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Building Your Audience with Live Video

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Automated Webinars

Casey Zeman

Building Your Audience with Live Video

Casey Zeman

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23. Automated Webinars

Lesson Info

Automated Webinars

What I'd like to do now is we didn't have time to really go into all of the automated webinar aspects remember we're talking about automated webinars att the end of last session and I want to continue down that path because some of you may not understand exactly what it is I don't know if there are any questions in the chat box about automated webinars about auto webinars about rebroadcasts and things like that but from the previous session but this is what we're going to talk about very quickly and kind of give you an insight into how this works and also ah software that does this obviously easy webinar ok, so what is an auto were automated webinar so an automated webinar is a pre recorded video that that streamed in real time okay the awesome thing about an automated webinar is that you can create at once and have it work for you over and over again. An automated webinar can also be scheduled in your attendees own time zone so the power of that is that you can have a world audience w...

orldwide audience and have people in different parts of the country come through and watch the event because oftentimes when we do we'll live event and it's two pm pacific standard some people can't seem to get there maybe if it said seven p m pacific standard you won't get the brits I don't think uh are wonderful english folk will not be able to come to that because I believe that's going to be in the middle of the night for them. Is that right, it's? Eight hours ahead. Yeah, so it's gonna be very early morning is my is my guest. So the nice thing about that automated women are is that you can stream it out in your attendees own time zone and an automated webinar may not have the same engagement that a live event has, but the nice thing is that automated webinars you can have close to that same engagement and you have generally speaking about one tenth of the issues that occur with life all right alive. It's very difficult to control, not mean something's going to happen. Things happen in a live event. I want the online audience and understand this. I want you to understand this that anything could potentially happen in a live event the internet could go out, the sky can fall, you know, there could be an earthquake. We've had three thus far in in a southern california or well in california, you guys have it over here in northern california, you feel the earthquake, we have them for a while, actually, we haven't felt that, you know, so we definitely did in southern california in los angeles, we've had three in a row and probably last month so something big is happening so anyway what what that could do is causing the interruption of your live events streaming so those things happen ok whether they are natural disasters whether they are other things so that's what happens with a live event? An automated event you can hedge against those issues sometimes plus an automated event can you can take your best presentation and put that forward right there that's why it's a benefit? So when would you use an automated webinar? When would you do this? Well, I did share with you a sequence in the previous session where you would use an automated weapons correct? I showed you that you would start the event you follow up with a replay as an option and then follow that up by putting it into an automated webinar that I call what we call evergreen right and evergreen means that it runs on autopilot right allows people to come in sign up at any time and it continues to run. So that is one strategy of doing it me personally I also like to use it in a certain other way I'd liketo automate some traffic and I'd liketo automate my webinars it's kind of a way of just automating my business essentially so what else sometimes do is I will create a video and that video will be about come to my webinar and I will post that out and I will sometimes use facebook or rather youtube ads to promote that video out there, and I will drive traffic from youtube into an automated webinar, so I'll automate the traffic and then into an automated web inner right, and I'll convert that traffic I could do the same thing with facebook I could do the same thing with any advertisement platform that's out there, right? Usually what I'll do though, is I will create a video and put it out so here's the full traffic and conversion system that I do all the use fake youtube traffic will then send them to a webinar sign up form where I will then have a webinar presentation about a quality product and I'll make sales that's the concept behind all of these right and what I tend to use and what I have used previously is google adwords for video to do this, I've used youtube promoted videos, so I'll create a video on youtube and then I will ah, I will pay for that video to get in front of the audience that I wanted to get in front of and then I'll drive in leeds for this particular scenario um I would have paid let's see here so the cost spent in one year I tested this out for one year excuse me, it cost me thirty two hundred dollars for fourteen thousand clicks fourteen thousand clicks are they click and they come into my website from the video. Right? That thirty two hundred dollars, uh, cost cost me fourteen thousand create. The results were fourteen thousand clicks. The sales based on, uh, ctr would be about six sales per month, averaging about three to twenty five per customer. That's, the that's, the price. So the net profit over that year was twenty three thousand four hundred dollars, and the total spend was thirty to forty seven. So the net was twenty thousand one hundred fifty three dollars for the for the twelve months that I had this ad running, and I would send them off into an automated webinar. Okay, so this is the sale. This is the sales breakdown of what I did for my youtube advertisements and bringing them through safety. Let's, just be clear about some of the technology here. You just explain ctr for the audience. Yes, the click their way is the thinking of the click through rate is ctr and let's. See, what else can I do to anyone? That that was the only one? Ok, just let's. Make sure we cover these as we go. Thank you. Appreciate s o so you can see here the cost per view, cpv is cost per view, right, and and then the website clicks are there all the way to the right? So when you do a youtube ad advertisement, when you do a promoted video, you pay for the cost per view that's what you're paying for but and so that what? That what that simply means is that the cost per click is a lot less because you're not paying for the pasta cost brick like you're playing paying can't speak right now they cost per view so my cost per click or on my website cliques were fourteen thousand dollars the total price I spent on those clicks about thirty two hundred dollars and I sent them into anaugh automated webinar that that was a like a lead generation tool right brought them in a nurturing tool and nurtured them told them to sign up for ah future webinar gave them the free gift that I mentioned all the things that I've already talked about this is exactly what I was doing to do this, so this is how I would use a new automated webinar for maybe even setting up automated campaigns this's when you consider a campaign, you pay traffic, bring him in and then you convert them into lead so you'd get subscribers you get them signed up, bring him into your list essentially right that makes sense so that's this is just ah showing exactly what I just said ok well ok ok ok so so that that's terrific but what is the problem with webinars? You see, in the past there's been limited resource is and restrictions on women are and technology around them such as the attendee restrictions and the number of events something about go to weapon are as you know is you is you probably know goto webinars agreed to will obviously it's it's it is a enterprise level tool that a lot of excuse me a lot of people use it does cost five hundred dollars a month and you are limited based on that five hundred dollars too I believe um I think it's five hundred people in the room itself maybe it's a thousand is it a thousand for five hundred? Ok, so it's a thousand and five hundred now I remember, but I was grandfathered in of and pay like to ninety nine for a thousand when I still have my go to weapon or so but it is his five hundred bucks a month and you have a limitation how many people can come through the door? The second biggest thing that I seem to see with with webinars is that you really don't have a social or viral aspect to him right when you have something like they go to weapon or go to webinar again it's if you already have an existing list existing community and you're bringing them in to do events for them you know do webinars for them makes it makes sense but what if you don't have a community and you want those webinars kind of work for you to build that community right you want those women are so work for you that's why that's that's where I like to use google hangouts right and a second like a third party software to create webinars out of google hangouts that makes sense yeah, that makes sense so I'll use easy webinar to do exactly this I'll bring them to a registration page they'll come to it through the the event and the event itself will be google hangout but inside ecosystem that I control but then it still has that viral share incentive it also has search ability right? Because this is actually a stream from my own blogger let's say it's from my own wordpress site so it has search now the cool thing is that it won't share your your actual live event page if it's protected you don't want you know people people have to register to come to that page. What it will share is the registration page so you want social and you want search ability to come to the registration page ok that's the idea so easy webinar creates a full webinar or event funnel meaning that it could be used to register users the weapon or pages are automatically created for you and integrates with google hangouts for live events and does also automated or evergreen events so easy women are just both you couldn't do the live event as that google hangout as we mentioned right it's live but then you can go back into that event set up that rebroadcast for later that night, right? And then it and it takes that and put it into an automated sequence so it does both live and automated events on one places that does that make sense the live audience out there and also in here? Yeah, so uh oh, the other thing that it does it allows you to track your data that's a big factor? Let me come on to that. So what is the biggest problem with google hangouts? You can't track the data and know who your most engaged viewers are, how long they're watching um if they drop out things like that, you can't you don't really know those things well with easy weapon are you conduce those things because you bring them into your ecosystem? They registered for the event now you know who visited, who registered, who showed up, who watched the event right, who watched the replay of the event and then took actions so certain people can take actions during your live events or even your automated evan since such as clicking a by now button we're downloading a pdf and this software will track all that informational tracked the who's who is clicking through and I'll tell you how long they stay on your event whether it's twenty percent of the time or one hundred percent of the time right it'll it'll tell you how much they watched and what's really good about this why does this wise is helpful? It lets you know who you're most engaged viewers are if you see people that are watching eighty to one hundred percent of your events you khun and you see that they're also clicking the links during your events those are your buyers those are the people that if they did not buy during say a live event than they are the ones you follow up with uh with within your marketing cycle whether you send him an email saying hey wow yeah I notice you did watch ninety percent of my event I noticed you did download my pdf I noticed that you also clicked on the buy now button but you didn't by so let me ask you if there's anything I could do for you personally to help you along okay so you definitely have my attention so is it automated also for the people that so interest that you automatically send them the thank you? May I see your interest that or do you have to manage that manually there's it's interesting with this off where you can assign it into excuse me into like an infusion southsea rom it gets a little confusing, but if you know infusion soft infusion soft is a crn platform that lets you house data lets you get leads and what easy webinar does is it ties in for each of these actions and each of these different I guess what? You yeah, I guess you called all these actions whether they visit, whether they register, whether they showed whether they watched, whether they watched the replay or took the action, you can assign tags to those people that did either one of these stages and then do a follow up email to those people later on hey, I noticed that you register but didn't watch hey, I noticed that you registered and watch but didn't buy hey, I noticed that you downloaded my pdf, but you didn't do x y and z so you could do that and you can automate it as well. So excuse me so there are two aspects of it. Obviously this could be applied to both the live event, but it also could be applied to an automated event as well, right? So you contract the engagement level for your live event if you're event, you know was an hour let's say I did an hour long event and afterwards, I wanted to go in and check the statistics, I go back into the statistics, and I say, ok, I had, like, forty people there were on, um, twenty people stayed till eighty percent ninety percent of the the full event on, you know, I had a few people drop off, but but now I know exactly when they when they when they got there and when they dropped off because they may drop off at a certain point where there is a little in the event itself, they may drop off after the offer let's say if it's a paid event, they may drop off after the offer. So that's you give that you get that information, you get that data, the data is key. The data is the powerful aspect of this stuff that gives you the knowledge of who your customers are, the engagement that they're taking the on the things that they're that they're doing, the questions that they're asking, in fact, this action at the very end here you can have questions, and you're both automated events in your life events that people can respond to and asked and ask so they can ask questions you could say in your life, then you could say, hey, ryan, tell me a little bit more about about, you know, what your business is I could say everyone tell me about your businesses and you could see who takes those actions and actually starts responding so it's almost like everybody and that was the comment box on creative live all that is like if all that data was put in right into a built in a back office, so this back office houses all that content, it houses all the questions that that you're individuals have that are watching, right? So now you can, you can track the questions that they ask each person, the actions that they perform and how long they watch the event in the action and the questions are very powerful because now you you know exactly what your customers are asking you and you can respond to them. You can do a follow up email to them saying, hey, I noticed you ask this question, I don't think we were able to get back to you on that. Let me get back to you on that, right? So you know what it does is it creates these pages for you registration page, thank you page, a webinar event page, and it allows your audience essentially, too register this isaly generation tool it allows you to build a lead and business tool around we'll hang out and here's the deal you could even use it for your shows so a lot of people use this for their for those shows because you can have someone register for two p m every thursday, so because it's automated and evergreen, it can say the scheduling consejo es you know, every tuesday at two p m is when this event happens, right? And so no matter when someone lands on this page is always going to be whichever tuesday is in the sequence. So if I land on monday, I'm going to get into the event tomorrow. If I land on wednesday, I'm going to get into the following weeks tuesday, right? And so this could be your weekly show registration page. I can have like a hey it's me this's every tuesday at two p m this is where we're doing our show, so go ahead and register for our next event, depending on when you're here, you'll come in on that tuesday. If you're here on tuesday, you'll probably come and see us today. If you're here on wednesday, you gotta wait for the next tuesday. That's happening, right? So that's how you can use this software? Yeah, if he set up, appears like that, could you could you also attached part of that so that, you know, for the next six months, he's going to get an email? Tell us we're doing absolutely so this software ties in with your auto responder if you have a weber infusion, soft male chimp, constant contact any time someone puts their name and email here, it automatically adds those people to your auto responders list, right? So it hasn't to the list. Now you have that marketing list now that, you know, you can follow up with him later on anthony unquestioned that casey and, you know, clearly enrolling new registrants is really important. But let's say you have a list of existing customers impossible to send them directly to let's say, a live event without them having to enter email again? Absolutely, yeah. So the with this off, where you can put there are what are known as public links, public event links and those public event links could be given to your existing customers that they khun s o, that they can come directly into the event without registering. If it's on tuesday, if you send out an email to your list on wednesday, right, and the next event is on tuesday, you can send them a link that is a is a essentially the public event link forward slash countdown so it'll count down. Before that next event starts so that could be the page that they come to for the actual live event and that that link will then redirect them into the actual live event at the time that is starting with you if you if you schedule it at two p m on tuesday it'll that's when it will redirect them into that into that page right so yes you can send that off to your existing community if you don't want them to register you just want them to come to that page a time send them out to the countdown you could also do instant events so instead of me sending him to a countdown page prior to an event starting if I wanted tio a webinar right now if I wanted to do an event right now I send it out to them right now the actual live link say hey this is the link we're at right now we're doing a live stream it's happening right now come to this page and now here I am inside um my event page and just imagine that's like the event page right there right the bottom right and everything captains on that page you can excuse me I have by now buttons pop in you can have pdf buttons pop in questions can be asked during this event so the event page is the ecosystem where you can respond and connect him david that relationship with your audience but if you use it, if you use it for registering and building lidz what's going to happen is you're going to start with the registration process once they register, they get a thank you, paige. All right. Hey, thank you for signing up. You did great here's your free gift you incentivize them to share and that's why you get those shared? Yeah, stuff happening there. You then also at the same time send an email notification out to them as soon as they register. So both the thank you pages where they're directed, and then it sends them to that email notification as well. And then and then the link that's found both inside the thank you page and thie email that goes out to them that has ah, the link to the webinar that will take them to a countdown page prior to the event starting and then the event once it gets to zero zero zero zero it'll bring them into the event page itself. This is exactly how this webinar funnel works for both live and both automated. Ok, so after the event is over, let's say you do a live event. What happens after that event is over, so the email goes out to watch the replay and then the replay looks very similar, obviously to the live event because it is is now that replay but the difference is now you have a toggle things you can add you can have pause and start and things like that right fast forward on the replay page but let's say you wanted to take a live event as I just said and then quickly turn that live event after it's over into an automated event right so now that live event which was say through a google hangout now you khun tack on that automated scheduling stuff so let me remind you about this you know how when you start a google hangout and then you end the broadcast what happens to that broadcast where does it go and what does it become a video that's right so with this software you throw in the url for the youtube video that the google hangout is being streamed into life and once that broadcast is over you don't have to take out that you are earl that youtube you are o that you put into this software you don't have to take it out so now what is it do it automatically starts the automated event right it play it starts replaying automatically so you don't have to take it out all you have to do is change the scheduling of this around and that you are l that was once the light hang out which is now a video stays in there it's continues to work for you all right, so you are able to now switch over from live backto automated, you can then take what was once a one time one time event, maybe even turning into a re occurring event, so you know, you can have that event that was maybe a two p m on tuesday. Now you can have that event showing two p m sorry, you can have that event showing and maybe every tuesday and thursday at two p, m or seven p m or both, right, so you can have it scheduled for multiple times during the day, multiple days during the week, and that's and you can have it streamed out at that at that time, right? So you can change it to a recurring if needed. If that's what you're interested in doing, however, you can always just continue to do these one time events if you want, so it gives you options and flexibility of being able to take and repurpose let's look at that word again. Three purpose your one time events and use them to continue to build leads and sales for yourself, and you can essentially do this while you're sleeping. So what happens is that's what I often times do I have an automated event always going right, and I don't have to be there for that automated webinar to take place, it's going it's a replay it's it's it's playing that streaming out at specific times that I have chosen as the admin to be streamed out in for my attendees who are around the globe so it could be two p m in australia two p m in london it could be anywhere at two p m exactly right and I could be asleep in my bed and still get questions that are coming through so that's what happens? I still get questions from people that are on my automated events and what do I do with us questions? I respond to those questions they you're sent directly into my email and I respond back you could also excuse me having ascent into maybe a help desk and have maybe your employees respond to those questions this makes sense so that you were always keeping that engagement for questions that come in even during an automated environment. Dennis kind of a, uh authenticity question knowing that you're going to be sleeping when the people in australia are asking questions do you look somehow let them know that you're not going to respond right away? Is that evidence or yeah so in my in my events excuse me, I always say if I'm not able to respond right away, don't worry please leave it in the chat a box because someone will get back to you whether it's me, whether it somebody might know desk so we generally follow up all the time with anyone who asks the question within twenty four to forty eight hours and that's something you can actually say in your event like if we're not able to get to your question you know and if let's say you're even in the live event so we're doing it live if you know for these people are watching on the chat if I say, you know, put your questions in the chat box but if we don't get to them we want to get to everybody so within twenty four to forty eight hours we will respond individually to your questions as they come through that's what you can say and if you don't get to them right away because it's it becomes an automated event after now that that live is now automated if you're sleeping you can still follow up with him because you've set that expectation that you know set the expectation okay, so what is this? Well, this is the exact same thing that you just saw over here the only difference is that this is live and this is automated what's the difference nothing is different absolutely nothing is different and that's the idea behind this is that it it continues to work for you and it has that you know that this is it looks relatively the same and that's the whole point behind it okay um so so just you're aware that's that's how that works ok the other thing about these the software and being able to have it input into your own say wordpress site is that its search engine optimize we already mentioned that you can your events your webinar pages can be optimized you can also take one webinar and clone it so if you created a webinar sequence women are registration page thank you page event page email notifications et cetera et cetera and you want to clone that so that you don't have to repeat the process of creating this sort of funnel right this sort of marketing funnel which is that that's what a weapon here is you can clone it and they will become another one and you can then change the wording around right you can also use this for your client sites let's say if you have a client who needs events producers like to use the software like this because then you can produce events through it this in your clients can then have their events housed here also these templates these templates are responsive so they work on ipad hi phone they can also be in other languages as well right so because everything is completely editable you can have them in various languages no matter who you are they have the built an email notification also they have the auto responder they have what are known as delayed events so those events can pop in at certain times during the event, so maybe thirty minutes that's when I have my offer that by now button pops in and then you can decide when you want to have it leave right? They have the child bunks integration so you could actually corporate facebook twitter you can incorporate any third party app like live fire chat roll anything and then the social share incentive which is on that second page which is share news of this event and you'll unlock a free gift and get about forty percent to fifty percent or more of the people that register sharing news of that event which means that that will bring in more violent traffic. So it's a it's a it's a pretty cool deal so that that is what in a nutshell essentially automated webinars are and that's what easy webinar is. So are there any questions from the the audience online as well as the as well as in the studio? Here we've got some very specific questions about easy webinar view wants wants of those case your g is asking does easy webinar limit the number of fields I can put on my form from my auto responder that's a good question and yes, it does it right at the moment it has only two forms you can put your name and email that's pretty much it ok on concave same question from ji and can casey comment on the effect that the number of form fields might have on conversion to a registration that's? One of the reasons why it probably that that it has just the name and email because for conversion, it's far easier to have people come through when they have fewer fields to click through. Now, if you say, wanted tio um, what's the word I'm looking for if you wanted to qualify your your attendees by giving them those additional barriers, such as, uh maybe like a like a third field could be whether it's the phone number you want to collect, maybe it's an industry that you want to ask you could do that in this software that it's not in here. Now I know it's coming, but it's not in here now so and it's not in there now, because you want to try to keep the conversions as well as you a school is you possibly can so that's that's the answer that particular question and that question is, what service does this run? Almost the lifestream that easy weaponize running on so easy weapon are you khun role in google hangouts into it, right and it's it's pretty simple you just hear here's like one of the back office for creating a new event you know you decide on one time event or recurring event you can decide if you want to have it live or is as I said automated you decide on the time zone you can then go through the process of just choosing a template for your you're your page template page setting advanced options on dh it runs on google hangouts but google hangouts as it's streamed to youtube so so you grabbed the google hangout that streamed into youtube u r l right you can grab that right from google hangout remember how we showed you those links at the bottom of the google hangout? He just grabbed that and put it in here you decide how long you want to stream this out for if it's live let's say I want to scream out for three hours I put that right down here and then I want to redirect my attendees after the event is over, maybe into a sales page you could do that as well you could add the chat box options here um a default is just a question box, but you can also add life fire twitter, facebook all sorts of different chat options depends on what you want in regards to engagement I personally use on one of my pages a live fire chat and I consistently use that page for my public events um, because it has a bit of social prove, it has the comments on their has people are watching it. So I tend to use that page over and over again for the one time for every single live broadcast I do is use that same page and I could do that. I can use the same page over and over and over again, and you get more comments, more people showing up and it kind of can get you know, it can get spread essentially right and get tracked on on google as well. But we have we have another one from a news. Do we need infusion soft to run easy webinar or doesn't run by itself? Or is it recommended to use it with infusion soft so easy webinar is ah, is a plug in essentially that plugs right into your wordpress site. So you create the pages here, right? You create the registration page. Thank you, page event page, but you add in your excuse me, you add in your domain here and then you install essentially, uh, the plug in and if you know what, we're impresses, where press is a you know you get so where would you go, where the sierra isn't no it's, a content management, a cms. Sorry, so you you can it's essentially what everyone uses to build their web pages, right? What you could do is download this and upload it directly into any blogged that you might have. And then these pages that you create inside easy webinar are published to that block, so everything can then be done within within here. So all these pages, we just go into the advanced options all these pages, this is my block right here and then these are the the's air, the pages that are inside the blawg forward slash this ford slashed this ford slashed this so these could be optimized for a ceo. You can also optimized your ceo by adding the meta description here, and key words and browser on all the different pages if you want. Another cool thing is that you can add third party scripts like google analytics to know exactly how many people are coming. You can also add, you can add perfect audience pixels as well, right? You can also add facebook pixels for if you wantto see who's coming from maybe facebook ads. If you have facebook ads running and you want to know if those ads are converting, you can add those to the third party and see who's taking action you would add that into the thank you page, just add those facebook pixels into the facebook page, right? Thank you page right here. Because as soon as someone registers, they come to this thank you, page and that will show you that the action that they performed is that they registered that will show you that that, um that lead is converting. The money you're putting into facebook is actually working for you, right? Um so that's that's essentially how it works. Now one last question from petro is saying, can you have a downloadable gift you give away or whatever from the thank you pages? Is that something a possible place to put it? Yes. That that's where you would that's where you would essentially put it you would you would have it on the so for instance here so here's a registration page and let's say I could do a couple things I could I could click a replay toe watch or I could have a future event let's say I have the seventh and I have decided to have it streamed out for two different times remember in the in the back office when we're back here yeah let's, let's go back in at a webinar back here you can you can choose how how many times you wanted stream out right I can have it streamed out once twice aiken adm or write so when you're looking at this page that's when that's when that shows up right there right so I'm going to watch it at three p m april seventh I'm gonna call myself tim tim at casey's eamon registered for the event okay so on this page this video and you can't see it right now but on this page of this this particular video and tells them hey share news of this unlike that free gift and so the question was can you have a ah gift on that thank you page the answer is yes but what I tend to do is I have them incentive incentivize them to do it by sharing news and then it will unlock a free gift down here right but you could obviously put the thinking the free gift right down here in this description area if you wanted to on the thank you page but I tend to do it a different way I require people to um tweeted out just like this and automatically what it does is it is it gives you it this text and this is something you can do as an admin you can have this text automatically and they're saying I just got the easy webinar conversion report for a free gift and I think you should too ah and you know you put jet I um right and what that did is it unlock that free gift you see that reward document right here and so now that that's the document that it creates right so it added it out of those people right to there twitter right they tweeted out and then they got the free gift right away so does that answer that person's question yes okay so that is essentially how it works I did want to just share with you maybe one of the pages and you have to remember that this works with a live google hangout and then you could take that what was once live and turn it into an automated event now the last thing that I will say and I don't want to confuse you too much about this but easy weapon are also allows you to roll in amazon s three videos that are not hosted with youtube so if you wanted to do an audit automatically just simply go straight to an automated event without doing the live event at all you could do that you can either put in that you can put a video video in there and that will stream out as that automated event you can put as I said, an amazon has three video in and if you remember what what amazon has three is we're talking about it za cdn amazon has three houses and hosts videos and so what you can do is actually within the software you can simply upload an mp for with this software and what it will do is it will it will create that as a as a live stream right? I won't go into too much detail on that was kind of that is kind of a little more advanced but I do want to show you very quickly maybe so you can see excuse me what say one of the pages will look like? So this is one of the pages that could be created you see here here's a delay demented pops in here's a question that's just started here's the comment box that you find okay, so this is a weapon are link right? Not the google one or both can you turn that down? All right? And this is the excuse me this is the page that I always used to stream out. Okay, this is the page that when I'd ever do a live webinar I don't have to change this page around. I just have to take take out the youtube buehrle that's streaming this link in here and take it out and put in a different one or take a amazon has three link and put it in on our tmp link so I guess very quickly I will show you this let me just go and edit webinar on, then we're going to move into monetization I'm going to see if there's any questions here, any questions online on then we're going to move into as I said the monetization so right here the event video is where you put that video link for your events okay now actually let me let me go back and go into a different one let's go with had a webinar so if I'm going in and I want to do automated so this says automated right what this will do is now if I go into the event page it will allow me to upload a video directly into the system if I want to do justin automated webinar it'll let me add in my amazon as three credentials okay and upload a video directly so I just choose a file and then upload that file right? Yes you just uploaded on your desktop or was it already in amazon has three. So my desktop or both so it was on my desktop okay, yeah so I was on my desktop and then what it does is it sends it to amazon I see ok, yeah, it sends it to your amazon has three accounts he know what happened here is that it just created two links. Okay, see, it automatically went into my cloud front and now it's now it's in there it created what's known as an arty mp video which is a live stream video it's a really time live stream video so if your event starts at two p m and someone comes at two thirty they're going to miss thirty minutes of this video because this is streaming in real time just like creative live will do a rebroadcast if you click on it at any time it's in real time that really that rebroadcast right people online should understand that you guys understand that yeah that's what an arty mp video is so we also produce an h t b which is good for mobile um and this is exactly how this amazon history integration works now you can host videos with easy weapon or if you wanted to if you don't have your own amazon is three but a lot of us you know amazon is three is is pennies to get so I would recommend it as a as a source for um as for hosting that the videos and then just simply uploading those videos through this process as I just showed you okay? And, um what you generally do is you set the time for that as well. So does that make a bit of sense? Any questions on that? Everything from our students here. Ryan yes question on q and a I was just singing through ahead like if you're doing automated thing and let's say your video to be says like, hey, can everyone hear me? Are you potentially could get one hundred e mails with yes, yeah yeah so in an automated webinar an automated webinar, you're generally speaking, you're gonna want if you're let's say, you do a live event and then you turn it into an automated webinar. Well, I don't lie, I just do a rebroadcast right? So I start my event at, say, two p m p s t I then do a rebroadcast that say, seven p m p s t it's a rebroadcast it still that that that what was once live event so me and that live event, I might say, hey, can you hear me? Let me know little block, but if I mean if I want to make that into let's, say an automated webinar and evergreen automated webinar that's going all the time, I'd want to put in a video that's essentially not say it's not talking about any specific time it's not it's, not asking people if they can hear you if that's not something you want to have because, yes, you're going to get questions that are coming that question box saying yes, I can hear you, I get that I got that sometimes on some of my events, so if you don't want to have that set up a webinar ah presentation pre recorded presentation that doesn't have any of that information in there, right don't don't discuss time. You know, glad to have you guys here at seven p m especially if you're streaming it out at two p m and eleven a m right? So don't you want to make sure that you're just being very aware of what you're saying in your automated presentation? S o it's not specific to any time not specific to any anything like can you hear me? But you can ask questions you can say go ahead and put the chat box where you're from the world we'd love to hear from you and if you have any questions about what you've learned today, maybe at the end maybe could have something like that and people will respond people will come through and you can respond back even if you're not doing the presentation you can respond back because it's sent into your email it's also sent into into aa uh this this database here s so you can kind of see ah say that the questions that have come through so for instance, like you go in here, you can see if people has has questions or events clicked, I can actually go in seal stats let me just quickly do this and let's say alone took action filter results these are all the people that have taken action inaction is either asking a question we're clicking an event link, right? So these are this person click the order now button so I know that this person's closer to obviously being a buyer see if we can find something has asked a question this is a test post right? So that's how that works and you can obviously see how much they've watched forty percent one hundred percent fifty percent sixty percent forty percent in ten ten, seven, ten, one hundred ninety things like that that makes sense. So now you can obviously as I said, tracked the engagement of those people that click through that come to your events you know, if they download buttons you know if they click um ask questions you know, if they click that by now button and you can see if they actually have taken those actions or not okay, just seen one of the things that I have a question about is is their tips and things included with your community or whatever around how to structure that rebroadcast how to introduce it, how to well when easy webinar has a facebook group with eight hundred fifty members or so like something like that inside the facebook group everyone is very helpful with helping give you help with not only putting on the events but also strategizing on the events the blawg you go to the block it also has tips and tricks on how to put your events on as well so there is there is support information on that

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