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Building Your Audience with Live Video

Lesson 11 of 26

Create A Home Broadcast Studio

Casey Zeman

Building Your Audience with Live Video

Casey Zeman

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11. Create A Home Broadcast Studio

Lesson Info

Create A Home Broadcast Studio

Today we're going tio start talking about kind of the tools necessary to broadcast a lot of things that we talked about in the other earlier sessions we're more of how to set up your show and what you should do for your show and uh and that we're going to kind of dig in and actually start creating our own studio and just so everyone understands this I am not a video technician I am not a video editor I am not an expert when it comes to setting up lighting and design and everything else this is something that everyone can do because if I can do this if I can set up a home studio so can you because at the end of the day I'm using this as a marketing tool to broadcast my message out to the world and if you're like me if you're someone who has never done any of this stuff we're going to show you concrete things that you can do from your own home instead of having toe have you know a ten thousand to you know, five hundred thousand dollars studio at your fingertips there's no need for that i...

f if you are on a tight budget so that's why we're going to talk about today um and before we jump into that though I did want to find out j k on sally if we still had some folks who had questions or rather the story concepts remember, we're saying four episodes maybe boot those up and see if you have those in the queue somewhere so we can start taking a look at those at some point while while we go through sort of the checklist here. So this session, as you can see here, is all about your gear checklist and building your home studio to live stream yourself out to the world. But here's, the thing, the cool thing is that this is for live streaming, but at the same time, it's also for creating videos, okay, the same stuff works for creating videos, and dennis is going is going toe share with us he's going to come up, and we're going actually do that coming up soon here? Um, so very first thing I would like to talk about it is, well, this is what we're going to be covering over this over this session, hardware that you can use lighting cameras and audio, and, uh, and the very first thing I'd like to talk about when we're when we're discussing live streaming is because live streaming is live there's this need for what's called bandwith, right? Um, often times you might stream out and you might be in like to say, a hotel room and you're using hotels, wife, I, um where it could it could actually cause a few problems when you're livestreaming because if you're if you have a terrible wifi or if your computer doesn't have enough let's say meg's right then you're not you're going to have some issues with with your live stream now I've only learned about this stuff just recently talking to some folks but here's a band with that you can kind of look at yourself I'm going to look back here because it's easier for me to see so if your computer has a processor that has two gigs dual core processor of greater most computers going tohave this if they're if they're new or let's say if you have like even in two thousand ten maybe two thousand eleven I would say in two thousand twelve would be obviously the, um the smartest way to go something two thousand twelve a newer if you can um and uh uh let's see here so to meg's a band with is pretty much what you need to do a live stream the nice thing is that because we're gonna be talking about google hangouts google hangout actually makes it much easier they they make it easier to live stream so s so this is what we're going to be talking about so the question is very quickly here do I need any other hardware for streaming out to the world? Um no really you just need your computer you know if you have your computer then you don't need additional things like a try castor and all sorts of other stuff that I don't really understand all that much actually hear a creative live this is something they they use they use a try castor and it's in this wonderful studio over here and it's just just the booth and they're doing all sorts of crazy stuff with it that's very gets more technical and we're not really going to focus so much on that because that's that's what we're here for we're here to do it you know kind of a lean fashion right but I will talk about some things that you can do if you want to boost up your your level of of life casting livestreaming there's some things that I'm going to just share with you okay so cameras so we're here you can kind of see I'm going toe probably jump back here that's okay so this is my this is my normal get up this is really what it looks like when I'm when I'm sort of at the at the studio I'm sort of sitting in my home office and I have my I have my camera on my on my monitor generally speaking at home what I'm going to be had what I would have here so I have my monitor this this camera this this monitor right here and then have a second monitor right here the reason I have a second monitor is because I take this camera and put it on the second monitor the reason I would do that is because I don't like to look down on the camera it tends to you know when they can kind of look up your nose is not a very appealing ah feeling look so well what I'll do is I'll set the camera up here and I'll have a little bit of depth so they can kind of they can see me they have my surroundings and attempt as best I can to remove clutter but also position things in such a way in the background that that you know kind of I create my little set right? I'll have my like I'll have maybe like my little bobble head in the background I might my sister got me this this ceramic skull that's blue and it's almost like a chalkboard type of thing so we'll have that in the background is a very weird thing you know, any books that you want to have back there obviously you want to make sure if you're livestreaming excuse me that you you know if you're putting something in the back that let's say is copyrighting you no way could talk about that for a quick second you know, books and things like that just be aware that if you're promoting something in the back obviously if it's live stream I think they could potentially be also a copyrighting thing they're generally speaking I have pretty generic things they can't really see everything back there they can't necessarily see all the books and things like that but if I'm promoting somebody else's book I'll have it a copy here and I'll just maybe send him a message saying, hey, your book is in my livestream just won't let you know we'll be promoting it so so I'll have that setup and my favorite camera is the lodge itek c nine twenty I love his camera it ze simple simple little guy so here's the camera right here because khun see that you can also see it there um it's a full ten adp camera right here right full hd and what's nice is that already has this kind of built in wide angle lends to it so you it gives you that that really great feeling that it's it's that it kind of surrounds surrounds you you know and it's it's really inexpensive it's probably like seventy nine dollars something to that effect um and it's a perfect choice for live streaming it's lean and for some reason it works really great with, say, google hangouts another life livestream applications specifically I like to use it obviously with google hangouts um but if you wanted tio let's see here I'm gonna pull out my basket feel like mister rogers pulling out like a basket of so here we have boys and girls a camera so here is another option um we have ah, I'll something sometimes just used my my iphone right here. Um well, here it is right here and I'll take a I'll take this is a called a sidekick and sometimes if I want a live stream with my iphone has maybe a second camera I'll just take this little guy, create this sidekick right here and have almost like a second camera set either let's say like right there because what's really cool this is what this is what's really cool excuse me when I'm doing my life hang out sometimes I'll sign up with a different gmail account through my phone, so if you guys remember you could see that film strip you saw those like different people that could sign him, so so I would sign up is the main person, but then I'd have another gmail account that would be signed up and it would be this guy on the phone here and if I needed to I and I'm going to show this later on I could just leave this camera and walk around like this doing my live stream and just talking everybody I could go in my car, I could go anywhere and they can continue to live stream on well while driving so that's one of the cool things I'd like to have that kind of set up on duh and raided maybe potentially livestream if I need to you know take him you know to go to the bathroom I want to bring him into the bathroom it depends on your live stream I mean you know you don't have to jump to that but you know if you're in the car or something like that it just it just feels nice to have you on the go and you can kind of switch that up ok so a lot of sixty nine twenty one of my favorites on dh this is this is what it kind of looks like right there it's relatively clear and I definitely would recommend that's very lean as I said on lee about like seventy nine dollars right so some alternative cameras that you can use as I said here is your iphone and excuse me this is an olo clip you guys know what a nolo clip is so a nolo clip I don't have one on me at the moment but a nolo clip essentially goes right over your camera's lens right here yeah and just fits right over top and it has two sides right here right from one side is a macro lens which you can get like really close like and conceal like the dirt in your fingers I don't know when you would use that but you could you could literally do that on dh you could so you could do some cool filming with that the other side has a a wide angle lens and a fish islands now generally speaking, I would use the wide angle lens because it really is almost similar to the logic text e nine twenty lens, right? Sometimes I would use the fish islands usually you're probably you've seen the fish eye lens before if you've ever seen like a real estate video and how they make the rooms look bigger, they do these wide fish you know, the fish bowl sort of look and that's that's what that looks like essentially so I'll throw the olo clip right on top of their and and then I would I would start using that as well to live stream um as an option uh here's a here's a quick note that I learned from a good friend jules walk ins who actually talked about yesterday and regarding screen flow if you ever doing any filming with your iphone here's just a really quick tip excuse me for stabilization you can use your your arm as a stabilizer uh I learned this like last year and I thought I was like, oh my gosh that's so it's like revolutionary you can use your arm it's crazy so you know if you don't have uh, if you don't have, like, an extension, like what says it has, you can use your arm and you kind of just stabilize your arm and you could just come around and film like this instead of, like, people that usually film like this it's like everybody in my hand shaking and, you know, it's just it's, not not as effective, so if you're going to do anything with, like saying, I thought I would suggest, like, stabilizing it and just kind of, you know, going slow and almost mimicking, um, like a like a tripod that makes yes, that I find thing jama asks, dealing an internet connection for that iphone camera, or would you keep a connection by forty or lt yeah, that's? Well, it depends on it depends on what you'd like to do if you if you have an internet connection in your house and you're not leaving your house, did the livestream works? But if you're if you're on three g or four g to stay on forty three g or four g, so it works. If all of us have access to the internet on our phones that any, any time, no matter if we grab wifi from here or we grab life or we just use our three g or four g I wonder if the thought is that you know when you were saying you could actually realistically could walk out of the house and roll down the road and keep on talking so if you're that dog training personal something I'm wondering if that question maine's you know would it potentially drop out as it changed either it's only going to be based on your three g connection your four g connection whatever wifi you may have but it does connect just like any just like accessing any website I've walked down a full block and it zab salih fine of course you know if you're in a neighborhood where it drops off you know where your your three g or four g could potentially drop off yeah but that that's that's one of the kind of the risks you take but I'm going to show you how you would do that because you can't start a live google hangout from europe from your iphone you cannot start one from your iphone you have to start it from your desktop and then you can come into it with your iphone and then then you guys can take it and walk around with it and you know ok so we're going to go this way I'm going to show you how I'm going to walk chester here and chester likes toe you know pull sometimes don't get you know kind of try to hesitate chester and you know teach him to go around but we're going to go around the block with chester today so you can actually see how many times he pulls or doesn't pull them so yeah, it could it could be effective for doing doing a live stream in that way of course you have to remember something that all these all these ideas can also be applied to video so if you want you can you can just simply take take them on the video journey as well but I think it's cool to be able to have actually someone live streaming while you're while you're on the go I think it's just such a cool concept such a cool idea so so let's let's jump into dslr for a quick second now you can hook up a dslr camera as a as a live stream there are excuse me, there are a few hesitations that I have with that because a dslr depending on which one you have they they weren't really designed to do video a lot of them a lot of them also have a campus how much video you could do like twenty minutes or so and sometimes those viewfinders those uh we're actually where you view the actual video there was overheat after about twenty minutes, so if you're going to do a live stream with a dslr and you're thinking I'm going to try to go for an hour generally probably thie dslr depending on what it is may crap out on you. Okay um and some of some of the ones that I've used though for filming our which are really great uh the thirty two hundred is a very inexpensive nice camera to use right down here. Cannon sixty d is fabulous computer sorry dslr if you can afford it and this is really these these cameras are great for cream that cinema effect right? They're not they're not ten thousand dollars pieces of equipment but they are so you can afford to maybe spend eight hundred to one thousand dollars if you can on a really decent camera that's going to give you that cinema feel right but for live streaming I don't know if I'd recommended but I didn't want to put the screen up just so you saw some options of what the hell are the sellers are available for you again be aware of their limitations some of those being audio limitations again as I mentioned they can overheat you can only shoot a certain length of video but let's say you're going to do say a five minute video there they're not bad to use so you can consider doing that um how many of you have a dslr? Let me ask the online audience and then everyone here so we have four four of you guys have it right um do you use it in your in your filming right now? Yeah, well, my problem was when I bought it it only came with a huge lens, so the only way I can use is if I set it up and then I'm like the white feet away so I didn't have so you had to buy an additional land it was it was still work, but it was not yeah, the ideal generally speaking, you may have to get an additional lens if if you if it comes with that that wide angle if there any other questions, go ahead and raise your hand or anything so so I don't always recommended for, say, live streaming but it's a great it's a great camera now the other thing that I would say about a dslr is I tend to have an issue with the audio plugging directly in say, this guy and I'm going to come over to audio in a second here, but when I plugged this directly in to a dslr, I do get static. I do get a new issue of feed in the thirty two hundred that that I have at home, so oftentimes I don't necessarily use this what all uses a different audio source and we're going to come on to audio in a quick second actually excuse me let's get on to audio right now oh genius uh this is maybe a subtle kind of thing when you're doing live streaming the camera is just a little bit above the screen and this one it's hard to train myself to actually look at the camera instead of the screen. So what is your suggestion for getting over that? Well, here's the thing so when you're live streaming and you want to see what you look like in the lifestream say the google hangout you want to know what you're looking like well, everyone's going to know that you're not necessarily going always look into the camera maybe you'll look at the comments maybe you look at doing some some different work like I'm not always looking into the camera and my guys, I'm not I'm always doing that I'm addressing you I may be looking back at my computer so so I guess don't get stuck in the hole you know, deer in the headlights kind of looking at yourself um over say, looking into the camera if if you don't need to if you're if you're working and it's it's an and your and you're kind of having to address your your screen, I actually think it's it's good that it's right there so it's right here and let's say I'm actually doing work right underneath it I'm not over here right? So my eyes are at least looking at the camera I think that in the direction of the camera I think that's a least important if you are watching your screen while you're doing these live streams jean a subtle bit to this most of the time that I have this problem when I'm doing an interview which is different than I'm training someone I'm looking at the screens so how do you do it when you're doing an interview because they're looking at me and then I'm king somewhere else well I would say so this is where I would say so I have this generally set up on a second monitor up here right? And so I'll have my show notes or I'll have my notes for whatever I'm doing whether it's a webinar whatever is all appeared so I'll look into the camera while the same time I'm back far enough to where I can look here and I'm not having to tell my head that makes sense so I'm not so it's this camera what's really great about it is because it is a wide angle I don't have it's not getting me right here it's getting me a little farther back okay so because it's farther back it now allows me to kind of still look up look at the show notes right down here you know I might just my my eyes might go down and up just checking but I'm never changing my position on my head okay right have you is that how what what is your camera do when you do that? So I'm not using the external camera I'm using what's in my computer yes which is a good point like you can use that but I think the external cameras a lot better camera yeah and it gives you the flexibility to move it yeah, the built in eyesight for a mac or a pc I find that the quality is just so lacking compared to this little guy this handy little guy and in fact a lot of a lot of people think that logics c nine twenties are only for pcs but they actually work for mac just as well and so when I'm doing a google hangout I have the option of choosing which camera I want to use whether I've used my built in or large tech whatever I have input into the computer is what google hangouts we'll we'll find just like any livestream they're going to locate whatever camera you're using so I tend to like to use an external camera that I could manipulate a bit more than the the built in if you haven't mac, you might be talking about an imac, right? So if you haven't I mac the camera might be a bit better but but still I do like the the idea of having this portable camera available to me so so let's move into audio bump okay a couple things with the audio that the easiest thing you can do with your audio is have a camp I have a a microphone that has a usb input directly okay um I would definitely suggest getting something that that doesn't have to go through on goal show you this in a second a mixing box you know you don't you don't want to have to get a xlr court and have to put into the mixing box and have toe tweak all the settings and then have have that go into the computer and then have to deal with all that I have that at home it's it's kind of a pain so my suggestion is get something like this which is a blue yeti okay um and we have a couple options up on screen here blue yeti or the snowball mike they're both created by uh I think they're both blue uh yeah company called blue s o the pricing for these the snowball anywhere from sixty to ninety dollars so this particular mike anywhere from sixty ninety bucks okay goes right into the right into your computer very simple to use and then the another one that that's sort of this is I guess it's called the blue yeti it's a much bigger mike all these these all have directional options so you can get the directional sound going directly into it so these are the ones I would suggest using just so much easier than having to say you something like this and put it into an xlr cord like this so this is a perception one twenty mike okay uh and what I'll have to do is I'll have to take excuse me the xlr cord pop it in going to a mixing box that I call on m audio um and then roll that into my computer I do have more options about being able to set the the actual the quality of sound and things like that but but I tend to think if we're if we're going lean we want to go with something like this you know, this is the I think the easiest one to use it's effective it the blue the snowball mike it's just it is going to be better for you so that's the one I recommend okay yes from jama who's online who I believe is actually very well known to us good morning summary if you're hosting a google hangout in your guests or interviews are limited with their gear you don't know what video audio they have except do you recommend the ear buds with the mouth piece? Is that strong enough or do you really recommend getting is something of a better quality microphone you know, like I noticed that you know if you're going to do like a podcast or you're going to do anything that you're going to want to re purpose potentially I would say you know it's it's good to have someone that has you know, say a desktop mike like this but you know if they have a headset like like a large attack had said or they have the ear buds with a mic here I mean as long as the quality is coming through decently enough I think it's I think it probably works works fine you know, but the biggest aspect of you know, doing any filming or any life stream is is the audio people really will forgive sometimes when your video is a little off but the audio if your audio is not like on people tend to they're just like if I can't hear you I'm I'm gonna walk away so that's what I've noticed anyway so I would I would suggest having a relatively decent microphone if they can have it if they don't then you know and they don't they're not using their built in microphone to their computer and they have a lot of tech had said or they have the ear buds with the mike that's fine it's interesting those way quite often do google hangouts with enduring the during course since that were going on tomorrow with, um your guests and quite often they will use just the just the ear buds with a little mike and it's actually an incredibly sense of different powerful might but the trouble is it ten swings and it taps and starts tapping on their on their buttons whatever all of that is picked up something like this is much more sensible here's here's another thing is you could always wear heads a headphone to have him and pop it into the jack so you're not getting that feedback like if if you're speaking um and you're trying to listen into everybody who's talking from your google hangout if you if you didn't have your, uh if you like didn't have like an audio jack put into your computer than you'd hear everybody speaking and it would come back through on your mic so you have this this this, uh, effect of being able everybody would hear each other so this echo effect essentially so to remove the echo effect now max are pretty good with removing that echo effect automatically, like so technically probably tomorrow when we do this with everybody, I don't have to have the the ear buds in going in into the audio into the input because for some reason mack is really good with you know, if I had the volume up, it wouldn't pick up on the on the on the mike, but but generally speaking, I would suggest if you are going to do a google hangout, have those earbuds in and have it if you haven't least headset going into to pick up the sound coming from the computer computer if that makes sense so okay um here's another mike but I I tend to use here it is the audio excuse me audio technica now the audio technica is a wired lapel mic so I have a lapel mic on now but it's wireless a wire lapel mic is is great because first off there are a lot less expensive than, say using ah lapel mic that's wired or wireless this wired lapel mic is about twenty dollars and get it on amazon it's super affordable and actually works great with with using for for any any filming that you might be doing it has a pretty long lead line. Let me just open it up very quickly if I can thiss swan let's see, this is my first on boxing of this one it's kind of exciting you're like this is exciting you talking about it's like ok, so here it is right here has a really long lead line. Okay? So it's like probably twenty I don't know that almost looks like ten feet or something like that or maybe more. Um but it comes with here's the mike and here's the three millimeter jack that can actually go right into your, uh iphone right there and on dh then it also has a clip for for putting on your lapel clearly it's a lapel mic. So you have the lapel mic you could pop it on. Uh, and you just you just turn this sucker on. It actually comes with one of their many batteries, and you could also put on, um, I can't remember what these air called these phone guns and he was windshield. Thank you. You put the windshield on so you don't have those, you know, your peas popping um and you you just go, go, go. So I'll use that occasionally when I'm doing any filming. Uh, there are awesome option if you have. If you're on a budget, I mean, you could buy endless amounts of these for twenty dollars apiece and have many people using all of them. In fact, they have adapters where you khun take, say, two or three, two people that you mean, maybe you're doing an interview to people in one room and get the adapter, and then you can lead out to audio technicals from that adapter into your camera. That makes sense. So sometimes I'll do that as well. When I am when I'm filming now, um, let's see here thing we knew was that it might like that or any of the other mike, are you also using headphones? For this because we we noticed when we do this live when we go to a google hangout if the person on the other end does not have headphones on we're hearing your voice being transmitted you hear the echo so we need to and so is that a key issue that you've come across that even during this should because we always tell our guests on hang out they must wear headsets yeah I would say you know yes I would say it's always good to tow wear a headset because otherwise you're gonna get the echo effect um for for this you know I have not actually tried a google hangout with the audio technica I I will use just the built in audio from thea from from the iphone if I'm going to take it on the go but technically you could have the audio technica plugged in here and go on to go with your lapel mic just just walking around so you would normally just use the I fine audio because I've had real trouble with the I fine audio I mean I tend to find you know I'm very rarely will actually do it a google hangout on the go more normally speaking I'm just going to do it right here so I don't use the audio when I'm doing when I'm filming with my iphone ok I will use um one of these other options here road mike audio technica but every time I've actually done a hang out on the go, I just used the audio, so I haven't actually tested it. I would suggest if you can, I would suggest using using lincoln audio technica mike on the go would be great for doing that live stream or something like what I'm going to share with you in a second here, which is the road, mike, actually let's do this one first, so when you're how many know about cavey cavey connectors? Ramanujan, yes, awesome. Anthony okay, so, um, oftentimes this these audio input, they don't they don't quite translate into, say, an iphone all that well. So what a company has done called cavey connections, I think, is the company has created an adapter for the sound. So what I'll do oftentimes is take this and put it into my iphone and then put the three three millimeter jacket and now you have an adapter that that produces a better quality sound, then putting the three millimeter of the audio technica or even the road mike, directly into the iphone itself. And this, uh, this little guy doesn't cost much at all. I think it costs twenty six dollars, I think is what this this guy cost now I will say this you don't always need to use this this is this is something that I think was was needed probably maybe a year or two ago maybe last year it was it was really needed but pretend I think what's happened recently is the iphone is as gotten a little bit better with adding external audio sources in because now when I when I try to plug in something like the road mike I don't have a cz many issues as I used to with with potentially the new software rollout but if you want to make sure that the sound quality is going to be good I would suggest getting an adapter something like this the um the k v connector ok ok let me move on okay here's one of my favorite mike's um it's a road mike it's condenser mike and it's ah it's a shotgun mic essentially right so you have you have the shotgun mike you have the wind sock wind sock final shale field where you want to put it on and what's nice is oftentimes you know as I said, I will use the cavey connector or go directly in and I will literally do filming sometimes just like this right almost like an interview style like, you know, talking to somebody else so so you could do one of these interviews styles on the road if you wanted to you know well, while they live stream is happening, you could you could walk around and maybe circulate at a live event think about this. What if you started to google hangout at a live event, live streamed of that live event and then went around and interviewed everybody at that live event? It's it's automatically is recording everything and you don't have to click. The record button is just going, going, going, you could spice all that later on that's a really cool way of being able to create a bit of constant and then regenerate and re purpose that content on, then continue to just bring people to you like literally, you know, if I'm at an event I could, I could go through and just just go down a list of people that I wanted to film I mean it's just it's an incredible concept if you think about it, to be able to live, stream from your computer and then take that, take that live stream on the go and then just pick up awesome bits of constant by by interviewing people. But actually, I just I just it's in that cool I just think that's such a cool way tio t create almost like a buzz going on right now tell your tell your community about it or tell the people that you're interviewing say hey listen you know I mean I just I'm interviewing right now we're actually live streaming this live this is live this is not video so I'm live streaming you right now if you want to share this or see yourself you know tell your audience about it here you know something like that I mean there's so many things you could do with that so this road mike it costs a little more than the other guys this one is about once I had two hundred fifty dollars yeah two hundred fifty bucks but it's a it's a really great mike oftentimes I'll also put it excuse me on top of a dslr camera so we'll have it right up on top of the dslr camera again I have an issue with putting the audio directly into a dslr camera I don't theo audio just doesn't really turn out the way I want it personally so instead of using this with a dslr oftentimes what I'll do is use this this is wireless microphone sent hauser wireless microphone and it's my favorite microphone to use um it's my absolute favorite microphone and it's it's really the only one that I actually start that I actually use um and what you generally do with it is you take it you pop it into what's known as a well this is this is ah kind of a transmitted has anyone ever heard of ah zoom recorder yeah so I have to zoom recorders here as a singer I was always told you pick up is in recorder because of the mike quality is great you can just and bans use this all the time he's all the time because if they get a three sixty sound on this thing likewise with this one this is the h two this is the age for this I picked up this one a long time ago and just always had it anytime I did like a voice lesson or any any any rehearsal stuff this is great um it also is really great because you can record audio with it because it actually takes aa sd card so you can record court any anything that you do with it likewise this one is really really perfect for it I tend to use the zoom h for when I am using something like the scent hauser mikes so how many has how many of you have do you guys have a wire wireless mike it all electronics though it's just over the head and with the u s east iq and I can go pretty pretty far that school records directly into my computer or the camera cool, cool, cool but it's on the head and was on the hiring yeah well this one this one is a lapel mic um it has the thing axler end and then that the jack that goes right into one side of the seine hauser which is the receiver this's the receiver right um or that actually yeah, this is the receiver and it goes right into the uh h four uh you sync up a channel I'm not going to get too technical on this but um you all you do is you sync up a channel on here and you sink that channel up with the transmitter which is on your kind of you know right if this is the one that's going to be you know, in your back pocket um and uh and you you could easily sink up the sound on dh then it starts transmitting its it's ah this is my favorite mike because the sound quality is really, really powerful and it is a bit more expensive it's probably six hundred seven hundred dollars but I tend to use this for all my all my videos I'll use this and oh, use my dslr camera so my dslr will fill me for like a quick five to ten minute video and I'll use my wireless lapel mic and I'll sing up the audio and video afterwards right instead of using a direct input to the dslr and it's just because I've noticed that that sounds better right? I just noticed that it that actually improves the sound of it um otherwise I would like to simplify my life and have a direct audio if I could but I find that the sound just does not some sound the same so what I'll do is I'll sync up the audio and video in my editing software and I'll do things like do loud claps so that I can see the audio peak and then aiken sync up the audio and the video feed at the same time and then it generally works it works fine that's that's that's my that's my methodology my my non video professional video methodology for doing that no see you okay let's yes dennis before we move away from audio do you have any recommendations for how to deal with background noise or those sorts of things that you pick up these these mike's have directional sound so so what's nice is if if you this is on one if you moved it to three it would be a surround it would pick up everything but having it on one it actually just picks up the directional sound right here, right? So I would suggest doing that if you're going to use mike on your desktop now if you're if you're wondering about like ambient noise in the background obviously try toe try to film if you can where there's not a lot of sound going on I have a dog and then you know in the next door neighbor's yard who because is it on the dog is on the other side of the mike I'm not having the three sixty set up I'm just doing the directional my audience doesn't hear it so I would suggest you know these mikes are really great for obviously doing shotgun or directional directional sound okay? Yeah any other questions? Yes, the desktop I do a lot of recordings from like a slide show yeah and the clicking of like going through the slide show it picks it up I'm I'm definitely looking at those yet ease but you know, do you find you a ce faras the other yeti that with the arm do you find that you that comes into play and use that a lot moving it around as opposed to something like that? That's that's interesting because I do I don't use this I don't use this at my house. What I use is I have a desktop stand but the mike coming down this way so I don't generally have it toe where it's it's close to the desktop but you know, you could obviously move this over here and it doesn't pick up the clicking, right? Yeah, I was just curious the arm defund the idea being that around a lot I only my arm what I love about that is that I can I can bring it over and manipulated and move it while I'm you know I could be back here you know and the mike can can't come all the way back here obviously this I have to kind of lean into right so it's a it's a bit more difficult and that's and it doesn't have a lot of leeway if you notice it when you're when you're trying to turn it it really doesn't give you a lot of leeway so if you can do you know if you wanted to and get uh more of like a desktop stand that that has that arm coming off to where you know he'd set it up you know and then and then you can obviously manipulated that that would work out I don't have any information on what kind of audio that would look like I tend to use this one which is a perception one twenty mike but other people um let's say ah like for instance I don't know what john lee do misuses to do his podcast there's also rise to the top what's his name uh yes yes yes yes david davis I'm sorry david if you're watching on eso david david simon garland who also has a great show he has is one of those those mikes that have the cage you know, the where it's it doesn't it doesn't pick up any of that that it's not directly attached to anything physical you know I can remember with those air called but choose they might give a sort of a broadcasting sort of flavor cool yeah yeah fire writing I think yeah I think so I mean, you know, for a while I had mine I had had it was it was in that it was in that catch thing that you know obviously it wasn't attached anything physical I said that that p popper in front of it you know the screen on it just you know, really cool style but I found that you know, I didn't really need that p popper on guy didn't have a lot of issues coming back where you know the that it changed the sound quality to have it you know, just attached to the actual arm itself or in that in that sort of cage so I tend to now just keep it pretty simple but yeah, I think you know, you can kind of set up your own kind of look if you wanted to think about, you know, broadcasting you know you could you could have your logo on a mike you have you've probably seen that right where you have a little logo box right here on your mike so you know you're set up really you wanted tio if you're branding yourself yeah, technically you want to kind of look is branded as you could possibly be if this is a show you know, get a little logo there you know, have your logo in the background maybe how much t shirt with your logo on it maybe a hat with your logo on it, whatever that structure if you remember when we were talking about structure that's what it's all about that you know, it's you know, find find that structure that people can rely on and those those branded assets that you can kind of roll into your actual show one and I'm not sure whether this is too technical because, you know, this is more market anything that vests asks they have an audio technica mike connected to griffin I mike to connect to the macbook pro but it's creating a background like a humming noise? Yeah, yeah, I would say that the problem sometimes so it's connected to what the bear with me? Yeah, audio technica mike to griffin I mike I make I might grow to connect to the mac book pro. What is the griffin? I'm like I'm not familiar reality that's why I said it in a strange way so I tend I find that that that sometimes can happen that sounds like what was across you need more one yeah, I'm assuming there are sound engineers that are in this room next door would probably know exactly what the what the reason behind that is, but I tend to find that also to be the case. So when I'm using, like, for instance, if I took this audio technica mike and put it directly into my iphone, it causes that issue that that humming that buzz sound that's, why I use this adapter for it. When I used the adapter, I had less issues, right? When I was going into my iphone, I actually haven't I haven't actually tried to use the adopter and going into my mac into my oh, my mac book pro directly, I haven't tried that. I have no idea what that what that does, but but generally speaking, I do get that that problem sometimes when I'm when I taken audio technica put it into directly into a dslr through it three three point, five millimeter jack or putting it directly into my computer, I tend to find the same issues that's why sometimes I'll do my audio and video separately, because that's, just what I've had to do to remove that issue, I like the sound I like. I like having good quality sound, so I kind of went, you know, crazy, and I got the the the wireless lapel mic that went directly into recording the audio completely separately from the video itself, that was just what I needed to do personally, otherwise when I'm doing a life stream. And I'm using my desktop. Mike. I have no problems at all. Have no problems at all with my desktop. Mike, when I'm doing my live stream.

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