomorrow we're going to be kind of covering some of that on the thank you paige I would then have another video that says, hey, great, thank you for registering I love you, I appreciate it so you've just registered now I have a free gift for you so what you can do to get that free gift his share news of the event by clicking one of these social media buttons here and it will unlock the free gift that I have right and the only way that they can get that free gift is if they click over here to share news of the event and sues they do it unlocks a free gift that's how a webinar funnel works that's incentivizing them to come through but back to your question it was how do you get them to share news of just a video in general I would say just think of different ways that you can tactically get them two to share it by giving them incentive yes in this so you're your product easy webinar makes it possible to do all those things that you just described is that what you said? Yeah for a webinar funnel yeah ok that's right? It allows you to do all those things exactly, but when you're doing a video you know that's a content piece that you're trying to just build leads with and you put that content on youtube you know, think of different unique ways that you can create call to action's aa lot of one call to action that I do he's subscribed to this channel I'll do like a subscribe here right that's a call to action sometimes I'll even have called to actions like by now you know, some of my videos are are are you know I created this bonus you should pick it up today, right? So and I want to make this quick video to let you know that I have a friend of mine who is here's an example of an expert at screen flow I do my own screen float videos in fact this is a screen flow video here now that I'm doing currently but my friend so that's that's an example of uh another call to action which can be describing exactly why they should take the call to action so in the video I a lot of times when I'm doing a call to action I like to use visual effects and like go in and and show actually what I'm talking about right um no I didn't I don't think I you see here and I want to make this quick video tio second I have a friend of mine who is on expert at screen flow I do my own screen float videos in fact this is a screen flow video here now that I'm doing currently but my friend jules watkins is an expert when it comes to using screen flow and for a limited time he and I have decided to work together to where you can get access to his course screen flow hero as well as a bonus from me personally so that's that's the call to action so I set up the call to action as to why someone should really make that call to action you know a zay just said you have to really give them a reason to take that call to action and if it's to buy something you definitely have to have aa lot of good visuals really cut to the chase and tell them why they have to come on through so called to action can also be that okay um now clear concise and creative uh I really like this I think this really boils down to having a various clear idea of what your video is going to do for you personally right? You don't want to just make a video on the on a whim and hope that it's going to work for you and and not have an idea of why you're creating that video in the first place should they when you create your videos do you create your videos with a reason behind each one like you want someone to do something so that's why you're creating a specific video I never know what my mouth is going to say when I really want to get in front of the cameras interest they never know that's very interesting so this is this is gonna we're probably talking so you know what a lot of us do for business is we way make sure that we're focusing on good content to put out there but we have a mission behind that content we know what we want to achieve with that so if I'm putting a content piece out that that's all about you know how to use a dslr camera well, chances are I might sell a dslr camera or have a link to a dslr camera that someone can buy right now, right and so it's a question of just using those opportunities of you teaching something because if your teaching something and people want to absorb it's your it's your responsibility to continue to take them down that path and if they're like great you taught me how to use a dslr but now you're not giving me any links to where I can buy dslr you're you're not providing them the full solution but a lot of us we get worried that oh well wait if I put a lane, can they buy? You know it's an affiliate link I feel like I'm not you know I'm going to be like I'm cheating the audience or something like that no, you're not selling is not a problem there's nothing wrong with selling it's absolutely nothing wrong with selling especially it's if it's something that people want and need and by you only taking him down half the way of the path by just providing them you know the teaching but not the tool right or the actual thing that they should get then you're then you're not giving them everything that makes sense but some videos no necessarily have to be like that some videos shows these your videos are I just channel the information that comes through but I do ask him to subscribe and I do have a lot of annotations I do use links I use all kinds of things and it works nice and you know that's the thing it's you know the least what you're doing is you're having them subscribe to your channel because what that does is obviously that builds up you know, the more subscribers you have, the more leverage you have you could make a video and ask your subscribers to do something later on if you wanted them to right website you could lincoln todo yeah I utilized the youtube tools that come with it cool but the message itself I have no idea you have no I want to start thinking about maybe it doesn't have to be a huge thing but you know whenever people like james is a good example in james webb more creates a video he has an idea of what he's wise creating in the first place right he's going to have a call to action that might be you know, if he's teaching about the best type of cameras to use well, you know that in the description he's going to have links to those cameras that you can get access to write because otherwise you're just not he's not giving you the full thing and that's a lot of like how to that mean he teaches how to so that's that's when that comes into play but but if you are say you know a comedian and you're connecting on you with your audience in a different way then chances are yeah, you probably want them to subscribe to your channel because that might not be your monetization your monetization might not be that you're trying to cut them click on and buy something from you right? So that's so the comedians looking at just building up a sort of a subscriber list and getting a following so that they can go to the clubs and maybe invite people in and do things like that and but they don't generally monetize which I'd like to people for people to start thinking about different ways you can monetize your videos we're going to talk about that and a later session but clear, concise and creative is essentially having a blueprint of why you're creating the video in the first place right? So I just want to start thinking about that do we have any questions from the audience online? We had some earlier on about just some of the technical terms you were using but most of them have been answered now people weren't familiar with things like lower thirds and things like that but one day we're very curious when you use the wizard of oz image because they're saying a so far as they're concerned you have to get copyright clearance for anything anything you used yes that's a very crucis for making sure you don't accidentally breach yeah that's a good point I mean, obviously some things that are public record you can obviously use all day long, but chances are that if you to youtube here's the thing youtube if if you use a bit of music or you use a bit of some some clips of images or video that is not yours you tube we'll let you know but sometimes youtube will not care so much that you're doing it um because it doesn't it doesn't hurt them it doesn't hurt that you're using it unless you're using it sort of, you know, spam e way or using it teo in some sort of monetization way right? But oftentimes, like I'll make a video if I had like a bit of audio like a youtube song playing on my video, youtube will say, hey, you had a youtube you I'm sorry youtube and you to sound too much like let me change so like let's say I had a a modest mouse song playing on my on my video youtube will say that's a modest mouse song we'll let you keep it but we just want you to know we know that that's that's an actual modest mass song and you have to stay within the terms of services of youtube in order to use that and they don't mind it, but if you use it out of this family way or you're monetizing then they're going to have an issue with it oftentimes I would say go to public things that are in the public domain what is that over earlier the nineteen twenties set right one hundred years be around that point yes yeah so that's in public domain of course is gonna be difficult to find it image out of that but but you can also go to what I stock right? You could go you could buy you could buy images that I stock using images that are you know, just where you could take clips off off of the web and put him into your videos often times I wouldn't necessarily recommend that but if you're unless your if your audience is in huge if your audience is huge than you know uh wizard of oz who is this? Who does the wizard is this disney now it's not disney mgm I'm damn well so if mgm him james not even around the more they know but they cooperate exists with somebody else so they exist with somebody. So if that video you have millions upon millions of views, chances are that would have been that would be a problem right? But because it's doesn't have millions upon millions of views it's it's not going to be perceived a problem but to hedge against that I would definitely recommend finding images that are, uh that they're not copy written or at least if you're going to put a copy written image and make sure that you uh uh no take the source of that of that image ok, so at least you're giving credit to where that images that make sense did I explain that? Because I'm not very good at copyrighted I think you expected but I would actually well respectfully disagree with you I think absolutely ever in doubt you should go to buy the image it's very inexpensive. You can never risk taking something off off anything thinking of that's. Okay it's already on the website it must be some must be free. That's that's never the case dennis got a well well, I agree with you. I was sued by getty for putting in evidence on my website not even knowing it was the getting image that focus on that photo belong today, right? So yeah it's just not worth risking so I stopped anything like that or there's also, money are going to be it's going to be about able to buy that image for a very that small amount of money is just worth it? Yes e think I think you're exactly right I mean, don't take the risk um me personally, I've always thought that it was, you know, community size that they would it would have an issue, but you're I think you're right, I think as an artist, you know, doing creative life have a lot of photographers and people butting right, right? I know what you don't want to steal somebody else's images because that's their that's how they make their money now you took that image it's yours, right exactly. Now I think there is a way around I think if you like, take a photograph off a screen playing the wizard of oz technically, I think you're not in too much breach, but again it's not a good idea what? Why risk it? Well, that's what that is that's actually, that is that's him that's a screen shot of his great grand right theologically is with a lot of the burial that we're talking about in a lot of that I'm quick images that there is so many I mean, I know a lot of photographers who you just sell their images up like five dollars or so it's actually fantastic. I do that with my own my own bits and pieces, you know, you insert something good and you make sure that you paid, I've uploaded me there is an element that I have done, but because they contain material from something else even though I didn't produce the program necessarily I've got nasty messages from youtube saying you don't own this song you don't and I know I don't never said I did it in the program that I happen to present that they can always find it absolutely so we did get a question from passion fruit asking about you know you have that intro logo video that was the beginning bit and they just said you have any quick tips for creating a quick easy low caste intra lago video like that actual things yeah so so there's there's a sight that I go to um to create not like that that one that one cost a little bit of money I had to go get to designer to make myself look cool but a good very good friend of mine gideon shell wick who is also very he's created youtube has great videos he has a company called splash you splash ceo and a splash eo you can you can buy lower thirds you khun by um intro animation for like forty five bucks per per guy maybe forty five ninety seven I don't know the price exactly go to this site don't quote me on the price please don't call me on the price but go to the site and uh and you can you can kind of see what he has available there templates their existing templates that you can get but you can switch in your logos for those different templates other than that I would say you know other ideas or go five or dot com and you could pay someone very little to create an animation for you five or dot com is a great source another place a marketplace that has designers excuse me well, I know of no desk, they have developers, they have designers they have pretty much a lot of everyone you want. Is there another one called free lance the lance company he lanzano desk or the same company now and it makes sense make make complete sense they're both pretty big in that so he lands for I mean, if you go toe desk you probably get the same results ok, so there should be as I said, no confusion about the purpose and content of your video from the headline to content your video needs to present a clear, concise message that's why I remember recommend, you know, using those title cards using something that's familiar it's really what we're really talking about in this session is all about structure. Okay? Start thinking about how you can structure your videos to make your lives just a little easier all right? The more structured better ok and then, you know, take them down the rabbit hole I'm just going to let you think about what this means so you have to have a concise call to action in your videos good called actions their key having one call to action it's probably the best thing you could do when one clear big old call to action is good right but once you create that call to action you can also take them down what I call a rabbit hole even deeper past that that call to action so if they haven't taken the call to action or the thinking about taking the call to action they now they have it in their minds they know they're going to potentially take that call to action but I then take them into a deeper rabbit hole such as having them come through more videos that I have so I suggest related videos for them to come through one of the things that I do I take them into what's known as a video directory at the very end of my of my videos and a video directory excuse me is essentially where they can come into a portal of paid you know they can come in and choose a video to go down based on whatever their interests and niches and and whatever there may be resonating with um and what's cool is that these videos excuse me khun b at the end the very, very end of your own videos and then from those videos you can actually take them into what are known as playlists on youtube you guys know what a play list is I mean she's a clearly knows how to play this is but oftentimes what I do and for the online audience if you don't know on youtube youtube have water known as playlists and playlists are way are our videos that that could be coupled together and oftentimes what you should do is you should put all of those similar videos together in one play list and I kind of look at this as mapping as taking your audience down and I say the rabbit hole because you're essentially taking them down and getting more and more more more more more familiar with you through the first video where they get to know you the second video okay learning more usually it's about five to six touches before someone really really I trust you yeah and the nice thing about putting to bringing them through this rabbit hole concept of bringing them into other videos is that you could do that right away you can get them to engage with you and connect with you right away into the next video something consumable easy to digest uh and ok so here's the concept of the happy so these videos happy eso here some other videos that people can choose right those other videos actually quantify composite it's fine those other videos are clickable in youtube she's a knows how to do that right get the annotations clickable annotations so so this is how it works I use this video directory on my videos so I'll have, like a blooper video right? There may be outtakes of what I just did, you know, on dh then excuse me, I'll have a featured video that we'll be maybe the video I really want to suggest people to go down t come through the next one, I suggest sometimes you can have just one if you wanted to, but I often times like to have a few different videos appear that they khun they can come through with so I have the main video I also have a subscribe button where they can subscribe on and then I have three other videos, so what you would do in your editing software is you would bring in these video clips essentially into those areas ok, that makes sense. You bring those video clips into those video spaces, all right? And then inside youtube you can add what are known as clickable annotations that will bring them through those videos. So ok, so these air all video thumbnails right here happy eso these air all video thumbnails the bottom but they're all clickable inside youtube, okay? They're all clickable inside youtube and they go to those next videos on I use my software screen flow I used my my editing software screen flow to essentially drag all those in and I think tomorrow we're going to talk about screen flow a little bit I'll probably go into a little detail on what screen flow is and how we can use that to edit our videos how many of you know what screen flow is here? Perfect perfect perfect perfect okay screen flow for those that don't know is a is an editing and screen capture software right uh it's built for mac essentially andi I use it for all of my editing I don't use uh I don't I don't use my movie but I also don't use something like final cut pro okay all use screen flow because it kind of does everything I want and it's sort of middle road it lets me and it videos together pretty pretty easily and I'm not a video editor at all so it lets me take you know video clips and put them into those spots let's go back over here, take the video clips and move them into these different spots very effectively very easily history so this is detailed for people who understand screen flow but I want to make sure I understand this because I see these in your videos and I want them um so first did you get a template somewhere? Could this subscribed things not in screen flow that's its animating right that's yeah that's animated right so you get that at splashy or something no, I went tio my own guy did that ok, this is a there's a custom animation that you know you can get certain people could make custom animations um I can maybe put a reference if if I need to for anyone who wants a quality one like this these air not inexpensive these these really, really branded like intro videos I also have a lot of you know the d so those lower thirds that fly in the cases human are lined up like all that it is also very branded those costs think anywhere from five hundred thousand dollars to get some of those things done so because I understand screen flow this would be at the bottom level of the channels and you'd have different videos stacked on top of that, right? So when you criticize him into those u s so you'd resize them that's exactly right you resize them and and this essentially is an mp four right? But you can also use for year I know this is kind of technical everybody just so so I'm very aware that it's a bit technical and maybe it's not covered so much but this is an m p four and you would essentially pull it into the editing software and then you would also pull other media sources like those videos from your desktop into screen flow the software and then you'd bring them down into the editing right right down to the I guess what you call this area the editing timeline let's say yeah and so you you you then move them into these spaces and re size them essentially that's all that's all you have to do to do that uh on the ones that you don't like the sound up mute the ones that you don't want to have um here's one that I made you know as like a like just I mean if you don't want to go spend the bucks on it and you want to have something you know easy to use that you could do on your own this is a p and g this is just an image right? Um and I'm not a net it I'm not a designer I send essentially used power point to grab a subscribe button pull it in have a logo have some you know, arrows and then I'll take that image right there that particular image will then go into my editing software right? And then I'll position videos around it, right? Those videos that we just said those those thumbnail images right that play the videos all them position those around it so within youtube do you then put the annotations on top of each of the videos? Yes ok so that's how they become clips so likely become clickable after you had the clickable annotations over over them when they're in youtube but the problem is that you have to be a youtube partner in orderto ad. Well, you can add the clickable annotations to your videos to link them to other videos. But what we're going to talk about tomorrow in the future session, actually, you have to remember when that time is. But we're going to be talking about how to become a partner within youtube. So we're going to show you how to become a partner so you can start adding clickable links back to your website from your video, right? So get direct response, actually, from your video itself. So, so that's. Some of the things we're going to be talking about.

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