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Building Your Audience with Live Video

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Audience Q&A

Casey Zeman

Building Your Audience with Live Video

Casey Zeman

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10. Audience Q&A

Lesson Info

Audience Q&A

Now I want to go to the kind of the online community anything that we've talked about any of the online community, they having questions about video, any questions about the using video in their business right now? Uh, just any anything at all that it's interesting the template that you were showing in your mention that you had your own artist doosan customization on it because a lot of the discussion online is around outsourcing you know what? You can outsource, and I think for a lot of people, the realization that you might outsource something like the logo that you first heard and then that template at the end is a bit of a revelation I'll be honest, it sort of tomato I always think I have to work with I mean, I'm sorry said I use I movie, I'll be using google hand now, but I think this realization that in fact bringing in and some of these resources that you can outsource little bits of customization absolutely is fascinating people yeah, I'm not doing not not everything is is outs...

ourced the only things that are outsourced I'm doing beyond the editing the outsource stuff is is essentially the the those those images that I was there was showing you there we go right there so that image also that that image that's that's how so it's just it's an mp for and you know what an mp for its right online audience and before is a video file. So this is a video file that's why that subscribe is popping up like that because it's actually it's actually a video. So and that's, why it's moving like that? Um but that's the only thing that's a really outsourced and then I pull that into the editing software. Okay, so so I bring asks, well, sort of says and asks, I've heard that seventy percent give free information to community and thirty percent marketing will pushing something that you try to sell is the general rule of thumb, so seventy percent free coal content, I guess, and thirty percent marketing. What do you think about that? I tend to think that that's that's pretty pretty accurate you're cool content, it is marketing your cool content is marketing that's still a marketing strategy? You're cool content is a marketing tool, so the content you're so don't think you have to, you know, push your marketing, you know, thirty percent content, seventy percent marketing your content that you create should market your call to action. If you're trying to have them by something it's really should do, it should have that effect that makes sense. Any other questions from val mac, for example that she's got a good question saying if the majority of her existing clients simply are not online very much but she's she really wants to get into clearly you know, using video making what is your suggestion for bringing that audience to a video to online inspector so they're aware that it's even there from from offline to do online yeah that's that's interesting you know um you think they have to in some part of the business they online the online so has they simply because you were saying education and training is one of the hardest things to get your audience and train them to accept something? Yeah, it really is especially if if if you like I get people all the time saying case in my demographic you know they're they're they're maybe seventies and hot and older and they were not really tech savvy you know what I'm trying to get them to come online and to take actions to do x y and z how do we how do we really do this? Because it's just it's right it's not in their wheelhouse it's just not something that they're familiar with I think there is a there is a bit of training that might be involved in something like that you know there is um so for instance is she's trying to get people to come and watch her videos chances are they don't have a facebook probably her community probably they do not have a facebook they may have a they probably haven't email and if they haven't email then what you should do is just send them an email of your of your of latest video what's nice is a gmail well actually if you put a youtube video in a in a sense through a gmail account that video will actually play in the in the email itself so if you know if you're wondering well how did they get access to it? Well they could see it right then and there from their email if they you know they'll see the film now has that clickable link click on it you go on then I'll do you one azad mentioned earlier my my wife aside nurse she works the geriatric population in one of the tactics that she has actually seen is for home health care they actually target the adult children of that particular populations require an additional level down to see who is online that can impact that pop that's really, really smart way to do it yeah yeah obviously right if if if if you're connecting with the kids of those of those people that and where the kids can sort of even help them with opening up the email and clicking on that video and the kids you know the adult children also have fears as well for there elderly parents yeah, that maybe they're even more motivated than their parents. That's that's, right? That's a that's a talk about who your audience is your audience are your audience like the older community? Or is that the kids of the older community obviously, like, what was the michigan home health care for home health care is a great example? I mean, you're probably not going to try to target the actual people that would be living may be in the assisted living homes or home health care you're you're targeting the loved one that takes care of those people question from passion fruit has been terrific online engaged viewer today thank you on this is about real time, so that concept that you were doing something in real time, but then you get a bundle, that thing, package it up and play it back for people let up, right? So passion for it says, how do you make a recorded video? Interact even people who answering it in real time when you are interacting with people and you say, you know, I'll give you two minutes to answer that question, and then you will, you know, live, you would have a little time and the person with the answer do you get it that whole, you know, if you want that answer in your video that you're going package for light of viewing how do you deal with that time friend? Well, you don't have to like, I don't think you have to their concern is actually very specific. You don't want to end up with dead time. Yeah, yeah, yeah, and I think I think that the idea behind that is that they're two different ecosystems right there, two different situations, but how do you still get that engagement in the video? So so if if you have, like, two minutes and you wanted to get those questions coming in, why don't you could just simply edit and cut toe where those you get the responses to those questions said, answer that or I guess it would still be my my thought behind the thinking, I just thought analyzing is that they're thinking, if they hear you say, you know, perhaps you'd almost over record that what would you phrase it another way? Because you're going to hear you say, we'll give you a couple of minutes on from the band, the answer's going to counsel to funny it it it's a jump cut, its a junk so on. So, yeah, that's, perhaps you just, you know, you just say, well, you people's at this point, right, so right, right, right, so, um oh that's interesting so how do you how do you how do you change that? I would say just you're probably going to cut that out I mean that's that's what probably what I would do is is cut that out and then structured in such a way that will because they don't need the two minutes you could say to the audience er well, you know what inside youtube there are ways that you can actually pause videos thea decision I mean this is kind of what we're doing a creative life on women live today you will often say what what's going on in the chat room and we will kind of store will say you know what? Casey let's find out you're going to something else right? But when they're watching the recording of that that's not going to work so that's being cut right from the from the final video on by point if somebody doesn't want to have time to think about it they just press port right? So obviously you can pause but here here's something cool inside youtube youtube literally allows you teo you can you can put up you can you can stop a video for a spirit a specific amount of time so I could say in the video all right, I'm going to give you two minutes formulate your questions and we're going to come back and now in pause for two minutes the video's pause for two minutes while that person is doing something and you can see this wheel as it counts down for those two minutes very much the answer passion for it wanted there saying how do you deal with that is dead time okay? And I think they've youtube you can do that then that's the answer yes yeah yeah I'm it's ok in that sense if you want you get in that time you can roll it in I mean, obviously if you're not using youtube and you still want to do it, I'd say just cut it out but still get to the meat that that's still there I mean, the questions being answered or probably more important than the two minutes for them to formulate but I completely I understand how you can say I'm going to give you two minutes to think about it because you want to get that audience who is watching the video to engage I get that I totally get that seven hours and things like that I mean not necessarily what they're what they're calling the fluffy youtube videos and dispassion preach against thing what's the context that you found most of your audience are actually watching through is it a home computer? Is it their tablet their iphone excedrin? Do they just listen and do you take that into account when you're building your video it's it's all of the above I mean, I have ah mixed range of audience who is watching on there? There are smart phones, tablets and devices things like that their home computer um and what's nice is that that video videos that are produced now usually are optimized for each individual you know what? Wherever they're going to be watching him on whatever device there watching computer, iphone, it's, it's all the above now there are limitations, I think for a clickable annotations on your iphone, I believe so there's there's always going to be limitations from from his are flash video does not work on any I device that's that's exactly right html five works and but youtube will play in on a kn android device or iphone, but yes, you're going to want to make sure that if you are using, say, a video player like if I'm using a video player and for my men in my membership like if I, you know, I have a membership platform and I have videos that play in my membership platform, I want to make sure those videos play on all devices, right? So I'll make sure that I'm using html five instead of flash um but generally speaking nowadays all those the devices it will output whatever type of video works for that particular device

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Since I have been using Easy Webinar for a few months it was a pleasure to attend this workshop live and meet Casey in person. I learned a lot about how to take my already successful Youtube campaigns to the next level by including Google Hangouts. Casey is very knowledgeable and even though I have participated in the workshop, I have already reviewed the material again, simply because there is so much value in having access to this course again and again. The CreativeLive staff is simply awesome and I enjoyed meeting other, like-minded individuals who participated in the workshop as well.

Nara Lee

Brilliant class, worth every penny! If you are thinking of buying it, do it, it's super clear and detailed, love it x

a Creativelive Student

In word, Amazing! I learned more in 3 days with Casey than I could have in a year on my own. If you're looking to build an online audience from scratch or exponentially compound your existing audience, make the time to take this course. The great thing about owning the course is I can review whenever I want, I find myself going back over and over again to find just the right advice when I need it. Thank you Casey, and Thank you Creative Live Dennis Thompson